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  1. hello Xrpchat Could we gather all the subjects to be able to leave Crypto once our objective reached. To help all our friends in the same case as us. We all have large amounts of Xrp ... On which reliable platform to exchange our Xrp for money? Identify all possible solutions. I am French, I hope that the translation is good and that you understand.
  2. Is there still time to buy the dips? where will the company die?
  3. Good evening my friends, Do you know the Helios company? Their shares went from $ 9714 in October 2017 to about $ 0.07 today, before the fall of bears. Being French, I do not have access to many American news sites to judge the value of the stock ... If we could share the information for everyone to benefit. Is it an opportunity to buy? A redemption war is apparently planned. I listen and have a good evening Ps: Sorry if I made a mistake, could you move the message https://www.google.ch/search?q=helios+stock&oq=helios+stock&aqs=chrome
  4. Thank you for your precious help MegaNerd, I am honored. All Cscs were sent by Cfinex. When I sent 12Csc to the public address of the paper wallet, I typed the address correctly and yet I did not receive anything. But when I sent to this address (cHmazNUC5w9okLr7ZG2HAzVuwUvj3STZty) I received the Csc What do you mean by CCW?
  5. I downloaded CasinoCoin Wallet, I created the password and an address (That's where this address comes from "cHmazNUC5w9okLr7ZG2HAzVuwUvj3STZ" Then I went to "Tool" and I generated a paper wallet. I printed it. Then I sent 12Csc to the public address of the paper wallet but I did not receive anything. I decided to return 12Csc to the "cHmazNUC5w9okLr7ZG2HAzVuwUvj3STZ" address that is on the main menu of CasinoCoin Wallet to verify that it works and I have received the 12csc. However, this address does not correspond to the private key or the public key of the paper wallet. So I do no
  6. I received all my zerps but the address cHmazNUC5w9okLr7ZG2HAzVuwUvj3STZ Does not match the public key or private key of the paper wallet I created. So what is the public key and the private key of the paper wallet for?
  7. please friends, i need your help ... I sent a transfer to the address on the photo and I received CasinoCoins. By cons when I sent Csc on the public address I never received the transfer on the wallet Paper
  8. we are in the same galley my friend
  9. I do not understand paper wallet systems with CasinoCoin, can you explain to me? Can I export the CasinoCoin wallet into a usb key? To prevent it staying on my computer? I am a little lost, especially with the translation system
  10. Thanks to you friends I just acquired Csc. Do you think it would be better to store them on Cfinex than on the CasinoCoin wallet? I'm afraid if my computer goes down, I can not recover the funds from the CasinoCoin wallet
  11. Please then I receive an invitation in the Zerps club?
  12. I was not aware of what was going on there. My idea was to: The sluggishness of its currency + strong emigration + absence of food + absence of jobs offers great investment opportunities on the spot, especially in terms of immovable goods. There are 2 simple options to buy at VE: - Acquisition in VE Bolivars via a trusted exchange office that sends the amount in Bolivars to the indicated account - Acquisition in USD by sending the money directly to a foreign account of the seller VE (often Colombia or Panama) Benefits of such an investment: - Low cost = less than 20,000 euros - Long term inves
  13. I've heard about it recently and what happens there, is it time to invest in the stock market? You know what's going on at the moment and why it would be interesting to have a few million bolivars (for a handful of euros) today On the 20th, they remove 5 zeros from their currency; suddenly when Maduro has cleared and the course of the VEF will return to a normal state ... Enjoy your performance higher than that of crypto last year https://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/monde/amerique-sud/inflation-le-venezuela-va-supprimer-5-zeros-de-sa-monnaie_2027903.html You Americans will have more i
  14. Bonjour la famille Xrp, Je suis un jeune investisseur Xrp francais, j'ai 21ans. Je n'ai aucune connaissance sur la défiscalisation de la cryptomonnaie et j'aimerais parler avec vous pour que nous puissions débattre de la meilleure solution. Je suis prétendant voyager et habiter à l'étranger pour récupérer mes revenus futur de Xrp sans donner une grosse somme à l'état français. ---------------------------------------- Hello Xrp family, I am a young French investor Xrp, I am 21 years old. I have no knowledge of the tax exemption for cryptocurrency and I would like to
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