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  1. https://cryptoinsider.com/jp-morgan-drops-jpm-coin-embraces-xrp/
  2. There will eventually be a trillionare why not Larson or whoever from ripple if they hold all that xrp long enough .
  3. Dunno but either way this is probaly not true but if you read the conversation there is some interesting links this person could have to leaking other info.
  4. If they do this they should give free shares to all xrp holders.
  5. Interesting article listing partners I hadn't heard about like Eco Bank. https://www.theindependentrepublic.com/2018/01/18/wallstreet-wants-a-ripple-ipo-soon/
  6. Not to mention all the talk of the Amero a few years back.
  7. I believe bankers are very interested in it otherwise the euro wouldn't of happened. They also stand to make a ton of money off of centralized currencies. It's the ultimate control for them.
  8. XRP could become the global currency central bankers have been looking for. But it could very likely be a unified currency for Asia leaving only one major area without a combined currency. Has anyone else had this thought especially since xrp seems to have the support of several central banks.
  9. OMG's connection to ripple is at the following page https://omisego.network scroll down and you will see SBI and there you go.
  10. Their definitely seems to be quite a few bots working in tandem to generate volume in unison with bitcoin. So it very much looks like right now when bitcoin gets positive volume so does xrp. What do you guys thin?k
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