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  1. Live4xrp

    Coinbase 12 days

    ...and flirting
  2. Live4xrp

    Jed McCaleb & XRP

    maybe this helps you... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17_Wgo4iwGoPB1JenxD5fHtJ0HQYLpb669zaNemPojG4/edit#gid=0
  3. https://xrpcommunity.blog/how-to-escrow-your-xrp-walk-through/
  4. @tenitoshi explainns it in his thread!!
  5. Live4xrp

    Temenos integration question

    @Dikwhit, What is the source of the quote?
  6. Rite!...Around 50% of those 2,500 are already...(see first post)
  7. So....another 2,500 millionaires caused by XRP accounts (in USD) is NOT far stretched....Not at all!
  8. ...would be much highr if XRP equals $2, but it appears that only 2,500 ppl will become millionaire...Suprisingly! With a price of $20, this would be a 10 fold amount, around 20k accounts... https://ledger.exposed/rich-index
  9. Started much earlier...SWIFT Hacks https://medium.com/@kvantorcom/top-5-biggest-swift-hacks-52fca78145c and continues Swift to comply with US sanctions on Iran in blow to EU https://www.ft.com/content/8f16f8aa-e104-11e8-8e70-5e22a430c1ad Lost already credibility ;-)
  10. Live4xrp

    Send XRPs Via Text Messages

    xRCS...https://jibe.google.com/ https://twitter.com/AmirSarhangi Google views those commercial applications as a potential revenue generator and has partnered with numerous device makers and wireless carriers to introduce RCS. But broad adoption has been stymied by leading device makers Apple Inc, which does not support RCS on iPhones, and Samsung Electronics Co, which in September announced limited support.
  11. https://www.tasgroup.eu/solutions/payment-networks/interbank-payment-networks/network-gateway-en