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    List: The Voices in Bob’s Head

    Sorry to disappear for so long. The week turned out to be more involved than I thought. Just as a quick recap, I've been fighting prostate cancer. I had radiation treatment, but my PSA numbers have not responded in the way they were expected to. (down) Unfortunately, they have been trending up. This is quite puzzling to the doctor's because I caught the cancer early. It was also a less aggressive variant that should have responded to treatment easily. That has been coupled to some nagging discomfort in the area that won't seem to go away either. So last week was a bit stress inducing. I had two full body scans last Tuesday and Wednesday. The first was a bone scan and the second was a full body CT scan. The goal was to make sure none of the cancer had escaped and spread. Medicine being what it is, the scans had to be done, read by a radiologist, then relayed to my oncologist. I had to wait on the final results until this Tuesday. So in between, Janet and I decided to mitigate the stress by driving to Baton Rouge, LA to meet the awesome XRP Community there. Many thanks to @RippleWraith for setting up an awesome dinner meetup. And even more thanks to everyone who showed up despite the torrential rain and flooding happening last week. RippleWraith even brought an amazing birthday cake to top off the evening. It turns out, it is only an hour and a half more of pouring rain to make it New Orleans. So Janet and I spent my Birthday there. Her gambling (she won) and me drinking (I won!) We managed to get out of there Saturday morning just before the flooding got to NOLA. Turns out only six hours more rain to make it back to Houston! We ended up going straight to my mothers to pick up Puccini, then stayed over Saturday night to be there for Mother's Day on Sunday. Of course, the endless rain and driving broke something on the car. So Monday meant fixing that. Then staying over longer to see the doctor on Tuesday. Good news is, it turns out, all the scans are clean! That was a huge relief. We still don't know what is causing the numbers to stay up, but it is seeming likely that it may be prostatitis. I've got a long course of antibiotics to take now and more testing and followups later in the summer. So all in all, it looks like I'll survive. So now that I'm finally home and back online onward to the first study group session. I'll post about that in another thread. Sorry to keep everyone waiting. But at least, XRP has been trending up in the meantime!
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    Some near future price speculation.

    I may be way behind some of you, and repeating old ideas, but whilst trying to guess where this chart was heading next, I thought I'd take a look to see what happened in May 2017. From what I can see, 2019 would appear to be plotting a pattern similar to 2017. Matching the size and scale of the peak from the past and present, I can offer up this graphical hypothesis. If; speed = distance / time, maybe, future = past / present XRP loves to follow patterns, so I actually think this "artists impression" (not technical analysis or investment advice) could end up being quite close to the money. Obviously it's not going to match it candle for candle, but I do predict the following; Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th = Around $0.43 Monday 27th = We revisit the $0.47 resistance and break through. Friday 31st - Saturday 1st = Around $0.76 matching Septembers peak and resistance line. I'm intrigued to see how this plays out...
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    I don't feel the answer was "not that good". Question Answer First, he corrects the statement about Ripple providing liquidity. Second, he puts into perspective what happened overnight in the market place. Third, he translates the question into an appropriate one. Again, he points out the liquidity does not have to do anything with Ripple itself. Again, he reformulated the initial question. Again, he states what happened overnight. He highlights the liquidity difference between XRP and the other existing solutions. He depicts what the market would chose, given the advantageous liquidity risk XRP provides, associated with the limited liquidity cost. Again he states what happened the day before in the market place, which is pretty nascent in his opinion, that itself is enough of an answer to the initial but reformulated question.
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    Crypto trading started out as a closed community with anarchist values. It purposely wanted to exclude the involvement of institutions. Only a year ago you had to buy BTC on unregulated exchanges in order to buy XRP. The values of that inheritance still dominates the bubble universe that still fixes the prices of crypto assets. Gradually the opportunity to invest in Crypto is opening up, and as it opens real world values will supplant the old ones. Be patient and don't take too much notice of prices now because they do not reflect the prices of the future.
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    Some new members here and with the most recent price action I'm sure everyone is on edge so I wanted to recap the goal of Ripple and how they're focused on their product suite. Ultimately, everyone wants large US banks to get onto the system and they may eventually but that's not what Ripple cares about currently. Their attack is 3-fold: 1. Develop their product suite and the XRPL to be unparalleled in execution: They do this with a focus on more interoperabilty between their different product lines (xVia, xCurrent, xRapid). See xCurrent 4.0. Also, they're focused on improving the XRPL through the development of Cobalt, an upgrade that moves the transaction times from 3-4 seconds to less than 1 second, significantly improving on-chain TPS. 2. Grow liquidity through partnership with exchanges in unique corridors: Everyone wants to see the major fiat pairings of the world receive significant xRapid volume (USD, EUR, RMB, etc..) but in reality Ripple's goal is to attack areas that have significantly less liquidity than the major pairs. This is why you see such partnerships with the Middle Eastern and Eastern Asian countries currently. They have more favorable regulations and have some of the largest pain points when it comes to fiat liquidity. This allows the removal of correspondent banking as we know it which will drastically change the economic landscape of these countries. The larger pairs will come at the end. 3. Develop the XRPL Ecosystem: With the creation of Coil, xPring and the partnership with R3, Ripple is positioning the XRP Ledger to facilitate a myriad of use cases while they can maintain a laser focus on point 1. Let other business leaders focus on growing new use cases and products while Ripple continues to work on their cross border remittance software. All of these will pay huge dividends down the road as competition increases in this space and other companies begin to catch up to the product development that Ripple already has in production (Hyperledger being the most obvious competitor right now). Ripple has the luxury of a 5ish year head start on their competition and I believe that this lead will allow them to expand their partnerships to the point that other competitors will work to find a way to integrate into their systems using the XRPL instead of directly competing. See the current SWIFT model; companies don't try to compete with SWIFT, they try to develop solutions around this product to help the endpoints. This is what I expect to see within the cross border space as well. In saying all of this, I expect this to be a 5-10 year play on Ripple's expansion into this space as regulations pave the way for this new asset class to facilitate a true change in global economics. ZOOM OUT.
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    XRP News Update: May 19th, 2019

    Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrp-news-update-5-19-2019/ The XRP news cycle is accelerating! I break down all the news affecting XRP in my latest blog: 𝐑𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Ripple advertises a new open position titled 'Xpring Community Advocate'; David Schwartz presents at Consensus; Brad Garlinghouse talks to dozens of central bankers; Finablr announces a new Ripple-based payment service with Siam Commercial Bank; 𝐊𝐚𝐯𝐚 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Kava publishes an idea for an XRP-backed USD stablecoin called USDX. 𝐗𝐑𝐏 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: RabbitKickClub publishes a guide for those that want to run an XRP validator; Uphold announces a complete elimination of all withdrawal fees for XRP holders; David Schwartz comments about Cobalt; BlueHelix exchange adds an XRP-USDT pairing; and Bitkeep exchange adds both an XRP-USDT and an XRP-BTC pairing; I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Reddit r/CoilCommunityalternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Introduction to XRP

    Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/introduction-to-xrp-2019-edition/ Just published the updated, 2019 version of an "Introduction to XRP" on the XRP Community Blog! I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Reddit r/CoilCommunity Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Tiffany Hayden

    I think it’s strange how all her selfies are from the same side
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    Alex cob is good for the space

    The lad actually delivers some decent news. Yeah he is kind of a xrp maxi but what ever. He doesn't give price predictions and is always on top of announcements. Around 30k subs on YouTube so he is becoming a prominent voice in the xrp system. The lad deserves a bit of praise for all the work he does. crypto eri and cob are all over it. Shout out to the other YouTube maxis too. hoggsy aka lemonmule aka chocolate starfish
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    Indeed... I heard his next movie is coming out this summer which is based on actual events we experienced during the crypto winter... "Dude, Where's my Lambo?"
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    For more details click the link. 264 organizations (that we know of) linked to Ripple. https://www.xrparcade.com/rippleecosystem/
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    "The forum agreed unanimously that Ripple XRP will become a means of Foreign Exchange settlement instead of the US Dollar. The reason for this conclusion is based on so many factors." "Since the settlement of payment in XRP is faster than the dollar, the forum believes XRP will be used as the settlement currency in the next five years." Source: https://todaysgazette.com/ripple-xrp-will-be-used-as-fx-means-of-settlement-instead-of-us-dollar-wall-street-forum/
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    Dilip Rao is going to attend the International Conference on Fintech, organized by the World Bank, on may 22-23 in Vienna, Austria. The BIS will be in Vienna at the same time if we check the FSI's 2019 programme, see below Dilip's tweet. Do you remember what Dilip Rao said during the last Ripple Drop about Central Banks ? I put the video below at the right time frame. BCBS: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision The members of the BCBS come from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. BSCEE: Banking Supervisors from Central and Eastern Europe The members of BSCEE come from Albania, Austria, Belarus, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine. https://www.bis.org/fsi/fsi2019overview.pdf http://www.worldbank.org/en/events/2019/05/22/international-conference-on-fintech
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    https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/ripples-xrp-falls-under-virtual-currency-in-japan-in-new-blockchain-crypto-regulation-2019-report/ XRP falls under "virtual currency" and "security" in Japan. So I guess we'll see in the next few months if regulation was truly the thing holding XRP back and see if Japan is going to really adopt XRP. This does mean that SBI will finally launch, I think.
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    Not true. Nor FUD (will explain why 2 lines below). But lie from Coinmetrics. David answered Coinmetrics on their poor investigation. Investigation which resulted in a lie from them, as they were not "uncertain" but "certain" about their own words. Ripple is fully transparent, they would not put their reputation at risk with some disguised Escrow calculation. See the explanation from David himself below. Additionally, Ripple will add more details in the future reports to avoid this kind of confusion.
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    Alex cob is good for the space

    Unlike most content creators, I always thought his early stuff was far better than his current. When he first started I watched every video, he made very well spoken and calculated analysis of news, fundamentals and market situations. Far beyond his age. It then felt like he "sold out" if you will, and started streaming and became somewhat of a hype train money grabber. Honestly haven't watched anything recently so maybe I'm wrong. I still agree he deserves some credit, at least he puts the time and effort into doing it. I've always been meaning to do XRP related videos but apart from avoiding being a cryptotuber, I'm just too damn lazy. Props.
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    Hi Guys, This is my first post on here, but I've been part of the twitter and discord community since 2017. And I'm here to shill my first coil blog post. If you are wondering what IS a sidechain, what bitcoin sidechains are out there, and why the XRPL is the biggest, have a read in here: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, How on Earth Is the XRP Ledger the Greatest Bitcoin Sidechain of Them All? It includes some metrics on the state of other bitcoin sidechains and a comparison to bitcoin IOU's by trusted entities. Thanks for reading and please drop me some feedback or start a discussion.
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    XRP Fiat pairs

    XRP is paired to 47 fiat currencies, with a total of 320 markets across 194 exchanges (that we know of). Finally managed to update the XRParcade fiat pairs page. If you want to view the exchanges for every fiat currency, click on the button. https://www.xrparcade.com/xrpfiatpairs/ PS: XRP - Total pairs (both xrp to fiat and xrp to crypto) 1003 markets across 321 exchanges
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    more of an opportunist that uses click bait he does deliver decent news but he does not 'deserve' praise at all. you earn praise. from his patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/alexandercobb $89.99? for what? he clearly must state somewhere any and everything he says is not investment advice, so what could he possibly offer for $90 that you cant find online or in here on XRPchat.com for free? XRPchat consists of computer programmers, investors, doctors, lawyers, laymen and woman, engineers.. together as a XRP community im pretty sure there is no information here that someone cant get for free. its good to see someone enterprise, and yes, his channel does indeed make XRP easier to find for those looking on youtube, but i cant get over him charging people $90 for a phone call and $5 for discord. the investor community as a whole is filled with vulnerable people willing to pay money to anyone claiming they can 'help' them. whats his refund policy if he doesnt answer the question properly? do you pay first only if satisfied? dont get caught up in his luscious blonde locks and baby face. once you start charging people for a service, it gets real, laws comes into play, and you can seriously affect someone. i digress. as a person he is probably very nice and friendly. im not questioning that. maybe ill pay the $90 just to see what kind of phone call is actually worth almost one hundred dollars
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    Brad starts his presentation at 2.10. Very much his usual speech. The more interesting stuff is perhaps in the scratching of heads between central banks trying to safely bridge the transition into a digital age. Having Brad representing Ripple at this seminar is huge.
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    Nice article showing the present state of the Ripple (XRP) competition. Source: https://ethereumworldnews.com/why-ripple-xrp-is-much-far-ahead-of-other-projects-than-what-we-realize/
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    So ripple get invited to that meeting, with the imf and all the central banks...and w are still trading at 38cents. was there an other crypto startups / fintexhs there? honestly stuff like this makes me wonder if I’m going mental...how the hell is xrp 38 fecking cence.
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    https://medium.com/strongholdxchg/stronghold-platform-integrates-with-interledger-payments-protocol-cbdd5477e0f0 "Stronghold USD is the first asset-backed U.S. dollar enabled-connector on ILP." "Institutional investors and traders may use ILP to exchange U.S. dollars for Stronghold USD, XRP, BTC and any other asset supported by our trading ecosystem." "Stronghold’s goal is to put a digital wallet in every pocket, so we’re happy to work with “the protocol for the internet of value” to advance that mission!"
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    Wow that's an impressive quote, but I'm having trouble sourcing the video. Does anybody have the link to the source video that the author is talking about? I'd like to review it on my own as well. All three comments to the article online are asking for the same thing - the source for the article, but I don't see it.
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    Ashton Kutcher - Where are they now??

    What do you expect Ashton Kutcher to be doing - writing code for Ripple? The guy most likely got a one-off paycheck for advertisement and that's it really.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    The charts are looking doing exactly what one would expect considering how the bitcoin price has behaved when the 100, 200 and 300 Day EMA's approach and cross. We should see prices increasing with periodic volatility around the interaction of these Averages. In about of Month the price will be far above these averages and they will no longer be useful so we will have to look to other indicators. Last week I had an exchange with @Warg discussing the growth patterns of bitcoin/crypto and how they will not continue indefinitely. @Warg correctly stated that we can not expect the kind of growth the sector has experienced in the past to continue forever and I basically replied, "Yeah but the past patters will probably play out until we bitcoin/crypto has saturated the economy." So - how close to saturation are we?? According to this Article from April 30, 2019. 11% of American's own bitcoin which fits in with this other article by written last October Stating that Coinbase had 25 million users. However the article from Bitcoin Market Journal states claims 5% of Americans own bitcoin. https://cointelegraph.com/news/11-of-americans-own-bitcoin-major-awareness-increased-since-2017 https://bitsonline.com/coinbase-25-million-users/ https://www.bitcoinmarketjournal.com/how-many-people-use-bitcoin/ Regardless note that most of the bitcoin users are relatively young and the young control relatively very little capital. https://research.stlouisfed.org/publications/economic-synopses/2017/02/24/aging-and-wealth-inequality/ So basically a few young people (who really don't control much capital) are invested in it and the Old that control most of the capital are not involved in it. I'm gonna guess the growth pattern repeats 2 more times before price levels out. Thoughts?
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    It’s a great question, and I agree it’s worth asking (if he worded it better). Just as with any asset price, there’s a risk that the price of XRP could suddenly crash. It’s unlikely without major economic problems presaging it... but that’s another topic. To adjust the question a bit: “What happens if we’re at full utility and XRP simply stops working?” My answer would be: this is why we have ILP. Yes, international liquidity would take a nosedive as market makers adjusted their holdings, but as long as there are profits to be had, MMs will transition to some other digital asset (or set of them). That’s the beauty of ILP — it is agnostic to currency types. If a bank is relying solely on Ripplenet in the future, however, without an ILP integration, then of course the risk is higher. But that’s why it’s important to de-risk and create alternate flow paths. The scarier question IMO... and I worry THIS is what the guy meant: What if XRP is fully successful as a liquidity token, to the point where its value as a deflationary savings asset begins to pull significant value from inflationary fiat currencies? What if the “run on Ripple” is a scenario where the retail market pulls out of EUR / USD etc in favor of an asset that’s shooting up in price? It’s a bigger hypothetical, but certainly possible. Could XRP’s success cause a deflationary spiral? I think we (and governments) underestimate the disruption that could be coming. When central banks don’t control the money supply, it lacks flexibility and has a harder time responding to change. I’m not saying this is likely to happen, but since most digital assets are using a max-supply framework, it’s one possible outcome.
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    Heads of central banks (like Oystein Olsen of the Norwegian central bank), the head of Bank of International Settlements (Agustin Carstens) (!) in the audience. Brad is the only Fintech representative on the panel. This is interesting.
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    Y’all ready for this turbulence?

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    Wait! What battle? I must have missed it..
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    Source video: "The forum concludes that settling payments using XRP has many advantages over the USD in terms of speed, price, and security. They believe that it will take about five more years to see XRP take that market away from the dollar for good. Mind you, this is not a conclusion coming out of an XRP fan or bull (of which there are plenty) but from a group of Wall Street insiders which have not had the friendliest attitude towards cryptocurrencies in general over the last decade. So listening to them could be a particularly good idea." Source: https://www.tronweekly.com/ripple-future-wall-street-forum-talks-about-xrp/ Edit: After I have fully listened to the video I personally do not endorse the full conclusion of the above source (link). But without a doubt a very interesting viewing with at the end clearly a believe that 'friendly (Ripple) and wel regulated crypto currencies will be used in a global function'.
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    I only invest in projects that I believe in. To do otherwise would make me feel uncomfortable because for me it would be like gambling on horses bookies had tipped me to back. I can see a case for using TA as a model for profitable gambling, but again that is not what I want to do with my life so again I would feel uncomfortable. The only crypto project I believe in is XRP which is why I am 99% XRP 1% ADA. I do not care that BTC has recently done very well compared to XRP. For me that is like being jealous of someone who has done well on the horses or won the lotto. I don't bet on the horses and I don't buy lotto tickets so it would be stupid for me to be jealous, wouldn't it? About investment by the masses in XRP. I think it is going to happen on a huge scale. The important new game-changing investors will not be friends of people who use Coinbase, or BTC enthusiasts changing horses. The investment will be coming from people who start to use crypto in a commercial setting. These users will include people in very poor countries with low incomes who use Mojaloop as well as rich people who work in banks in London and New York. IT will include investment companies with pension portfolios and stockbrokers who like the story behind XRP. I think investing in XRP will spread like a virus and will have its own colour, not the colour of BTC. The process has already begun. SBI and places like Singapore and India are really getting it together. They like the idea of multi hop, remittance payments and the flexibility of digital money transfer. I do not think it is possible to stop the roll out of XRP or the mania that will follow in its wake. Not investment advice, just my personal observations.
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    Can this really be taken as an announcement? I think it comes from that Swiss seminar organised by the IMF? Ripple Pushes Its XRP-Powered xRapid Solution to Argentina and Brazil https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-xrapid-argentina-brazil/ https://dailyhodl.com/2019/05/19/ripple-reveals-expansion-of-xrp-powered-xrapid-amazon-files-crypto-patent-and-bitcoins-21-million-club-hits-new-record/
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    Alex cob is good for the space

    The Discord is free. You guys are mistaking the patreon thing as a "service" it was something complementary if you really wanted to support my channel. I don't think my time is worth 90$ an hour. I ended up just removing that. I make content about Ripple and XRP to inform the general public and keep people updated on a daily basis on the latest information, so that as a community we can learn together and help spread that message to even more people, thus growing the XRP ecosystem. Believe it or not i put a lot of time into this and this is a genuine passion of mine.
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    Alex cob is good for the space

    Love what he's doing, but am a bit old school and if you confirm rumors and shill and don't retract not once, not twice, but more often, well, then I'm out.
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    Blue Helix (BHEX) exchange lists XRP

    BHEX, an exchange based in Singapore that currently holds the 74th position on CMC in the adjusted volume rankings, has listed XRP with USDT pair. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/blue-helix-bhex-exchange-lists-xrp/
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    These are great questions and ones that I've wondered myself. I'm quite sure many others have wondered the same things and have had intuitions as to what the incentives are but have not had the guts to state the obvious openly on this forum in fear of a backlash and being ridiculed or bullied. So I will say it now. I find it very strange that someone would spend hours upon hours researching information and creating hundreds of blogs expecting nothing in return for what's basically a speculative investment. It's literally a full time job and there's absolutely no denying this fact. And no, I don't believe it's because members here are that passionate they'd spend all their time doing this without getting something in return. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I firmly believe there are members on this forum that are paid to do a job. A job to create FOMO and to pull investors in to buy more and more XRP. This is honestly what I feel and believe. I can already sense a backlash coming my way but, at this point, I really don't give a monkey (I would have used a more appropriate word but I've already been given a warning for using a very slightly offensive word in the past so I have to now be careful and choose my words wisely as I know there are people here itching to boot me off this forum completely). And before anyone jumps in to say "well this is the reason we don't want you in the Zerpening Club" then I'll tell you now - I don't give a monkey's anymore. I will openly say what I believe and, if you don't like it, bite me or hit the ignore button. Now of course there's a chance I'm completely wrong and mistaken but who knows. And please don't take this as an attack on anyone as it's not. I totally respect people's opinions and this is merely an opinion of mine.
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    "While payment messages cross the Swift network in real-time, the settlement and receipt of funds in the beneficiary account can lag by several days when entering national domestic clearing system."
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    I have nothing against him but it is the repeating over and over that makes me give him a miss. I have nothing against him making money on his phone calls, he puts in the work and he asks for his payments. Crypto Eri prepares what she wants to say and then rolls it out - that is professionalism. Crypto Eri also has a lot more original content. Her latest Video on SBI is mindblowing:
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    I only bothered to read the first document as it's pretty much a waste of time: - xRapid doesn't use market orders, and even if we assume it does and assume that it doesn't have a setting to put a limit on the slippage (which it has) and someone is dumb enough to execute a $50m market order when selling at the destination the slippage would be probably more than $40M. - xRapid is bi-directional so before it executes a payment it checks whether there's sufficient liquidity on both ends and only then it locks the transaction and executes. - This question from the file is absurd - 'Whom would sell his XRP for sub 1$ knowing on another exchange (where demand is high) he could get 500 times that price?' - Say you wipe out the entire order book, you lost about $40M on your payment and then your next idea is to start selling at the last price you bought? i.e. $500? Who exactly is going to buy from you when you could do it for thousand times less on an exchange like Binance for example? I could go on, but don't see the point really.
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    The guy that wrote this has no idea how markets work or he's got a malicious intent similar to most YouTube hypers (or just a clickbait to get some revenue cash). It can indeed spike on a single exchange to 500$ but that's not sustainable for more than a few seconds and no one would just want to lose a couple of million dollars in 5 seconds.
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    Very interessting video... thx... was nice to hear they often use firstnames... sounds for me like they didn't met each other for the first time Anyway... i could recognize some people and labled them.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    In keeping with my theme of repeating crypto patters the below chart shows where I think we basically are in regards to XRP. If this is accurate (and I'm not convinced myself, although I have been buying daily despite my recommendation of an entry below .40 (bought some more at .38 .41 and .42) we can possibly see a 80x run up which brings us to about $36 at the top. This chart is more for an estimation of the potential at the top of the next bull market, it kinda feels a little right to me but if anyone else wants to take a stab at it, please do so. The input is always welcome.
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    Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, blurred vision from speed of transactions. Some users reported a sense of euphoria.
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