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Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bob Way, formerly of Ripple. Thank you in advance for allowing me to join your forum.

Back in the early days of crypto I was pretty active in the Bitcointalk and Ripple communities (under the username "Red"). In fact my community participation was what directly led to me going to work for Chris and the gang at OpenCoin. I made a lot of good friend in the forums five years back. I'm hoping to make some new ones now.


Xrp Chat is now running a validator on the XRPL network. Public key:


Start date: 24 October 2018

View the performance of our validator at XRPCharts.ripple.com (subdomain "validator.xrpchat.com")
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This tweet was just sent out by Emi Yoshikawa from Ripple:




Shoutout to @WietseWind [Twitter] for recording the video with his Coil subscription!
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How do I use the new escrow feature?
I want to send myself a birthday present. How do I lock XRP for a future date? @nikb
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Hey guys, 

As of today (October 7, 2018), Ripple Labs, Inc. has filed 53 trademarks in the United States, 48 of which are considered "live" whereas 5 of the 53 trademarks have been "abandoned" by the company. Ripple Labs, Inc. has quite the intellectual property portfolio, and it seems to be growing too (e.g., the company has filed three (3) trademarks in 2018). And we have seen at least two (2) lawsuits in which Ripple (the company) has sued in order to protect their intellectual property (exactly what you want to see from a well ran company).  
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Two months ago, several people within the community asked whether there were any updates on the lawsuits filed against Ripple Labs, Inc., so here is your update for October 2018. Please keep in mind that the U.S. justice system moves pretty slow. 

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Hello everyone,

I do not know if this has already been posted or not. If it has, @Mercury please delete this thread.

I want to invite everyone to look at and subscribe to https://xrpcommunity.blog/ which has been started by our very own @Hodor and Wietse Wind (@wietsewind on Twitter). There are several bloggers who are posting content to the site and have/are migrating their older blogs to the site. This can truly a "one stop shop" for information about XRP and Ripple as more contributors come on board.

The first notification email just went out this evening letting subscribers know about new content on the site. Do yourself a favor and subscribe...you won't be disappointed!

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HOW-TO GUIDE: Start using Coil to monetize your web page content

I have created an extensive guide for all content creators who want to monetize with Coil (bloggers, YouTubers etc.) and get paid in XRP (via XRP Tip Bot)

LINK: http://www.stedas.hr/web-monetization-coil.html

Also compiled a list of questions and answers to help people better understand the whole concept of website monetization with Coil.

Here is a list of covered topics:

What is Coil

What is web monetization?

How to monetize content? (step by step guide)

Frequently asked questions

VIDEO: XRP micropayments

How to link a YouTube?

Your earnings in XRP

Links (Wix, WP and Blogger)


Spread the word about Coil to content creators!

Happy payments streaming

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So AGAIN no way to externally verify that they actually did do this intentionally and this is not just someone who stole their TLS cert...
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Primer: XRP Ledger Validators vs. Interledger Validators
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Desktop Wallet - Creating cold wallets
Desktop Wallet: Creating Cold Wallets


Cold Storage (cold wallets)

To create a cold wallet, first lets try to use a broadly accepted definition for that: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Cold_storage

Adaptation: In order to keep a reserve of ripple balances offline, I understand that the balances must be held by a key that has never been online and is out of the reach of online thieves.

Wallet or Account

A pair of public and private cryptographic keys that can hold value and create transactions (Master/Regular Key and Public Key).

Wallet File

A file that can be opened by a client which will have access to an account's Master/Regular Key in order to create transactions.
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First, if you're new you can use Bitstamp, Kraken or Gatehub with Two-factor authentification (2FA).

Be warned that Gatehub support seems busy lately and is slow to answer. Gatehub offers a Ripple wallet.

You can also use Coinbase to buy btc and convert to XRP on Poloniex, Shapeshift, Bittrex....
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Hello, this topic is meant to be a guide for those seeking for account activation. Updates, suggestions and feedback about activation providers are very welcome.

There are several ways to activate a ripple wallet
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Here are the 136 accounts as at the first publicly available ledger (32,570). 

 Ripple (Labs)

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[Evidence] Dismissing the myth that XRP will not be used by Banks

This myth has been going around for far too long and perpetuated in many circles.
This is the documentation that XRP will be part of what is to come.

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Resellers/Service Providers/Partners/Relationships

“We have extensive relationships with the world's leading companies and governments and work with organizations of all sizes—including 89 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500.”

CGI Global 
“CGI has a long history of shaping and driving innovation in banking and payments, helping to build SWIFT, CHAPS and other payment systems.”

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The 12 Reasons to invest in Ripple
12 Reasons why you should be buying Ripple currency 

1) Google: You know how when something is awesome to invest in you try to give all kinds of explanations as to why you need to invest etc..... Well, here is the simplest way of explaining what seems to be the easiest sell in the world. We all know that Google practically runs the world and that they will stop at nothing to gain market share in every industry they are in. We see this with their advertising tentacles all over the internet. Also, we see them, since 2010, aquiring 1 company per week, thus expanding their influence not only as a tech giant but in other industries as well.  According to Wikipedia "As of April 16, 2015, Google has acquired over 180 companies with its largest acquisition being the purchase of Motorola Mobility, a mobile device manufacturing company, for $12.5 billion". So I do not waste my time trying to explain the obvious here, Google will not invest in any company if it cannot see the amazing capabilities for future growth and they made one of the best investments with Ripple and its technology for uniting banks and blockchains. 

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The reason why XRP will be adopted
XRP is the native currency of the Ripple network that only exists within the Ripple system. Not dependent on any third party for redemption, XRP is the only currency in the Ripple network that does not entail counterparty risk and it is the only native digital asset on the Ripple network. Any other digital asset (non-XRP) existing on the Ripple network is a debt instrument (a liability) and exists in the form of a balance which entails counterparty risk. Eliminating this risk is why XRP will be adopted over any other digital asset.

A counterparty risk, also known as a default risk, is a risk that a counterparty will not pay as obligated. Financial institutions or other transaction counterparties may hedge, take out credit insurance or, require the posting of collateral. Offsetting counterparty risk is not always possible because of temporary liquidity issues. Counterparty risk increases due to positively correlated risk factors. Accounting for correlation between risk factors and counterparty default in risk management methodology is not trivial. XRP removes both the counterparty risk and the associated costs 100%.

The elimination of counterparty risk IS the reason why XRP will in fact be adopted by everyone who uses the Ripple network. Notice how Ripple (the company) has been focused on implementing their solution globally in the banking sector and not focusing on the promotion of XRP. Why? Because they don't have to. XRP is to the Ripple network as plasma is to the blood in the human body. Focus your attention on Ripple's ability to implement quickly and broadly across the globe and that will translate into XRP strength and growth.

Disclosure: This information was compiled from secondary sources and summarized for simplicity.

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Beginners Guide: XRP First Steps
Part of the new Community Beginners Guide series.

Beginners Guide: Desktop Wallet Step by step instructions in downloading and installing XRP CHAT WALLET, the creation and activation of new wallet and the first few steps to becoming a ripple user.

Beginners Guide: What is a wallet? How do my coins get stored? How does cryptocurrency work anyway? This post goes over what a wallet is, what the common different types of wallets are and their differences, and how wallets can be used at a basic level.

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Beginners Guide: Creating a Cold Ripple Wallet (3.0)
Part of the new Community Beginners Guide series.

Difficulty level: LOW

Hints: The images are also direct links

What Is a Cold Wallet?

Cold wallets, also referred to as a paper wallet, are secure backups of cryptocurrency wallets. They are nominally stored offline in secure locations and are used to secure high value amounts that are not accessed often (the opposite of a hot wallet which is usually stored in an easily accessed area for frequent use). The secret key is generated securely and is not shared with anyone other than the holder of the cold/paper wallet.
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"Latest #XRP performance benchmark test results: max 1500 tps - a 36% increase since Feb. Proud of the work my team @Ripple continues to do!"
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