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    Interview with President Kitao of SBI Holdings "Future of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) market and prospect of Ripple"(Japanese) https://coinpost.jp/?p=66900 (Google Translation) https://translate.google.co.jp/translate?hl=ja&sl=ja&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fcoinpost.jp%2F%3Fp%3D66900
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    Thanks @hamasugu! Is there any mention in the interview of the "blink' date?
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    How JPM coin will affect xrp

    I've probably posted it a hundred times. - If the coin represents something, Rep-coins as I call them, they are worthless. This is not a trustless system, Transferring JPM coin settles nothing because you still have to move the money into the account or you have to trust that JPM actually has money to back up their stupid coin. Just do a digital transfer then, why even use a blockchain?? JPM coin is a stupid idea. Regarding crypto JPM and Jamie Dimon are as irrelevant as CNBC.
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    Good to see that nobody questions a next bullrun.
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    acctually blockchain is the next EU big thing, its in all the strategies for 2020-2030 , we are starting a lots of projects already with it being focused at in the next 10 years period. I hope we can do it right..and fast enough
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    XRP price after next bull run

    I don't think that there is such thing as a price stability for any asset traded on an open market (barring external intervention of sorts), regardless of utility. Market prices individual assets based on perception of value, meaning that the end price is always speculative to some extent. Whereas utility may drive up the baseline value/price, it is speculation that provides the multiplier. Since speculation will thus always be present, 50%+ pullbacks will likewise always remain possible. I'd like to think that once utility takes hold we will never see another 90% pullback ever again, but sadly I think that the two are largely separate from one another. Regardless of the underlying utility driven value of xrp, the market will always have the ability to get way ahead of itself and drive xrp price to some greatly overvalued territory (20/50/100x baseline value?), and whatever overshoots the target to that extend tends to retract with equal force. So yeah - 90% pullback is as likely as a 10x gain, and we are all expecting 10/100x gains.
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    "We are not trading in XRP but using it as a medium for instant money transfer/settlement which is far more cumbersome in SWIFT." Just WOW... That's what i'm talking about!!!
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    This information video was published in Nov 2017 when they were still calling XRP Ripple although she mentioned XRP as the currency - It is amazing would this lady knew so much18 months ago, she is even mentioning multihop. The video seems to be made for other bank technicians joining her projects . For that time she was really far ahead of where we were on XRPchat. She says they are going to look into making another more up to date video. But hey this is where they were 18 months ago, she was already aware of R3 Corda and SBI would be important players and that "ripple" was positioned to replace SWIFT. She was calling for decentralisation. 18 months ago she was very well informed about "Ripple" scalablity, speed, bidirection, protocol integration, XRP Ledger, low cost, escrow facilites, she well understood how the consensus node gave ripple lightening speed and ability to run your own own node consensus networks, multihops and Ripplenet. She really got it. She ends the video with a technical demo of using java script to connect to the Ripple network Now they are well advanced into there pilots and the project is surging forward. Someone to watch and follow on Twitter. This lady is gold dust - she is obviously in touch with the inner workings of Ripple labs and freely answering questions from the XRP community at the same time
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    It is not a tipping app. Tips are just a little feature on top of the whole initiatives system we develop on top of XRPL. We will make everything clear in a couple of days, but since our video has been found too early, we would like to ask for some more patience.
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    I have the same memory except the "they removed the option". I haven't heard or read him say that. Not that I worry about that, at all.
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    XRP price after next bull run

    This is virgin territory, I'm not sure how anyone could really know. If we get another major pump like Dec of 2017, expect a major dip and correction again too. But if the pump/price increase is based upon actual utility, I'd expect the price to hold a bit higher due to ongoing interest / use cases. Pump & Dump vs actual use and demand.
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    Wonder if there were othe reasons behind the MIT based project called SendFriend went from XLM to XRP than Ripple givig them 1 million $. Jed has also stopped selling his allowed stash of XRP for quite a while now. Stellar is still a non profit which looks quite strange when it parterns with IBM, although IBMs banks will be using Stronghold USD.
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    This is very interesting since it means every bank using this system has to own large stocks of XRP for this system to work, and that stock then becomes unavailable to market makers on the XRapid system. Those 40 billion XRP between so many big institutional users are not going to go far unless the price goes up (a lot).
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    Its late here and I've wasted enough time. I'm going to go laugh myself to sleep.
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    Yes, but the company was founded in 2017, so $1B+ in about (or less than) 2 years is pretty decent!
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    Thank you. I was legit staring at the screen until someone acknowledged this find in a positive way. Now I can go ****.
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    That's the answer I was waiting for ....
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    XRP price after next bull run

    Sounds like you've been watching too much Prison Break my friend. These TA predictions are a waste of time and useless in crypto as we've seen millions of times already.
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    At the risk of sounding tinfoily... This has nothing to do with bag holders of other coins. If it did, those coins would be mentioned in the tweets. This has to do with a multipronged Soviet-style misinformation campaign that’s been waged against Ripple and XRP for the past month-and-a-half by powerful interests. Look at the posts in this forum and in the trading club. Look at the quantity of negative and dismissive opinions popping up in the last 60 days... in a chat specifically designed for XRP followers. Pay attention to the sharply negative titles of posts that are otherwise merely “asking questions” about XRP and sealioning. Posters who then take controversial opinions to draw out argument, lengthening the topic and maintaining its position at the top of the forum for days at a time. Look at the tectonic shift in r/cryptocurrency over the past few months. XRP had finally gained traction and acceptance there over the past year. People supported it. Suddenly? Multiple highly-upvoted spurious posts critical of XRP and packed with anti-Ripple comments that lack sound factual basis. Some of this activity is organic. Rest assured, a grand majority is not. What this says to me, louder than any other voice, is that there are people who want you to sell. They don’t have a coin to peddle. They want you to sell your XRP. Because their bosses want to buy it. Period. Get jazzed, because this is the best news you’ve gotten in a very long time.
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