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  1. XRP chat has 10,000 members

    Woohoo pretty good end to 2017! Lets see whats in store for 2018!!
  2. Yeah you'd think the largest crypto escrow in history would at least rate a mention.
  3. That links to FINCEN's press release, not the actual agreement that was signed. The actual document, including signatures, is here: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/file/765721/download Dated 5/5/15
  4. The FINCEN agreement was for a three year period. That agreement expires in May of 2018, who knows what happens after that.
  5. Why was I blocked?

    Your post was moved the the speculation club. You can join that club to reply or start new threads in the club.
  6. Thats not the real Stellar twitter, its here: https://twitter.com/stellarorg?lang=en The real stellar org is too lazy to chase other people pretending to be them.
  7. I prefer not to dwell on this type of pointless speculation. Someone saying they know things but "cannot tell you" doesn't help anyone. It just leads to big problems like Consensus back in May. I'll wait for proper announcements, not rumours and vague hints. (Ripple's had more than enough of those)
  8. Ripple and Visa partnership

    just copied from this article about AMEX https://discover.coinsquare.io/digital-currency/amex-blockchain-payments-ripple/
  9. You're right, the actual figure last month was around 145m. So Ripple impacted the price by less than 0.5%.
  10. Except the figures don't add up. Ripple sells 300m XRP a month on average. But this month's trade volume was $7.7 billion. So they impacted the price less than 1%.
  11. CEX.IO

  12. So confused. Cant reply in a Topic I created.

    It was moved to the Price and Speculation club. You can join that club to continue the discussion.
  13. Stop dinging Notifications after the fact?

    You can adjust the notification settings by clicking the "Following" icon on the topic: