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    Get MemberBerry back!

    Bans are not made on a whim, but after multiple warnings for breaking the rules of the forum. Please stop needlessly bumping this topic.
  2. Please stay on the topic, avoid "ranking" appearances, or the topic will be locked and warnings issued.
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    How many XRP do you own?

    We already had this poll last week.
  4. This thread seems to be a magnet for lots of rude comments. Please keep it civil.
  5. Locked at OP request.
  6. from xrptalk: We live in a cryptojungle. I'm afraid to say where there is money, there are hackers. We had several hacks recently, thus I would like to remind the best practices for the security of your wallet(s). To avoid malwares: Use a antivirus up to date. Keep your computer current with updates (Windows, your browser, your pdf reader, Java, Flash ...) Do not click everywhere (Do not open every PDF, porn and poker web sites). Do not click on every link in your mails. Concerning your wallet: Use a strong and unique password. More than 16 characters With alpha, digits, specials. Don't choose something similar to a word [*]Verify your password is not in a dictionnary of leaked passwords https://wiki.skullse...y.org/Passwords http://hashes.org/public.php On the old blobvault, people can use these dictionnaries to bruteforce your account. [*]Do not use the same credentials on every Website. Do not use the same password on the forum and on your wallet. Do not use the same password on your bitcoin broker/gateways and on your wallet. Remember almost every site on the crypto scene has been hacked. It will surely happen to this forum one day. Store your wallet offline. Use the Ripple thick client and an USB stick for example. You can even print your secret key at home. [*]If you need to use an hot wallet, use 2FA: At least you will be able to claim your hack to Ripple Labs and they may be able to verify your identity.
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    SBI Status

    This is not the place to discuss “political correctness” or ethnic slurs, locked.
  8. Locked. A reminder this club is for trading discussion, not... whatever this is.
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  10. Thread degenerated into name calling, locked.
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  12. What a disappointing thread. This forum is for positive, respectful discussion and debate. Locked.
  13. https://zerpening.info
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    You will make your first million with XRP

    Thread has devolved into insults, locked.
  15. Please stay on topic and avoid personal attacks.
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    Coinome (India)

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    Toast Wallet*

    WARNING FOR APPLE USERS Link: Issues with Ripple Wallets and Safari Attention for MAC users: Use ONLY Google Chrome as your browser for all Ripple wallets listed here. Do not use Safari when using any "web" based wallets There are issues with older wallets and Safari's Javascript engine. https://toastwallet.com/
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    Update to file attachments

    Storage requirements for the forum have been increasing at an exponential rate in the last 3 months. This is because of memes, gifs etc in the clubs. File attachments are now capped at 2MB per post. Additionally, members now have a maximum 200MB in file attachments. You can view your attachments here: https://www.xrpchat.com/attachments/ Any members over the 200MB limit can delete unused attachments using the above link. You can also now attach external gifs here: These images do not count towards the forum limit.
  19. Club is for XRP trading and tips, not politics. Locked.
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    XRP Blog

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    XRP Lovers

  22. https://lbx.com
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    XRP Tips

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    XRP FUD Bingo