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  1. Example of phishing message: The link is a doc file (most likely infected with something).
  2. A reminder to never click on links that are sent via private message from unknown members. It appears scammers have created profiles here on XRP CHAT, and are pretending to be from Gatehub support. If you receive any such private messages, please make sure to report it using the "report" button: Stay safe and be careful!
  3. Yeh its tricky because there are many clickbait articles that have no real substance. But then we don't want moderators being judge and jury of what articles are "worthy" of showing up. I think moving the less reputable ones to Other Press is an ok compromise, you are always ignore that sub-forum. I'm very open to suggestions
  4. A reminder to keep the conversation in this thread respectful.
  5. karlos

    Zerpening Club

    As @Sebastian said, the leaders of private clubs get to choose who they invite and the rules etc. Merged topic.
  6. Its right here Please don't spam the General Discussion area, the Group sub-forum is for everything related to clubs.
  7. @iLeeT beat me to it. I think the idea is that stable coins need to be "stabilised" by a third party. So if you rely on a stable coin, you are de facto involving a middle man (again).
  8. Theres a difference between refuting FUD and instantly attacking new members though. How do you expect a community to grow if new members are nuked for asking honest questions?
  9. Yeh he says retail not Ripple. Guess we should give the journalist the benefit of the doubt? He was probably running out of things to write about, and misheard. It's not easy to come up with crypto articles all day long. Regarding the post though, do we only want positive articles here? It took 2 pages of ad hominem attacks before the central argument was refuted.
  10. What evidence do you have that Ripple are doing OTC deals at a discount? That makes no sense. Why would they deliberately depress the value of their biggest asset? Actually the court documents between R3 and Ripple showed them selling at the market rate or higher. Also not sure what the escrow part of this "scam" flowchart is supposed to prove. That they keep XRP locked up to prevent oversupply, but at the same time are dumping? Pure nonsense.
  11. A reminder that personal attacks and character assassination are not allowed on this forum. One member has already been banned because of posts in this thread. Let’s keep things positive and constructive. If you are unhappy with the price and looking to vent, go beat up a piñata.. or something. Better yet, think about ways YOU can add value to your own investment in the XRP ecosystem (instead of being a passenger).
  12. Oops my mistake! Yes I meant winterfell, (been playing too much Skyrim )😅 Sadly I think Stannis is finished, even though he was one my fav characters. The Baratheon brother were really interesting. I saw Renly and Stannis as each having one half of the character traits needed to be King: - Stannis was unyielding and duty bound, but dour and unlikable. - Renly was charismatic and charming, but too brash and unconventional Bobby B had the best traits of each brother, which is why he took the throne. Although if Brienne didn’t burn the body of Stannis, he could definitely be back as a white walker.
  13. Jon snow kills the night king and ends the zombies but is then killed himself Winterhold is destroyed in the fight The remaining forces march to Kings Landing and a massive fight vs the Golden Company and Cersei The Red Keep is destroyed also Jaime strangles Cersei with his golden hand during secret talks Cersei’s baby is smuggled to exile in Pentos Dany takes the throne and gives birth to “aegon jr” Dead: Bronn, another dragon, Ser Jorah, Greyworm, Sandor Clegane, Sansa, Jaime Lannister, Euron, Melisandre, Theon
  14. Nice, another article to add to the Obituaries page Some of those scam eulogies have aged well over the years..
  15. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    Thanks. Did you mean the "Unread Content incl. Clubs" stream? Or the forum view in clubs e.g:
  16. https://www.distributedagreement.com/2019/03/01/what-are-blockchains-good-for/ Discusses what blockchain can be used for, and the main advantages/disadvantages. (Apologies if this is a duplicate post, but I didn't see it anywhere else.)
  17. karlos

    XRP TipBot Poll

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. We are definitely aware the majority of members would like to see tips on the forum. "Spam" tip posts could be avoided by having a tip button on the actual post, a small text saying "x users has tipped this post" or something similar. However @Tinyaccount has done a great job covering the main drawbacks. The idea is to avoid creating/promoting content for material gain. We dont want to attract people who purely post for tips. When real money gets involved, often motives can change and things get murky. Ironically for a forum that discusses payments and settlements, we'd rather see no payments involved here at all. So currently theres no ads, no Coil, no tips, and no referral links. I know the "reaction" system isnt perfect, but I think it gives good feedback loop instead of a token amount of XRP. Hats off to Wietse though, its a brilliant use of the XRP ledger.
  18. karlos

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Email checks out - thanks for joining @BobWay You've only been here a few days and already given us so much great stuff to read and think about. Also good luck with your new venture, whatever it may be (hoarding Ripple merch by the looks of it )
  19. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    There is the option to change it. If you prefer, I can make the title go to the first unread post. I preferred the old way like @PunishmentOfLuxury, but as @Tinyaccount mentioned the small blue dot now does that function!
  20. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    It's pretty much all backend stuff for SEO and trying to speed up the site. Although there is now native GIPHY support: Also I spent a bit of time updating the Links & Resources section, pruning old links and adding a few ones.
  21. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    The forum is now updated to 4.4.0. Can you please let me know if you encounter any bugs/issues. Thanks!
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