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  1. I think the new and very important Multi-Hop feature of RippleNet will only work with XRP. Also, the up coming implementation of Cobalt, which will speed up transfer times to 1 second and make XRP even more secure than it is now, will all but guarantee that only XRP will be used with xRapid, at least until a more secure, faster, and more liquid digital asset comes to market (not anytime soon). XRP will be the xRapid standard.
  2. Coinbase could have become the monster XRP Market Maker that Bittrex will now become instead.
  3. I think the Forex market starts to use XRP once Cobalt is implemented. 3.5 second transaction time for cross-border payments is more than fine. But my understanding is that going down to 1 second (vs 3.5 second) transaction times is more critical for forex trading. Also, supposedly Cobalt will increase transaction security as well.
  4. But the retail market doesn't get the details on pricing. It's like if I agree to purchase 100 XRP from you at $5 each in a private transaction, paid by personal or business check. The market would never know that the last price was $5 per XRP, and therefore the retail price wouldn't move to reflect that last price action. For all we know a massive OTC sale could take place at 30% below retail price, and good thing that won't be accounted for in price action.
  5. Honestly I just think it was massive speculation lead by whales and based on coinbase rumors and escrow. Remember that bitcoin went to $20k and most alts also hit their ATHs. Ripple just had a bigger run than most based on coinbase rumors, in my opinion.
  6. Not unless it was a prerequisite for a Central Bank (or group of). Or prerequisite for IMF adoption, for instance. You're right, Jed's no dummy. He's a big picture guy.
  7. I've always wondered about the optics of Chris and Jed holding 5 billion XRP each. At some point I think Chris (and hopefully Jed) will sell or donate a large chunk of their holdings, enough so that they'll still be two of the richest people on earth but that they and their newfound insane net worths aren't the center of attention over the the real story which will be Ripple and XRP payments infrastructure dominance. And I say all of the above ESPECIALLY if all this talk about "IMF/SDRs/BIS/World Bank/CentralBanks/NewReserveCurrency/BG123" turns out to be even somewhat true. In fact I think Chris and Jed holding 10% of all XRP would be a detriment to getting any of the above institutions on board in the ways that have been talked about. And I think Chris and Jed know this. So MAYBE, just MAYBE, this might be Chris and/or Jed selling their stash to some very heavy hitters in preparation for MOON-time.
  8. Not sure about payments, but XRP sure is leading the way in crypto transactions...
  9. No word on xRapid or even one single sentence about what their Q3 goals are. Not that they owe us anything, but they've been awfully quiet lately on what progress they're making with their different projects. At least knowing that they're barely selling XRP into the market gives me an indication that they KNOW XRP price is going higher, so they're HODLing just as we are.
  10. If we hold XRP, until what date do we have to claim our Allvor? I'm thinking of just waiting for a simpler and less tech-savvy way to make my claim in the future.
  11. Says the one who's 0 for 30 calling price movements based on fantasy Keynesian hogwash. Please remove yourself from the General and Speculative sections. Stay in your lane in the Tinfoil Castle group. #realtalk
  12. Nobody's starting rumors. OP is just asking a simple question that I've wondered the same thing about, especially considering that lately Miguel has only been tweeting about highway projects in Miami where he's originally from. We used to hear Ripple-related things from him a lot more than we have lately.
  13. Great post except it's Xspring instead of Xpool.
  14. This is basically the British Pound symbol (£) and looks pretty nice the way you wrote it. Trust me, the new XRP symbol looks way worse handwritten the right way. Ripple should have taken control of the contest and done it the right way. XRP is not a Security. Ripple knows it, the SEC knows it, and even those spreading FUD know it. Ripple should have been in charge of the contest and made it at least more professional and less amateurish as it was. AND, Ripple should have submitted more than just one symbol. The more options the better. But what's done is done. Cry me a river.
  15. Try hand writing the new symbol. Try handwriting it next to a number, as in $500. Sloppy as heck. And to top it off, the contest instructions specifically stated that it has to look good handwritten. I'm not a bitcoin fan, but the bitcoin symbol looks good handwritten and digital...many others do also. Ripple should have done a worldwide contest with a $1000 prize (doesn't have to be more than that). On a positive note, the symbol doesn't really matter in the larger scheme of things. Ripple is still going to #1, good symbol or not.
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