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  1. The forum does not have any fine-grained controls to restrict members from posting in a particular thread/sub-forum. If you see someone crossing the line into troll territory, please report them and mods will review.
  2. karlos

    MODs Deleting my posts

    Hello it wasn't deleted. Three existing threads about CasinoCoin were merged into one.
  3. It's from a pre-generated list of words. I'll take it out of the list, hardly offensive
  4. I have removed links to the potential database leak from this thread. The forum does not allow links to doxxing/hacking etc data dumps.
  5. By "nothing", I assume you mean the price of XRP (as plenty is happening outside this one measurement). Moved to speculation.
  6. It services the whole xrp community, and guess what Ripple is part of that too. Please re-read the rules:
  7. karlos

    Be aware.

    See here:
  8. Are you using the correct private key pem file? My understanding is that domain certification has several pem files, such as cert.pem, chain.pem etc. You need to use the actual privkey.pem file (or whatever it is named). Otherwise it will not generate the right output.
  9. It's not a phishing attack. Basically some guy in Hungary tries to log in to a random users account, but gets the password wrong 5 times. That locks the Hungarian IP address from trying again and sends an email to the user. You can ignore the message, its more of a nuisance. But please ensure you use a strong password and don't re-use a password from any other site.
  10. Some really interesting discussion about memo usage: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/pull/3007 Isn't the simplest way to fix memo spam just increase the base transaction fee? We can easily go from 10 drops to 50 drops, and payments still cost almost nothing to send. At the moment the fees don't seem in line with real world costs anyway. What are the main drawbacks of increasing the network fee? Personally I'd prefer to see the ledger be really good at payments, rather than try to "keep the door open" and subsidize other impromptu use cases. Regarding people keeping full history, I appreciate the amazing efforts of Wietse and others. But if other people want to abuse their generosity by storing data, it seems fair that these services start charging a small fee to retrieve the history. Maybe paid in XRP per G/Byte? It would mean people might have to pay to obtain a full history of the ledger, but it is 9 TB and completely optional after all.
  11. If you believe a member is trolling, use the report button on the forum. Locked.
  12. Example of phishing message: The link is a doc file (most likely infected with something).
  13. A reminder to never click on links that are sent via private message from unknown members. It appears scammers have created profiles here on XRP CHAT, and are pretending to be from Gatehub support. If you receive any such private messages, please make sure to report it using the "report" button: Stay safe and be careful!
  14. Yeh its tricky because there are many clickbait articles that have no real substance. But then we don't want moderators being judge and jury of what articles are "worthy" of showing up. I think moving the less reputable ones to Other Press is an ok compromise, you are always ignore that sub-forum. I'm very open to suggestions
  15. A reminder to keep the conversation in this thread respectful.
  16. karlos

    Zerpening Club

    As @Sebastian said, the leaders of private clubs get to choose who they invite and the rules etc. Merged topic.
  17. Its right here Please don't spam the General Discussion area, the Group sub-forum is for everything related to clubs.
  18. @iLeeT beat me to it. I think the idea is that stable coins need to be "stabilised" by a third party. So if you rely on a stable coin, you are de facto involving a middle man (again).
  19. Theres a difference between refuting FUD and instantly attacking new members though. How do you expect a community to grow if new members are nuked for asking honest questions?
  20. Yeh he says retail not Ripple. Guess we should give the journalist the benefit of the doubt? He was probably running out of things to write about, and misheard. It's not easy to come up with crypto articles all day long. Regarding the post though, do we only want positive articles here? It took 2 pages of ad hominem attacks before the central argument was refuted.
  21. What evidence do you have that Ripple are doing OTC deals at a discount? That makes no sense. Why would they deliberately depress the value of their biggest asset? Actually the court documents between R3 and Ripple showed them selling at the market rate or higher. Also not sure what the escrow part of this "scam" flowchart is supposed to prove. That they keep XRP locked up to prevent oversupply, but at the same time are dumping? Pure nonsense.
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