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  1. ... And same day Ripple is posting : The Last-Mile Playbook to Global Payments https://ripple.com/lp/last-mile-playbook?utm_campaign=twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic social&utm_content=1618169641
  2. https://www.bitrue.com/powerpiggy/xrp?pgid=2
  3. https://medium.com/anchorage/introducing-anchorage-digital-bank-the-first-federally-chartered-digital-asset-bank-7f9b9b4e0fd5
  4. Now Coinbase will be fighting why XRP is not a Security... Bitrex next?
  5. Investment fund details: Shares: Ripple, Common Stock Sales Fee: 5.00% Share Price: $20.00 (incl. fees, $21.00) Last Valuation: $11.07B Deal's Implied Valuation: $3.6B Discount to Last Valuation: 67.47% Most Recent Funding Size: $300M Minimum Fund Investment Size: $20,000 Per equity Zen https://equityzen.com/invest/9856934/
  6. or this? https://livenet.xrpl.org/
  7. Hmmm....ECB steps in over Swift’s ISO 20022 migration delay https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/35764/ecb-steps-in-over-swifts-iso-20022-migration-delay
  8. That's for only 5 corridors ;-)... https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/ Still 367 times ??/country to go...(https://remittanceprices.worldbank.org/en/about-remittance-prices-worldwide Works for me ;-))
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