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    Paper Tigers and Real Bears

    Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/paper-tigers-and-real-bears/ In today's blog, I separate the paper tigers from the real bears, and go in-depth on the latest crypto market downturn, along with some of its causes and effects. 𝐑𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: SBI and R3 form a joint company starting in January; PC Mag interviews Asheesh Birla; and Brad Garlinghouse provides his perspective on Ethereum project contractions. 𝐂𝐨𝐢𝐥 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: David Schwartz describes how ILP has joined all new Cosmos blockchains, along with Ethereum. 𝐗𝐑𝐏 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: I describe possible technical improvements for an "XRP 2.0"; The XRP Community API is upgraded to provide real-time API data from 27 exchanges; and a new fan video summarizes the IMF's positive position on digital assets using a comedic technique. I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Psychology of Whales

    The evolution of Las Vegas as a city is fascinating to me as it seems to exist on its own plane of reality. The fact that it’s located in a hostile location geographically and really only existed in part to the railroad and now is the 28th largest city is astonishing. Add in the colorful mafia characters, rat packs and Howard Hughes and you have a great comic book series at the minimum. A perfect brew of American greed and the wild west. If someone were wanting to purchase land in the Las Vegas area in 1960 most would have considered it insane, however, to do so would have reaped massive rewards over the years. Of course the challenges of behind the scenes politics, market manipulation and negative sentiment would have seemed overwhelming. Not to mention the large investors that would apply and exorbitant amount of pressure on local land owners to sell in order to obtain prime land. Fast forward to today and the new budding city of Cryptoville. It shares the wild west flavor with huge amounts of volatility and colorful dark web stories about drug dealers criminals and terrorists. Those that have purchased in Cryptoville are feeling the pressures of regulatory uncertainty and falling values making us pioneers question our investment. What I find comforting, however, is to see the massive amount of investment happening around us each day even as the price of our plots deflates more and more. This dichotomy should bring a lot of comfort. High rises are being constructed, airports are ready to allow onboarding and offboarding of a massive amount of tourists in and out of our city bringing billions of dollars. Rumblings are occurring in local government showing a positive sentiment on the growth of Cryptoville and although there are no clear regulations set, one gets a sense that the regulators are waiting on the nod from the crptomafia . Obviously, the owners of these now empty structures have a lot of influence over the development of our city. Do the laws of probability suggest that all this development will be left unutilized? Airports with no planes, resorts with no travelers and casinos with no cash? Not likely. The only thing missing is the massive amount of advertisement driving the tourists to travel to our new digital asset land. Perhaps the casinos and restaurants are putting on their final touches and making preparations. Rest assured the hotels and resorts will soon be full but the question is when and how will the whales make this happen. Sentiment needs to change before 45 year old John Plumber will be willing to transfer some of his wealth to Cryptoville. My belief is the whales will recognize the primary driving force of all investors which is greed. Perhaps stories will begin to circulate about windfalls of cash made in Cryptoville by early investors. Casinos may produce flashy commercials showing exciting profits to be made with snappy slogans like what happens in Cryptoville stays in Cryptoville. Safety and security are made a top priority to protect all travelers and woven into all advertisements. Many are asking when will the whales make their move while it may be more compelling to ask “how”.
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    Recession, Basel III and Xrp

    I was giving more thought to the global market downturns that we are seeing at this stage of the market cycle. As the amplitude of the waves increases, we may see increased XRP usage. I wouldn't rely too heavily on the current lockstep behavior with Bitcoin. Basel III accords put a lot of recommendations in place to prevent leverage problems and reduce syatemic risk by putting more weight on tier 1 capital and reducing tier 2 and tier 3 weight, further expanding the definitions of both of those tiers. Essentially calculations for manageable leverage extension need to be primarily based on unencumbered, uncomplicated cash reserves. Nostro accounts are not tier 1. The impact of this is that in the early stages of a credit crunch, we will likely see a repatriation of nostro reserves to allow for more lending. I do believe in an extreme crunch the winners and losers will be made based on exposure to xrp liquidity through xRapid or corda settler. I don't expect a price spike at this time, because these banks wanting to extend credit simply use xrp to maintain cross-border services as they claw bank funds from nostros. However, volume should spike considerably, and in tandem with announcements of tier 2-3 banks being distressed who are not on the system. This is the pattern on my radar. In some countries, this could effect fiat stability if the central bank discovers that there isn't enough leverage to provide cash to the population and their economy if heavily reliant on cross-border commerce. You may start seeing a flight to crypto, but not likely. However my guess is that nation's in neighboring countries that are more crypto saavy will see what is happening in nearby countries and may start to hedge against their own country's inflation. If banks see a slow creep of crypto funding as a store of value, they may start accumulating to lock down their transfer costs, and this could accelerate depending in the length of the cycle. I used to think it was going to take a Venezuela scenario to cause the spike, but now I think it will not be that extreme. It will start with credit drying up a bit, then xrp volume increases with reports of distress from mid level banks, then slow value rise from accumulators, then banks responding to control cost, and then depending on the length of the cycle we could see the establishment of a new baseline for the price that is considerable. As credit then unwinds, I do think we'll find the hook is sunk. Banks will be used to the feature set of XRP and will review its performance favorably during the prior downturn. It may be the first digital asset holding declared to be as good as tier 1 cash holdings in Basel IV. But I don't think it will take a systemic collapse for xrp to prove its value or to rise in price - I think it will take just one more global credit crunch scenario for RippleNet banks to realize their advantage and capitalize on it. At least, I hope so. Trying to be a bit more optimistic about the world stage - a slow unwinding of the current debt spring would be preferable to a deflationary spiral/hyperinflationary eruption scenario.
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    This month Coinone Transfer, a payments business and a subsidiary of Coinone, introduced South Korea’s first blockchain-powered remittance mobile app and web service called Cross — offering faster, lower cost payments to Thailand and the Philippines. Unlike other remittance options in South Korea, Cross does not rely on traditional banking rails. Rather, it provides a safe alternative for those with or without a bank account, and the increased payment transparency and reliability inherent to Ripple’s advanced blockchain technology. With plans to aggressively expand across the region over the coming months, Coinone Transfer quickly rolled out the service through new financial institutions using RippleNet — connections formed with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) in Thailand and Cebuana Lhuillier in the Philippines. https://ripple.com/insights/coinone-transfer-offers-south-koreas-first-blockchain-powered-remittance-service/
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    Ross D Arcy in a recent interview announced that Ripple is currently at 150 signed institutions. (at 12:45). I don't know why but for some reason i expected more than 150. But when i think about the "signing 1 customer a week" it makes more sense. And also, the 150 are those who are already CONFIRMED, im sure there are many others in testing or just not yet disclosed. When you also factor in the possible new banks in the R3 consortium that may concurrently adopt Ripple, the future looks promising for Ripple.
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    "A Small Part of a Whole"

    Ripple's Introduction of History Sharding & Does It Allow For Data Storage? Over a month ago, Ripple low-key introduced history sharding by releasing an article on their developer blog: https://ripple.com/dev-blog/introducing-history-sharding/ Given a closer look of what this feature can accomplish, it's quite astonishing that it didn't receive larger attention and fanfare on its announcement -- and it's perplexing why its impact hasn't been more lauded. The word shard means a small part of a whole. The concept of data sharding is an important advancement of decentralization, as it allows for data to become partitioned into smaller pieces spread across more hosts. But even more important, it's an advancement for data storage itself and opens XRP up to a whole new segment: Data Storage & Management. Perhaps a fellow Rippler who has more insights into the coding mechanisms here can chime in, as I'm very interested in what this truly means; has Ripple's announcement of data sharding signaled a new era in which XRP now has more than just a financial function? Maybe I'm just excited at the prospects, that this move is just the first of many to come, but if Ripple enters the data management scene by enabling its infrastructure to be used for those purposes, that's a very attractive development in my books.
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    xCurrent now and maybe xRapid in future when the regulations are in place and Indian crypto exchanges are ready to handle large volumes of XRP/INR pair. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33095/currencies-direct-switches-on-xcurrent-from-ripple-for-indian-remittances
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    https://ethereumworldnews.com/american-express-ripple-process-transactions-matter-seconds/ "Blockchain is absolutely an option we’re looking at. Just to give you a sense, we have invested in a fintech lab based on blockchain technology, just to understand how to leverage this better…. We did a pilot. We did a test, partnering with Santander locally, and with Ripple to just do cross-border transactions. Cross-border transactions continue to be complex and slow. And in a matter of seconds, through this test, our clients were able to transfer funds in a very transparent and seamless way, from one part of the world to the other one.” “There is more to come. There’s still a lot of things that need to get addressed with blockchain as a technology. But it’s very promising… The future is definitely digital. Digital is the way payments will continue to be across both the consumer part of the business the commercial part of the business”.
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    Swift Fights Back

    Remember when Blockbuster was really slow to launch a mail-order DVD rental service (xCurrent) to compete with Netflix, but Netflix was already moving toward streaming (xRapid)? This is that.
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    New docs on binary format

    For the first time, we have pretty detailed documentation describing the binary format of transactions and how to convert transactions from their JSON format to the binary format: https://developers.ripple.com/serialization.html These docs come with functional Python code (by yours truly) implementing all of the steps so you can see how the serialization works exactly. Which is good, because this stuff is waaaaay deep in the nitty-gritty of how the protocol works. This isn't quite enough to implement offline signing in the language of your choice, since you still have to know how to make a deterministic 256-bit key from a 128-bit XRP Ledger seed value, plus you'll need an actual implementation of the signature algorithm (whether ECDSA w/ secp256k1, or Ed25519), but it's a major first step in opening the door to more client libraries (hopefully implemented by parties other than Ripple?) in various programming languages, lowering the barrier to entry for more developers who might be interested in using the XRP Ledger. Let me know if these docs are useful to you or if you have trouble understanding. I'd be happy to clarify what I can!
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    Swift Fights Back

    The fact they are fighting back means Ripple is on the right track. I would be worried if competition would act like nothing is happening.
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    Coinbase 12 days

    Oh no ... I can almost see people going crazy every day until there is none of the 12 days left and XRP is still not available.
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    Jed McCaleb & XRP

    Jed has billions left. He will be around for a long time (decades? depending on volume..). He can only sell a small % of daily volume so it's not worth worrying about.
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    Stay strong!

    Why the fok would I be happy. I have been litterly reading and researching about XRP since January 30 2018. I have heard it all. "We need Xrapid to go live guys" We need to wait for SBI guys We need to build liquidity guys it's now or never to buy these 0.50 cent prices won't last. Blah I am a grown man I did my research I still bought because I was expecting it to be around 70 cents atleast EOY instead we are in the 0.2 and I could have saved my self 50k if I bought now. Instead i putted in 100k. 50k i could have saved That's a f@cking mercedes we are talking about! So yeah I'm f@cking upset. But I have learned one valuable lesson. People in crypto are f@cking Insane! They belive everything! And they want to belive everything! But the funny thing is! No one f@cking knows anything!!!!! Not a single person not this chat or Twitter or any place knows jack sh!t Every one pretends to be knowledgeable because they spend 80% of their time reading about this st!t In the end we have to wait and see. Till then I don't take anyone serious and I advise new comers to do the same. It's easy to belive people know stuff in this space. But no one knows sh!t! And you belive we will pass 3 again what did you base that on? It can take perhaps 2 more years for that. People who say "no we need liquidity so we can't be at sub 1 dollar next year" are talking out their fukxing arse! Everything is possible.
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    Not news, but a very nice article... XRP’s New Position on R3’s Payments App Could Propel it Much Higher Nicholas Say on December 11, 2018 https://blockonomi.com/xrps-r3s-payments-app-could-propel-it-higher/ "Corda Settler allows an amazing amount of flexibility when it comes to how payments are handled. According to media reports, Corda Settler will allow payments to be settled on the Corda blockchain from multiple payment rails, both crypto and conventional." "The Corda blockchain will be updated automatically once a payment has been successful, which opens up a lot of doors for how both Corda Settler and XRP may be used in the not-too-distant future. Until now there have been few ‘turnkey’ solutions for an interface between existing payment infrastructure, and new forms of crypto settlement, which may be why R3 chose to focus on Corda Settler." "There is no shortage of uses for a platform like Corda Settler. R3 has numerous members that are operating at the highest levels of finance, and this platform could be the beginning of a new era in payment technology." (Bold emphasis is mine)
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    The Ripple Mafia

    Bing of Italian decent, I always find it funny... Anyway, points out some of the political connections that the company has. https://smartoptions.io/the-ripple-mafia/
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    Paper Tigers and Real Bears

    Agreed. I've seen these cycles come and go, and that's where I've learned the buy-and-hold strategy. I know very well that day traders will view this strategy with skepticism, but I've *honestly* only ever had consistent luck in crypto with a long-term buy-and-hold strategy. Yes, crypto is high-risk, but I truly believe XRP has the best chances of gaining traction in real-world use.
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    Evidence of XRapid at Work

    Galgitron and Cartman make a good team. The honesty of this is very, very refreshing - and I bet some good tools come out of it, too. Winning.
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    Evidence of XRapid at Work

    I'm pretty sure that all here will suffer to some extent from confirmation bias which sets us up for these kind of pratfalls. I respect anyone who is clear headed enough to admit their mistakes.
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    If even the former positive forum members are starting to get negative, fight eachother and even some predicting doomsday it's just telling me we're currently on the right track for a final short squeeze and reversal. After that, please try to pay attention how many/few hours it takes before the forum and other communities are all euphoria again and all is forgiven and forgotten.
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    Stay strong!

    This does not look like lambo to me! I want to see the manager, NOW!!