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  1. Is you memory slowly beating eaten o over time? I have swap memory that is slowing running out. Just keeping an eye on it.
  2. I need to DM you about your how to guide. Been stuck on uploading for days now. Great guide btw!
  3. Actually... it finally disappeared. I didn’t do anything.
  4. Lots of private companies out there you can’t invest in ...
  5. You want to put two A records into cloudflare. 1) codius.yoururl.com 2) *.codius.yoururl.com Make sure the cloud is grey before adding. You have to click it. You don’t want the host going through the CDN. If it does you’ll get redirect issues. Also you need to go to your DNS provider. Where you bought the domain. And change the name servers to cloudflare’s servers.
  6. I’d have to find a way to change the return statement. Right now it’s: return 301 https://$host$redirect_uri Which allows the resolve to the examples you wrote in. I’d rather not hard code it but do you know what would be correct?
  7. You are absolutely correct. Typing either into a browser does resolve to a webpage. I just don’t want to be double counted and skew numbers. Not anyone else.
  8. 502 error means that the edge server didn't give a response. Are you in a redirect loop? Are your A records for your subdomain and wildcard subdomain DNS only? As in not through a CDN like cloudflare?
  9. I tried submitting a message to them on twiiter but nothing. And, it's been there for well over three weeks! My real host is: https://codius.cointrek.voyage Flase host is: https://codius.cointrek.voyage/ The false host has a trailing '/' and mirrors the real host status. I wonder how many false hosts exists on their site? Probably skewing the numbers a bit.
  10. If you try and reinstall it with the same secret key, then moneyd will attempt to set up a new payment channel if it can't find ~/.moneyd.json. If it finds that json file then it will use the channel provided it exists. Otherwise it tries to open a new one. If you started with 36 XRP, opened a channel (-10XRP) and then reinstall it then moneyd expects you to have enough XRP to cover the channel (20XRP reserve +10XRP to establish the channel). If you reused the same wallet then there's a chance you're money is still tied up in the first payment channel. run moneyd xrp:cleanup and close the
  11. Looks like somebody used it to stand up a codius server. https://host2.xrpcodius.org/version There's a host1 subdomain too.
  12. Can I get one? I’ll review it an post it on my site. [emoji56]
  13. In my experience strange things happen when you do not run the latest and greatest software/firmware. Once my bitcoin app locked out. Would not sync until I updated my firmware and app. Never fear! As long as you keep that passphrase safe it doesn’t matter.
  14. Reminds me of a palm pilot but just for cryptos. Nice!
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