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    Big wheels keep on turnin' ... https://ourbitcoinnews.com/president-of-the-central-bank-of-brazil-had-a-closed-meeting-with-the-ceo-of-ripple/
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    Despite the new normal and lockdowns, Ripple and XRP keep moving ahead. There are signs the eagerly awaited Thai baht ODL corridor is about to move out of the regulator’s sandbox. And why is a former Merrill Lynch broker all in on XRP? What does he know we don’t know? And learn why a Ripple pioneer says XRP’s value is tied to its liquidity. This and more in the new XRP Weekly: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-june-5-2020-xrp-value-comes-with-liquidity/
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    Bitso - Daniel V about ODL

    Bitso talking about ODL. Starts at 11 mins - 17 mins. Very bullish on ODL and possible foray into forex market.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Bitcoin Finally Broke through the Big Daddy Downtrend on the Monthly chart. On the weekly chart it previously breached it in February but retreated. Bitcoin's price is now above the downtend on the Monthly, Weekly and Daily Charts. Looking at the previous chart from the Last Peak in 2013 to the one in 2017 it took 30 months to get an uptick in the Bollinger Bands. We just got an uptick in the Bollinger Bands as well on the 30 month for this cycle. (the only uptick if you take out the anomalies which I circle in the chart). Things are looking very familiar. @Milly238 Looks like it goes up and sideways from here. I don't consider a bull run to start until the previous ATH is breached which I think happens no later than the end of fall this year. If history repeats we can look forward to about 15-18 months of upward movement culminating in a parabolic run to ------ I've said around $400,000, stock to flow has $288,000, most pundits say $100,000, Tim Draper says $250,000 or higher, Dan Morehead has said as high as over $500,000. It looks like Bitcoin has turned the corner.
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    It is clear why Western Union wants Moneygram. Let's start with what they don't want. They don't want the Moneygram +/- $ 878 million debt. They don't want some of the old school managers and outdated payment rails and they don't want Moneygrams stiff competition on the world pay/settlement landscape. BUT what they absolutely DO WANT is On Demand Liquidity (Ripple/Moneygram fast pay & settlement rail). The same reason Visa bought Earthport (connectivity to Ripplenet & ODL settlement corridors) Why is ODL so important? ODL is one step further than Ripplenet. ODL is the liquidity (pool) necessary for the seamless transactions with narrow spreads. ODL has been growing near exponentially since the start of this year and IS THE GAME CHANGER. ODL is a difficult trick which Ripple and Moneygram have mastered (where others have failed) and it is probably also playing al role in the Ripple Home system for banks and financial institutions. Friends of my family who have come to the Netherlands from the Phillipines were allways sending money home via Western Union. However, since january 2020 they have switched to Ria Money Transfers (www.riamoneytransfer.com) because sending euros (€) via Ria using the Moneygram XRP/PHP ODL payment corridor takes less time and is 3 to 4 times cheaper. People are noticing the cheaper ODL pay/settlement corridors and are moving their business away from Western Union. Additionally Western Union has seen 'sliding revenu' due to this stiff competition in the past years and the ODL solution with it's growing customer base is what they need to stay on top. Western Union is very interested in the big customer names (Amazon, Google, Uber worldwide and others DYOR) who have recently partnered with Moneygram. The hard fact is that Western Union is being outclassed by Ripple/Moneygram On Demand Liquidity system and that they have tried to stall Ripple (with negative fake news) and defend their outdated pay and settlement system. Luckly for WU is that they do have some smart managers who have the flexibility to react and sense that a friendly Moneygram merger/takeover is the right answer to keep WU and the USA in the race for Swift 2.0. The world is changing and don't forget that there is a 99% chance that the Chinese will have a digital Yuan by 1-1-2021 and that the days of the good old 'green back / petro dollar' are numbered. A merger or friendly takeover is a smart move by Moneygram and Western Union.
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    Western union offers to buy moneygram

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-01/western-union-is-said-to-make-offer-to-buy-moneygram Checked my mgi stocks today...saw big after hours bump in price, had to find out why.
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    Keep in mind that ODL promises to improve capital efficiency, with shorter "inventory turnover cycles" it requires less cash inventory to support the same amount of demand for liquidity. That means that some of the debt could be (in the long term) off set by the freeing up of capital currently deployed to service liquidity demand. The other use could be to keep the debt, and deploy the newly freed up capital into growth, or expansion into new markets. Remember Ant Financial tried to buy MG also, but the govt didn't approve. Then Ripple bought in. Now MG is interested. Sounds like another bidding war, similar to Earthport with Visa and MC. I could view this (bidding wars for companies working with Ripple) as the big money waking up and starting to purchase key pieces of the new puzzle, which they believe will make up the new business models as the market evolves.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Eric dear .... when you want to come to Argentina you have free accommodation in my house .... you will be very welcome Thank you very much for the EXCELLENT graphics and contributions you offer! big hug and hold. I also don't sell before $ 10. we are together in that one!
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    The ODL on the Mex - US corridor is now past 10% . They say the magic number is 16%, at which point it crushes other rival services out. I am not sure how this figure of 16% was arrived at. If Mg pulled out of the Mex-US corridor a Fintech company would swoop in and take the business from MG ODL is bedding in, LetHerRip is just enjoying the opportunity to put a negative slant on all XRP news and depress other investors. (I long ago user ignored and I am missing nothing)
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    Now has GBP added
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    Why would ODL, which hasn't been live for even a year yet, correct 10 years of mistakes? Western Union revenue for the quarter ending March 31, 2020 was $1.190B, a 10.99% decline year-over-year. Western Union revenue for the twelve months ending March 31, 2020 was $5.145B, a 7.09% decline year-over-year. Western Union annual revenue for 2019 was $5.292B, a 5.33% decline from 2018. Western Union annual revenue for 2018 was $5.59B, a 1.19% increase from 2017. Western Union annual revenue for 2017 was $5.524B, a 1.87% increase from 2016. saying they've been profitable is a little bit of a reach at the given moment,
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    False, when a company is dying and hurting like Moneygram is, is precisely when you buy it for pennies on the dollar and take over the whole market since WU is #1 and MG was #2. They are buying their customer base, their locations, etc etc for peanuts.
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    Anytime soon

    It's a terrible time in the world right now. At least we here can be somewhat supportive to each other, at least in tone. XRP sentiment in my opinion has almost never been worse. Hard time to hold through for many. I don't expect this market will always be this way. Crypto market cap keeps rising, albeit slowly, as legacy markets seem more and more unsettled and irrational. It will require more patience to bear witness to a speculative bullrun, or some form of utility, or both if that is to happen. But I will say this- one couldn't ASK for better pre-conditions than a global economic crisis alongside a global pandemic to hasten movement into digital forms of value transfer. Clearly none of us are happy about what is happening right now. But the table is set beyond how I ever imagined it to be. How and when a pop in the market occurs is up in the air I suppose. It does stand to reason, as I've always trumpeted, that economic problems have to really hit real economies in the world (not just the markets), and that is just now starting. The real pain seems still to come- as the after effects of what's happening right now sink in. The second painful leg down in traditional markets hasn't happened yet. So, this has to play out a bit more until we can test out the thesis that crypto will be the eventual landing place for yield when legacy markets and currencies spiral into more of a Mad Max Fury Road type dystopia. As for the ledger nano/other wallets- I hope everyone keeps their stuff safe using common sense. It seems like Ripple is dealing with the certificate expiration issue as well. Happy Sunday, or whatever day it is.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    No meaningful changes in the last few days. Just general sideways movement with the bollinger bands flattening out. . Gathering strength for the next run. Hash rate fell from a pre-halving high of 137 Exa-hashes to 84 and has now recovered to 113 and hit a post halving high of 116 5 days ago.
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    I find that insight extraordinary. Never heard it put like that before and intuitively I think that might be one fat nail hit squarely on the head. Crypto Eri was remarking on that statistic recently. 30%! And I think I heard Ripple are employing a fair sized team in Brazil. Tremors before an earthquake?
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    If a merger or takeover becomes a reality than we'll see a faster roll-out of ODL across the globe. You are seeing the birth of SWIFT 2.0 in front of your eyes.
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    Escrow sales

    Seems like someone might be buying again. The escrow returned this month was 800m, so 200m has been held back, that's the first time in 6-7 months that such an amount has been witheld. I hope this means we are turning a corner and more adoption is coming via new corridors. 2024-07-02 rDqGA2GfveHypDguQ1KXrJzYymFZmKxEsF 2020-06-01 500.0 rw2hzLZgiQ9q62KCuaTWuFHWfiX7JWg3wY 2020-05-01 400.0 2020-06-01 100.0 2024-08-02 rw2hzLZgiQ9q62KCuaTWuFHWfiX7JWg3wY 2020-06-01 200.0 +----------+---------------+------------+ | Month | Re-escrowed | Released | |----------+---------------+------------| | 2018-Feb | 900 | 100 | | 2018-Mar | 900 | 100 | | 2018-Apr | 900 | 100 | | 2018-May | 900 | 100 | | 2018-Jun | 900 | 100 | | 2018-Jul | 900 | 100 | | 2018-Aug | 900 | 100 | | 2018-Sep | 800 | 200 | | 2018-Oct | 800 | 200 | | 2018-Nov | 800 | 200 | | 2018-Dec | 800 | 200 | | 2019-Jan | 800 | 200 | | 2019-Feb | 800 | 200 | | 2019-Mar | 700 | 300 | | 2019-Apr | 700 | 300 | | 2019-May | 700 | 300 | | 2019-Jun | 700 | 300 | | 2019-Jul | 700 | 300 | | 2019-Aug | 800 | 200 | | 2019-Sep | 800 | 200 | | 2019-Oct | 800 | 200 | | 2019-Nov | 900 | 100 | | 2019-Dec | 1000 | 0 | | 2020-Jan | 900 | 100 | | 2020-Feb | 900 | 100 | | 2020-Mar | 900 | 100 | | 2020-Apr | 900 | 100 | | 2020-May | 900 | 100 | | 2020-Jun | 800 | 200 | +----------+---------------+------------+
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    Will XRP ever see 1 dollar?

    I'm still holding - nothing has changed my belief that XRP will see at least $10 in the next bull run.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Bitcoin's Chart is looking good. The highest lines Daily, then Weekly then Monthly. The price at this moment is going to break them all.
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    Listen to Greg Kidd use the postage stamp analogy, just before 7:00. I have also used this since the early days, and the reason for WHY? is the basis for Utility Value. Just like a postage stamp for a small local town's own postal network would not have much utility value in compairison to a postage stamp with UPS who's network can deliver a package anywhere in the world... XRP will not have much utility value, until the XRPL has a large network of connections and can move value anywhere in the world. Also, XRP can be the value in the package, plus the stamp on the package paying the TX fee for the package to move through the XRPL network. Ripple is trying to position XRPL as the "node" in the new global monetary infrastructure's network/ledger with the highest Eigenvector. Eigenvector is a metric used in graph and network analysis, this is basically the mathematical way of saying, "Its who you know, not how many people you know". Google's PageRank started out essicentially measuring webpage's eigenvector, then their search algo grew from there. Consider each ledger to be a 'node', and consider XRPL to be the node with the most connections to the most important other nodes (FIs and CBs or those who "custody of value"). (not to confuse, just want to point out the functional similarity... you can think of XRPL's Pathfinding, as preforming the same search function as Google's search algo. Except it is searching TX pathways on XRPL, not websites and their backlinks). Consider having to pay 0.00012 (XRP) per search, instead of paying for your search by viewing ads.
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    Not surprisingly, the anti-Ripple conspiracy theory that WU is buying their biggest competitor solely to shut it down has only found footing in General, thanks to a small handful of known (possibly paid) trolls. Yes, companies sometimes buy other companies that eventually are shut down, but it’s rarely if ever intentional. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-companies-buy-other-companies-only-to-shut-them-down-soon-after-not-even-competitors-Examples-are-Amazon-Shoefitr-and-HP-Palm If a sale happens, which is just a rumor today, the people, process, partnerships and technology will be incorporated. That’s what WU will be buying. WU balked at the cost of implementing Ripple early on even though it would be much cheaper once back office had been cleaned up... now they are well behind (as evidenced by the CEO’s panicky onstage reaction to Ripple — “We can do a deal tomorrow!”) Now WU doesn’t have the level of new partnerships we’ve seen with MG. Their networking is slowing because new deals are being made over RippleNet which they aren’t a part of yet. They realize it’s a marathon they haven’t started running and they need to catch up fast or risk what happened to the record labels. They still have a chance to buy in which is what they’re trying to do. I have a feeling MG board will refuse to sell.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Bitcoin is still in the middle of the Bollinger Bands. Excepting the last two days, which only barely effected the chart, the price is right back where it was. The Bands are continuing flat/tightening. Hash rate is recovering. Bitcoin has still turned the corner. Just waiting on the real breakout which I'd say will be signaled by a few days above $11k on high volume. I think Bitcoin's chart will still follow Ethereum's short term.
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    don't really want to say anymore incase I jinx it all lol, been a Millionaire once with XRP would like to be again, greed on my part
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    Will XRP ever see 1 dollar?

    This move down places Bitcoin right in the middle of the Bollinger Bands. They will tighten and it will break out. Most likely to the upside. Don't let the day to day gyrations spook you. Unless you are day trading of course .
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    Looking back at recent price action, it's apparent some insiders knew this was coming. imho
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    The Brazilian world migration figures show Japan the nr. 1 country for their emigrants and increases every decade and becoming it's fifth (and 1st non-Asiatic) foreign population: Lot of EUR, USD and South America going on there as well besides the appr. 2M Japenese (descendants) living in Brasil reaching out to the land of the rising sun. However this number seem to shrink. Some 250k Brazilians can be found in Japan. This number is growing every decade for 40 some years. Some remittances numbers for the real fetishist under us, interesting list of names to say the least: With Japanese regulations progressing and Brazilian reopening this case seems positve: https://sei.cade.gov.br/sei/modulos/pesquisa/md_pesq_documento_consulta_externa.php?DZ2uWeaYicbuRZEFhBt-n3BfPLlu9u7akQAh8mpB9yM9y_EN-MFc1EP1GcBaEKIPv27DfAiU0zh6id4HQQlgDcWJZlnUQ67_oa1g1o2nlbFpQu4FUKjJePBs1Z10eCjq Ministry of Justice and Public Security in Brazil reopend an investigation of a couple of banks including Santander for closing account of crypto exchanges. The list of banks involved are: Banco do Brasil SA (“ Banco do Brasil ”), Banco Bradesco SA (“ Bradesco ”), Banco Inter SA (“ Inter ”), Banco Itaú Unibanco SA (“ Itaú ”), Banco Santander SA (“ Santander ”) and Banco Sicredi (“ Sicredi ”).
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    Holding XRP is somewhat like holding a zero coupon bond that pays out in around 100,000 XRPL transactions (not considering fee escalation reducing that #) As XRPL is plugged into more and more corridors, the potential utility value of a transaction grows. Right now, XRPL is like the guy with the first telephone. They have it connected to Mexico, USD, Philippines, etc. but they still have a lot of growing to do, and each additional corridor will add (at an increasing rate) value to the utility of a transaction on the XRPL network.
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    Breanne Madigan - Webinar live

    Breanne Madigan Webinar A New Economic Order: What is the Post-COVID-19 Financial Paradigm? Thursday June 4th 10 AM EST Registration is free Starting in 30 minutes https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/a-new-economic-order-what-is-the-post-covid-19-financial-paradigm-tickets-107334207504?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=estw&utm-source=tw&utm-term=listing After registering, you can view your ticket and access the page
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    XRP back to 37c

    Programmatic sales have been paused for the past six months or so. Burning the escrow would be moronic IMHO. If Ripple do such a thing better sell your bags because that would be an admission of failure. No company would destroy its property on purpose. Look how the burning turned out for XLM. A small pump and dump happened and that's about it. Also XRP is not a stock or something, so Ripple has no liability towards XRP holders.
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    It's all about interpretation. If you don't like the word 'bleed revenue' than you may also use the word 'reduced revenu'. To buy into a market with superior tech whilst profits are not yet being made is nothing special. What is interesting however is that this superior tech (ODL) settles approx. 3 billion dollars a month with the known ODL corridors and that Moneygram and it's customers are extremely positive. It is indeed a pitty that we do not know the other still not public corridors. Time will reveal all.
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    If you do not have the courtesy of supporting your claims by answering a normal question, why are you still in this forum? If you find your opinion superior to ours then give us insight into recent documentation to support it. Otherwise just stop anoying me and others with your childish behaviour.
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    Couldn't they just partner with Ripple and integrate ODL into their system without buying Moneygram...
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    This *** Something is going on, they are definitely threatened by a company that can do what they do with fewer mistakes for less, I mean the CEO actually said - during his 60 second examination of xrp - that it had no benefit whatsoever... Then, rumours have it, he stamped his feet and stuck his fingers deep into his ears and shouted he didn't want to talk about it anymore! Something is going on here, and it 100% definitely, bonafide, has everything to do with xrp
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    "The second bank recently authorized by FINMA to offer crypto services is Zurich-headquartered Incore Bank, a transaction bank that provides outsourcing services for financial institutions, such as settlement, custody, payments, accounting, compliance, and tax support." And: "This makes Incore Bank the first Swiss business-to-business bank to offer financial service providers and institutions worldwide easy and secure access to a new and forward-looking asset class." Looks like this is going to be a Swiss alternative to both SWIFT, and the correspondent banking network. Incore looks poised to become a both major market maker and a new ODL corridor. Sweeeet!
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    Maybe WU is trying not to repeat the mistakes of Blockbuster. Blockbuster Could Have Bought Netflix for $50 Million, but the CEO Thought It Was a Joke https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/netflix-blockbuster-meeting-marc-randolph-reed-hastings-john-antioco.html
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    Will XRP ever see 1 dollar?

    There was a time we would compare Market Caps to see what the maximum possible price was. At the time I can remember comparing XRP/BTC market cap ratio would put the max price at around $0.70. I had never thought that the price would surpass that limit. Surprisingly it reached $4.30 .. If we compare current Market Caps now, the max price for XRP would be 19.8 times what the price is now, so it would be around $4.20 .. If we compare with the max ever BTC Market Cap (Jan. 2018) with current XRP Market Cap, XRP could be 35.2 times current price, so around $7.50 .. If we would take into account exaggeration from the market as in Jan. 2018, then $7.50 times $4.3 / $0.7 (~ 6.17), = a peak of around $46.00 .. But, you know, just some number mumbo jumbo and wishful thinking
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    Sceptic is back

    Yeah I'm pretty sure you came back around Dec 2019 more to gloat. So the whole nonchalant act is invalid. But I agree with points 1 to 4 You held strong during 2018 when the whole xrpchat tinfoil army was gang banging you for being realistic. But nobody likes a smart arse so keep the little charisma you have left and leave it at this.
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    Alliance provides MoneyGram with the industry's largest physical and digital network in Saudi Arabia. DALLAS, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MoneyGram International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGI), a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Al Rajhi Bank, the largest Islamic bank in the world, and Tahweel Al Rajhi, the remittances arm of Al Rajhi Bank, to provide money transfer services in Saudi Arabia. Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-launches-partnership-with-al-rajhi-bank-to-transform-saudi-arabia-cross-border-payments-market-301070827.html Moderator, this news is very important for the Ripple-Moneygram partnership and the development of ODL, which is the reason I posted it in the main news section. Please move the post to 'Other Press' if that is your wish/choice.
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    My investment thesis in XRP hinges on increased liquidity will result in an ever increasing XRP price. As more and more utility is discovered in XRP and more market participants leverage this utility price will need to rise. The benefits of a rising XRP price and deeper liquidity are the ability for XRP to serve other larger use cases. It’s beautifully serving to improve back office treasury operations at remittance firms and corporates now but we are just getting started. With deeper liquidity it could be the grease in the FX markets serving to bring greater efficiencies to a trillion dollar market. This just can’t happen... yet. Separately, I’m speculating that as XRP delivers real world utility to the largest institutional players in global finance it will serve as a greater and greater store of value, a superior one to Bitcoin. Only time will tell how all this will play out but increasing demand with static or decreasing supply typically is a good thing if you hold some of that supply. ODL volumes indicate we are on the right path.
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    Have you noticed the union jack has appeared on utility scan? - another currency, another nine possible corridors to open soon; USA/UK UK/Eur UK/Mex UK/Aus UK/TBH UK/Korea UK/Brazil UK/Nigeria UK/PH.....? The flywheel is set to gain momentum
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    If the value is higher you have more stability. At the moment to transfer a million dollars you need to find a seller with 5 million XRP and a buyer who wants 5 million XRP and that might well hit the price at both ends. At the moment most transactions are made in small parcels of about 20 -30 k, but as the system grows they need to grow those package sizes to handle the higher volume of transactions. We are expecting ODL to grow from a few million a day to a few billion a day, and even then it will be a small fraction of SWIFT daily transactions- a thousand fold increase in volume.
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    Just like a company trying to manage treasury operations across many currencies creates a lot of work/operational overhead... so would a government trying to maintain a pegged value per X number of other fiat currencies. Doing one "meta peg" to XRP would reduce the operational overhead and effort, in the same way as a corp treasury only managing their domestic currency and XRP as a bridge/ODL to access other currencies.
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    I suspect you might be having difficulty with the terms "revenue", "decline" and "profit". Losing 10% here or there is not the end of the world when you rake in 500m in profit in a quarter (which shareholders are saying thank you very much indeed for). 2 billion in profit for the year is not to be sniffed at. source https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/WU/western-union/gross-profit Those numbers may not be exactly right, but I trust them more than most of the stuff I read on xrpchat.
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    It's better to buy them then letting someone else buy them. If someone else buys them then that keeps MG in the game competing against WU. If WU buys them then not only does this eliminate competition but WU can absorb the good parts that MG has been investing in recent times and that's the digital front. This is what WU lacks and is falling behind against its peers. MG on the otherhand has been investing heavily in their digital front where they saw a lot more growth then the rest of their business. It makes sense for WU to buy a dying MG because each have what the other lacks. Edit: By this I also mean where MG is in debt but WU is cash rich. Will this deal happen though? Probably not. If WU has made an offer then there's probably other suitors out their who have also made offers.
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    Anytime soon

    haha what a troll, come here just to bash someone, i wouldnt call myself a lunatic like him, im not a hardcore supportive xrp army or whatever, i dont share, contribution, or hype anything, just personal holding, moon or not doesnt concern me. look, if you absolutely dont believe in it anymore, sell and move on, i dont see the point of you coming here to just reply nonsense like this, you're wasting your life away like what a loser would do. @xrphilosophy please look into this toxic member and take appropriate action.
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