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  1. Did you try this? https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate And
  2. Answer is YES. Ever looked at Xumm? Easy as, whatever u perecive as simple ;-) https://xumm.app/ https://xrpl.org/escrow.html https://docs.xrptoolkit.com/create-and-release-escrows or reach out to:
  3. Answer of CMC: ===================================================================================== Good day, The CMC team determines the Circulating Supply and Cryptoasset Rank based on our methodology. 1. Please understand that we have our own grading rubric to calculate circulating supply. 2. Kindly note that under our methodology, we would typically exclude the address balances of wallets that are labeled as private investors, marketing operations, treasury, ecosystem incentives, and team/advisors/contractors regardless of whether they are unlocked.
  4. Nah... No corrupt intent... but, excuses Bizar!
  5. Thought the same!... They know it all ;-))
  6. ... And same day Ripple is posting : The Last-Mile Playbook to Global Payments https://ripple.com/lp/last-mile-playbook?utm_campaign=twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic social&utm_content=1618169641
  7. https://www.bitrue.com/powerpiggy/xrp?pgid=2
  8. https://medium.com/anchorage/introducing-anchorage-digital-bank-the-first-federally-chartered-digital-asset-bank-7f9b9b4e0fd5
  9. Now Coinbase will be fighting why XRP is not a Security... Bitrex next?
  10. Investment fund details: Shares: Ripple, Common Stock Sales Fee: 5.00% Share Price: $20.00 (incl. fees, $21.00) Last Valuation: $11.07B Deal's Implied Valuation: $3.6B Discount to Last Valuation: 67.47% Most Recent Funding Size: $300M Minimum Fund Investment Size: $20,000 Per equity Zen https://equityzen.com/invest/9856934/
  11. or this? https://livenet.xrpl.org/
  12. Hmmm....ECB steps in over Swift’s ISO 20022 migration delay https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/35764/ecb-steps-in-over-swifts-iso-20022-migration-delay
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