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  1. No need, just pay it forward to the next person
  2. Done! You're ready to rock and/or roll
  3. I will feature and sticky the topic.
  4. Please don't spam any other forums or websites. It just gives the community a bad reputation.
  5. Apologies, I'm looking into it now.
  6. Looks like genuine new members requesting activation. I guess we should take this as a good sign Thanks to all the people that help activate the new wallets, its great for growing the community!
  7. English in the forum please (except for the language sub-forums)
  8. Thanks for the logo @pengler, looks very cool! I went with Font Awesome because the vector graphic is scalable, unlike pngs or jpgs. Your logo is much, much better than anything I can draw. Early members might remember some monstrosities: *ahem*
  9. Here are the registrations online (6 months): And heres the sessions over the last 6 months: I think there might be users who visit the forum multiple times per day, because "users" is lot lower than sessions. Analytics doesn't distinguish between guests and logged in members. The short story is slow growth, nothing exponential. There's no Ethereum/Bitcoin style breakouts
  10. Welcome to the forum @Tim!
  11. Maybe we need a "comedy cemetery" sub-forum.
  12. I haven't kept up to date with any the politics of Bitcoin.. segwit, blockstream, Bitcoin core etc. Actually I don't remember where I first read about Ripple either IMHO bitcoin can't replace the current financial institutions or fiat currency. Love it or hate it I think we need central banks and a stable monetary policy. Having said that, I think theres a lot of people involved in Bitcoin because they want to make a positive change in the world, and thats awesome.
  13. All done! May your hair forever be thick and luscious
  14. I haven't tried the Yorkshire ale, but I had some lovely ales by Samuel Smith before. My all time favourite beer has to be a german beer called Augustiner Helles: Sadly I haven't found it here in Australia yet . I agree 100% with @kanaas, Belgian beers are amazing. And generally quite strong! (8-9%).
  15. Sounds awesome @Haydentiff! I'll definitely tune in to your podcast. I don't know that much about Bitcoin, so it would be really interesting. Let me know if you need help with anything!