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    Storing with Trezor Beta Wallet?

    I'm honestly not that fond of paper wallets either. Ink might fade, you have to print it at some point (either when being online or offline, could be in your printer memory for some time). That's why I always recommend a Nano Ledger. The 24 word secret is generated by the hardware and you write it down in ballpoint pen and put that in a vault at the bank (or somewhere hidden very well with no indication what it is). If either of these gets damaged you still have a very high likelyhood of recovering the the wallet and at no point in time the secret gets in contact with your other electronic devices (not with any operation). All depends on the amounts though. If you have 50$ XRP and you believe it'll go to 500$ (total value) it might (still) not be worth it for you.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    - With the QE that is on going currently, the rapidly expanding money supply is quite bullish for Bitcoin/crypto. - Its possible that economies of a country or two may collapse and the people will turn to Bitcoin to store or move their money
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    "Good ones" in terms of he wouldn't lie. Whether he gets overly hyped up or not, is not a reflection of his honesty.
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    @Dogowner5 Thanks for chiming in friend - you appear both astute and informed @Frisia - The slippage "friction" is not the total cost for Ripple's ODL service, but it is both significant and a bit variable, at least these days. If you think about it, the fluctuating dynamics of the FX rates must certainly influence the balancing actions of the network's arbitrage processes. I've come to suspect these processes are leveraging some centralized or authoritative aggregator of of the FX metrics. I'm hoping IG's feed will provide this need...
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    Argentine Peso live on Bitso

    Alright, I know it's only BTC/ARS as of now, but even that is new. My guess is that XRP/ARS isn't that far behind, and that is a key missing piece in getting the Argentine corridor open. Even better, that should be a source of outflow from MXN, which should help further balance the USD/MXN corridor. What do people think? ARS going live Q2?
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    In all fairness, you have not given a straight answer.
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    Lots of people left or lurk now like I do. I mostly spend time on the CasinoCoin discord. Just not worth it talking to most people here. Many still cling to their delusional $100+ xrp price predictions. Another reason why I switched to CasinoCoin. CSC hitting $1 and making me millions is a lot more likely than xrp doing the same type of movement to $100+. 🍻
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