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  1. Discord is amazing, I'd love to see people using it to talk about Ripple.
  2. Very cool mate, let me join your discord!
  3. We'll keep the chatbox open for now, obviously it is extremely popular. But in a few weeks I might move it off the front page to its own tab.
  4. Thanks, but no thanks.
  5. We are looking at many different options to keep the zerpbox running. Appreciate your support, but I don't intend to hand over a database of thousands of members to somebody I've never even met.
  6. resources, alt coin spam, security worries with 3rd party apps, scaling concerns, endless bickering, people sitting on the chatbox for 10 hours a day, but most importantly people using the chatbox as a substitute for the actual forum. thousands of hours of useful information is disappearing daily.
  7. There can only be one chatbox active on the site at any one time with the current app.
  8. I don't have any agenda, tbh I wasn't expected such a strong reaction to closing a simple chatbox. You are right, there was no pre-announcement. I will re-open the zerpbox for 2 weeks. After that it can close down. If others wish to migrate to another forum that has live chat, I understand.
  9. I know removing the chatbox is an unpopular decision, but a couple of things to consider: I was constantly getting pulled up by the cloud provider about the resources it was using. It really was a hog on the server. People would sit on the front page of the forum, refreshing the chatbox for truly absurd lengths of time. You know who you were! There was no fine grained moderation tools available. Ban or ban, that was basically it. Also it was a 3rd party application with limited support, and I am a bit paranoid about security. It was cannibalising all the content. Instead of posting on the forum for the whole world, people would post into the chatbox. After 100 posts that information was lost forever. All moderators here are volunteers. Its tiring to sit there, removing spam, moving off topic posts, and diffusing conflicts. And then on top trying to scroll through the chatbox where all the valuable content just disappears into oblivion. It sucks to lose the zerpbox, but the only constant in life is change. There's Slack, IRC and many many other avenues for live chat.
  10. Xrp Chat is not for sale, sorry.
  11. I agree. This site doesn't have paid staff or the resources to be constantly monitoring a chatbox. It was supposed to be for light fluffy conversation. I'll remove it so that xrpchat can stick to its core purpose: a forum about Ripple. Those wishing to discuss Ripple on a dynamically generated page can use Slack or one of the many other alternatives.
  12. For inquiries about user-specific GateHub problems, please see the GateHub support website: https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us
  13. Welcome @xrpkimchi and all Korean ripplers! 안녕하세요 Added new sub-forum: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/48-한국어/ Ripple truly going international, what a time to be alive!
  14. This is not related to xrp trading, moved topic.