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    China and the gang of four

    Yesterday a job posting was discovered at AMEX in their FXIP division and in the job description there was some interesting language that indicated "Santander, Ripple and American Express are launching a block chain service in 2018" it went on in typical job posting fashion talking about how its an exciting time to work in this business unit etc. Shortly after it was discovered American Express updated the listing and removed the language. I consider this to be a legitimate leak, posted accidentally by a hiring manager, if you work at a large corporation you know that one of the main and only places employees can change public facing web info is through job postings, this is because hiring managers typically create and publish the postings and there are little internal controls to monitor what they put out there, I think someone just made a mistake and now we know a piece of the puzzle. I then took a look at what is the FXIP business unit, apparently this is American Express' cross-border payments group that primarily services business-to-business payments, the web page for this group states specifically you don't need an American Express card to use the service, makes sense. So the fact that Santander, Ripple and American Express are teaming up is really interesting to me, this is a scenario that not many have speculated or theorized about. Further digging turned up an article from April that I had read and totally forgotten about until I started looking into this and googled AMEX a bit deeper, the article I found from April talks about American Express being the first US based credit card company to be granted authorization to operate in China, even more interestingly it states that they will operate as part of a joint-venture with mobile payment provider LianLian. LianLian and Ripple announced a partnership in Q1 of 2018. So now, we have potentially, what I call the gang of four (Santander, Ripple, LianLian and American Express) teaming up to operate in China. China having banned the trade of crypto currencies, but I see this could potentially lead to not the trade of currencies, but a leveraging of them on the back end to operate this service. Finally, the last thought I had as part of this is, maybe Ripple's strategy here isn't to sell xRapid directly to the masses, but to team up with a known and trusted brand like AMEX, so the sales conversations aren't as strained as "hey use this space age technology, from a very new company" but instead "please use this cheaper, faster service, from a hundred year old brand whose commercials you've seen your entire life" (Note AMEX's current SLA for cross-border payments is 1 -4 days - I'm sure we can expect a substantial reduction once said new service is launched) https://www.americanexpress.com/us/content/foreign-exchange/international-payments/?src=Online&digi=onl_lin_ops https://www.wsj.com/articles/american-express-advances-in-effort-to-access-china-market-1524668149 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Express
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    For me, it was when I first started researching crypto and Bitcoin in mid-2017. I read a lot about bitcoin but couldn't work out what it did and why it was so valuable? It takes too long to move and is very expensive so I couldn't see the payment system it had promised and a "store of value, like digital gold" ok, maybe. Then I saw Ripple (it wasn't referred to as XRP back then) and it was 20c so I thought "what is this about"? I can remember reading my first few articles and reviewing the Ripple website and I was hooked. Thousands of transactions per second on the ILP, settlement in seconds at virtually no cost. The current SWIFT system, 40-year-old tech which takes days to settle. $5 Trillion in cross-border payments per day. The ability with XRP to remove $27 trillion in dormant capital. WOW, can this be real? Then I read about xCurrent, and the ongoing development of xRapid and xVia. 100 banks at the time partnering with Ripple and trialling the technology. I am ready to invest. It takes me a few days to work out and another week or so to get verified on an exchange and then the Amex news drops and the price starts jumping. "Damn it, I missed it" I thought as the price started climbing. I got online there and then and invested in XRP. My first buy at 25c I have bought on the way up and on the way down. I bought again only last week. I will continue to buy more at these great prices and why wouldn't I? We are in such a better position now than when I first started researching nearly a year ago. Hundreds of xCurrent and xVia partners, xRapid being trialled by very well know FI's and about to go live. Ripple, through xPring, funding over 100 startups with projects that will use XRP. Codius and Coil. So when do I admit I made the right decision? . . . . Immediately after I first invested and every day since.
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    So the testing is complete 😊 https://jobs.americanexpress.com/jobs/18006729?lang=en-us
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    My Newbie Unbiased Theory

    Also, it's best to keep your story straight when you're fudding... "Single male, no kids" seeking "wife". Must be prepared to marry within days. ...and people honestly believe that there aren't fudsters who come by to deliberately s*** stir. Don't these Craigslist ads even 'audition' their applicants? Amateur hour.
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    XRP, Ripple & The Color of Money

    Do you have one of those friends that always yells at the television when a professional sports match is on? Maybe they think they could do better, judging from the sidelines. But what your friend might not realize is the real professionals always make it look easy; but it is not. They've put in the hours of hard work to get where they are. Likewise Ripple has put in a tremendous amount of consistent work to get where they're at; at the cusp of a global takeover in banking communications and cross-border value transfer. Ripple specializes in streamlining payments, and XRP is the best digital asset for bridging currencies. In this blog entry, I detail the events of the last few days, including their phenomenal philanthropic effort with university education. Hope you enjoy the read! Please leave any feedback below & feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    the last question seems to be referring to Ripple
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    Sorry it is in french but she is the CEO of amex in France it is up and running already
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    Hello everyone. cant stay on long. just wanted to let you know im still alive. gonna be a long road but should be fine soon enough im fully aware of the market drop right now. again, notice its not xrp in the news. xrp is falling because the market isfalling. btc eth eos xrp.. all down. sell if you want but those who make the most money investing are those willing to invet long ter,.m for anyone freaking out right now..why are you worried? because the price is falling? were you only expecting the price to go up? remember the countdown post.. most people currently invested WONT BE by 2023 because they sold in fear. sell if you want, sell if you want to try to flip for more xrp.. but honestly just hold. 2023 is the name of the game. can you hold only 242 more weeks? do you really need that money you invested in XRP THAT badly? what are you going to buy with it? a big screen tv that youll throw out in a few years? a vacation that will be over in two weeks? just hold.
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    I honestly can't remember when I first discovered Hodor's research and blog posts, but I know it was very early on. His work was an integral part of my initial research into cryptocurrency, and I am first & foremost appreciative of Hodor's work for this very reason. He helped me become comfortably knowledgeable about Ripple and its potential, and he kept me enthusiastic with his consistent reminders why Ripple was an all-star product. And when I say consistent, I mean it! I was checking out his new home, xrpcommunity.blog, and while browsing through the posts history, I noticed that Hodor has been contributing an article to the community at least once every four days. (Back when he first started last year, he was contributing every three days!) Most importantly, each of these articles are well-written and informative, always cited and factually responsible. WOW. Just wow. That is the result of both amazing dedication and hard work, and I just thought it deserved an extra spotlight this week. His first article posted is dated June 15th, 2017. That means Hodor's 1 Year XRP Blog Anniversary is on June 15th, 2018. It would be really cool if we came together as a community and celebrated this milestone. A simple way we could accomplish this is by sharing ways in which Hodor has impacted us and show our respects; another is by crowdfunding a modest gift (what would be appropriate?) tips to a new blogger that is publishing on the new XRP Blog platform; and another is by initiating a discussion with Ripple Labs to see if they're interested in matching any donations. Sincerely, A Big Fan *Update/Edit: P.S. For those who would like to donate to Hodor, please read below:
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    ""In 2018 we are introducing a block chain solution with Ripple and Santander." -oops! It was quickly corrected without mention of Ripple anymore https://jobs.americanexpress.com/jobs/18006729?lang=en-us
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    @karlos I have to say I'm disappointed that you would give me a warning point for posting a meme basically saying that SuperTronk needs to take his head out of his azz. Okay, I'll accept that. But why is it ok for that member to belittle everyone by starting a thread that is in fact calling everyone an idiot for buying, Hodling and being positive about xrp. Sure, they're much more subtle in how they do it. But you know exactly what they're trying to do by starting these fud threads. All they do is cause a ruckus and make xrpchat a depressing place to visit. Said my peace. And I accept my punishment. I needed to get this off my chest. Do with me as you please. And just so you know. I appreciate everything you've done for the community by providing xrpchat for the public to discuss positives and negatives of xrp. But those few characters that are playing the game have no intention of having an honest debate. They are ruining the board imo. Good day.
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    Don’t worry

    Guys dont worry. Just laugh at this market. Our XRP fundamentals are ever increasing. The price is ever decreasing. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS RIGHT!? Increasing fundamentals x decreasing price = UNDERVALUED ASSET Manipulators know this. Dont be the herd, be ahead of the herd. Hold and buy more if you can when you think bottom is close. Or sell if you cant take it anymore, but I sure as hell am not and will take this oppurtunity to accumulate.  Good luck all!!
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    Why will xRapid increase price?

    A lot has been said about xRapid being cost neutral because the buy pushes up the prices but the sell will pull it down in equal amounts. Trouble is the money flow is not even. For example more money will be sent from the US by ex pats to Mexico than vice versa. For arguments sake let’s say 10m gets sent to Mexico, but 5m gets sent back. What would this mean if xRapid was used with public exchanges? The system would collapse – there is not enough liquidity globally to handle it let alone for the US. Current daily liquidity is between 150 – 600million. The price in the US would go through the roof and the price in Mexico would crash because more people will buy in the US than on the Mexican public exchanges. So xRapid will be a total fail if public exchanges were the only source of liquidity. The buy price will be too high and the sell price too low for xRapid to compete against SWIFT. xRapid needs a good exchange rate to succeed. To be a success money makers need to come into play. These institutions will trade XRP and handle large volumes without crashing the market price. They will make a great deal of money on the buy / sell spread. But to do that they need to hold enough XRP to handle the volume. In effect they become institutional HODLers. Just like the NOSTRO / VOSTRO accounts of today – there will be a huge stockpile of XRP required (as well as their own local currency). So if this is just like VOSTRO / NOSTRO, why would the FI’s use XRP? Currently they have to hold currency for every country they transfer money to. Only a few big banks do this due to the expense and they charge the smaller banks huge fees to do this on their behalf. In the new world, they hold their local currency and XRP only. Massive savings in administration and a smaller pool of XRP can be held. Smaller banks / FI’s can now afford to participate directly without using the big banks. And remember the XRP held is not what is being transferred – it needs to cover the peak periods, so all these institutions will have a nice buffer. And we know that they hold $25Trillion of FIAT for that purpose. If just $1 Trillion of value is required to be held in XRP, it would need to be worth $10 if the full supply was used for that purpose. So what will happen when xRapid goes live? Very little initially, because the money makers for XRP have not been setup in every country yet. Ripple has been targeting high friction corridors in the first instance and xRapid will not magically work in every country on day one of going live. The infrastructure needs to be built. So if you expect to moon on day one of go live you will be disappointed – you may get lucky with a speculation frenzy, but that’s all it will be in the early days. So that kind of socks for everyone wanting to get rich next month. But this was never a short term investment, it has always been stated by the ‘Beard’ that this will be measured in years. Having said that xRapid volume will grow exponentially. This means that for every market that gets added, the number of corridors available for xRapid use will multiply as follows; Number of markets *(number of markets-1) / 2 = number of available corridors 2 Markets = 1 Corridor 3 Markets = 3 Corridors 4 Markets = 6 Corridors 5 Markets = 10 Corridors 6 Markets = 15 Corridors 7 Markets = 21 Corridors 8 Markets = 28 Corridors 9 Markets = 36 Corridors 10 Markets = 45 Corridors etc For each new market we need to have new money makers which in turn requires XRP, but also the existing ones will need to hold more to handle the new volume. Obviously not all corridors are equal, but you can see how volume can build very quickly. So this is all great, but I stated that public exchanges will crash if they are used, so surely the price will only go up for the money makers? xRappid is designed to find the most cost efficient sources for buying and selling. So it will use exchanges if they are cheaper than money makers which will maintain the balance in price and also drive up liquidity so that public exchanges can handle larger volumes. Also money makers will need to continually stock up on XRP as the requirements increase, this will be sourced from exchanges and the controlled release from Ripple. So to summarise, xRappid will absolutely drive up price. I am not saying it will be $10. That was a simple illustration of how xRappid can easily rise it to $10, but the reality is it could be much higher. Unfortunately liquidity is not built overnight. You cannot flip a switch and have all the buyers and sellers in every market ready to go on day one. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Compare XRP to other coins that moon on nothing more than gambling mentality and you will be incredibly frustrated. There will also be upward speculative pressure once the mainstream media reports on XRP usage for transactions. And years down the line, you have to ask – why not accept XRP for goods directly, especially if you have an international business. At some point it will stabilise like any other currency.
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    Bearableguy123 Thread

    This random internet person cares. Here's my two cents...a lesson I learned as a kid and I'll never forget: My dad always wanted fruit trees. He wanted to have a small orchard in our yard. So did I. Every year, I asked my dad if we could plant some fruit trees. Every year he'd say the same thing: "It's too late. I should have planted them years ago. It'll take too long to get anything out of it, and I'll be dead and gone by then." The next year would roll around and I'd put it out there again..."Hey dad, let's plant an apple tree this year." Again, the same answer. This went on for........25 YEARS. At which point, his "prediction" came true. He was gone, and there was still no fruit. Friend, get a picture in your mind of what your normal, healthy self would be doing...and do it. Do a small piece of it today, and add to it tomorrow. It's NEVER too late to take a step toward improvement. You might get to enjoy a whole orchard, you might not. But making good choices for yourself pays off immediately in self esteem. And your future self (and those who love you) will thank you. Plant a tree already!!
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    My Newbie Unbiased Theory

    Phew! I'm glad you clarified that it's just your opinion. For a moment there, I thought it was an official SEC statement and I was about to sell.
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    Hello everyone Just officially joined here although been into XRP and lurking on this forum since November. Thanks to everyone for their posts, its quickened the learning pace greatly. Hope to one day make some contributions of my own.
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    You may find answers here.

    I'll update this post with new links to answer every fear, uncertainty or doubt (unbased ones for the least). Feel free to provide or ask for more links in the other topic. Feel free to share. - Ripple How Ripple got started? (Chris Larsen's Video) Who or what is Ripple's main competitor? (Stefan Thomas' Answer) What is the Difference between Ripple and XRP? (Brad Garlinghouse's Video) What does Ripple do as a company? (Cory Johnson's Video) What are the Core Products developed by Ripple? (Asheesh Birla's Video) What are the different Use Cases Ripple is trying to solve? (Ripple) What is Ripple's Vision for XRP? (Internet of Value - Brad Garlinghouse's Video) Why is the Internet of Value needed? (Chris Larsen's Video) How can Ripple help banking the unbanked? (Ripple's Insights - Mojaloop) Why is Compliance / working with Regulators so important? (Ripple) Who funded RippleLabs? (Crunchbase) Who sits at the Board of Advisors of Ripple? (Crunchbase) Which Countries can be reached by Ripple softwares through its network ? - XRP What do the letters XRP stand for? (David Schwartz's answer) Is XRP decentralized? (David Schwartz's Video) Why did Ripple escrowed 55 of their 61 Billion XRP ? (Ripple's Insights) Will Banks/Corporates hold XRP and why? (David Schwartz's answer) What does XRP decoupling look like? (C3 Nik's tweet - not evidence on future decoupling) What is the Usecase of XRP towards Banks? (Ripple's PDF) Is XRP a Security? (Brad Garlinghouse's Video) Does the XRP Community know how to throw a party ? (Ripple's Video) - XRP Ledger Are 8 seconds transactions even possible? (Video from ATB Financial Canada / Reisebank / Ripple ) What is Ripplenet? (Ripple's brochure) What is the strategy to decentralize the XRP Ledger? (Ripple's Insights) What is Consensus? (Ripple's Video) What is the "tech" explanation of Consensus Protocol? (25 pages paper from B. Chase & E. MacBrough (good luck)) Want to run a Validator? (Ripple devs) Why is the InterLedger Protocol revolutionary? (Evan Schwartz's answer) - xRapid What are the xRapid pilot results? (Ripple's Insights) Will xRapid increase the price of XRP when it is adopted? What are the Nostro/Vostro accounts worth trillion dollars? (Ripple Onepager) - xCurrent How does xCurrent work? (Ripple's Video) Is xCurrent already available? (Ripple's Insights - OnepayFX w/ Santander) Does xCurrent settle payments with XRP? (David Schwartz's answer) - Xpring What's Xpring? (Ripple's Insights) - xVia What is xVia and why is it needed? (Ripple's Insights) - Codius What is Codius? What are Smart Contracts and how Codius compares to the competition? (Hodor's Article) How to run a Codius host? (Stefan Thomas' Article) Is Ripple aiming at the derivatives market with Codius? (Susan Athley's Video) - Cobalt What is Cobalt? (49 pages paper from Ethan MacBrough -- have fun --) - Market + Off topics Why did David Schwartz chose S. Joel Katz as his "online name"? What does the Future of Transaction Networks look like? (Ripple's Video) Why is the Payments Market expected to boom in the coming years? How can a digital payment structure provide bank services to the unbanked? (Bill Gates' Video) What is the difference between Central Banks and Commercial Banks? Don't forget you can suggest new questions or new links in the other topic ! My current opinion of XRP? - Don't apply TA unless you understand how this market moves. (Goes well until any exchange gets hacked lol) - Buying the dips and/or HODLing is a good strategy. - DCA with slow accumulation works well on this market. - XRP remains undervalued anyway, considering it will be used at large scale in the MLT. - I'm in for the long term. I'd rather gamble in casinos for short term profits. - Don't look at the price, just have an eye on the Zerpening to see if rockets appear. - Trade at your own risks for greater rewards.
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    @AlexCobb Thanks for all the videos and your enthusiasm. A dead cat bounce, however, is a negative - the term relates to a short term bump in price after a big decline. The term is one a bear, not a bull, uses to describe a temporary rally in an overall declining market. The analogy is that even a dead cat, if it falls (declines) to such a great degree, will bounce up temporarily. I agree with you that XRP will go higher, but it sure seems like we are tied to the price of BTC for now, unfortunately. Also, may I suggest that you avoid "guaranteeing" anything. I don't like to hear someone with 50 years of experience in an area guaranteeing something, let alone someone as young as you. But I do appreciate your confidence, which I also have in XRP. Keep up the good work, and good luck to us as we watch this whole Ripple and XRP thing play out.
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    The default fee is 10XRP per contract per month. Although you can adjust this number to align with current supply/demand. Each contract takes half a GB of RAM to support. And you need some RAM to run the OS, so figure the first GB is used. I ordered a refurbished workstation with 96 GB of RAM and a few extra required parts for just over $1000. Running at 50% capacity, you can clear 960 XRP a month. At 25%, that's 480 XRP. With XRP at 0.55, that's some where between $260 and $520 month, give or take which sets the payoff between 2 and 4 months. If I only get 5% usage, the payoff period is about 20 months, but that still equates to a 57% annualized ROI. If Codius takes off and I get max usage, the system is capped at 1890 XRP per month using the default fee. There's no electricity costs in this math, but it's way less than mining. So factor that in, but it's still worth it, IMO. And I'm supporting something I believe in.
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    $100 Per XRP

    Apple market cap = $940 billion Google market cap = $790 billion MSFT market cap = $775 billion FB market cap = $557 billion Amazon.com market cap = $822 billion Berkshire Hathaway Market cap = $481 billion There's a $4.3 trillion combined total over just 6 companies. Whereas XRP as a utility will be used by hundreds, possibly thousands of banks. Wedged into hedge funds, possibly used for derivatives and other smart contracts, can find globally in entertainment and everywhere else when we take into account the possibilities of xpring, coil, and business models like Omni. Codius will basically create opportunities for XRP akin to those that TRX/Tron are aiming to fulfill. (entertainment industry globally is another $1.72 trillion market, the derivatives market has reports that vary from $500 trillion to over a $quadrillion). "XRP isn't Ripple" Bla bla bla. heard it. My point is there's no way that any of us know how big this thing can grow. Putting an upper limit on the price is just as silly as putting a minimum value on the price. the only honest answer from anyone is that we don't know, but that we can speculate there is a mountain of potential.
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    Care to explain this then @MegaNerd? https://web.archive.org/web/20180611181131/https://jobs.americanexpress.com/jobs/18006729?lang=en-us If you could retract that as strongly as you call it a fake, that would be great 😕
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thestreet.com/amp/investing/bitcoin/ripple-ceo-speaks-at-stifel-financial-conference-14619614 The Ripple CEO told the crowd, "A number of prominent people, even Steve Wozniak, has said that he sees a world where Bitcoin is the primary currency. I think that's absurd. I don't think that any major economy will allow that to happen. By the way, it doesn't make sense." He continued by saying, "I'll tell you another story that is underreported, but worth paying attention to. Bitcoin is really controlled by China. There are four miners in China that control over 50% of Bitcoin" Some interesting stuff in this piece from Brad G.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Ok, bros! Time has come to say good bye. For ten days. Delayed journey to Italy starts tonight, need sleep now before the ten hours drive. When we moon, I will say hello and goddess you, if not then...well...not. lol Have a nice time and take care. Although I don’t know anyone here personally, I like all of you. We are some crazy bunch. Group hug! ciao amici! and just for you...the only official green goddess...hope she does her job. lol
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    @PickleRick Good For you, way to take XRP to the street!