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    JP Morgan quote Ripple

    " We look at a growing list of new Blockchain based systems including Ripple, which aims to facilitate cross border payments between Global banks in seconds compared to days for traditional systems, at lower cost " " In the medium to long term, business models are likely to need to evolve around the cost benefits of technology, including distributed ledgers in order to keep up with competition from existing banks and fintech pioneers. " " Ripple’s initiatives have led to more innovation in existing payment systems as well, as SWIFT released a new platform (Global Payments Innovation) that reduces transaction times and aims to explore distributed ledger technology for faster crossborder payments. " " At present, we note that the speed, cost and liquidity characteristics of Ripple have made it the most appealing digital asset for financial institutions for application at scale. Ripple has already received acceptance within the financial community and has also partnered with the Bank of England in the FinTech Accelerator program to demonstrate real-time settlements using the Ripple Interledger Protocol. " " Whereas we believe Ripple’s creation has the potential to create competitive disruption for an existing service (Cross border payments between banks via SWIFT), there are other Blockchain-based technologies that can be applied more widely across the financial services sector. " source : https://forum.gipsyteam.ru/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=566108
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    Contrarians No Longer

    We can no longer consider XRP a contrarian choice for investment. In today's blog, I explain how XRP is now probably considered a fairly mainstream choice for cryptocurrencies, and how different world organizations have recognized the trends in DLT that make investment in - and usage of - digital assets more mainstream. I also cover the latest news affecting the XRP ecosystem. This includes an analysis of crypto-assets by the G20's Financial Stability Board and a resolution adopted by the European Parliament. SIBOS, SWIFT's annual conference is coming up on October 22nd, and I describe what to expect for Ripple. News about Ripple also involved a video of Ethan Beard describing how Xpring promises to invest in new use cases for XRP. The news from the XRP Community includes an exciting analysis of social media and Internet search trends, as well as a tweet from WietseWind to Elon Musk. All that and more! I hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below. Also - feel free to share my blog as you see fit - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi

    These types of replies are what make me wonder if you guys are actually doing legitimate research on everything as well as reading what was actually just posted. Swift GPI has not been "launched out of the blue." It's been around since last year, and they don't SETTLE transactions instantly or even close to it, so I'm not sure where you're getting that information at either. "Nearly half of gpi payments are credited within 30 minutes, many within seconds – and almost 100% within 24 hours." GPI can't even credit more than half of their payments, let alone settle them instantly. If GPI ends up pushing the pace for faster payments, then what's left? It turns to everyone wanting instant SETTLEMENT, which GPI is not capable of. They're still using correspondent banking, and they're still dealing with Nostro/Vostro locked up liquidity no matter how they frame it. If anything this is better for Ripple/XRP's main use case. As far as the whole Santander thing, if you missed SWELL earlier this month, then I suggest you go back and watch Ed Metzger talk. Santander isn't moving away from Ripple and they sure as hell aren't moving away from One pay, in which they just rolled out with massive success. They're expanding it's use. TLDR; Do your research and stop overreacting to every article that comes out or every negative post that people make.
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    I have this conversation I want to post just to annoy the holy **** out of the uptight. But I don't know if I can do it and protect my source so I'll just say instead. This is going to be epic. Sorry, but it is.
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    Swift GPI Plug-in and Ripple

    I am sorry, he is misguided. This is not how the SWIFT/ Ripple relationship could theoretically work. There is no need to convert a SWIFT message to xCurrent/ xRapid. That is precisely what the ILP and the Internet of Value is trying to eliminate. Imagine this: You send an email from Hotmail to your cousin, who also uses Hotmail. You ask him/ her to pay 100 EUR to a friend of yours who lives near your cousin. He/ she does (Payment), because he/she knows you and trusts you. A week later, you meet your cousin and gives him her the 100 EUR (Settlement). This is sort of how the SWIFT messaging system works. Now imagine if you had Hotmail and your cousin had Gmail. The email example will still work, because Email works off a protocol called SMTP, which means no matter what email service and client you and the recipient use, they can all send mails to each other. However, no such protocol exists within the banking payments arena, which is positively draconian. The ILP aims to be this protocol. xCurrent is compatible with the ILP. If at some point, SWIFT makes SWIFT GPI ILP compatible, the bank only needs to send a SWIFT message, which the ILP will deliver to the recipient bank, irrespective of whether they are using SWIFT or xCurrent. And then the payment is complete. However, making messaging tools compatible with the ILP brings in the possibility of instant settlement as well. The sending bank sends a SWIFT message, the ILP can use XRP to settle instantly with the receiving bank if they are on xRapid or use Multi-Hop and an intermediate bank, if the recipient bank is only on xCurrent and has a NOSTRO/VOSTRO relationship with the intermediate bank. So, similar to correspondence banking, only a lot faster and cheaper. This gives banks the onus to be on Ripplenet and SWIFT simultaneously, unlike what Maximalists on either side think. And it gives onus to the banks that control SWIFT to make GPI ILP compatible. This is not an either/ or scenario. This is all truly disruptive and people need to fundamentally re-think the way they understand how money is moved to "Get" it. @galgitron feel free to offer counter arguments if my understanding is incorrect.
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    Very interesting read. What's everyone's thoughts? Source: https://twitter.com/DeistXrp/status/1051320806591016961?s=19 Temenos Tweet regarding the Article https://twitter.com/Temenos/status/593768691487113217?s=19 Link to article: http://thefinanser.com/2015/04/the-finanser-interviews-chris-larsen-ceo-and-cofounder-ripple-labs.html/ Check attachments for brief overview.
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    November is the month

    I was planning on selling until a ripple employee told a friend who also holds xrp not to sell and to wait for November. what it means I have no idea but coming from someone on the inside I will give it some value.
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    Great interview that understands and summarizes many questions. The following questions were asked, Cory Johnson replied. I'm just posting the questions so you can decide whether you read it or not. Very interesting: You came to Ripple from Bloomberg. Why’d you leave journalism? How serious are the criticisms of Ripple, and how have you been addressing them? When you talk about critics on Twitter, do you mean individuals or people in the media? You mentioned the common perception that Ripple and XRP are essentially the same. How do you counter that? How do you respond to the naysayers as far as the centralization question goes? xRapid, which uses XRP to carry out international transactions, just launched. A number of payment companies are already on board. How long until the big banks come around? Can xRapid function using currencies other than XRP? President Clinton recently spoke at Ripple’s Swell conference, warning against overregulation lest we kill “the goose that laid the golden egg.” How did Ripple land Clinton as a speaker? How much does President Clinton actually know about crypto? Do you have a sense of what the Trump administration thinks about a product like Ripple? How high up in the administration have you gone, as far as talks go? Last month, Ripple announced that it was putting $25 million toward the creation of a new philanthropic effort, Ripple for Good. Do you think the rest of the blockchain space needs to step up in terms of philanthropy? You’re a former journalist. Tell me, what questions should I have asked you that I did not ask? What’s been the biggest change in terms of the new career? https://breakermag.com/ripple-has-a-ton-of-doubters-this-exec-is-trying-to-change-their-minds/
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    November is the month

    The jet of this fanboy is cooled and fueled. Something is brewing, I think it will be served in just a few weeks. Digital assets are very useful for the cross border payments usecase. XRP is the fastest, cheapest and most secure asset for that usecase, and can be distributed wholesale to banks. The only way forward for Swift, is towards more interoperability and accessability. ILP is the answer. You don't need to wait for official announcements to know in which direction the train is moving.
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    He said cool our jets. Is he referring to how jets are cooled before blasting off into outerspace? If so, he practically is confirming swift integration.
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    DZ Bank and Ripple

    " DZ Bank AG is the second largest bank in Germany by asset size and the central institution for more than 1,000 co-operative banksand their 12,000 branch offices. Within the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Co-operative financial network, which is one of Germany's largest private sector financial service organisations, DZ Bank functions both as a central institution and as a corporate and investment bank. " Source : https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/groups/pdf/omg/2018/201809/2018-09-20_Item4_Blockchain_and_impacts_on_reconciliation_processes.pdf?86fcec98adeac589e96b481dc558cc21 Who was an other partner of Ripple in Germany ? Reise Bank " Ripple is unrivaled. We’re proud to have been part of the world’s first live Ripple demo of a transaction. — Frank Boberach, head of product management at ReiseBank" https://ripple.com/customer-case-study/reisebank/ " ReiseBank is a wholly owned subsidiary of DZ BANK headquartered in Frankfurt. "
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    Temenos latest report and Ripple ?

    Tinfoil Hat on. Connecting the dots here in the latest Temenos report. Are they talking about Ripple ? Sources : https://twitter.com/Temenos/status/1050692049622716417 https://ripple.com/insights/mufg-joins-ripples-global-payments-steering-group/ https://ripple.com/insights/mizuho-pilot-ripple-cross-border-payments/ https://globalcoinreport.com/singapore-authorities-ripple-blockchain-powered-invoice-platform/ https://ripple.com/insights/thailands-fifth-largest-bank-krungsri-collaborates-petrochemical-company-expedite-cross-border-payments-retain-customers/
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    November is the month

    Hmmm... Seems a bit salty in here. If you can't see the writing on the wall perhaps you shouldn't be investing.... I don't know of any other investment option with even a fraction of the potential of this one. It's certainly not guaranteed, but ******* on everyone's hopes of success seems a sad way to spend your time...
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    Yearly January Bear Market

    There will be another January dip because people will take their profits. Particularly in China whereby they need the cash to send relatives for New Year. After Chinese New Year the Wall Street bankers will receive bonuses and I anticipate a huge bull run
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    I'm convinced my life is a simulation and my creators are playing with the XRP price to monitor my reactions.
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    Isn't this in connection with the M103 messaging from SWIFT connecting via SAP into Ripple.net? Edit: I owned a Volvo once. THe engine wasn't manufactured by Volvo, but by Mitsubushi. Customers of Swift don't really care what powers their backend, just like the Mitsubushi engine had a Volvo branded cover over it MT103
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    JP Morgan quote Ripple

    If the article has already been published on xrpchat let me know and I will delete it. And I will need a source. I publish this article because we can discover in old publications some interesting elements. Here JP Morgan is optimistic about using Ripple to compete with Swift (Who in fact creates the GPI to counter Ripple) Exemple : If I find that a major partnership has taken place, use Ripple net and that article dated last January I will not publish it because the article is old? The date can be irrevelant.
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    Cobalt not coming soon

    I didn't expect it to, so I'm not disappointed. Just coolin' ya'll jets.
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    November is the month

    I appreciate the distinction you make here. Ripple & SWIFT don't have any kind of partnership, nor will they need to if the GPI has protocols that Ripple can connect with. SWIFT need not even be intentional about Ripple if their product has lots of software interfaces. I think what is hard is waiting for the "switch" to be turned on for money to flow - it makes it easy to think SWIFT is the decision on which things depend. But Ripple's timeline has not progressed as if SWIFT were their big concern. Instead they have been busy in the background signing FI, creating channels, liquidity and focusing on interoperability. If SWIFT ever does throw a switch, the hope is Ripple will benefit because it has already wired all the places they might want to connect to.
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    Santander goes live with SWIFT gpi

    Same payment corridors as their onepayfx... Which runs on ripple. The evidence is stacking up everywhere that swift gpi is using ripple.