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  1. I haven't tried the Yorkshire ale, but I had some lovely ales by Samuel Smith before. My all time favourite beer has to be a german beer called Augustiner Helles: Sadly I haven't found it here in Australia yet . I agree 100% with @kanaas, Belgian beers are amazing. And generally quite strong! (8-9%).
  2. Sounds awesome @Haydentiff! I'll definitely tune in to your podcast. I don't know that much about Bitcoin, so it would be really interesting. Let me know if you need help with anything!
  3. It was easy, I just put on the audio and continued building part 7 of my Victorian mansion
  4. Thanks @nikb and @JoelKatz for the comments.
  5. I see lots of members bashing the presenters, but not addressing any points they raised, which is disappointing. I think they just re-covered most of the points of Peter's R3 paper. Tone Vays mentioned he wouldn't trust Ripple because Jed was once at the helm. Summing up, the main arguments seemed to be: There is no code or automated process that handles forks if consensus is not reached, and the network does have to split. If there is a fork, the losing side has to discard transactions or history possibly resulting in a double spend. There is no inbuilt mechanism or financial incentive to correct the network in case of a fork. No incentive for node operators to perform public validations. Performing public validations can lead to lawsuits for negligence or potentially aiding financial crimes. Safest option is to outsource that legal liability onto ripple labs: which centralizes the network. Global consensus means that nodes must hold unrelated third party transaction data, which is too risky: e.g storing Iranian payments during sanctions. No VM layer like Ethereum, everything has to be written into rippled. Changes to ripple frequently require changes to the core consensus code. Many amendments are hard forks of ripple: eg with Flow if some nodes decide not to implement it, they are no longer part of the network. No secure way to download the software: "ripple labs team are not very competent ". An attacker can steal the secret keys for the ripple validators and compromise the whole network. Also if the ripple website is compromised the UNL list can be replaced in the software. Ripple is aware of all these shortcomings and has shifted mostly now to Interledger. Also Peter seemed under the impression that R3 was in the market to buy Ripple at some earlier point.
  6. https://ripple.com/build/amendments/ Says that CryptoConditions and suspay are being removed and there is now one amendment: escrow. Escrow is expected to go live in March. Is escrow just a consolidation, or something different?
  7. $0.42 assuming the same market cap as BTC
  8. All done @Sudlon, good luck!
  9. Also it seems unlikely that everyone here is signing in from a new device. Gatehub might want to fix their device recognition system as well as their email server.
  10. http://www.multichain.com/blog/2017/01/multichain-source-code-release/ What is MultiChain? http://www.multichain.com/download/MultiChain-1-pager.pdf
  11. Since the leaderboard was added, I noticed I'm only 14th on the list! This will just not do. I'd like to point out that people seem to like me because I am polite and rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. For every like this post gets, I will pet my dog and tell him he is a good boy. p.s Like this post.
  12. I don't envy the guy that actually presses "send" on a transaction for 5 billion. How many times do you think he/she checks the destination address?
  13. Doing analysis of accounts on a public ledger isn't doxing. Public ledger data is not "personally identifiable information". Seems ok to me.
  14. Everything is going great, cheers Thanks for all your posts and messages on the zerpbox, I try to read as much as possible.
  15. Good poll @Morty! It will be interesting to re-visit this poll in a years time.