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  1. No ad hominem cartoons here thanks. Please re-read the community standards
  2. karlos

    Xrp Chat Validator

    FYI: From 24 May 2021 xrpchat will no longer be running a validator on the XRPL network. Please update your UNLs to avoid any potential interruptions. Thank you.
  3. FYI I banned Hopium. They aren’t a new member, he/she has had many profiles. They sign up, start attacking members and get a timeout. A new profile appears and the cycle starts over. The hopium incarnation was just more pro-XRP than than the last few. But we have to draw the line somewhere.
  4. whoops, forgot to set permissions. Should be all good now!
  5. Just a heads up, the "XRP Trading and Price Speculation Club" has been merged back into the main forum. It's now a sub-forum instead of a club. Nothing really changes though, its business as usual
  6. A quick reminder not to paste copyright articles in the forum:
  7. I can contact the chatbox dev and see if they have an update.
  8. Users are receiving emails claiming that Ripple is offering an "Incentive Plan and the Community Support Program." There is no support program. There is no giveaway incentive, nor any "staking". Scammers are simply pretending to be Ripple, both through email and on social media (including YouTube). If someone tells you to send XRP and you will get more back, it is a scam. Do not click on any links from these type of emails. Stay safe and remember, do not send your XRP to unknown and untrusted sources. Transactions on the XRP ledger are not reversible. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  9. It's a scam. Don't send your XRP to anybody telling you will get more back.
  10. @Dogowner5 Yes I think the behaviour of titles has changed. But you can set it to whatever you prefer. Go to Account Settings: And then go to "Content View Behaviour": I'm guessing with the new update it defaults to "Take me to the beginning"
  11. XRP CHAT is now updated to version 4.5.1. Previously to be invisible, you would select a "tick box" when signing in. This is now moved. First, sign in normally. Then go to account settings: Then proceed to the section "Security and Privacy". You can now select to appear as invisible. This will keep you invisible every time you log-in (unless you change the setting)
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