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  1. Might just be me, but it looks confusingly similar to the Euro symbol:
  2. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    Thanks. Did you mean the "Unread Content incl. Clubs" stream? Or the forum view in clubs e.g:
  3. https://www.distributedagreement.com/2019/03/01/what-are-blockchains-good-for/ Discusses what blockchain can be used for, and the main advantages/disadvantages. (Apologies if this is a duplicate post, but I didn't see it anywhere else.)
  4. karlos

    XRP TipBot Poll

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. We are definitely aware the majority of members would like to see tips on the forum. "Spam" tip posts could be avoided by having a tip button on the actual post, a small text saying "x users has tipped this post" or something similar. However @Tinyaccount has done a great job covering the main drawbacks. The idea is to avoid creating/promoting content for material gain. We dont want to attract people who purely post for tips. When real money gets involved, often motives can change and things get murky. Ironically for a forum that discusses payments and settlements, we'd rather see no payments involved here at all. So currently theres no ads, no Coil, no tips, and no referral links. I know the "reaction" system isnt perfect, but I think it gives good feedback loop instead of a token amount of XRP. Hats off to Wietse though, its a brilliant use of the XRP ledger.
  5. karlos

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Email checks out - thanks for joining @BobWay You've only been here a few days and already given us so much great stuff to read and think about. Also good luck with your new venture, whatever it may be (hoarding Ripple merch by the looks of it )
  6. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    There is the option to change it. If you prefer, I can make the title go to the first unread post. I preferred the old way like @PunishmentOfLuxury, but as @Tinyaccount mentioned the small blue dot now does that function!
  7. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    It's pretty much all backend stuff for SEO and trying to speed up the site. Although there is now native GIPHY support: Also I spent a bit of time updating the Links & Resources section, pruning old links and adding a few ones.
  8. karlos

    4.4.0 Update

    The forum is now updated to 4.4.0. Can you please let me know if you encounter any bugs/issues. Thanks!
  9. karlos

    XRP chat

    Yeah there was issue with the sub-forums loading. I lodged a support ticket, but apparently its a holiday weekend in the US? Took around 14 hours to resolve it. Sorry.
  10. Thread derailed into insults, locked.
  11. @Hodor has been posting quality content for years. Theres no rule against posting a link to an in-depth blog like his, actually its very welcome. I think @Hodor even starting writing here first, before contributing to the xrpcommunity.blog?
  12. This isn't the place to discuss racial terms. Please keep on topic, I will be timing out members who continue down that path.
  13. No, mods have no access to DMs. The only situation they can read a DM is where a message is reported by one party, or they are manually added into the conversation (3 way).
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