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    Live4xrp reacted to RikkiTikki_is_Back in XRP a Security?? Well just recent as 2019 the SEC directly agreed that it was not!!   
    Please examine "Item 8.01 Other Events."  In the SEC filing between MG & Ripple.  The SEC approved this!!!  Actually the use of XRapid as it was called then is mentioned 5 times in this document.
    SEC Filing | MoneyGram International, Inc.https://ir.moneygram.com/node/20381/html
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    Live4xrp reacted to Gilligan in Did the SEC Break the Law Protecting Attorney-Client Confidentiality?   
    My opinion is that Jed McCaleb, one of the founding members who sought this legal advice gave it to them willingly (probably under an agreement that he be granted immunity in any litigation resulting from it.)     Yet another way for him to stick it to Ripple.  
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    Live4xrp reacted to RobertHarpool in Ripple & SEC letter to Judge Torres 15 February   
    To your first comment, it highlights that that the competitor (read: SEC) has substituted all players and coaches. 
    To your second comment, that's navel gazing. The world is much bigger than the petty legal discussions in one country. XRP is global. Qatar, Zimbabwe, India, Japan ... they don't care about this. They care about being able to move any amount of any currency to anywhere in the world instantly and for free-ish #SeeMetrics
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    Live4xrp got a reaction from lucky in How much XRP does Jed still have?   
    Much appreciated!
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    Live4xrp reacted to lucky in How much XRP does Jed still have?   
    There are three wallets in play here:
    #1 the daily sell wallet
    This is his sell wallet to which his daily allowed XRP is sent, and sold for Bitstamp USD IOU's, then sold on the Bitstamp exchange.
    It is replenished every day at 9:01 GMT, and sold one hour later starting at 10:01 GMT over the course of an hour to an hour and a half. Only very occasionally he stops and picks up at a later time that day. I think that has something to do with high volatility. He may not be allowed to sell in a volatile market.
    It has just been refilled and  now contains 19,093,405 XRP which he will start selling  in 45 minutes.
    #2 the tacostand wallet
    This is the wallet that sends funds to the daily sell wallet. This is Jed's wallet.
    It now has 461,412,422 XRP, and it is monthly or so refilled by the third wallet, which is under control of Ripple
    #3 the Ripple controlled wallet
    This is where the main funds are. It is a multi-sign account which is under conrol of Ripple. Every month or so a big lump of XRP is sent to the tacostand wallet.
    It now has 2,491,798,051 XRP.
    So to summarize, at this moment jed has stil l 2,972,303,878 XRP (2.9 BILLION).
    When he continues to sell at the current rate of 19 million per day, he will be sold out in 156 days, which is on
    Sunday, July 18, 2021
    No later than that day, we can expect that Jed's sell pressure is gone!
    * The volume will probably increase, which will allow him to sell more than 19 million per day
    * He may not sell all his XRP
    * He could be allowed to sell a big lump at once, for example, to a big bank.
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    Live4xrp reacted to stuffie in SEC V. Ripple: Mining For Clarity In Regulatory Chaos   
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    Live4xrp reacted to JASCoder in Brian Brooks on XRP   
    This public declaration, along with Hester's recent comments, really improves my optimism on what's transpiring in the background at the SEC and related parties. 
    #GotZerps ? 
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    Live4xrp reacted to namini in US SEC was Reportedly Warned that Investors May Lose Billions due to Enforcement Action Against Ripple by former SEC Chief Joseph Grundfest   
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    Live4xrp reacted to thinlyspread in Digital Custodian Anchorage Adds XRP Storage for Institutional Customers   
    So XRP was... 19th on their list?! 
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    Live4xrp reacted to Alluvial in Court filings in SEC case - Answer deadline and a few more interesting attorneys entered for Ripple   
    I checked the Pacer website and saw that the Answer to the SEC Complaint is to be filed with the court no later than March 5, 2021.  That deadline applies to all defendants (Ripple, BG and CL).  Ripple's attorney said the other day that the Answer to Complaint would be filed in the upcoming weeks so it could very well be before the deadline (usually answers aren't filed early, but in this case it likely will).
    Also noticed the entry of seven more attorneys on behalf of Ripple, including one MARY JO WHITE, the former SEC Chair from 2013 through 2017. 
    It's definitely on!
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    Live4xrp got a reaction from OlivierA in COINFIELD...lawsuit coming!   
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    Live4xrp got a reaction from VanGogh in Coinbase is under fire because of XRP🔥   
    Now Coinbase will be fighting why XRP is not a Security... Bitrex next?
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    Live4xrp got a reaction from Cambridge in Coinbase is under fire because of XRP🔥   
    Now Coinbase will be fighting why XRP is not a Security... Bitrex next?
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    Live4xrp reacted to Julian_Williams in SBI statement   
    Sec's Filing of a Lawsuit Against Ripple
    December 28, 2020
    SBI Holdings Co., Ltd.
    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs Inc. (headquartered in San Francisco, USA, CEO: Brad Garlinghouse, "Ripple"), a business partner of the Company that develops and provides next-generation payment platforms utilizing blockchain technology.
    However, in a column by Sadakazu Osaki, a fellow at Nomura Research Institute, "The U.S. SEC sued Ripple, it can be said that although XRP is widely traded by crypto asset exchangers in Japan, Japanese law has established an interpretation that XRP is a "crypto asset" under the Funds Settlement Act and does not fall under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act", which requires the filing of securities notifications to the Financial Services Agency for recruitment or sale. This will not be affected by the sec's lawsuit with Ripple. Note: As mentioned, XRP believes that there is no hindrance to continued trading on crypto-asset exchanges registered as crypto-asset exchanges in Japan as "crypto assets" rather than "securities."
    Note: A column with 2020/12/24 quoted from "U.S. SEC Filing
    a Lawsuit against Ripple https://www.nri.com/jp/knowledge/blog/lst/2020/fis/osaki/1224
    Al addition, the Group invests in Ripple's shares, but does not invest directly in XRP, and only has a limited amount of inventory for customer transactions at SBI VC Trade Co., Ltd., a crypto asset exchange company within the Group, and there is little adverse effect on the Company's consolidated results due to the price decline of XRP.
    In addition, remittance solutions utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT) provided globally by Ripple to financial institutions and others can significantly reduce the cost of international remittances regardless of whether or not XRP is used, and major financial institutions such as Europe and Asia are also considering utilizing the solution. Ripple is also considering relocating its headquarters outside the United States.
    The Group will continue to actively support ripple's activities in order to expand the use of Ripple's remittance solutions in Japan and overseas.
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    Live4xrp reacted to MaxWeber in Why am I not scared or surprised? A non-dreadful take on the SEC action.   
    I'm honestly not that worried about this whole SEC dust-up with Ripple. Frankly I think the timing is really good too.  It's safe to say that Ripple Corp, Larsen, Garlinghouse, Schwartz, and anyone else who's been listed in the complaint will not be dumping XRP any time soon. They're effectively locked up. Yes the exchanges have been delisting and reducing their American exposure, but that's already been happening to a certain degree anyway.

    I could blame my lack of fear on ignorance, but like many others on this forum, I've rode this XRP train for years; from a half cent to almost $4 then back down to $0.15 , the Gatehub hack, etc.

    Some bullet points:
    This is a high risk investment - invest your "throw away" lottery money. If you don't have throw away money, don't invest. XRP and Ripple will be fine. They have $300 million in direct cash investment alone, not including the proceeds from sale of XRP If you read the complaint from the SEC you will see that it's essentially a 71 page attack on a select group of large XRP holders Ripple/XRP are not the only major crypto to go through high profile troubles, in fact it's almost a prerequisite for rising cryptos The speculative instrument XRP might be fluctuating, but the underlying tech is steadily maturing and remains well ahead of competitors There is still a mentality in the anarcho-capitalist community that any crypto that doesn't supplant the global financial system is illegitimate and worthless. While that opinion might be true within that community, the growth of blockchain and cryptos will naturally integrate into our global financial systems and Ripple is one of the few technologies in this space built specifically for that integration. The growth of crypto and it's integration into the global financial system is almost entirely dependent on the regulatory framework that it exists within. I view this SEC action as a watershed moment for the entire space. At the very least, we will start getting some clarity on the regulatory front and will allow bigger whales to enter the space that will make the current whales look like krill. Finally, why would I be surprised that the top XRP holders were dumping the whole time? Did anyone think that was not going to happen? What are they supposed to do, invalidate their wallets? I fail to see the deception. Was there an expectation that a largely unregulated market was going to operate as if it was highly regulated?

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    Live4xrp reacted to KarmaCoverage in Flare Finance (FF) infographic   
    here are the rest

    This is how/why I became interested. This is related to DiFi in the Risk Markets.

    This one shows you the interconnectedness within the FF ecosystem.



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    Live4xrp reacted to Flintstone in An SEC Victory in Ripple Case Would Render XRP ‘Untradeable,’ Market Pros Say   
    You missed out ‘The Silver Lining’ bit from the article 😉
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    Live4xrp reacted to Panopticon in An SEC Victory in Ripple Case Would Render XRP ‘Untradeable,’ Market Pros Say   
    A SEC loss will classify XRP as non-security. And there is the legal precedent of KIN, so worst case scenario Ripple just gets a fine.
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    Live4xrp reacted to Julian_Williams in Asheesh Birla - General manager and SVP of Ripplenet - podcast   
    Did you know that 80% of international FX transfers pass through 3 megabanks?  It's mad, obviously this monopolistic situation needs to be changed and Ripplenet are providing a way for that change from trusting Banks like HSBC into doing it yourself cheaper and in real time.
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    Live4xrp reacted to hamasugu in Twelve Japanese exchanges will distribute Spark Token.   
    Japanese are now buying XRP to get spark tokens.
    Twelve Japanese exchanges will distribute Spark Token.
    Spark tokens will be very popular in Japan along with XRP.
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