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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    The site has always been promoted as "safe for work". This forum is for discussion of Ripple, XRP and cryptocurrency in general. Something completely unrelated to bikinis or half naked women. As you mentioned there are plenty of other sites for things like that. Members are given an explanation for any warnings, in fact multiple warnings are given before a ban, including time outs. If someone gets banned after multiple warnings and getting timed out, what more can we do? Please show me the other anti-semitic and racist club content. The Zerpening club attracts more reports than all other clubs combined, and 90% is for NSFW and abusive behaviour. Theres no unwritten "understanding" about the Zerpening club, everyone in all clubs simply have to follow the forum rules. Other clubs dont have an issue, why is the Zerpening the exception? We're not going to change the rules of the whole forum for just so people here can post pics of naked women.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Please feel free to DM me if you believe the rules have not been applied fairly. I would be interested in your examples.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    The forum rules are here: Its pretty easy: dont post NSFW content and dont abuse people. The community rules served the forum perfectly well, long before the Zerpening club. If you want to post NSFW content you can create your own Discord/telegram etc. This is a public forum, indexed by Google and represents a large portion of the XRP community. If the first thing people see when they look up "XRP community" are shitposts and bikinis, what impression does that give?
  4. https://zerpening.info
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    You will make your first million with XRP

    Thread has devolved into insults, locked.
  6. Please stay on topic and avoid personal attacks.
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    Coinome (India)

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    Toast Wallet*

    WARNING FOR APPLE USERS Link: Issues with Ripple Wallets and Safari Attention for MAC users: Use ONLY Google Chrome as your browser for all Ripple wallets listed here. Do not use Safari when using any "web" based wallets There are issues with older wallets and Safari's Javascript engine. https://toastwallet.com/
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Hi guys, this club is receiving a lot of reports for NSFW content. Please keep the discussion related to Ripple, XRP and cryptocurrency. Continued posting of half naked women will result in bans. I dont have the time or patience to keep following up all these reports.
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    Update to file attachments

    Storage requirements for the forum have been increasing at an exponential rate in the last 3 months. This is because of memes, gifs etc in the clubs. File attachments are now capped at 2MB per post. Additionally, members now have a maximum 200MB in file attachments. You can view your attachments here: https://www.xrpchat.com/attachments/ Any members over the 200MB limit can delete unused attachments using the above link. You can also now attach external gifs here: These images do not count towards the forum limit.
  11. Club is for XRP trading and tips, not politics. Locked.
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    XRP Blog

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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Sorry this post is not directed at you @CarloRossi, but to everyone in the Zerpening club.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Please do not post NSFW content in Xrp Chat. We have had the same policy on content for years and it's worked pretty well to keep the community positive, inclusive and on-topic. If you like posting half naked girls there is Discord, Telegram etc.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    A reminder this forum is for discussion of crypto currency, XRP and Ripple. Posting NSFW content, “bikini babes” etc will incur warnings.
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    XRP Lovers

  17. https://lbx.com
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    XRP Tips

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    XRP FUD Bingo

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    XRP Text

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    XRP Balance . info