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    I'm sure a lot of you, myself included, have been feeling the pains of this crypto wide "bloodbath". It hurts to watch - but every time I see another red candle I remind myself of something incredibly important.... ready for it? Utility. Unlike other crypto-currencies, XRP is the only one that has real world utility with real world clients. All we are waiting on is xRapid to go into full production. Once that happens, none of us little guy investors, even us 1%'ers will have any major effect on price action. Imagine the day when multiple major financial institutions, remittance companies, payment providers and the like all go live on xRapid and begin moving not millions, but billions of dollars per day. The price will have no choice but to rocket ship into outer space. The sheer volume that we will see when the shift happens will likely surpass anything we could have imagined. I know this. Our beautiful XRP is unlike anything - and soon, very very soon, we will see price action like nobodies business. Just remember why you invested in XRP, and not some other joke coin. It's the truth, and if you have the cojones to HODL on, you too will reap the rewards. Now go back to drinking your beer, meditating, or whatever it is you do. Because the price of today, does NOT reflect the price of the coming years ahead. Remember that. Peace, love, and pickles.
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    I have been very impressed with the major pivot in Ripple’s communication strategy these last few months. Tom Channick started in early January as Ripple’s Head of Corporate Communications. He held the same position at Facebook for the last two years. Many in the XRP community we’re excited to see what Tom would bring to Ripple’s corporate message. On 24 January 2018, @tomchannick posted on Twitter: “We’ve fielded a lot of questions as of late about our strategy (and how the speculative markets fit into it), and traction (and how real it is). We want to clearly communicate who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. #Ripple” He retweeted the following Ripple Insights article which was part 1 of a 3 part series titled Much Ado, Much to Do https://ripple.com/insights/much-ado-much-to-do-part-1/ This was the first sign that we were going to see more of a strategic communications message from Ripple. We start to see what their new message is. Tom clearly wants to dramatically increase the messages coming out of Ripple and harmonise these messages. We have seen a plethora of Ripple related news in the media lately, all with Ripple’s new messages laiden through them. Here are some examples of the new Ripple Message: 1) Bitcoin Previously in TV interviews Brad Garlinghouse would comment favourably about Bitcoin and that he was “long on Bitcoin”. Lately however he has gone on the offensive in relation to Bitcoin. See his interview below with BBC World News. Brad says “Bitcoin is like the Napster of Digital Assets . . . Napster was cool, here’s what digitised music can do, but Napster was also trying to circumvent laws, trademarks and loyalties. Bitcoin’s goal is avoid regulation . . to have anonymous transactions. This is orthogonal with what Ripple is doing. “ He also goes on to say that “Whilst Napster graduated into Spotify, Pandora and iTunes. It’s the second and third generation of blockchain companies that may end up being those that reap the rewards of solving these problems for customers”. This is a major change in communications. Ripple can see Governments about to implement regulations on the crypto coin market. They are actively communicating that Ripple and its digital asset, XRP, is completely different to Bitcoin and all the other alt-coins. 2) Ripple is a payments company The next major change in Ripple’s communication strategy is the many references to Ripple being a payments company not a blockchain or crypto company. At the Faster Future Forum in Bangkok earlier in the week Brad stated, “We are solving a payments problem. We happen to use a blockchain technology and a digital asset to solve that payment problems”. This again is a very smart deliberate move to differentiate Ripple and XRP from all other coins. Ripple now does not want to be knows as a crypto or blockchain company. They are a payments company solving a payments problem. Note also the pivot away from calling XRP a crypto coin, it is now a “digital asset”. 3) SWIFT Ripple has also not shied away from attacking its greatest competitor and the system it is trying to replace SWIFT. There has been significant commentary from Ripple and Brad about how SWIFT is 70’s technology and needs to be replaced. See this article https://ripple.com/insights/features/disco-era-money-movement-technologies/ Also, Brad himself has been on the offensive taking the opportunity several times to comment on SWIFT’s recorderd error rate. At the Faster Future Forum Brad said “Swift has a 6% error rate in global transactions. In the tech world we aspire to 3 , 4 or 5 x 9’s of reliability. Our current global payments system has only 1 x 9 of reliability. That’s pretty embarrassing” Check out his full comments from the 1hr 30 minutes mark for his full comments https://web.facebook.com/DigitalVenturesTH/videos/1642611169159661/?hc_ref=ARRHIxAMx_bNL6gwkOkLygotlDq6y8AbAjeAxTe0KBRwi9JZ6iMf34tmySuxm4QzMmQ&hc_location=group Ripple and Brad are of course correct. How can an international payment system moving $5 Trilllion dollars a day have a 6% error rate. Ripple is now actively engaging in a lot of commentary about SWIFT’s error rate and is highlighting this deficiency every opportunity they get. 4) Ripple becoming more bullish about itself. In the past Ripple’s communication strategy seemed to have been focused on announcing itself to the world and explaining who they are, what they do and how they do it. They didn’t want to upset anyone, they weren’t quite sure of themselves. This year they have become much more positive and more bullish. They are now daring FI’s not to use them and stating that if they don’t adopt RippleNet they will miss out and be left behind. Check out this article from Ripple Insights equating Ripple to the Football World Cup. https://ripple.com/insights/the-world-cup-of-global-payments-get-off-the-sidelines/ You would have also heard this quote a few times this week “Ripple is signing a new partner every week”. Brad has said this several times and so has Marjan Delatinne Ripples new Sales Director Europe. Ripple wants you, it’s investors, and FI’s to know how many partners are now adopting their tech. It’s FI FOMO at its best. This is of course on top of Brad’s reference to a “marathon of announcements” and that “we are in a marathon but have crossed the starting line”. I love these references. 5) The Ripple and XRP video series Also of interest is all the great new videos that Ripple is releasing. The latest, and best so far, is the 7 part “The Ripple and XRP video series”. These very informative, short videos concentrate on a separate topic each and are magazine style interviews with Chris Larson (Executive Chairman) , Brad Garlinghouse (CEO), Asheesh Birla (VP of Product), Stefan Thomas (CTO) and David Scwartz (Cheif Cryptographer). See them all here: https://ripple.com/insights/introducing-the-ripple-and-xrp-video-series/ How many other companies, let alone crypto companies (sorry Ripple is not a crypto company) offer this much transparency? If you haven’t seen these videos yet, I encourage to watch them, they are very informative. I am very impressed with Ripple’s new communication strategy. It is clear, concise and confident. I think Tom Hannick deserves a lot of credit for this. He has been a great addition to the Ripple Executive team. I can’t wait to see what more information is to come?
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    Ripple continues to build the Internet of value (IOV) and recently heralded new highways to liquidity within XRP. I discuss this progress - along with fascinating other news - in today's blog! Hope you enjoy; please leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share my blog with anybody and on any platform - and thank you in advance for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    ^ Example of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.
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    Yes, I'm an XRP investor. Bought a big chunk this morning, in fact - incresed my stack by 15%. So, as I said briefly before, I am not day trading. When I was on the desk, I did a little bit of momentum trading and swing trades as well, but I was essentially a market maker for most of the day. My real skills center around being able to track order flow and enter orders very quickly in low volatility markets to make the spread. My bread and butter was C (Citigroup) when it was trading at about $4 (pre reverse split). I would trade several million shares of that stock a day, trying to make a penny on the trade. We also had a opening auction arbitrage strategy that I was pretty good at. Again that doesn't translate to crypto because there are no opening auctions in a 24 hour market. Lastly, to be a good trader, IMO, you need to be doing it full time. Note that that is entirely different from being a trader that makes money. The hardest trades to realize are bad trades are the bad ones that you make profits on (generally, this is because you take on too much risk). Financial markets is the only "game" where pros make money, not just off of each other, but off of amateurs as well. Ok, not quite, but you see where I am going with this. The pro's that trade full time have staked their livelihood on this art and have dedicated thousands of hours to honing their craft. It is pure arrogance to think that you are going to consistently take their money (or their opportunity cost) by trading in your spare time. You might beat Steph Curry at a one letter game of HORSE by pure chance, but you are not going to ever have a chance in the long run, unless you put in his hours of work. There's a "Steph Curry" in every asset that is traded, I promise you. And then there's the talent factor... I'm a good trader. I'm a skilled trader. But I'm far, far from a great one. In realizing this, and in my living as a trader, I started to realize that everything is a trade. And so, when my run on the desk ended and I got a "normal" job, I realized that I could no longer compete, simply because I wasn't devoting the hours that the craft demands. Now I invest, position trade, and event trade which is what my free time allows me to do. I literally traded out of day trading. Last point on day trading here. The current tools available to crypto daytraders are a joke compared to the platforms available on the equity side. These simple JAVA and HTML pages virtually guarantee that you can't stand up to a bot. These were all developed by silicon valley kids who have no idea what a trading screen needs to do or what it should look like. The big institutions will build their own eventually. Thoughts on the exchanges and the markets, and current conditions. So, IMO, there are three key differences between crypto and the equity markets. 1) In US equity, we have a regulation called "NMS" or national market system. This came into being when the markets went to pennies instead of eighths. The regulation mandates that if there is a better price on another exchange, then my order goes to that exchange. So, lets say BAC, an NYSE stock is trading @ $30.05 on the NYSE, and also has an offer @ $30.04 on the CBSX (Chicago). Even if I send my order to the NYSE, the order will reroute itself to the CBSX automatically to give me a better price. NYSE will charge me about $0.003 to do this, but I still get price improvement. This also greatly minimizes arbitrage and makes the US equity market the most efficient market in the world. In crypto, we could only achieve this if Bittrex and Bitstamp, and Coinbase, etc. all worked with each other. Right now, everything is so new that it's everyone for themselves and if the customer pays too much then that's on them. 2) Liquidity and spreads. So we talk about liquidity in terms of 1 or 2 billion dollars per 24 hours in all crypto. North of 2b, everything is great, south of 1.5, markets are slow. BAC stock did $2.6 billion of trading in its own on Friday, in a 6.5 hour market. The truth is, we don't have a lot of liquidity in this space. Liquid assets don't move 15% overnight. That said, there is more than enough to make the markets work. It just means more risk (which we all know implicitly, even if we don't know explicitly "why"). This will work itself out as the market matures. Eventually, FI's will start slinging $2 billion of XRP around the world every 4 seconds. If we didn't believe this, we wouldn't own XRP. Tied to liquidity is the pricing of tokens, the ability to price them to a single satoshi, or drop, or whatever you want to call the eighth decimal place gives algorithms and "whales" outsized power because they can narrow the spread by an amount that doesn't really impact P&L but does cause them to sit in front of your order and get filled first This generates higher volatility because the little guy has to keep moving up his order to get in front and actually get filled. Machines will walk the orders up automatically, which means the retailer basically has to go to market for a fill. If he pays market, he pays too much. If he waits for a fill, he's on the wrong side of the whale/bot. 3) The inability to place a true short order severely hampers market efficiency and price discovery. Yes, a couple exchanges allow you to bet short, but those orders do not actually make it to the market place. There is no lending system in crypto. Only book entries of short positions. Which means a short squeeze can never happen. A short squeeze is a great way to to break whale and algo trading cycles because they can generate the kind of buying pressure needed to overwhelm them. True short selling on the market (where the orders actually hit bids) can break the whales and bots to the down side. Current conditions - Calling it as I see it, nothing more. We are in a bear market, and retail is scared. We know institutional money is on the way, but when? I have seen the signs of institutional accumulation, the same signature trading styles that I used to stalk on the desk (if you want to make a market for a million shares, you better have someone to sell too). It all comes down to what will motivate the institutions to buy XRP. But them buying on the bid, letting bear market panic feed them doesn't help us. We need to know what will motivate them to buy the ask and drive the price higher. I am going to focus on our two most well known players in xRapid: Western Union and MoneyGram. These both happen to be publicly traded on the NYSE (WU and MGI). There is only one thing that motivates a publicly traded company. Earnings. WU reported earnings on Feb 13. MGI will report on Wednesday. For both companies, they will not want to report losses on an XRP position (which would need to be marked to market as of the date of the filing). There are some complications with reporting dates and accounting windows, but basically the will start accumulation as early in a quarter as they can. They will let the bear market sell to them for as long as possible because they can and they don't have to show that loss until the next quarter. At some point just before their accounting window, they will then buy the ask and drive up the price so that it sits just about/slightly above their total dollar cost average. This will give them the value that they need to show when they have to disclose their holdings to shareholders because they use mark to market accounting. The longer the bear market continues, the longer they can wait. Based on the timing of their reporting and of the xRapid news we've been getting, I firmly believe that I have been watching MGI accumulate over the last week or so. Based on my theory, I would expect WU to begin accumulating in mid April. In my scenario, the whole thing will come to a head some time before July when the accounting window opens, so I'm looking for June to be bullish, maybe strongly so if retail rides the coattails. Whew.... that's a lot of content. Hopefully it's interesting and informative. Thanks for asking, it really helped me crystallize my ideas. If you're brave enough for round two, feel free to ask away.
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    2018: XRP Ledger’s Year of Decentralization Ripple has indicated that 2018 is the "Year of XRP Decentralization." In my latest blog, I talk about the history of decentralization, how it's measured or evaluated within crypto, and the concrete steps Ripple is taking to further this aspect of the XRP Ledger. I discuss Ripple's next steps for 2018 when it comes to decentralization, as well as what their goal is at the end of this process. For those that have been curious, or have heard FUD on other forums about XRP's decentralization levels, this is the blog for you! Hope you enjoy; please leave any feedback below! In addition, feel free to share my blog with a friend or family member, or on any other forum - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Blog: Ripple's World Wide Web

    In this blog I discuss how building the Internet of Value helps XRP survive and thrive. Please share across your social media platforms and follow for more information. And yes, stick around for the video at the end! https://bigbuckor.wordpress.com/2018/03/17/ripples-world-wide-web/ @RegalChicken @zenkert @PickleRick @XRPto50dollars @jdimstrnate
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    Just cause I'm bored and I already had almost all the code I needed to generate it, here's a chart of the XRP held by the collection of accounts known as the BearWhale, originating at address raZt9CZHwHiAPZPWGLZ4bQJG91Jmdbjccm with about 1.08 billion XRP. Chart is from start of 2018 to around yesterday. I couldn't conveniently overlap a price/vol chart into it but most of the heavy dumping was done into volume spikes, usually during rallies or bounce backs. He dumped a lot in the last 48 hours, we had high volume, the dump before was into the Coinbase rumor, etc. The BearWhale has about 340 million XRP remaining. At current rate, the dump should complete by the end of April.
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    Last 8 days there's been a steady distribution of XRP from wallet rBAyQitUnr2TqrPjmQ2invYwH29fVTyrVd into rNQEMJA4PsoSrZRn9J6RajAYhcDzzhf8ok and then to many small wallets. The amount in the initial wallet was roughly 3.1 billion XRP. Currently, there is ~2750 million remaining. I'm guessing it's an exchange; the incoming transfers are using a destination tag "1000000004". I scanned all transactions involving rNQEMJA4PsoSrZRn9J6RajAYhcDzzhf8ok via data API and aggregated the outgoing transactions (ones with less than 1M XRP) based on hour-of-day UTC, in order to determine the timezone of the exchange. The histogram, taken from 27k payment transactions looks like this: Pretty conclusive it aligns with SEA hours. The payments are of all kinds of sizes, my guess is that they are selling XRP "over the counter" like what Bitstamp did back in 2013 where you bought it direct from the exchange, and people are just moving these amounts into private wallets.
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    https://www.stocksgazette.com/2018/03/17/ripple-xrp-what-if-the-worst-case-scenario-actually-happens/ Headline is deceptive. The article summarises what if XRP dominates the crypto market. Answer: It would be fantastic.
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    Hi all, I’m going to a Citi event next week in London and look what’s on the agenda from 14:45-15:15. May bouy your spirits. Hodl.
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    Hello, today morning i went to western union agent to send money, i paid 60EUR fees and then i told the agent i hope when you will start using Ripple i will pay less fees he didn't know what is ripple.... i explained about ripple and the partnership with WU..... then he said that WU support 3 weeks ago installed platform in their PC and they inform them that soon they will start using this platform I think they will go live soon with Ripple
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    Majority of your posts are pro stellar and anti xrp. How do you expect anyone to take you serious? You don't even do a good job spreading fud.
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    Ripple, interview with the president Global remittance utilizing "block chains", aim for introduction by majority of banks https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://www.sankeibiz.jp/business/amp/180320/bsj1803200500002-a.htm%3F__twitter_impression%3Dtrue&xid=25657,15700021,15700105,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700201&usg=ALkJrhhxtBuOv4Edezq7xNCs3AcTqh6sYw “Brad Garing's president of U.S. company ripple who handles international remittance service utilizing advanced technology "block chains" supporting virtual currency responded to Kyodo news and other interviews. We will promote the introduction and set the goal of over half of the world's banks to adopt the company's remittance service over the next five years.”
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    https://medium.com/@KarmaCoverage/what-could-xpool-be-an-attempted-guess-50165cb7e9cd Here is what I have so far on this, now I'm going fishing, its low tide. Twitter suspended my KarmaCoverage account, so I'm not sure if Medium was able to post there, but most people who care will probably be here anyway.
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    https://www.oracletimes.com/breaking-how-ripple-xrp-plans-to-partner-with-over-half-of-worlds-financial-institutions/ “Ok, just when I thought we were done with the good news today this little gem. Mr. Garlinghouse made the important revelation during an interview section with Kyodo News, Japan’s leading news agency. He said his firm will “promote the introduction and set the goal of over half of the world’s banks to adopt the company’s remittance service over the next five years.” The milestone according to him, would be achieved using Ripple tools that have turned international remittances, which takes several days to complete using existing systems, to only a few seconds when Ripple service is employed. According to Brad, the service since it was introduced is growing beyond imagination for the past one or two years, and revealed that it has collaborated with over 100 companies.” Ripple and Brad are getting more bullish by the day. This is next level. Half the world’s FI’s within the next 5 years. ”... the service {xCurrent, xRapid} is growing beyond imagination” WOW I think I better buy some more zerps whilst the price is still sub a dollar. Whatever this next trigger is the FOMO will be unbelievable. HODL for a few years guys. Love it.
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    https://oracletimes.com/trend-wall-street-bust-to-crypto-rush-stars-ripple-xrp/ Interesting view which I had never thought of that Wall Street money may be looking to move into crypto because there is concern Wall Street’s bull run is coming to an end. I am not certain of the correlation but a good read. I do agree that if and when money starts flowing into crypto from investment companies it will lean towards XRP due to our already proven real world use cases. Love this quote from the article: “In the last few weeks, however, announcements from Ripple that XRP has gone live with Cuallix, the Mexican finance service, has passed successful trail stages with banks, and has been added to more and more worldwide exchanges has not brought the cryptocurrency the rise in valuation that it deserves. Wall Street investors however generally make decisions based on real-world validity of their investments—at least as much as can be perceived.” And this: “If Wall Street is making its way back into the cryptocurrency world, look for XRP to be one of its shiniest rising stars, if not the brightest. With the Ripple team making back-to-back appearances at financial conferences and media interviews around the world, the news of XRP’s use-cases and long-term goals are finally being recognized and understood by the investment world. And the next few weeks may just reveal how strongly XRP is being perceived by Wall Street.” Another good news story about Ripple and XRP. They are coming thick and fast lately. I honestly think the next bull run is close and will be massive, blowing us well past our ATH
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    Ripple “very confident” of entering Chinese market this year https://www.gtreview.com/news/asia/ripple-very-confident-of-entering-chinese-market-this-year/
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    And here is an important part: "In addition to using P2P (peer-to-peer), we plan to add foreign exchange functions in the future and to strengthen functions as corporate solutions such as B2P (business to peer). Also, as a combination with digital assets, we are also considering using XRP for bridge currency." Quoted from the article...i am on my phone so I could not "bold" this section...
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    XRP TA

    There have been 99 hours since this statement and 91 of the 99 hourly bars have been inside this trading range at some point during the hour. The 8 hours which fell outside was the spike down to $0.535 which I really didn't expect. I figured $0.58-$0.60. We have bullish divergence across all 3 time zones. Let's see what happens. EDIT - It was my fiance's b'day yesterday and I hit the liquor hard so yea...minimal analysis today.
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    Evening Folks, I have said it before, but I am losing touch with this forum (As so many Old school holders have) - Ever since the rise to $3, all I see is predictions based on absolutely nothing. People who bought Jan-Feb constantly asking when the price will go back up - If we knew, we would all be millionaires... What happened to genuine information being posted and intelligent debates taking place? Don't get me wrong, I get the fear and uncertainty in the crypto world. We all experience it. But by regurgitating useless predictions, based on nothing but hope, will not help your situation. It will only lead to disappointment as XRP drops further. Before people jump down my throat for being a pessimist and negative nanny, blah blah... There are those who do post valuable sources and predictions based on real world events and ripple partnerships, etc.. But they are being lost due to the enormous amount of 'moon' 'Imminent rise', etc.. posts, which end up causing pointless arguments, with zerpers calling each other out. Me, I personally wait until @Hodor , @calex960 & the select few (cba naming them all) post beneficial topics. It has helped in my sanity and reassurance of my investment. I would advise a lot of you guys to do the same. Remember, patience is key to success. If you truly are 'long' on XRP, sit back, relax, and wait for the news to role in - Price is irrelevant at this point.
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    "Who's the kingmaker?" "Well, I really can't tell you but he's this guy." "What tips has he given you?" "I can't tell you that either." "Brilliant, I'm opening my wallet and throwing money at you." -------------- Seems legit.
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    XRP TA

    Oki dokie ladies and gentlemen we're almost done with the supply/demand tests so strap yourselves in because the whales have little reason to keep the price down here any longer. The whales will probably spend the next 3-5 days testing volume levels in this $0.60-$0.70 region and once they're happy. Boom. Last night's initial test went very well. The bottom came in at $0.63 then moved to $0.73 at lightening pace and all of this happened with zero volume which is berry goot ya. When the bears and bulls aren't fighting the price moves effortlessly in the direction of least resistance because there's no friction. There's nothing left for me to say for a while now, we just let the whales do their tests and wait for the explosive move up.
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    Me too! At 5% of banks I’ll be retired, on a tropic island with a poor internet connection, not able to read your posts anymore. Wouldn’t that be a pity.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Here u go
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    I take a more positive interpretation. "We don't know what's going on here but the positives are real. Let's keep an eye on the negatives with monitoring while national level authorities address the illicit elements. We don't want to squash innovation that can make a tangible difference."
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    If whales are involved

    I was at the bar the other night with my buddy having some beers. We had been there a while when two large girls came up to the bar and ordered some drinks. I noticed when they ordered they both had strong accents so I said ‘Hi, are you two girls from Scotland?’ One of them spoke up, with quite an attitude and said ‘it’s WALES you idiot!!!’ So I immediately said ‘Sorry, are you two whales from Scotland?’
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    The same thing has happened many times before, the market pumps, the media gets a hold of it, the "Experts" trash it, the media trash it, the market slumps, the market sleeps, the market pumps, rinse and repeat.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    well, that didn’t go according to plan for Weiss...
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    https://apptimes.net/amp/13587/?__twitter_impression=true Translated to English below: SBI Holdings and SBI Ripple Asia announced on Monday that the remittance smartphone appli "Money Tap (money tap) remitted using DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) at the domestic and foreign exchange unification consortium (corporate coalition consisting of 61 Japanese banks) We announced. In this money tap, utilizing "RC Cloud 2.0" which implemented ripple's solution xCurrent, three lines of Shumishin SBI Net Bank, Resona Bank, Suruga Bank correspond first, and release of 2018 summer - fall around We are aiming to increase the number of banks corresponding to money taps from time to time. Even if money money tap does not know the bank account number at the time of remittance, money tap uses 24 hours, 365 days to arbitrary bank account several taps using realized "telephone number" and "QR code" in real time and securely It is possible to send money without friction. As usage scenarios, we assume small-amount settlement and division at meals and drinking party, remittance to children studying abroad, payment at net shop, etc. Besides this, troublesome remittance when transferring money between your accounts, such as remittance from payroll accounts to living accounts, is also resolved. In addition to using P2P (peer-to-peer), we plan to add foreign exchange functions in the future and to strengthen functions as corporate solutions such as B2P (business to peer). Also, as a combination with digital assets, we are also considering using XRP for bridge currency. Mr. Takashi Okita, President and Representative Director of SBI Ripple Asia, cited the cashless progress in each country and stated as follows. "In Sweden, banks are actively working toward cashlessness, and payment service called Swish is spreading (penetration rate 60%) movement in Asia is becoming active, and Thailand and Singapore It is on the increase trend, etc. " President and Representative Director of SBI Ripple Asia Mr. Takashi Okita In addition, as an initiative of the consortium for consolidating domestic and foreign exchange, we wanted to pursue "what we can do because it is a bank" and continued as follows. "There are free remittance applications by various FinTech companies (in Japan), which complies with the Funds Settlement Law, so once we are transferring money by replacing it with the value of Prepaid, this is The money can not be actually withdrawn or a fee will be charged at the time of withdrawal Since money tap is a bank-led settlement solution, it can use bank account as it is, provides UX (user experience) very easy to use I think that we can do it. " The other day, I announced that Santander Bank will release a remittance application utilizing xCurrent in 4 countries and it became a topic. Speaking of virtual currency, investment / speculative parts are drawing attention, but in future block chain technology / DLT, which is the fundamental technology, will be useful in actual life in the near future. Although Japan is lagging behind cashlessness compared with other countries, bank-led money transfer application "money tap" will be a boost to cashless conversion. Money tap is scheduled to be released in compliance with iOS / Android from summer to autumn of 2018.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Do you want us to go back to 0,63?
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    It is just me? or do you link the dots and also will think G20 can be AWESOME for Ripple? ************************************* https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/research/fintech Ripple We carried out a proof of concept with Ripple to explore the synchronised movement of two different currencies across two different real-time gross settlement systems linked using Ripple Connect and the Interledger protocol. We wanted to demonstrate how this kind of synchronisation might lower settlement risk and improve the speed and efficiency of cross-border payments. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/13/imf-christine-lagarde-calls-bitcoin-crackdown-cryptocurrencies The Bank will present a report to the G20 in Argentina this month, with Carney hinting at greater controls and detailing how THE CENTRAL BANK HAS TESTED ways to use the technology in the British payments system. Carney has said, however, that it is unlikely at this stage that international action will be taken to regulate digital currencies, meaning the task will fall to individual countries. https://ripple.com/insights/results-of-the-bank-of-englandripple-proof-of-concept-published-today/ Brad Garlinghouse, CEO, Ripple, said: “We believe in an Internet of Value, where cross-border payments should move at the same speed as information – like photos or emails – moves on the Internet today. Critical to making that vision a reality is enabling real-time settlement across domestic systems. To that end, the Bank of England’s PoC with Ripple is a watershed moment. We applaud them for being one of the first central banks worldwide to look at how blockchain technology can power instant international payments.” https://www.google.com.ni/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/80w9vi/banking_group_sbi_delays_crypto_exchange_launch/ Sbi announced they will tell us when late March after the g20 discussions
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    I went to this Yankees baseball site and was really disappointed. It was all Yankees fans. Who would have thought?
  36. 16 points

    Cryptos not fully mainstream

    I'm noticing one thing: in US cryptos are really mainstream, on tv shows, news, and so on. And travelling I met many US guys (and girls) and 99% of them knew what BTC is, most of them also knew what ETH and XRP are. That's crazy. But in Europe the situation is very different. Cryptos are not that mainstream. Not many news on tv, no tv shows talking about BTC. Things are moving now. So I believe there will be at least two more waves that will make cryptos mainstream in Europe and then Asia, bringing much more liquidity and higher price. I expect at least two more x10 on the average prices of all cryptos, so hodl on...you'll thank me later
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    There are few who'd argue that Ripple's XRP distrubution policies thus far have been anything short of a disaster. That so much XRP is in so few hands while they're trying to develop a serious and "neutral" international bridge asset, is a bad joke. That said, they are fast making it up, starting to put the pieces in place and treading their steps far more carefully, so that they're not breaking things as they go along, like a big stupid oaf! The incredible rise in value of XRP has little to do with RIpple policy and much more to do with the pump-and-dump market we're in, where any coin can see many thousand percentage gains in a short period. But if Ripple can keep to a sensible distribution plan now and not make any more "Oops we gave away 5 billion to a bad actor and now we want it back" type screw-ups, we should be fine – because what's absolutely amazing is, in despite of Ripple's awful history of distributing "uncontrollable" XRP (Jed, etc), they have somewhat miraculously still gained traction within financial circles with xRapid et al. That really is nothing short of sensational. It's like being 5–0 down with 10 mins left to play, and then winning the game. IMO we haven't even started seeing a true XRP market emerge yet. This is all just play money, speculators and amateurs. For a mature market, we need serious institutional players with proper custody and security solutions on professionally managed funds, a better distributed RippleNet topology, a live use case and liquid strategic corridors. Those of you who know/remember me, will recall I always said 2018 was the big year. It's coming. The stepping stones have been hazardous and slippy, and sometimes it's been two forward, three back, but we're almost across the first major hurdle. I predict some major announcements with central banks by the end of the year, especially regarding regulatory clearance and support for banks holding XRP directly. Watch this space, it's going to explode.
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    https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/31675/saudi-central-bank-provides-sandbox-for-banks-to-try-out-ripple-tech Great announcement by SAMA that they are going to assist Saudi banks introduce xCurrent. Fantastic news. More and more adoption every day. More spider webs @buckor “Dilip Rao, global head of infrastructure innovation, Ripple, says: “Central banks around the world are leaning into blockchain technology in recognition of how it can transform cross-border payments, resulting in lower barriers to trade and commerce for both corporates and consumers. SAMA is leading the charge as the first central bank to provide resources to domestic banks that want to enable instant payments using Ripple’s innovative blockchain solution.”
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    Ripple should Break Itself Up

    This would have to be the dumbest thing I have read this week. And that’s a significant amount of dumbness... I won’t be engaging a person who thinks an enterprise can’t be managed. Sigh....
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    TA DA!! Finally made it to Bronze! It's amazing up here... although... and I'm not naming names... but they say they're out of the zerp flavored beer.... know anything about that @HodlOnASec? Thank-you to everyone!
  43. 15 points

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    If you see the price tank, you'll know it's confirmed.
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    Lol it's like they are all having a competition to see who can come up with the longest definition of ripple without mentioning the word ripple itself.....
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    Thank you @MarioFle and @OzAlphaWolf! Connecting some dots; looking through the published meeting agenda, we can see that one of the topics discussed was PoC results: The only PoC that comes to mind here is a regional test between Korea and Japan banks. Next, also from the agenda, we can see specific introductory language that reflects the language of the final G20 speech. Additionally, the second bullet clearly establishes the context of the meeting as being a part of a larger FSB initiative: Moving on to the G20 summit. While the cryptosphere was laser focused on the specific statement pertaining to crypto assets, they largely ignored the elephant in the corner: section 2 - Disciplined Completion of the G20's Outstanding Financial Reform Priorities. Relevant highlights below: The back story here is that international remittances have become increasingly expensive due to lack of standardization and high cost of AML/KYC compliance. This has caused the number of correspondent banks to actually decrease on the worldwide basis, while the cost associated with remittances has had adverse impacts on developing countries heavily dependent on international trade. More details can be found in FSB's report on correspondent banking and remittances: https://www.fsb.org/wp-content/uploads/P160318-1.pdf The problem has been lingering for a while; here is a 2013 report from the World Bank on barriers produced by current remittance and compliance environment, along with a key highlight: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjilJOgyP3ZAhVhx1kKHU8uAxMQFghIMAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsiteresources.worldbank.org%2FFINANCIALSECTOR%2FResources%2F282044-1359488786791%2Fbarriers_web.pdf&usg=AOvVaw197zv3BPo6AcnxooZax_pS Putting it all together without rehashing everything that has been said before (nostro/vostro etc): Ripple has been working with regulators for some time now FSB and G20 are focused on cost and efficiency of remittances which are presently adversely affected by KYC/AML requirements Banks are driven by compliance first, everything else second. Ripple offers a common standard/framework/technology for compliant and efficient remittances BG recently made an unusual statement in the Japanese Press to the effect of "50% of the global banks will be using Ripple"; some of the other team members have been using words such as "takeover". Taken in conjunction with the context above, this may be more than just BG & co being bullish; instead, this could be an indication of regulatory bodies actually moving forward with standardizing to Ripple as being the solution to a very real and persistent problem in global finance. $589 anyone? HODL.
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    Lets connect the dots again...

    Does anyone remember this post from January 9th? More specifically I am referring to this particular paragraph ( notice what I have Underlined and Bolded) "AliPay is part of Alibaba, Union Pay has a partnership with PayPal, and WeChat is part of Tencent Holdings, which is the world's biggest investment corporation. Tencent also has Tenpay, a payment system similar to PayPal. It was reported that Tencent was working closely with China's Central Bank in 2017 to develop a central payments clearing platform for online payments. In August 2017, key leaders from China's Central Bank met with Ripple at their HQ. AliPay and WeChat are the payment providers for DiDi Chuxing, which is bigger than Uber in China - in fact Uber sold their China operations to Didi for a minority stake in Didi. AliPay is also accepted by Uber and Airbnb. Remember - Alipay uses dLocal which integrated Ripple's software in 2017." And about 6 hours ago there is an article floating around how "Tencent" will offer 2 billion dollars that will convert in XRP in the next 12 months. Very very interesting people
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    You guys are delirious and over optimistic. This is the problem with this forum in general. There is no balance or sense of reality. People are saying 500 dollars, some even 1000 dollars. Realistically, we should be looking at the 475 to 499 dollar region for December 2018.
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    https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/73133/alipay-breaks-ground-in-mexico OpenPay: https://www.openpay.mx/en/index.html BBVA Mexico Ripple: https://www.bbva.com/en/bbva-completes-first-real-time-international-money-transfer-europe-mexico-ripple/
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    The only adult opinion one can decipher from this piece of info is Moon