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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    Fits and starts guys. There's a lot of noise out there so I understand it can be frustrating and confusing. Our path was never going to be a short one. We work with enterprises so the pace is slower but the payoff will be worth it. What I would say, it's a little disappointing to hear complaints about XRP not appreciating fast enough, as if it were simply some get rich quick scheme. I don't mean to sound naive, but it's such a stark difference to how I and everyone else at Ripple thinks about XRP. Our vision is literally world changing, and the last thing we are worried about is the price going up. That's a forgone conclusion if we continue to focus on the work, which is exactly what we're doing.
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    No small people, no big people. Just a bunch of people crazy enough to throw caution to the wind and try to do something that's never been done before. Fwiw, this community is incredibly important to Ripple's success and is a real motivator to many of the folks at Ripple. Thank you for all the support!
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    I'm always watching =)
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    As stated in my conversation, I noticed this change when I studied Ripple's progression. Confirmation is rewarding. Notice his use of "massively?" He has also said XRP price will go up massively when FIs start to source XRP. This is the plan. It would solve liquidity. all trials and PoCs up to this point have used "house money." As Dilip Rao has said, they are done with PoCs. Everyone knows it works now. My opinion is we will all know when they are about to go live. it will be a big event including multiple banks. The size of sourcing will be controlled, but still large compared to our retail purchases. This will squeeze supply and coupled with our frenzy, demand will go up "massively." HODL! This is all my opinion. do your own due diligence, Dont invest more than you can afford to lose. I could be wrong.
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    Ripple Expanding into China!

    This tweet was just sent out by Emi Yoshikawa from Ripple:
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    The rise of bitcoin is a strong reminder to banks that cryptocurrency is not going away. And that it moves even faster than even crypto enthusiasts held for possible. Banks will realize that they won't have ten years anymore to figure all this out. There's no time for pilots anymore, they've got to move their fat lazy asses and start implementing the future, or be history. Yet a simple calculation on a napkin can demonstrate that bitcoin is not scalable enough (Lightning Network is no solution, and threatens the security model) to serve as a global currency. And has big governance problems. That first bitcoin fork is not going away and will keep reminding to that problem, louder and louder. More forks will follow. Mining is centralized in China, and is bad for the environment. Then there's the reputation problem. Don't let the price increase of bitcoin fool you, Bitcoin has huge problems. Enter Ripple. The best funded crypto company in the world. It's solution is proven, undeniably the most scalable, undeniably the best regulated, undeniably the most energy efficient, undeniably the best governed, they have a phone number, and their solution can be implemented in three months. Don't forget: the world's money is at the banks. That money will decide what will be the new world currency. It's going to be Ripple. I repeat: I will eat John McAfee's **** on national television when XRP is not worth $20 in 3 years. That's being conservative. Make trade, not war.
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    Ripple Expanding into China!

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    https://blockchain.works-hub.com/blog/XRP-We-Will-Persuade-the-Masses- I guess they were impressed by this one, but I'll remind them that they can reprint my other ones as well. FYI - all of my entries can be found if you just copy/paste this generic blog address: https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/ Basically, scroll down to go backwards in time!
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    http://www.thecorporatetreasurer.com/Article/ripple-is-making-waves-but-will-it-become-a-tsunami/438916 This article is from CorporateTreasurer.com but due to having to register, I thought I would just paste the article text. I will leave it up to @karlos to decide if it stays. It has some very interesting quotes from Ripple employees. The text of article is below- <snip>
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    Hold on tight!

    Can't say it enough! Meanwhile my friends are making easy short term money with all these coins blowing up and they all laugh when i tell them im holding XRP for the long term. I'm kinda jealous since they are getting this easy money while XRP is doing nothing . But whenever i think about Ripple's and XRP's potential it makes me feel confident. Don't let others tell you what to do. Hold that ****! I'm gonna be the last to laugh -some 17yr old
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    Greetings! My latest blog entry talks about how Ripple is keeping focused on its goal even amidst the grand chaos that Bitcoin is creating lately. I hope you enjoy the read. Leave any feedback positive or negative below, and please feel free to share on other media! My blog announcements on other media: Reddit Twitter Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP Speculation Thread
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    In a weird way, I kind of enjoy watching it fall, because it shakes out most of the weak hands. Think about this: Most people don't know what crypto even is yet Most people that own BTC probably couldn't coherently explain Ripple or XRP Banks haven't started using XRP yet XRP is traded on I think half as many sites as BTC There will be a lockup later this year that will lock away over half the supply of XRP SBI Max hasn't launched yet Ripple has a financial incentive to fix any problems that arise Ripple has a financial incentive to increase the value of XRP Banks have financial incentive to use XRP A lot of these items are slated to be addressed before the end of the year. So, if you don't feel comfortable with XRP, then don't hold it. Just know we are most likely on the eve of some of the biggest developments that XRP has ever seen.
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    Professor Hantzen

    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    Two things: 1) The price / market cap being "low" versus it's potential makes it a more attractive buy for banks and financial institutions. These are the players with the real power to drive the price up, not just from buying, but of course from usage and public perception of the value to the company and to XRP of that use. The price of XRP is probably right about where it needs to be right now. The big players are just beginning to load up. 2) There has been a huge influx of "lambo-tards" into the forum and on reddit in the past few months, since the massive rise in April and May. This forum used to have a way better signal-noise ratio. There's still very good content here but the noise is annoying. It's pointless to read the same post over and over again, which can essentially be reduced to: "When will I get rich?" or "How rich will I get?". I'm not sure what can be done about it - but, to the people posting such things, think before you post: "Am I adding any value to the discussion?" Because if you aren't adding any value with what you write, then you aren't adding any value to the community, which in turn means you aren't adding value to the price. In summary: if you really want your lambo - shut up about it. If you'd like to have a positive impact on price - try to ask more interesting questions, do research and post your results, study the technical aspects - teach yourself to code (it's fun - build stuff!). When you've learned something, help others. Do something of benefit. Add value. When an investor with enough financial backing to make an impact on price comes to this forum and sees a bunch of kids whining about how their get-rich-scheme isn't working fast enough for them, what will that impression add to their decision making process? What if they see a community of enthusiastic developers, and encounter a bunch of solid research that helps them right off the bat? How would that impact their choices? How could the cumulative effect of this on many eyeballs affect the perception of Ripple and the price of XRP? If you want to make money, you have to be smart. Think before you write. As annoying as these types of posts are to many of us here, they're actually just not serving the desires of the people who make them. (Btw, I'm not specifically directing this at the OP of this topic - theirs was fine - but there are many far worse examples of this type of post on the forum.)
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    Alibaba is running a validator node as of 1 day ago! Also one of the few on rippled-0.80.0-b4 Hope this is very good news
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    Hi folks. First time poster here. I invested in XRP 6 months ago. I passed on bitcoin in '09 so when it came back onto my radar in Feb '17, I decided I needed to find the next bitcoin-like opportunity. It wasn't long before Ripple came up. I immediately looked up its founders and came across Chris Larsen. Within a day, I knew that this was going to be company I would invest in. Reading how his company E-Loan became "the first company to freely provide consumer's FICO credit scores," and how transparency and trust were forefront in his company Prosper Market place, "the first peer-to-peer lending marketplace in the US." Now Ripple's goal is to be the first x-border payment system of its kind-first, first, first. He is a pioneer. Every company he's involved in wins awards, sets precedents, and it seems like every thing he touches turns to gold. Ripple and XRP will be no different. This was a no brainer. Larsen's integrity, innovative vision, intelligence, and ambition immediately convinced me that this company is going to be unbelievably successful. Then I came across XRP Chat. Wow, you guys blew my mind. I have no background in any of this technology but the way things are explained, critically analyzed, and debated amongst the members here allowed me to learn. Thank you to @Hodor @Mercury @Apollo @cmbartley @tomb @TiffanyHayden, to name a few, for your information, links, insights, optimism, and realism. When times are tough or I feel frustrated, I remind myself who's behind this company, why I invested in the first place, I re-read the dozens of positive articles I've bookmarked over the past 6 months, and then it's all good. I'm ridiculously excited to see what the next few months will bring to Ripple and to us all! C6
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    Aaand that's probably why he keeps a low profile, haha. Thanks @miguel @JoelKatz and @nikb for your participation and contribution here.
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    Let's be honest

    @stecha66 - on June 14th you said you have 400k coins .... then on July 9th you said you made your way to 10k .... Obvious to me, based on your history and commenting your just here to give everyone just that little nudge closer to thinking we are all crazy. Its all good ... spread FUD ... we are conditioned well for it.
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    I haven't seen this before, thought I'd share: https://www.b2bpay.co/tags/ripple-payments Barckays just replaced their CEO with Citi's former head of digital payments and have been quoted as talking to regulators about using ligitial assets "equivalent to bitcoin, not exactly bitcoin. When you Google "B2BPay Ripple," the link provided shows up with the title "Ripple Payments | B2BPay powered by Barclays"
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    Expert Cryptomaniac

    If you're like me you're needing some good news today. I was just chatting with a cryptomaniac and business transformation consulting expert with more than 13 years of research experience in strategically leveraging on exponential technologies and digital platforms to attain a sustainable competitive advantage in Blockchain (cryptoeconomics), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), etc. His statement to me was November is going to be a huge month for Ripple and XRP .. Thanks to him my evening just got a lot better.
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    I just want to let you all know that we are going to be doubling down on ripple-lib. There is a new team member, that is joining us soon who will be working in the rippled team, reporting to me, and who will be responsible for ripple-lib. Our goal is to rejuvenate the library, document it well, make it more versatile and have feature parity with rippled. Our release cadence for ripple-lib will see a new version released alongside future rippled releases, and will come with full support for any new features introduced in rippled. And this is just the beginning. There will be more coming, including broader language support. I know it's been frustrating at times. But good stuff is coming. Stay tuned.
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    Hi I'm korean . Even if my English is not enough, understand! 1. Look at the ripple coin price in Korea! https://coinone.co.kr/exchange/trade/xrp/ This is Korea's Coin Exchange! Xrp You can see the price. 206 is Price of ripple coin . The number of ripple coins that are next to the price. Sometimes, the price of poloniex is 1% 2% higher than the price of Korea. This is called the reverse premium of Korea. 'korea reverse premium.' When the price of poloniex is lower than that of Korea, it is called Korea premium. 'korea premium' When you buy ripple coins, it helps to see Korea 's premium. Interesting story about Korea premium. Korea premium was more than 10%. This is a story just two months ago. When Koreans were most interested in coins! 2. See the prices of Etherium and ripple coins! Etherium has a lot of Korean trading volume. This is like a ripple coin. Ripple coin also reacted when the etherium rose significantly. The Korean investment sentiment is high! 3. Recently, interest in ripple coin has been increasing in Korea. Ripple coin is attracting attention from yesterday 's kakao bank rumor. Yesterday I mentioned ripple coin and cacao bank in kbs news. http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=056&aid=0010491221 A little while, but Korea 'kbs' called 'cnn' mentions ripple coin in live broadcast. The rumor has yet to be revealed. Thank you. Xrp chat members. As much as I get the information here, I will also share the coin information in Korea!
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    Jesus people, the rumor mill on here. and both belong to Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co.,Ltd. specifically belongs to Aliyun Computing Co., LTD Aliyun is Alibaba's cloud computing platform: https://techcrunch.com/2015/08/18/alibabas-cloud-computing-business-will-open-its-international-headquarters-in-singapore/ That address range has been used in spam attacks (https://cleantalk.org/blacklists?record= because of https://www.alibabacloud.com/ that IP range is most likely used by alibaba cloud. $30/yr SSD server is actually a pretty good price tbh. Friendly little reminder that until a domain actually puts up a ripple.txt they're not running a validator.
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    will plasma ETH kill ripple?

    You start a new thread on this forum and don't even want to spend a few minutes of your time introducing the topic? You expect us to use google to find out what the heck plasma is, and then try to read your mind why you'd consider this a possible threat to Ripple? Then let me be as lazy as you, when answering your question: No.
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    Okay first of all let me just say to everyone out there who has been HODLING through this period of insane gains for other coins, congratulations, you have mental discipline. That will get you far in life. With that out of the way, this is how I view XRP vs the other coins out there right now (NEO/ETH/etc.): You can sell all of your XRP right now and go buy those coins. No one is stopping you. They will most likely do well and experience great gains. BUT they won't be rockstar gains. Simple as that. 1.) I view XRP as a life changing vehicle. This is one of the few coins that has cutting edge tech paired with strong enterprise-level support. The FACT that banks are already lining up to work with Ripple and XRP is great evidence of this. XRP has done an outstanding job of positioning itself with a stellar reputation, funded by strong VC's (Google, ect.), and with long-term growth in mind. Look, will there be competitors? Yes. But do I think XRP will win out? Hell yeah. Many close people to me work in high finance. It all comes down to trust. Period. XRP has done a great job of building that reputation and pairing it with great tech. The people who believe banks will work with "just any coin" out there simply don't understand the financial system. At all. Banks need a coin they can trust and one that has a long-term vision. Ripple and XRP have both. It really is that simple. 2.) All of this talk about price ceilings is a literal joke. To ask "how high can XRP go" is simply unreasonable. NO ONE KNOWS. No one will know. There is simply too much wealth in the world. The entire idea of a "market cap" is pointless. We are talking about the entire WORLD here. Not the United States. Not China. THE ENTIRE WORLD. To put a cap on XRP's possible price is simply preposterous. 3.) Once XRP starts taking off, anyone who sells better need that money for bail or something, cause they will regret it. Financial systems work together and move slowly. You better believe that if they make the switch to XRP and Ripple, they will park it there. This means that a snowball effect is sure to take place. There really isn't much anyone can do to create a better product than Ripple tech + XRP. What is someone going to create a new tech that transfers in 3 seconds? Like hell. No bank would undergo a systems switch for such a marginal benefit. I believe that once XRP takes off, it truly will become the global standard. The big boys (HFs, Pension Funds, etc.) are just beginning to play. These guys are hardcore HODLERS. They have investment horizons of 5-7 years (Hedge Funds) and even longer for PFs. These guys will start snapping up XRP by the millions (if not billions). XRP will see the type of gains they want: big, long term, stable gains. These guys will hold for the appreciation in value and they will get it. There isn't a doubt in my mind. The weak guys will sell at $1 and the big boys will buy them out. This will happen all along the way for the next few years. Individuals sell and institutions buy. Act like an institution. INVEST. Don't settle for a 5x or 10x return. Make the institutions buy in after you have made a much bigger return a few years down the line.. Markets are a medium of wealth transfer from the inpatient to the patient. In conclusion, if you have held this long, just keep holding. And then buy. And then hold. Seriously guys, we are staring at a unicorn and some people just can't figure that out yet because XRP is unprecedented. Working with banks? Im sure some anarchists will cry. But we wont. Because we were HODLING.
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    hmmm... if you're wrong, will you promise never to post predictions again and send us all 10 xrp?! i think it should be mandatory for all Jedi Level Predictors
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    Patience will Prosper

    People seem to be expecting overnight returns on XRP that's simply not going to happen. Ripple protocol requires time to implement and integrate into the systems of already established Banks and FI's, which have been using the same technology since the 70's. Ripple technology is shining a light on this obsolete technology and asking these large institutions to update their systems with Ripple technology. Put yourself in the position of CEO of a major bank and you have a new company come to you asking to get rid of the only payment system they have ever used in order to integrate a new system that will effectively replace the old one. Despite the appeal of the new technology, that being Ripple and XRP, you are not going to make this decision lightly. Proof of Concepts (POC) are great, but they don't mean much until the systems are signed off and integrated. Plenty can happen between a POC and integration. The main point i'm trying to establish here is that we seem to have a lot of people who have the "get rich quick" mentality that is ultimately going to destroy you in the long term as your judgement will be clouded by your insatiable desire to buy today and retire tomorrow. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day -- This applies to Ripple as well. If you bought XRP one month, two months or even 4-5 months ago, you obviously bought it for a reason, or at least I did. I work as a broker and understand the painstaking time it takes for payments to hit their beneficiary and the annoyance caused by pestering clients who are wanting to know where their money is 2 days after processing a deal. So when a company like Ripple and a product like XRP come along, your tail should rise and you should definitely get excited -- and for good reason. You look at the thousand other crypto's out there and i guarantee you that there are maybe 0.05% of the total coins on offer that have a genuine use-case -- The rest will die off as the market grows. For me, Ripple is right at the top of the list with Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA because i understand what it is trying to do and the potential it has to change the day-to-day landscape of modern business. A lot of people have an investment strategy that sees them invest their hard earned cash into crypto's based on charts and market movements. Why not invest based on genuine use-case cause i guarantee you that the people who invest this way with the balls to hold and not panic sell will be the ones who will propser in the end.
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    He said he is watching not talking
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    I think it's a lot like asking what makes a service offered over the Internet better than a service offered over a proprietary network. In the early days, this one factor wouldn't make all that much of a difference. But over time, you're either going to have to take over the world or interoperate using open standards. I also think that building deep pools of liquidity is going to cost a lot of money. PayCommerce can't materialize revenue from liquidity through a token. Ripple can. Even if you assume the price of XRP stays roughly where it is now, Ripple takes a third of its XRP revenue as dividends to stockholders, needs a third of its XRP revenue for other expenses, and Ripple sells its XRP over ten years, that still gives Ripple over $300 million per year for each of the next ten years that it can spend on incentivizing liquidity. No other revenue model that I can think of can compete with that. (Of course, you probably couldn't materialize $300 million the first year because there's unlikely to be enough liquidity. But that just means you get more later.)
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    It's interesting to see those that are just peripherally familiar with XRP start to learn more, and then they're like "???? why has this not already replaced BTC at the top?" And honestly I don't have any explanation. I compare it to the invention of the car. Yes, it was astounding, and Henry Ford introduced the model T to the market. But the industry didn't just stop and say "Wow, this is incredible. We can't do any better than the model T!" So why does the crypto market continue their love affair with Bitcoin? I think it has to do with adoption, and the fact that the infrastructure of a lot of the rails to get fiat value into the system carry dead weight with them. Businesses don't want to invest in a change, even if it makes much more technical sense to do so. Of course I'm just talking about the retail cases for Bitcoin. Banks, Central Banks, the US Federal Reserve, and the IMF are already in love with Ripple!
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    Spreading the Word

    At least, this is how I'm doing it anyways...
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    Ripple Trade Volume

    As someone who purchased my first virtual currencies/tokens within the past few days, the amount of noise and price speculation, on both this forum and throughout the virtual currency/token "community", is astounding. Before buying, I spent hours researching. I very quickly realized the vast majority of the currencies/tokens seem to be nothing more than unproven ideas with the holders of these currencies/tokens looking to make a quick buck. I do not blame people for wanting to make money quickly, but in my opinion that is a good way to get burnt. And it is a good idea to believe in what you are purchasing. When I stumbled across Ripple, I was astonished more people had not purchased XRP. First, the use case is very compelling and is in production with early adopters. Second, Ripple has been around for five years and employs hundreds of people. The reviews of the company on sites such as Glassdoor are quite positive. Searching for "blockchain Ripple" on Indeed yields dozens of results (the same is true for "blockchain Ethereum"). It is quite clear to me Ripple is one of the technologies that has momentum. With all of that said, I still view Ripple being successful as a bit of a long shot. What they are trying to do is in my opinion crazy (but admirable). Significant change at most large companies is a capital and labor intensive process. I realize this is a long winded (and perhaps irrelevant) to Ripple trade volume. But the below chart is Ripple's trade volume, in dollars, for XRP since inception. I obtained the data from https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/history and analyzed it using Tableau. My primary profession is data analytics. I hope this is viewed as a meaningful contribution to the XRP Chat community! Trade volume is up approximately 600% this year and accounts for nearly 60% of all trade volume since inception. And there is still 4.5 months left in the year! Of course we have no way of knowing the specific details behind these transactions but Ripple does try to exclude wash sales from the data. Here is another way to view the data. The size of the circle represents trade volume in dollars.
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    I'm officialy selling one kidney to buy more XRPs. I can afford to lose one
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    @miguel Firstly, i agree, it is super cool that senior members have enough character to mingle with us small people. So for that, sir, thank you. I really believe the people involved in XRP trading/investing falls into two categories: those who just want to trade "coins" and those who truly believe in the platform and IoV. Working for a large bank in the information technology field, i can happily say i fall in the later category. It's sad when my daughter in college needs a few dollars to put food in her fridge, and it takes days to get to her.. First and foremost, i know that i am investing in a great company and technology. Not just a coin. It just happens to be the means by which i can. So i think i can speak for at least several people here... keep up the good work. The rewards will come, for both Ripple, and the peaople that believe in you guys and are patient..
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    Let's be honest

    So if it started rocketing upwards and broke through one dollar... and kept going over a period of days.... what would I do? I'm pretty sure I would just HODL. I haven't got enough of the little zerpy thingies to make a life changing difference if they rocket. I need them to rocket then go to warp speed. Not all that likely. So basically I watch the price... hoping it will go up so my wife stops thinking I am an idiot, but needing it to stay down so that over time I can slowly put spare change in. Sigh. Is this how schizophrenia starts??
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    "Ripple is interesting in that it's the only other system that does something with trust besides concentrate it into a central server." - Satoshi Nakamoto Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 10:44 PM From https://pastebin.com/Na5FwkQ4 and https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2080206.0 ... still pending verification from Mike Hearn
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    Ripple crashes and it crashes badly....

    Just because you feel bad of the way things are going (pricewise), doesn't mean you need to make a new account just to make this post.
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    Ripple Expanding into China!

    Chinese Government is in cooperation with Ant Financial/Alipay.... Ant has a pending purchase of MoneyGram... SBI has an alliance with MoneyGram... Ant Financial has $200 M investment with Kakao bank... Ripple is hiring for Chinese market... WE ARE GOING TO THE FRAGGING MOON, BOYS!
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    I know at least one stockholder who is interested.
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    Reminds me of this cartoon
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    I was faffing around with my bank (natwest) trying to send some money to Germany. It will take 2-4 days and cost at least £10 (x3 if I want it within 1-2 days). So, naturally i started looking for any signs Natwest might be moving into the 21st century by adopting Ripple tech, and found this interesting article which I thought I'd share. https://natwest.contentlive.co.uk/content/2e2fc1f9-878d-808a-924e-d30bbf15cb35 Dated 26th July 2016 "One of the most widely followed blockchain developments for the banking industry is Ripple. The developer, Ripple Labs, proposes it as an alternative to the correspondent banking system that enables near-instant, bilateral, and straight-through processing. Ripple still requires large currency floats at the two ends of the transaction which implies that banks are required in a settlement arrangement. Banks could potentially use Ripple for intrabank and interbank real-time settlement. International remittance business is being disrupted by borderless cryptocurrency solutions which offer faster processing and lower costs than established banking system alternatives. At this point, the overall adoption of cryptocurrency remains low due to the complexity levels for average users and confidence levels in the volatile, unregulated systems."
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    If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd give better than 50:50 odds that Alibaba will officially join the Ripple network within 12 months.
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    https://medium.com/backchannel/bill-gates-on-mobile-banking-connecting-the-world-and-ai-937f35c8a110 Also Hi everyone! First Post!
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    Refer to ripple coin in Korean news

    Yesterday I wrote a ripple coin and a kakao bank. and Yesterday 'KBS' mentioned ripple coin and kakao bank. http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=056&aid=0010491221 'KbS is an American 'cnn' class broadcaster.' Very briefly pointing out the ripple coin, like a kakao bank. The rumor has not been revealed yet. The fact that the overseas remittance of the cacao bank is cheap and the virtual currency reflow can be cheap. It's just that. Interpret the link !
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    Ripple Expanding into China!

    Listed company held by public in majority China Merchants Bank China Minsheng Bank China Trust Commercial Bank China Zheshang Bank Ping An Bank MYbank Privately owned bank Bank of Shanghai Bank of Taizhou Taian Bank UBS Securities, an investment bank associated with UBS WeBank (China) According to Wikipedia, these are the banks NOT owned by the Chinese gov't. Ripples best shot at getting their foot in the door?
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    The XRP token is not in the current bull run because of some misconceived reasons which require scrutiny: 1) Although many banks are using the XRP platform as a money transfer system, the XRP token is not boosted by this fact because the ledger has nothing to do with the altcoin. My idiot-level view: Imaging the XRP platform to be a car that can run on different types/brands of fuel like gasoline, water, diesel, brine, etc. (i.e. the metaphors for major fiat currencies, Bitcoin and the major Altcoins including the XRP token, collectively the "Usable Currencies"). In such a sense it can be said the XRP ledger (the "car") is currently helping banks remit many forms of money (the Usable Currencies) at a high speed and low remittance fees . However, such remittance fees, though much lower than SWIFT fees, do vary from Usable Currency to Usable Currency with that of the XRP token being the lowest. Quite obviously, as the XRP token is currently not in circulation to the extent of fiats and Bitcoin, it means it is these Usable Currencies minus the XRP token that are the current "fuel" driving the XRP platform. And the XRP firm has to let this be the situation for now in order for the platform to gain usage and popularity and as such the XRP token has not as yet experienced any great demand as the would-be ultimate currency for remittances. Once the platform catches on and becomes a popular way of remitting money, users will start comparing remittance costs among Usable Currencies and that is when the XRP Altcoin will hit the moon. Simply put, the token is indeed linked to the ledger but when you introduce a new car in the market with your own brand of petrol, you have to allow the car to sell well first before the petrol that goes with it can gain traction. 2) The XRP platform aims to replace the SWIFT system of money transfer, but since SWIFT is owned by banks, one can be sure the banks will not allow it to happen. My idiot-level view: The above is based on the wrong presumption that SWIFT is owned by all banks in the world and each bank stands to lose out should XRP take over SWIFT. The truth is SWIFT is only owned by its members which are financial institutions and non-member financial institutions do not benefit from the high fees charged by the SWIFT system. In any event, financial institutions are not the only party transferring money, non-banking related businesses, which is the overwhelming majority, also have to remit/transfer money and it is due to a lack of choice that they have to make use of the SWIFT system via banks. The XRP system enables such majority to bypass banks and SWIFT. The fact that so many banks have presently converted themselves to XRP banks (see below) proves that it is a matter of time before SWIFT banks become overwhelmed because XRP fees are as much as 60% cheaper. 3) New ledgers/platforms are coming into existence which adopt or copy some of XRP"s technology and as such, the XRP token is unlikely to appreciate and instead its price may even collapse. My idiot-level view: Presently, XRP has been approved or is being used by the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, a consortium of Japanese banks with 61 members including Japan Post Bank as well as the country’s three megabanks – Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group and Mizuho Financial Group – representing more than 80 per cent of Japanese banking assets, the Siam Commercial Bank, with another between 20 and 25 banks planning to sign with Ripple in the next 18 months in the Asia-Pacific region. There is also a lot of interest expressed by both the public and the private banks in China with one of the biggest banks there already using the system which is also supported by large communities, including those of Google, Facebook and Uber. And the Ripple team is working hard in signing up more users worldwide. Such first mover advantage will be very difficult for any new competitor to overtake. 4) XRP's Interledger solution is a peer-to-peer solution which means banks using it can lose control of their own network as distinct from a Hyperledger, which is a private blockchain with a centralised hub to control the process and banks using it will be able to control transactions among their own branches. My idiot-level view: As previously mentioned, banks presently do a lot of remittances/transfers because businesses, which form the bulk of remitters, have no choice but to do so through banks. Once the XRP system catches on because of its great savings and its flexibility and convenience of use (without for anyone having to go to or through the bank) monetary transfers by banks will fall to a negligible level. As such, the role of banks in such transfers is likely to be wiped out someday. Hence, the point here is a non-issue to me. 5) The Ripple firm has retained 60 billion XRP coins and can therefore flood the market with it causing the token's unit price to collapse. My idiot-level view: Apart from the firm's promise in locking 14 billion in XRP Cryptocurrency (which does not seem to appease many people so far), the truth of the matter is this. Would the firm shoot itself in the foot by allowing the XRP unit price to collapse thereby rendering whatever XRP coins it is holding or retaining worthless? 6) XRP is a centralized system which means the system is under the control of a single firm. My idiot-level view: The question here is this. Does XRP the firm introduce its technology to the world just for the sake of technology or the fun of it, or is it also to make money? If it is also to make money, the fact that the system is under centralized control must mean that it gives the firm a guaranteed freedom without interference to administer the whole platform and improve on it wherever necessary in order to steer it to become the world's standard for money transfers or, to put it in another way, to ensure that whatever XRP coins it is retaining will make a lot of money for all those guys who have been contributing towards the technology and managing the whole system. In short, why begrudge these guys making big money out of their tokens? Do third-party holders of XRP coins be it investors, punters, businesses, banks, etc. not stand to benefit in the process if the closed system becomes a success unlike what is now happening to decentralized Bitcoin -- think BTC, BTH, SegWit2x, and other potential forks that have yet to come about! Is that good for Bitcoin as the top Cryptocurrency? 7) XRP is dead because of the above (misconceived) allegations. My idiot-level view: Apart from the above views in rebuttal, the point here is that currently at about 16 cents, XRP is almost guaranteed to be the best punt for one to at least double his capital quickly once BTC's price starts to unwind together with those of ETH, BTH, etc. in tandem when those who have sold out to take profit will likely put part of it into XRP hopefully to double or triple their profits because at 16 cents it is not that difficult for XRP to go up by just another 16 or more to 32 and above. THE ABOVE IS NOT INTENDED AS FINANCIAL ADVICE BUT JUST A PERSONAL VIEW
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    It already is a tsunami, that's why its pulling back and everyone is running for the hills.....
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    I've been diving into crypto for the last month and decided to go with XRP after seeing what the other coins are doing. My simple take goes back to what I saw in the Dot com bust. Netscape and Aol were the kings of the new internet and were going to dictate everything. But there were these two little companies that were looking at things differently, Google and Amazon. Google hardly existed in 1999 and Amazon fell from 105 to 45. Remember people thought Bezos was nuts for trying to start a business selling books "online". This years Crypto Craze is along the same lines. Speculation all over the place, new coins, that do nothing, coming out with hype and making incredible price gains with no real business to back them. And they are all going to do this for the next 10 years! And then you have this company, Ripple sitting over in the corner, plodding along actually building a "company", with lots and lots of people saying "look at that dummy! He's working his butt off and we're cashin checks!" Everyone laughing at the dummie's friends who knew he was onto something and believed in him. The "Dot com" boom was never going to end, all those companies were going to keep making money out of thin air... Just like then, this is going to crash, just a matter of when and how hard. (News flash -the banks, and their ties to all the governments of the world, are not going out of business!) The ones who will be left will be the ones who built an actual business around crypto currency and have something of value to add to the world. And it likely won't be the flashy, over hyped ones that last. It will be the ones no one paid much attention to. At one time, people thought Gates, Job's, Bezos, and Sergey and Larry were crazy for thinking they could succeed, and everyone who stuck with them were the "dummies" who weren't "cashing the checks". Seems the ones who stuck it out are cashing much bigger checks now. Remember, the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one's who do! I'll buy my ticket and see where this goes. Slow and steady wins the race as we've seen time and time again. Except for a few, get rich quick usually ends up "lose all of your money fast" Grabman out!
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    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    Ridiculous that even after @Graine called it out, people still fell into the trap. He did not say they don't care about the price knuckleheads...Let me break it down: The part you heard: The part you missed: The saddest part: Rise above guys, you're better than this.
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    The goal of the task force is to enable collaboration, and no "winner" will be picked. This is just a means to have the fed review what they perceive to be the most viable solutions. There was one submission suggesting the fed make their own coin, and it was not received well due to obvious conflict of interest. The main point people are missing is the adoption metrics and their impact on change. Let's say there are 15,000 banks in the world.(LINK) 13,000 pay for messaging services via swift, 100-200 are enabling instant cross border transactions with Ripple, another 300 are investing in the EEA or R3 or other consortiums to find a blockchain/DLT solution, and ~1000 do nothing (small local banks and credit unions). This is an environment that can Ripple AND XRP can THRIVE in. Let's say in the next year SBI goes live, India and Thailand are live, and they have some relationships being developed in new exotic currency pair regions. This alone can propel XRP to 20-30bn market cap on a real use case and further speculation for developing relationships. This is where the FI's that were on the fence now have some quantifiable data to compare (assuming the Ripple banks are open with their results, which I don't know whey they wouldn't be). Enter the domino effect of billion dollar banks meeting FOMO. Even if this only lead to another 100-200 banks, this would be ENORMOUS. Stop thinking in absolutes. This is not an "all or none" or "winner take all" situation. This space WILL see ten fold gains in the next 12-18 months, and those best positioned to prove with historical data and new innovations will reap the lionshare. Name one digital asset that is better positioned than XRP. That's a trick question, because there isn't any.