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  1. karlos

    Bring back Coin_Hound

    Yeah that got fixed sorry Some dude was spamming the forum with marriage "baba guru" hotlines, so the word got put under moderation.
  2. karlos

    Bring back Coin_Hound

    Nice poll, but it wasn't just a case of "bad language". @Coin_Hound had multiple warnings from multiple different mods. Regardless of whether someone supports XRP or not, they still need to follow the rules. Warnings were for things like discussing "little boys pee pees", how he would like to "give Tiffany Hayden some", how other members are "together licking each others assholes", and calling people morons. Not acceptable.
  3. A reminder to keep the arguments civil. Abusive attacks on other members will not be tolerated.
  4. karlos

    What a Letdown

    Zero value thread, locked.
  5. A reminder to please keep the discussion civil and focused on the issues (not people). There’s been some disappointing personal attacks that can cast a bad light on the community. I know the constant stream of FUD from vested interests is frustrating. It’s always the same thoroughly debunked topics getting raised. But if we resort to ad hominem attacks, the argument is already lost. We’re better than that!
  6. karlos

    Why did the BG thread get removed?

    It didnt get deleted, just moved to the bearableguy thread here YOUR hidden ledger wallet referral link however did get removed though..
  7. Ok done. As rootvegetable said, the sub-forum got converted to a club. Clubs work a bit different, you actually need to join them first in order to post a reply. So that page was there telling people to join, which cut down some confusion and DMs ("why can't I post in this area of the forum?").
  8. karlos

    Karlos... Needs to take control of TomXCS

    @tomxcs is doing an amazing job. Your comments are no longer constructive, they have crossed into the territory of trolling for Stellar.
  9. karlos

    Club Newsletters

    Yes, its part of the new update!
  10. karlos

    New emoji are awful

    There a lot of new emojis which unfortunately can slow down your device, especially on phones. All the old ones are still there, plus you now have the "category" button: which does speed it up a bit
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  12. No, it means all threads related to the topic will be here, instead of dozen of different threads spread out across the forum.
  13. I'm merging all future bearable123 nonsense into one thread: this one.
  14. This club is for trading and price speculation, locked topic.