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    Such a knee jerk reaction to a nascent market. I wish we were further but price and speculation mean absolutely nothing. Go trade the flavor of the month. Investing in anything is not for you.
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    If the search engines are the answer
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    Use case is not what moves price in the current market. There is barely any usecase in any crypto at the moment, yet everything boomed and busted recent years. Our prime BTC @ 20k by being a 'store of value', after all the previous attempted 'usecases' failed? What a store of value, going from 20k to 3k back to 10k etc etc. Manipulation and marketcycles is what moves prices for now and probably upcoming years. Usecases are slowly starting their engines as we speak, some might even start rolling soon and just a few will reach the finishline. In the meantime price is a pointles distraction that can go up massively when pumped or break down completely depending on whenever a big fish wants to hunt some stop losses. That is not to say that I expect one or two boom cycles before utility kicks in.
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