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    Deep Thoughts (Crypto Version)

    Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/Hodor/Deep-Thoughts-Crypto-Version-/kDaje9VNB CryptoEri interviews me! I also cover Brad Garlinghouse's recent response to Steven Mnuchin's press conference, and provide 'something extra' for Coil subscribers. I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Reddit r/CoilCommunity Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/Hodor/XRP-News-Update-The-Internet-of-Value-Forges-Ahead/2CrYvDFta The IoV continues building out XRP's ecosystem: Find out about the most important news stories impacting XRP in today's blog! π†πžπ§πžπ«πšπ₯ 𝐁π₯𝐨𝐜𝐀𝐜𝐑𝐚𝐒𝐧 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: The Central Bank of Japan and the European Central bank publish Phase 3 Test Results for Project Stella. 𝐑𝐒𝐩𝐩π₯𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Jeremy Light will be attending PayExpo for Ripple; and Brandon Wilson provides a preview of Codius Host 2.0. 𝐂𝐨𝐒π₯ 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Soar Payments interviews Stefan Thomas as part of its podcast series; and I share my 'Coil pick' for this week. 𝐗𝐑𝐏 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Reverend Ripple announces updates to his 'Solstice' service; Dev Null Prod announces details of the NYC meetup; XRP Productions releases another 'XRP Story'; DMM announces they'll be supporting a direct XRP-JPY pairing; and Bitpanda Global Exchange announces they will support XRP at launch. I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Reddit r/CoilCommunity Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    This is the kind of question that goes over the head of most XRP hodlrs and in fact, most people. It's a very complicated question and a really thorough answer would take more time than I'm prepared to spend here. But here goes..... Who or what exactly is threatened by Libra or any crypto? It isn't the US dollar itself so much ( that is just a medium of exchange). It isn't US citizens or citizens of other countries, It's really the banking cartel that runs the credit system for the entire world that is threatened...and yes... the answer is Y-E-S in capital letters. Crypto threatens banks.....and also the legislative bodies that spend tax money.....in every country in the world. Fiat money, as it now exists, creates as many or more problems than it solves. It has resulted in this horrible positive feedback loop we have with money. Banks create dollars (and Euros, and pretty much all fiat currencies) from thin air by loaning money into existence....and they depend on their partners in government to make sure that BANKS ALONE have that power of the CREDIT purse. The governments....they get something back for letting the bankers create unlimited fiat money. They get carte blanche to spend money they don't have...to run endless deficits like they don't even matter. It's an unholy alliance with almost unlimited power in this world. XRP definitely COULD threaten that.....which is why we have the likes of Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple sucking up to both banks and governments to try to get them to allow XRP to exist, so that it can even be used in the most benign way, the most beneficial way for the banks themselves, so that they will buy into it. But banks are still afraid of crypto. And they should be. How does the existing fiat money not crash under unlimited money printing and unlimited government spending? Well, sometimes it does......but the world's reserve currency has NEVER crashed (you can fact check that one), and the dollar won't crash either, as long as inflation exists to act as a hidden tax. Governments borrow and then pay back with cheaper dollars...That's the tax for allowing you to have your own personal money. Most people know that inflation takes their buying power away over time, but they don't realize it's engineered into the system on purpose to rip them off. These days, the amount of notional wealth in dollars (or any fiat) terms greatly exceeds the underlying value of the assets that collateralize them. That creates real instability. And inflation, which is predicated on economies that grow (theoretically) year-over-year into perpetuity, is in trouble, as more and more money pumped into the credit system as "investment" gives less and less bang for the buck as growth stalls. Growth is finite. This is the real threat to the USD, not cryptos..... But cryptos represent a way for peer to peer exchange without the involvement of government.... Limited inflation. Even no inflation if you want it. And crypto banks, like NEXO and Celsius and others, can even serve as an alternative to bank credit. Frankly, I'm surprised it's gotten this far...but as long as it was just some fringe characters and drug dealers and money launderers, it was not given any credence.....but with Libra, the powers that be are suddenly getting their wake-up call....and that call is from their international banking cartel partners who are suddenly waking up themselves and having an intense WTF moment. There is a lot at stake for the banks, which have now effectively become dinosaurs looking at their own extinction. And the governments will do whatever they're told. Most (almost all) your elected representatives in Washington, London, The Hague......are as ignorant about how money works as most lay people. We've seen (in 2008 and since) that banks always get what they want. When times are bad for banks, taxpayers (like us) subsidize their losses. So upstart money (crypto) is bound to get regulated out of business or criminalized....unless banks own it and profit from it. Or banks all go defunct and their awesome power is no more. It's pretty much that simple, when it comes down to it. There is no way for fiat (as it exists now) and banks( as they exist now) to peacefully co-exist with Bitcoin or XRP or any other crypto that provides a decentralized medium of exchange that is not in control of both central banks and governments. It's unclear how this works out. Crypto can be criminalized but it can't be completely stopped. It can maybe be co-opted. I think the delay in coming up with regulatory guidance in the US is a deliberate stalling tactic forced by powerful elites in order to buy some time. The banks want to co-opt crypto and they see Ripple as an ally. Bitcoin whales and rich miners and foreign unregulated crypto exchanges are definitely NOT the allies of the banks.
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    LOL. No, I'm not a shill. (for the f***ing 100th time) And yes, believe it or not, I think we (the community) need to act to hold Ripple accountable for accurate reporting. I've helped in the past with this by bringing to light the possible overselling in Q1. If we end up having credible evidence that is iron-clad, I would definitely not hesitate to cover it.
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    Devil's advocate re: XRP sales

    The last few weeks have seen a lot of talk about Ripple's programmatic sales of XRP, along with the "dumping" of XRP by Ripple executives. Much of the discussion centers around a coordinated dump because of a lack of belief in the future of XRP by these parties or a "crypto Ponzi". What if the actual reason is quite the opposite? I remember during the great bull run in 2017/2018, the executives of Ripple, particularly Garlinghouse, having to go on CNBC and discuss their multi-billionaire status as the price of XRP rose. Many questions arose about the ethics of a company holding so much of a digital asset that was rapidly appreciating and many thought that this was unsustainable. What if they are making a coordinated effort to offload their XRP at relatively low prices (through escrow sales, individual sales, charity, etc) to avoid the appearance of impropriety in the future if and when XRP should rise in value again? Is it not possible that they fully expect XRP to become more valuable and are thoughtfully distancing themselves from ownership of the asset so that this does not become a focal point in the future? I can easily foresee a scenario in which XRP rises in value and Ripple the company becomes a target of ire of the public and elected officials for owning so much of it; perhaps this is a means to temper those expected criticisms. It certainly is also possible that this is one giant scam, but somehow this doesn't fit the narrative. These are highly successful people who hail from other large companies, I hardly think they have decided to engage in the world's biggest heist on the public stage (though one must admit the possibility I suppose). At any rate, I don't see much of anything that has changed recently, other than people have decided to talk about something that we have known about for years. Frustration from the recent price swings, I suppose, especially in relation to BTC's recent rise. I will point out, as other much more technically inclined folks on this forum have, that every giant leap in XRP price has occurred just after a massive dip in XRP/BTC. I look for us to hit 2000 sats and then off the races. Time will tell how that prediction ages
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    XRP Roundup - Why I am buying

    Fill up that hopium pipe, here's my stress free run down of where we are at: Charts : We look to be heading down to the long term bear reversal line, which I peg at around 43c AUD, this is concerning, but not surprising. We should see a strong bounce here, or a dip under then back up. I am buying. Correlating with the BTC/USD chart, we are at a decision point with BTC, will we push up through this chop zone, or pull back. I am betting on BTC pulling back to 9k USD before it runs again. This will drag XRP down, likely below the long term support momentarily. This is where I will buy, hopefully around 36-38c AUD. This price reversal will be temporary, and should not be feared. Why? Fundamentals! Ripple is poised to drop some serious news into the market which will actually move us. Trumps tweet about crypto was about calling out "non-regulated" cryptos, and dampening down the BTC run, which he see's as China led, and rightfully so (51%, miners, we all know). The key words here are unregulated, based on thin air, unlawful behaviour. This clearly excludes Ripple who is working with regulators, has a purpose and has KYC and a ledger allowing the tracking of finances through the system, reducing the illegal activities. Now right around the same time, Brad Garlinghouse tweets the following: This is a reminder to the community, yes XRP will get SEC clarity, and the ruling will be clearing ETH and XRP through a similar hybrid definition. Note the confidence here, they are partnering like crazy with banks, pushing into the US market through Moneygram, HSBC and doing deals quickly everywhere but the US. If the US chooses to stay out of the this movement, they will be left behind. Signing every bank in India is a clear signal here, along with Middle Eastern countries, Brazil, Japan, Phillipines etc etc. The message is clear, this is happening, and the US will be at a disadvantage if they don't get on board. Couple this with the IMF Lagarde history, her move to the European Central Bank, BIS meetings and progress, the train has left the station. The asian markets are also on board, with China being the last man standing in some regards. BTC does not have the technology to support where we are going, this is common knowledge and should not even be a concern. Price Suppression : Yes it's likely happening, and I think it's being controlled for the purposes of regulation and BTC competition. Trumps tweet mentioned the "Highly Volatile" nature of cryptocurrencies. If you look closely, XRP has not been as volatile as BTC the last 6 months, while we want to see gains, this is not something to fear. Plans within Plans. I think this price suppression is about removing volatility while SEC clarification takes place. We also have BTC maxi's working to suppress the price, through fear of competition,but this will be nothing compared to the money that will flow into XRP once we see SEC clarity and over ride that control. Summary : I am not selling till we see SBI, BIS, SEC, IMF all play their cards. Do not confuse a speculative asset like BTC with a fundamental asset like XRP. It's gambling vs an investment, make your choice and let it play out. Do not sell at a loss through fear, you become the free lunch you seek.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    @Benchmark LOL. I don't know why anyone listens to Peter Brant. This is all you need to know about him. https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/12/19/bitcoin-price-warning-trader/ He is a good analyst to follow, if you don't like money. Have we reached peak despair on this board yet? The topics look pretty grim regarding XRP. Me, I keep buying. My XRP bags get heavier by the day. Some people I guess think crypto is a fad - I think it is the way of the future (and I'm pretty sure XRP is going to be a part of that future), so I'm not so upset by these dips. Anyway we aren't looking bad on the BTC chart - we are right around the E-Line. We'll shoot above it, we'll dip below it, it doesn't matter. We are still going up, we are still on track to hit the ATH by the end of November, then the real fun starts next year. By that time I should be he largest holder of XRP outside of Ripple (just kidding).
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    Devil's advocate re: XRP sales

    there is a direct correlation between the price being down and an increase in conspiracy theories as to why the price is down. notice during green days, runs, the price moving up,etc that no one cares about the 'why'. everyone celebrates the runs but never asks why. this right here tells me the vast majority of people invested in crypto are armchair investors and that this is the cause of their stress; they simply allow emotions to take over. im also still convinced the majority of people here wont make $100,000 or more in xrp. i say this because, if they cant handle a price drop from $3 to .25, how are they ever going to withstand the stress of the price dropping from $99 to $40? be prepared my friends. right now we have it easy. dont wish for the price to skyrocket just yet because once it does, youre really going to start seeing panic.
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    So back in the heady days of XRP before all the moonboys got in and we were scooping this up for under a cent, we started to pump. The last time I bought a significant stack was around .16 which was several years ago (I should have bought a lot more under a cent). We didn't stay there very long. It pumped back up .24 cents and just stayed there like we were stuck in concrete. There was rampant speculation that Ripple, the company, was suppressing the price. There were constant posts about how we'll never be more than .24 and how that was the number Ripple wanted to stabilize XRP at. We pumped a few times on Amex news and the Gates foundation news (I think to .42), but really didn't move at all until escrow was announced. There was a lot of smoke about Ripple suppressing the price. And it built up to a fever pitch where people started to lose faith in the asset and were moving on. I look for trends. I think we're in this trend again. And what happened last time there was this kind of smoke was we went on the Dec-Jan run that hit the ATH. Do I think Ripple the company suppresses the price? I'm 50/50 on it. But I do think we've seen this before -- where we get stuck in a sideways pattern while everyone moves and some big XRP whale is containing/suppressing the market if you look at the exchanges. And it does scare me and cause me to think a bit about this. But let's say they are actually doing this. Worst case scenario is it's a big scam where they rip profits from the holders and the coin goes to zero when they are done with it. I don't think this is likely. This would bring massive legal issues for them and possibly prison time. I'm more of the mindset that if they are suppressing the price, they will take the brakes off and let it run again. If they don't, people will bail en masse and all the bags they (Ripple) are still holding and that are in escrow will be worthless. My 2 cents. And props to you guys for doing the investigative legwork here. If you are right, you've exposed them and they will have to stop doing this. If you're wrong, we'll all profit from this shortly in my opinion.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Ok so Bitcoin's price went from: $5k up to $9k $9k down to $7.5k $7.5k up to $14k $14k down to $9k These moves took 2 weeks at the most. Anyone notice a pattern If this keeps up we are at around $17k in less than two weeks. It will look something like this.
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    The Poker Analogy

    Just wanted to take a moment to expound on an interesting analogy that was made in another thread about poker. Credit to @Spekul8 for smartly making a very apt metaphor that I think deserves its own thread. Just a bit of background, I am a somewhat avid online poker player as a hobby in my downtime (read: I have a full time real job). Ironically, online poker has provided the only real life use case for BTC that I have utilized, as this is the easiest way to get money in and out of poker sites for US players. (For our international friends, the US has a silly law that allows you to play poker in casinos but not online, at least for most states). Anyway, the analogy was made of holding a pair of aces (pocket aces) in Texas Holdem. At this point, before the flop (when the first 3 community cards are dealt), you know unequivocally that you hold the best hand. This is a mathematical truth and thus you can feel very confident about betting aggressively. In the example that was given, however, the first 3 cards came out Queen, Jack and Two. It was suggested at this point that your aces are no longer any good and that you would be making a foolish error to continue betting. This is where the analogy starts to become more applicable to our current situation. Mathematically, you are still highly likely to have the best hand. In fact, if you are smart, you are praying that one of your opponents holds AQ or AJ and will stick around long enough to pay you off with a nice pot win. However, doubt can creep in at this point because the flop didn't explicitly HELP you. Maybe one of your opponents has QJ... maybe J2... maybe QQ. You could allow fear of the worst case scenario to scare you out of acting on what is mathematically still a very favorable hand. The point is that it can be very difficult to continue to be confident in something when doubt sets in. It would be easy to play the above hand with great confidence if the flop came 2 J A, giving you three of a kind (a "set" in poker parlance), but this rarely happens. Instead, you have to understand mathematically the odds of winning are in your favor with the top pair and play accordingly until you get firm evidence to the contrary. This directly applies to our situation. I think we all got into XRP because we believed it was the best cryptoasset, but we haven't flopped our proverbial "set" yet and thus it is easy to doubt. But all of the news, objectively, is positive. XRP WILL be used in large quantities, this is certain, at least by Moneygram. Ripple and the other companies that are championing XRP continue to work to build on existing use cases and find new ones. We are backing the most professional team in the crypto space. Nothing is guaranteed, risk is everywhere, but the potential is almost limitless. I think we are holding pocket aces.
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    I assume you’re referring to my post above. Let’s set some ground rules: I’m an engineer. My job (and my passion) is to write code. I’m not required to post here nor am I obligated to answer questions or address concerns about who sells what or who funds what. I choose to visit XRPchat and to post, and I do so at my leisure, commenting on topics I find interesting and where I feel I have something useful or insightful to share. In other words, I am no different than anyone else on here.
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    Boubyan sign Preliminary agreement With Ripple.Net International for immediate conversion services to different parts of the world Al: we strive to keep abreast of developments that will provide the highest levels of service to our customers Signed a preliminary agreement with boubyan ripple NET Ripple.Net (leading global transfers across the world) to provide higher levels of technical services relating to financial transfers to ensure more speed in the highest levels of security and integrity of the information and data Cherish boubyan Bank in providing its services and products to customers. Executive Vice President, said Saba "always strive to deliver distinctive levels of service for our clients and ensuring access to high quality products and services that make their lives easier and more comfortable." From this point he signed the agreement with one of the largest known worldwide for instant transfers and even give customers more opportunities to get remittances services ensures them fast and easy. ITC indicated that Bubiyan clients currently receiving special services when making remittances anywhere in the world through numerous agreements with international companies are known but that does not prevent other companies from looking for new technology to give clients many options.
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    Interview with Dimitrios Kokosioulis Deputy CEO, Group Head of Operations & IT at the National Bank of Kuwait 1st April 2019 The National Bank of Kuwait has already stated they are working on opening corridors, among them with Egypt, in an exclusive interview with Kuwait Times this year. Kuwait Times Kokosioulis https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/technology-played-key-role-in-achieving-nbks-strategic-objectives-deputy-ceo/ Also Page 4 Newspaper in PDF version
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    "constantly over promising and under delivering." A lot of people make this accusation. I have limited experience of crypto and none of big business, but this assessment seems a bit harsh. My impression is that last autumn Brad thought big banks would come in faster. He seems to have underestimated the inertia of the big banks and the scale of the task. I do not blame him. I not really a fan of Brad, he seems quite lightweight, but I am very impressed by the team he has built around him. The Ripple XRP project has snowballed in many directions and the XRP ecosystem seems to me to be growing exponentially in many direction. The latest news of tests between the ECB and Bank of Japan being only one small footnote in a long list of behind the scenes preparations. 100% of Indian banks in Ripplenet net now, 80% of Japanese banks and R3, SBI, micropayments, foothold in gaming and the first XRapid corridors opening. Moneygram committed. How much faster can this thing grow? Out of interest which other crypto do you believe to be making faster progress building a use case in the real world?
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    In the last hours I went through the historic of these 2 wallets https://bithomp.com/explorer/r49yezViZ8N6FtwwKg9byDYtJ3UDuJi1zv https://bithomp.com/explorer/rHjJwY4maqRyUxCnJ9bNNQ2Tva9fe9T8ud These 2 are the main wallets used to transfer XRP from Ripple to exchanges. Supposedly, these XRP are not to stay on exchanges but sold eventually. Also, I added the CMC volume, the XRP sales calculation is to be changed since Ripple stated they would not base their calculation on the global volume anymore (because of wash trading). I added the information provided by Ripple in their reports (Programmatic Sales + Institutional sales + sales accounted for % of global XRP volume). The sales % does not match perfectly with the CMC volume, but it is highly correlated. Although, if Ripple says they sell x amount during a quarter, what about the massive XRP sent to exchanges ? Take the 2019 Q1, 169,420,000 XRP were sold (Programmatic + Institutional) according to the Ripple 2019 Q1 report. Although, what about those 969,090,008 XRP sent to exchanges from the 2 wallets ? I just gather information, I let those who are expert with investigating the wallets do the rest as my knowledge in this field is fairly limited. Sorry if the information in the picture is hard to read, I am noob with Excel...
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    Again great discovery from @Silkjaer, just look at what he found A project that is already dead is dumping 1mil XRP every day. Can you imagine what a mistake Ripple did to invest 1.5bln XRP in clever coin I mean common.....clever coin.....are you serious?!?!? A lot of mistakes done by Ripple and continue to pile on top of the big mountain of mistakes regarding their most valuable asset - XRP! I am really disappointed if this is true!!!!!
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    Finding hope in dark times

    If we were to break through current bear market lows (.24xx back in late summer 2018), and plumb new depths, I think Ripple will continue to plot forward toward the execution of their business plan just as they did before the insanity started in 2017. They did just fine when XRPUSD was at .006 - .03 for years before 2017. It's very important to understand the risk of investing in an asset like XRP in the highly unregulated, nascent industry of decentralized ledger assets. Fundamental risks: The asset class could fail, Ripple as a company may fail, xRapid as a product/service may not achieve widespread adoption. Technical risks: The market could be entirely taken over by unregulated automated trading (if is not already), to the point that it would not function based on natural supply and demand. There are already signs of this taking place. On the bright side, none of the risks I am describing are new, and if anything (other than unregulated automated trading), they have lessened somewhat with the passing of time (try investing in 2014/15...). The area between .24xx and .30xx has been support for almost a year. If it breaks, it could be very dramatic, but perhaps short lived... look at the reaction to the breakdown of BTCUSD near 6000 to the 3000 area. If you still believe in the fundamentals, and can tolerate the risk and volatility, perhaps keep some powder dry for the opportunity to invest during the such a move. Don't invest more than you can lose. Decide how much of a loss you can bear, returns you are willing to stomach, and the timeframe you are willing to wait before exiting. Then execute in spite of the strong emotions you will feel at the time not to...
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    XRP Roundup - Why I am buying

    And what if after the sec and all the other legal stuff has been sorted out and we still don't move in price. What's the next hopium sentence then? Oh don't worry it needs time for liquidity to flow. Then what 2 years later. Don't worry it just needs 10 more years. Don't worry guys despite the world is running on xrp the price is till 40 cents np soon it will come. Heard this so many times since beginning 2018. Oh well.Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans within plans within plans Plans plans within plans... Buy more guys last time before we go to the fcking moooooooooooooooooooooon
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    Yeah, i know the feeling. Wish there was a better solution..
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    I doubt it. @LetHerRip has been here for a very long time, just like me. People that have stuck around for years have seen Ripple turn ship several times and change strategy. We have also seen Ripple distort reality, be vague about key details, twist the narrative (e.g. "we didn't make XRP!"), and so forth. In the case of Garlinghouse (I refuse to call him 'Brad', I am not on a first name basis with the CEO of Ripple ) there is a track record by now of indeed, as stated, overpromising - if not misleading. People tend to remember that, at least if they pay attention. Therefore I am at the same page as him. We are witnessing a trend over a longer period of time that people that got in (much) later cannot recognize, unless they delved deep into the history of the company and remember all those details. You might ask yourself 'Why? Ripple is making much more progress than in the past!'. That is true. But what I find is that a lot of people tend to think crypto is a low risk environment, which it is not. It is very high risk / high reward. And said as elsewhere: as soon as that balance tips over into (very) high risk / low reward, it is time to derisk. We need to stay sharp and vigilant. In that light, I can again only confirm that @LetHerRip's criticism is justified. All the chewed out clichΓ©s about 'blood in the streets' and the cycle of euphoria-depression-hope are things you'll find on precious metals forums too. And a lot of people said that, to the end.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Chris Larsen has been very transparent about his intentions to sell/give away XRP. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-co-founder-donates-25-million-in-xrp-to-us-university This is taken from the article above "Back in 2014, Larsen committed to donating 7 billion XRP to an unnamed charitable cause amid controversy over large sums of XRP that had been awarded to Ripple founders." 7 billion is over 15% of the current circulating supply, and that's just what he is giving away!! I have mentioned the shortcomings of XRP on other threads (and I was usually met with strong reactions by XRP supporters) usually in response to people writing how bitcoin is some kind of scam. Look XRP is a pre-mined coin, the creators made it for nothing and distributed billions of it to themselves. This is the main reason that most Crypto Supports literally hate XRP, consider it to be a scam and not a crypto at all. Even so a lot of people believe in XRP. If you need reassurance that XRP is not just a way for the founders to make money there are a lot of other threads that address that point. I personally have mixed opinions about XRP as a project. On the one had Google Ventures did invest in Ripple, on the other hand they invested close to nothing. On the one hand Ripple is pursuing the implementation of XRP in their products, on the other hand Ripple uses their stash of XRP as their own personal piggy bank to finance their company and their products can be run without XRP. On the one had the XRP founders and Ripple support philanthropic causes on the other hand they support those causes by giving away vast sums of XRP without regard as to what that will do to the price of XRP. More than any other Crypto XRP is controlled by whales but I'm banking that those whales have big plans for XRP, regardless of the truth of the matter I think we still have a run or two left in the old girl.
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    OK. I had finally time to read carefully the tweets from Thomas and here is another summary chronologically from the oldest to newest event: 1. This account received 1,5B XRP from Coincheck. They then forwarded the XRPs to multiple locations. This account still holds 184M XRP. https://xrpscan.com/account/rs8EfRvaQ71vmxfsyh3S16oWxVkrm8eu1m 2. Gambling addiction kicked in and 200M XRP was sent to Triple Dice Exchange. These 200M XRP ended up to Poloniex. https://xrpscan.com/tx/72D92F09D453BA5A3912004B9E704717BF9F3829E208030DDBFFBDBF4C3712CA 3. Rainy day account worth 125M XRP was activated and it still holds the same amount. If this accounts sends to any exchange in future then it might be rainy day for XRP holders. https://xrpscan.com/account/rPhFdAcoQMqRqH7xYvj9EERnvRVXzfcKn4 4. 60M XRP was sent Bitstamp. I don't know what happened to those 60M XRP after that. https://xrpscan.com/tx/13137C617B82D88050C2D3767AE5B819FC6E82F208866581AF705E313D1138ED 5. Another rainy day account! This time worth 284M XRP was activated straightway with those 284M XRP. Again if this accounts sends to any exchange in future then it might be rainy day for XRP holders. https://xrpscan.com/account/rP8uhT1wcbHaMkLCvJHeWTRkLWjk8ECVFT 6. Another rainy day and again 284M XRP. https://xrpscan.com/account/rMBRo97677iB8nk6rzRUBLKCTeWhEBZVbB 7. This used to be 284M XRP rainy day account as well but they decided to forward XRPs from here... https://xrpscan.com/account/rN3mJZDN4Nt4VEFHJRPRW9kUysoUFbs3Wy 8. ...to the account in below that is has been sending XRPs to Bitfinex and... https://xrpscan.com/account/rB4UtU9sAiMTF5Htg3k6kwUXV2dHyRFkJn 9. ...currently anonymous exchange like account in below which has been activated by Triple Dice Exchange. Most transactions in this exchange are very large and hence they probably aren't related to dice games. This account seems to be inbound account which means there's gotta be outbound account as well... https://xrpscan.com/account/rjmMgNPRCbMCkx5QGTkXCV7DjenRPjyzs 10. ...and here it is. However, this outbound account seems to have another outbound account... https://xrpscan.com/account/rKvAtitwmaYVFG8GwDmUSyqo71YMbeBSwn 11. ...in below which has been activated by Triple Dice Exchange. From this account transfers are to Bitstamp, Bithumb and... https://xrpscan.com/account/rBTkSC7aJGVenCWeJWhwKNqa8hK2Fzsm6i 12. to these accounts in below. https://xrpscan.com/account/rMjjMBDVwWdRsbC4QaU98MXQgSGFVv2G1c https://xrpscan.com/account/rQSJSLDDhhot315DEQjfK71wxmFCGtQZd In conclusion, there are still at least 877M (184+125+284+284) XRP ready to be sold. If these 877M XRP will be sold on the open market then it would affect negatively for the XRP price. As the historical transfers of the above accounts suggests we can assume that most of those 877M XRP will eventually end up one of the known exchange accounts.
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    Burning XRP to make the price go up sounds like an idea from an investor in XRP. Ripple is not aiming to just get the price up, but grow total liquidity. If all succeeds they may need the 100bln XRP. What I do see happening is that eventually Ripple could release custody of the escrow to a sort of Central Bank type or other IMF like institute so they can control the release in the future on a macro economic scale. It might even be a complete new type of institute responsible for doing that as long as it's not Ripple anymore to avoid a conflict of interest.
  27. 9 points

    SBI VC maintenance...

    Because SBI owns stake of Ripple and their exchange is likely to support xRapid eventually if not from the beginning and this would open JPY/XRP corridor. Their exchange is probably going to have decent if not high volume and it's possible that SBI at some point will route all of their JPY <-> USD payments through XRP because there is good liquidity with both XRP/USD and XRP/JPY, so why not?
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    You should always question thingsβ€”never substitute someone else’s judgement for your own.
  29. 9 points

    Nice workshop......

    . ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies Integrating with Hyperledger Quilt and the Interledger Protocol https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/Workshops-and-Seminars/201908/Documents/Alberto_Fernandez_Abstract.pdf
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    True XRP Community knows what this really means. Published by a reputable news outlet, not some **** nonsense. Enough said. https://www.reuters.com/article/japan-cryptocurrency-idUSL4N24I1CU
  31. 8 points

    Can XRP be a ponzi?

    "We are committed to the long term health and stability of XRP markets." There are 2 options. 1. XRP is backed by HOPIUM, HOPIUM which Chris Larsen, Brad Garlinghouse, David Schwartz created. (This is a fact, the 3 of them shilling XRP and hold tons of XRP and OFC. DUMPING IT) "moneygram, more than X financial institutions using xrp.. larget banks.. liquidity solution real solution to world wide problem" and the list is damn long. They use poor people souls and money to dump their useless XRP for BTC/DOLLAR. Ripple and XRP will end up being Bitconnect 2.0. And I hope the ponzi creators will end their life with an orange overall at jail. (If this theory is true) 2. "We are committed to the long term health and stability of XRP markets." They dump XRP now because they know it will be the standard. They know they dont need as much as they have. We have evidence for the first stage. xCurrent is huge. RippleNet is huge. Christine Legarde. Central banks. You guys know what im talking about. "moneygram, more than X financial institutions using xrp.. larget banks.. liquidity solution real solution to world wide problem" Those are the only two options. Option 1: Biggest scam of the history which will end up very bad for them because they are dumping. If they didnt dump they would have been free of charges. But they did it. They dumped. End up being a crypto PONZI (This kind of PONZI doesnt have a name yet as this PONZI type is new, as the crypto market is new.) There will be lot of crypto PONZI (other useless coins which their ceo's dumped on poor people). btw even if this theory is wrong about ripple it will be true about other projects. history is being written now. I read people saying they can do it because there are no regulations. No they cant. A Company cant sell a product which is not working. Apple cant sell an iPhone which is not working. They wouldn't sell it if its not working. But if they would sell it even though it's not working it's a scam. XRP is a product. It's a code designed to be used as a virtual currency for payments. Not as a Pump and Dump pyramid scheme. As i heard, XRP Was given to Ripple. Ripple didn't create XRP. But ripple is IN-CHARGE of XRP as they SHILL XRP and hold the majority of it. in escrow, at Chris Larson David Schwartz and Brad garlinghouse wallets W/E. Which means they also IN-CHARGE of the upcoming Illegal activity created by themselvs. Option 2: XRP becomes the standard and goes up in value, meaning their dumping are fine as "We are committed to the long term health and stability of XRP markets." Your thoughts please? BTW I have a name for the new ponzi scams. HOPIUM PONZI'S. The writer is hodler which puts all the options on the table not a blind sheep moonboi.
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    XRP Roundup - Why I am buying

    So you believe in the asset enough to stay in it, and assume you are the only one "husseling"(sic). You have no idea about my investments or dollar cost average. You seem angry at your investment of time and money, and the lack of returns. Why should that stop me posting in a forum about XRP? You're only response is to take the **** out of me with a highly negative and immature response. Try responding to my actual thought out post, rather than copy pasting "plans within plans" for attention like a child. If you and your "bro's" (who are these bro's?) are so sick of people talking about positive news and potential price movement, why are you on an XRP forum? Or you come here hoping to reinforce your bro group think with FUD? How dare I offer a considered overview of the current position. Please enlighten us with more negativity wise one. You seem to speak for everyone here, although not me. I do not expect to see $1 till we get SEC clarity, and we are still waiting. As I said in my example, comparing this investment to a speculative investment is pointless, and proves you are in this for the wrong reasons. You also would have made more if you bought XRP at 2c, but do you relive that moment too? What do you hope to achieve with all this complaining about your wrong investment, will Brad magically make your XRP go up to please you and the bro's? If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
  34. 8 points

    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    My gut feeling.. and this is devoid of any logic or evidence or TA. The entire crypto-space is going to be volatile in a manner that hurts most retail investors. Nose-bleed losses at a moment's notice. But those who can just HODL will be rewarded well. I was deeply involved with litecoin when it was 3 dollars and bitcoin when in 2011. The lessons I have learned are: Be patient. Don't panic. Wait.
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    I stand by my prior statement on the price, because oddly enough many of the things I said then are still entirely applicable now: While some things have changed since the fall of 2017, many of these things have not. And yet folks waltz on in here like the they just discovered electricity ahead of everyone else and can't believe how stupid everyone else is. I wish we had a constraint where until you've got a decent rep score you are forced to browse the archives. Just so many people log on here and act like the room has been empty and devoid of intelligent conversation until they showed up. Selling 1 million XRP per day? Awesome, that provides additional liquidity for more people who actually want to contribute to the ecosystem to do so. I hope banks and market makers in India are satisfied with that. Better to get out of the game if you can't provide the utility and you've got debts to pay and or mouths to finish feeding while you unwind. Did you miss the video where Ashish B hoped they could give XRP to every person in India? Money that is not spent in commerce does not find new markets - money that does not find new markets cannot appreciate. xRapid has algorithms that actually try to trade at higher prices IIRC - the system when used to capacity is designed to enhance the price as often as possible for those involved. Cashing out now seems like a dumb move, but if you have to derisk because of other business decisions you've made - so be it. But blaming Ripple for selling a business asset to someone who wanted to buy it and planned to develop systems that would use it - calling it a bad move and stupid? What kind of nonsense are they teaching in 'business school' these days?
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    Just realizing how much I hate Bitcoin...

    mining them transactions is hard work. Dont rush them.
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    I have been in/following crypto from the start of BTC, I believe that we are starting a new bull market for BTC like we have seen in the past many times. This tide will lift all boats XRP included. I intended to get fully out of XRP on this next run. So I'm betting XRP will increase once we are in a full blown crypto bull market, only because of speculation and market manipulation, NOT because of Ripple or any real world use. Ripple has been a disappointment from that point of view, constantly over promising and under delivering. I intend to get fully out of XRP this next run regardless of what Ripple says or promises for the future.
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    Baka sold, so that's why the price is going up.
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    Failing to see the point of this thread, except for venting and scapegoating due to the frustration of not understanding investments and thinking we would get yet another big bubble (or larger). From what I've been able to read, some company over 3 years ago bought XRP as part of a basket to back their token. Ripple had little incentive to sell it below the market price because even if the company didn't agree and went to the exchanges, Ripple would just sell it there. But even so, let's assume they might have done a small discount OTC (as with any bulk purchase of anything). So what? If one is complaining because an entity has bought it cheap, as many others also did in the open market, and has been taking profits, then what is that person planning on doing with their XRP? Digital collectible? If one is complaining about Ripple having an OTC, then I've got some bad news for them: if one wants the big banks and investment firms to come along, where does one think they'll start getting their XRP from? Will it be bad for us that they won't be buying from unregulated exchanges with mostly poor AML/KYC? Might seem so at first, but that would mean they are in, they are trading, they are using it, be it for cross-border transfers, futures, ETFs, ETNs, ETPs, derivatives, bonds, etc, and these are just direct usage. That'll be another milestone achieved, because eventually their XRP will be traded along our XRP as exchanges bring their regulatory compliance up to speed with any other more traditional trading platform. In the mean time, be it OTC, investing with other companies with XRP, it's XRP getting into the market and circulating, reducing the hoard Ripple has while having the money invested back into the ecosystem that will be the foundation of utility (directly using XRP or indirectly), which is more one could say about block rewards and transaction fees in other digital assets. Has Ripple made mistakes? I'm sure they did. If you are not making mistakes and failing, you are not trying hard enough, not going far enough, not pushing the boundaries and redefining them. Hindsight 20/20 but reality is that we make decisions based on the information we are able to collect at the time, to the best of our knowledge then. Digital assets are still a very high risk investment. If one doesn't understand the journey they've signed up for when they bought XRP as a long and doesn't have the mental stamina and clarity to endure these swings while keeping their sanity and able to handle any frustration that arises... Then seek help from trained professionals to advise on what to do. Going to leave here two images of the XRP/USD price from CoinMarketCap, looking at the reported consolidated prices from 2013 up until April 2017 and the second one from February 2017 until December 2017. Please note that the scales of the two images are different and also note the decimal places on each also.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Please keep this thread on topic. The folks here are enjoying themselves in speculation. So, if you have nothing supportive to say there are other threads to leak vinegar. Thanks!
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    Did all the other maxis have a convention and send you guys to xrpchat? Stablecoins are no threat as they have counterparty risk xrp does not. Xrp is backed with real liquidity aka fiat. Bitcoin and other PoW systems are outdated, also bitcoin is centralized and able to be attacked by 51% and double spent on making your btc's useless. Garlinghouse never said he was trading xrp for btc he said hes long bitcoin but that is just a PR move nobody with any background in IT wouldnt be long btc since its a flawed system not able to scale, able to be attacked with 51%, and centralized in china.
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    I see you're new here...
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    Happy Friday, everyone (or happy Saturday, depending on your time zone)! There's a new blog post and tool on the XRP Ledger Dev Portal. This time it's about the xrp-ledger.toml file, and why and how you can use it to identify yourself to the masses. Read the blog post here: https://xrpl.org/blog/2019/labeling-the-internet-of-value.html Use the new checker here: https://xrpl.org/xrp-ledger-toml-checker.html (Try entering "alloy.ee" or "mduo13.com") If you run a validator or some other XRP-related side project, setting up an xrp-ledger.toml file could be a nice, short weekend project. Have fun!
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    Devil's advocate re: XRP sales

    I agreed with everything you said, until your last few sentences. I'll take a $99-to-$40 drop any day over a $3-to-25Β’ one. On your broader point, however, way too many are emotionally invested. They're still not as annoying as the ones who are ostensibly here to save us from ourselves, though.
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    The last few months many of us felt the frustration of the price of XRP being pushed down by 'various factors'. A development which contradicts all the good news that is flowing in. So what is happening and what can Ripple do to put up a line of defence against the selling pressure? I would like to invite anyone to give their ideas and thoughts about this issue and help Ripple gain a better understanding on how to manage the present XRP Escrow and help them to stabilise the XRP price at a higher level in order to improve 'XRP liquidity'. To start of I have made a small list of possible ideas which could give this discussion some direction. All input is very welcome! 1. Ripple should yearly set a minimum price (at least 20 % higher than the market price) for selling XRP to intitutions, large investors and banks. Also Ripple should communicate this price publicly. If for example the minimum XRP price would be the same as the market price with a 20 % uplift then institutions would to some extent (depending on the amount they want to buy) buy in the open market because that would be cheaper. However, if intitutions, large investors and banks would want to buy very large amounts of XRP (more than available in the open market) than it would be interesting for them to buy directly from Ripple at a higher price. By doing this Ripple creates an incentive for intitutions, large investors and banks to buy in the open market and support the XRP minimum price. 2. Set a maximum amount of XRP that can be sold to one specific buyer and categorise the entities that can buy more XRP depending on their structural role within the XRP ecosystem. For example a TIER 1 bank or central bank may buy more than TIER 2 or TIER 3 banks and large private investors much less. Publicly communicate this information. 3. Improve the XRP Escrow by reducing all new XRP Escrow releases to 100 million XRP every month. Also create the possibility to sell XRP prior to the release of XRP still in escrow.
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    Another comment I'll leave here....why all the criticism against Ripple and their constant pivots and strategy changes? I mean...has anyone seen any Ripple customers complain publicly about the company being poorly managed or expressing doubt or confusion over their strategies? Surely these banks / FI have a vested interest in Ripple delivering them good products and innovation over time as they invest money in their payments solutions. They continue to bring on new clients weekly and adoption of their products is increasing over time, which looks very healthy to me. I feel like all of this mud slinging nonsense around the price of XRP and the current (and previous) strategy pivots only comes from speculators (us). People should realize that when a company invests tens or hundreds of millions of dollars into R&D that the results from that investment can and will likely take years to develop. Brad kept reminding us it's a marathon and not a sprint. That's even more true once they started throwing large sums of cash around to incentivize adoption and new use cases.
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    My suggestions for the site header. It seems to need updating:
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Bitcoin is moving exactly as I expect, It's two steps forward one step back. (step back was yesterday & day before) now we start moving forward (probably). I've been in crypto for years so I remember when a $300 dollar move in bitcoin was huge, the fact that it's not a big deal now is awesome. Eventually $3k and later $30k daily moves in the price of bitcoin will just be an everyday occurrence that basically go unnoticed. Using this opportunity in the dip of XRP to Double up on my XRP buys.
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