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  1. Spam on the site. What to do for security?

    Yeah I'm looking into it. Just report spam as you see it. The reports are really helpful.
  2. I don't think it's heavy handed to remind people to stay on the topic of the club. For any off-topic stuff, you can use the "Off Topic" sub-forum or create a club.
  3. Please link this so I can have a look. Did you report it? Your profile shows zero reports.
  4. Just a reminder this club and this thread is for XRP Price trading and price speculation only. Wild conspiracy theories and off-topic posts do not belong here. If the thread continues to get de-railed, it will be locked.
  5. Just a reminder this club (and this thread) is about price movement and trading of XRP. If you want to critique the fashion of Ripple employees (and I strongly suggest you don't), this is not the place.
  6. Actually I did post a warning here. Also please read the reasons why having having one huge thread is not only counterproductive, but ultimately destroys the purpose of having a forum. Also I dont appreciate being attacked and called a dictator when I spend hundreds of hours to keep the forum up to date, organised and working smoothly. . If you think locking an offtopic thread makes someone Stalin, you need to get some perspective.
  7. The original thread was amazing, no doubt about it. But this is a forum after all, not a live chat. There are seperate categories, and topics within those categories. This gives the site structure and organisation. Users can read the things they like without having to wade through 2000 pages of stuff they don't. So having one gigantic thread that cannibalises all the other content on the forum isn't helpful. It means we can't search by topic. And then people's topics get derailed, or lost in the crowd. In the end it just becomes a huge mess.
  8. This thread has veered well off topic of Ripples price rise in December. Locked. Feel free to start a new topic, remembering this section is for discussion about Ripple price and trading (not Tether etc).
  9. Old private messages

    Starting next month, private messages more than six months old will be auto-deleted. If the last message in the conversation is over six months old, it will be purged automatically. If you would like to save these old messages, make sure you save or download them now
  10. Hello Just a reminder the forum has the ability to start multiple threads If you don't want to have your voice lost in the crowd (and in this thread), you can create your own new topic. This topic was originally about the big price increase of XRP in December. If you have something new and different from that, don't forget to start a new topic. Otherwise this one will get locked for veering off course too much..
  11. Coinliker

  12. The source code is still there. But there was too many tech supports questions for the wallet, and the link was removed. You can build your own wallet from the code here: I agree it would be nice to have more wallet choices. Its been two years and there are still very few options..
  13. Sold My XRP Today - Here is why

  14. Sold My XRP Today - Here is why

    All these concerns have already been discussed here: https://www.xrpchat.com/faq/
  15. Looks like the widget can't keep up with all the users. I'll re-try it later.