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  1. karlos

    Get MemberBerry back!

    Bans are not made on a whim, but after multiple warnings for breaking the rules of the forum. Please stop needlessly bumping this topic.
  2. Please stay on the topic, avoid "ranking" appearances, or the topic will be locked and warnings issued.
  3. karlos

    How many XRP do you own?

    We already had this poll last week.
  4. This thread seems to be a magnet for lots of rude comments. Please keep it civil.
  5. Locked at OP request.
  6. karlos

    SBI Status

    This is not the place to discuss “political correctness” or ethnic slurs, locked.
  7. Locked. A reminder this club is for trading discussion, not... whatever this is.
  8. karlos


  9. Thread degenerated into name calling, locked.
  10. karlos


  11. What a disappointing thread. This forum is for positive, respectful discussion and debate. Locked.
  12. https://zerpening.info
  13. karlos

    You will make your first million with XRP

    Thread has devolved into insults, locked.
  14. Please stay on topic and avoid personal attacks.
  15. Club is for XRP trading and tips, not politics. Locked.