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  1. Upcoming Ripple events

  2. Ignore list messed up

    The zerpbox was re-installed so maybe that caused the problem. Have you tried unignoring and then re-ignoring? Sorry for the trouble.
  3. Nice one @pftq! Hope this helps out some new members.
  4. Site downtime

    Sorry about the site downtime, there was some upgrade which went on for a lot longer than I anticipated.
  5. Thank Jed you mean. He screwed us all out of a proper wallet.
  6. Toast Wallet? Review/Compare ?

    I've had a play around with it, and the wallet looks really good. The code needs to be checked to ensure there is no backdoors, but it looks very promising. Anyone know a reputable company that does security audits on open source code written in javascript?
  7. Ripple locking up future coins

  8. The guides have been hidden until the ripple-lib issue is resolved.
  9. Secret Key doesn't match public key

    Sounds fair, I will hide the guides for now, until we know whats going on. Right now we don't know which wallets are using old ripple-lib. As @pftq mentioned, the following wallets freeze in Safari: ripplerm Wallet Toast Wallet Yxxyun online wallet But so far Ive tested all the "browser" based wallets, and none of them exhibit the same secret key/public key mismatch as jatchili in Safari.
  10. Domestic transfers.

    Domestic payments in Australia are done in batches, there is no central clearing house. The New Payment Platform (NPP) should fix that problem. Of course like all improvements here, progress will be slow as molasses and over budget.
  11. New Wallet to Add to the List

    Looks interesting, thanks!
  12. Secret Key doesn't match public key

    Good point, I'll put a warning next to the link. I think if the client gave you an incorrect public address because of the browser, there won't be any way to recover those funds. But maybe somebody with more experience knows different..
  13. Secret Key doesn't match public key

    Try using Chrome, I think that was the browser it was designed to run on.
  14. Secret Key doesn't match public key

    What browser are you using? Chrome?
  15. Forum update

    It's a beta theme, so there are some areas that are not dark (like the price ticker and CKeditor).