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  1. karlos

    Galgitron’s blog: Hopium

    Racism here is an insta-ban, as I'm sure several people on Discord will attest. Please show me the posts of mods "tolerating" racism.
  2. karlos

    Frequent Downtime

    I'm sure everyone noticed the forum has been playing up a lot since October 18. Today after more issues there was extended maintenance to investigate the problem, and get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately the root cause was not discovered, and further maintenance may be required in the coming days. Sorry for any trouble
  3. karlos

    Node interruption

    Are you using a SSD? You need good IOPS
  4. Please don’t fill the Meta sub-forum with memes and jokes.
  5. karlos

    XRP Validator Registry Broken

    I believe it's a browser issue, try using Chrome instead of Safari. That worked for me: Looks like the page is updated with lots of juicy info.."chain", "missed validations", "unl". If you run a validator, that page is WAAY too addictive. Edit - Just noticed you mentioned both Chrome and Safari not working. I tried playing around Windows 10 works in edge, chrome and firefox Mac OS works in chrome, Firefox and not working Safari
  6. Already discussed: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/16857-alipayripplecom/ https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/8457-ripple-confirms-china-expansion-plans-shoots-down-alibaba-rumor/
  7. karlos

    Announcing an XRP Contest Series!

    Nice work @devnullprod!
  8. Wrong, September October and November have been massive months for the forum.
  9. karlos

    £1 EOY

    Not the place for US vs UK rivalry, locked.
  10. karlos

    Kraken EUR SEPA to Transferwise

    Interesting. Seems very inconsistent to allow payments to TW, but not from TW?
  11. karlos

    Kraken EUR SEPA to Transferwise

    I’d say the CSR is just giving a generic response. Like you mentioned, not worth the hassle of a lost payment or having your account terminated.
  12. karlos

    Kraken EUR SEPA to Transferwise

    Transferwise explicitly state they do not allow transfers for cryptocurrency. (due to KYC) https://transferwise.com/help/article/2534649/other/bitcoin You risk having your account closed by attempting it, I'd say..
  13. Incorrect, the topic is whether XRP is a security or not. You haven't addressed that in the slightest.
  14. I don't have to disprove your personal attacks on people. I'm telling you not to do them. Argue the point, not the person.
  15. We won't hide it, but so far theres no actual discussion, only ad hominem attacks..