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  1. Thanks for posting @miguel! Welcome and good luck with your career at Ripple
  2. The tapatalk chatroom uses a seperate system to the zerpbox, its Tapatalks own solution on the app. I don't think theres any way to connect them, but you can still read the the zerpbox on your mobile using chrome or firefox (not as handy as having it all in the app I know)
  3. Yeh I made that mistake too. My colleagues have turned XRP into a running joke ☹️ Ripple management is very lucky that XRP holders have no voting rights. Because if we did, half of them would be clearing their desks right now.
  4. lol I don't know whether to be impressed or concerned by your attention to detail. Also I renamed the chatbox to "zerpbox" but nobody noticed
  5. Great work @Warbler!
  6. Is there some reason we need all the answers posted into the forum? I mean the link to everything is right there in the first post. This just makes my life more difficult, and annoys the content owner. I really, really don't have the time to analyse every post for copyright infringement. Since everyone seems to be having a hard time, here's an easy flow chart: Before posting ask yourself "do I own this?". If yes, then post it. If no, then ask: Am I adding my own comment, insight, or opinion to the content? If no, then post the link only. If yes, then post your comment along with the relevant PORTION of the article.
  7. Fintech Connect Live!

  8. I tried to register a red demo wallet (https://red.ilpdemo.org) but pressing "register" does nothing. Also I can sign up to the blue demo wallet (https://blue.ilpdemo.org) but I never get the verification email.
  9. This is a topic for new members to request wallet activation, not a discussion thread about hypothetical legal issues. Can I please request any activation meta discussion be opened in a seperate thread. I don’t want any new members to feel dissuaded from posting their requests here.
  10. If only 2 banks have left out of 40+ they have done pretty well. It says also that they are now seeking $150m instead of $200m, and that the owners get a 60% stake instead of 90%. However the shareholders now also get a stake in the development lab (possibly the most valuable part of R3?). The Corda white paper should be released on November 30th, so it will be interesting to see how they solved the issue of privacy and trust regarding sensitive information. I like to read Richard Gendal Brown's blog, but am still clueless as to their approach.
  11. No worries @chrisx12, hope it helps If any other new members need their wallet activated, please don’t hesitate to post in this thread.
  12. If I got that letter I'd be more worried how Trump got elected to parliament in Australia
  13. According to this article, R3 charges $20,000 a month for membership . I guess Goldman Sachs wasn't seeing much return on that investment.
  14. So RCL users should only send funds to people they have personally confirmed with ID?
  15. Yeh who knows what bad things they might do with 40c. Guess I better stop giving people change on the street then..