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  1. Here's how I've been explaining it recently: 1) There's a business that Ripple has providing transaction processing software to banks. It can work without XRP and without any blockchain tech. It improves international payments because it uses end to end messaging to track payment progress, ensure all necessary compliance information is in the transaction in the first place, precisely knows the fees ahead of time, and provides prompt, reliable confirmation of delivery. This is a big enough improvement that banks will use it even if the actual money moves the same way it does now. 2) R
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  2. Hello Everyone, Long time lurker and first time poster here. I decided to make a post that I believe will help the community better understand the banking landscape. I worked at a top financial institution for 10 years and left the banking industry close to four months ago to pursue other opportunities. When I left the bank I was a VP of Technology that managed the overall internal IT support for vendor supplied applications and payment processing services. A major part of my responsibilities was to ensure that all vendor applications and services that I managed met regulatory and ba
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  3. Bear with me...this will be a long, but I think very interesting, post. I read the article that came out today from Google talking about Google Pay and how it's already available on Airbnb, so I went down a rabbit hole for about 8 hours and dug a hole to China. Literally. And it basically was facts that I've read before, but never connected them all together. Take a look: The craziest thing to me is how everything is connected in terms of companies, investors, you name it. And I should start by saying that I'm assuming the investors I mention (big name investors) probably have some power
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  4. Hello! I'm Claire Arthurs Kart (@clairearthurs), the new 'Head of Community' at Ripple and wanted to introduce myself to the community on XRPChat. I joined Ripple last week and am still getting my feet wet, but I look forward to getting to know everyone and hearing your ideas for how we can build a strong community together. I've been investing in crypto and reading deeply since 2013. Ripple, XRP and XRP Ledger enthusiasts have built a really strong community already, and I admire the passion, intelligence and thoughtfulness of the conversation happening across Twitter, Reddit, XRPChat etc. I
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  5. JoelKatz

    Hi! I'm Bob

    We certainly would never discourage anyone from using the XRPL's distributed exchange feature! I'm still a bit sad that our strategy lead us in a different direction and that we abandoned the nascent ecosystem we had been building. It was clear that the feature was way ahead of its time and there was no direct path to adoption then. I talk to Ethan (head of Xpring and pretty much everything at Ripple other than cross-currency payments) frequently about whether there are good use cases for the ledger's decentralized exchange now and whether that's something we can use Xpring to help develo
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  6. The Very Beginning Shift/Shift Payments Since 2014, Ripple has been experimenting on multiple projects developing a debit card that would allow owners to easily spend their digital currencies. It first began as a joint effort along side Shift Payments to create the "Shift Card". Which the project was focused on https://ripple.com/insights/a-debit-card-powered-by-ripple/ The prototype card was integrated with both Coinbase and Ripple accounts at one point with the partners wanting to integrate the card with loyalty point programs and regular bank accounts in the future.
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  7. BobWay

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bob Way, formerly of Ripple. Thank you in advance for allowing me to join your forum. Back in the early days of crypto I was pretty active in the Bitcointalk and Ripple communities (under the username "Red"). In fact my community participation was what directly led to me going to work for Chris and the gang at OpenCoin. I made a lot of good friend in the forums five years back. I'm hoping to make some new ones now. Bob
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  8. Fits and starts guys. There's a lot of noise out there so I understand it can be frustrating and confusing. Our path was never going to be a short one. We work with enterprises so the pace is slower but the payoff will be worth it. What I would say, it's a little disappointing to hear complaints about XRP not appreciating fast enough, as if it were simply some get rich quick scheme. I don't mean to sound naive, but it's such a stark difference to how I and everyone else at Ripple thinks about XRP. Our vision is literally world changing, and the last thing we are worried about is the price
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  9. A tweet recently caught my attention about the Bill and Melinda gates foundation possibly being live on the XRP Ledger in this tweet there were some interesting transactions in a currency I hadn't seen before called UPU - the wallet is - rMHSvqV83BhFDhkQtXELxNYyyhq776dhzG - so using a wallet explorer application I noticed other transactions and obligations connected to this wallet using similar codes such as UPA, UPC, UPY etc. After some digging, I determined that UPU in this case stands for "Universal Postal Union", which I had never heard of, on their site www.upu.int I found language
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  10. (please check my profile for prior threads: this post builds off my country threads) ***"this is all speculation"*** The Monetary Authority of Singapore For several years now, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has taken a proactive approach in exploring and trailing blockchain technology for it’s possible application into their financial system. Since 2016, MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has established a regulatory sandbox allowing Fintech companies to experiment within regulatory parameters.¹ MAS has also collaborated with Deloitte, R3, and a consortium consistin
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  11. karlos

    Community Standards

    It should go without saying that we all want a forum that encourages free debate and healthy discussion. However there are lines that must be drawn. XRPchat will not accept: zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads disrespect, flaming or insulting other members, Ripple employees or others in general excessive swearing doxxing of ANY kind (i.e posting personally identifiable information) attempting to get other users to reveal their secret key pasting entire articles into the forum. Post the link and your summary (or the talking point) i
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  12. Hi Christopher, Interested in how you can reduce your cross-border payments inefficiencies? Then download the new AFP Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank. In this guide you’ll learn: • About some of the prominent systems in cross-border payments • How to determine if you should consider a new payments system • The pros and the cons of new technology available in the payments space Efficiency, transparency and optimization should be your top concerns when it comes to cross-border payments. While new technologies can help in these fa
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  13. JoelKatz


    Sorry to disappoint you guys but we're actually just buying a pizza. Brad Garlinghouse insisted I put a wink on this so everyone would know that i wasn't serious. So.
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  14. I would like to present here my findings on a slightly more detailed examination of sales from the ripple XRP-II wallet (rHjJwY4maqRyUxCnJ9bNNQ2Tva9fe9T8ud) and also the 3 wallets rHjJwY4maqRyUxCnJ9bNNQ2Tva9fe9T8ud, r49yezViZ8N6FtwwKg9byDYtJ3UDuJi1zv, r3epSojEkn6pFRwjxkFjwJLPAxC8Hj9ZTK that we believe are ripple controlled and have been supplied to my by @xp3215233 who deserves your thanks for the numbers I have extracted and plotted here. I will refer to the 3 wallets hereafter as RP1, RP2, RP3 to indicate that we think they are ripple controlled. In addition, I will also include some details
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  15. BobWay

    Hi! I'm Bob

    As promised, I didn't go to bed before finishing monstrosity. It is the delayed continuation of the post I left hanging here. Sorry for the delay. ----- I've had a long love/hate relationship with bitcoin. When I first heard about it I was inthralled with the technology. I dug in deep to understand everything I could. It seemed like a global LETS system to me. There were a few things I didn't like. It wasn't very private even though everyone kept calling it anonymous. I was one of the first to point out how the DAG could be used to unmask people. I may also have been one of the first
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  16. ***this is speculation*** In the wake of AliPay's announcement of launching a cross-border remittance service powered by blockchain technology, a closer inspection of the partnerships reveals several layers of Ripple associates. The cross-border remittance services into the Philippines will be offered by in a collaboration between GCash, AliPay, and Standard Chartered. With further details on Standard Chartered's involvement, https://www.pymnts.com/news/cross-border-commerce/2018/alipay-gcash-blockchain-cross-border-remittance-philippines/ Standard Chartered is curren
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  17. All, I wanted to share the results of a recent theory / research I've completed over the last few days. I've always wondered why Ripple has had such a focus on the Japanese market, yes they are a big market and I've had the thought that maybe it was just where they happened to get traction first? Recently, I've come to the conclusion that they have been focused there for a very specific strategic reason and below I explain what lead me to this conclusion. Recently I stumbled onto something while googling around, that lead to something else and here are a few facts about Japan and Forex I
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  18. JoelKatz

    Explaining XRP

    The abridged model is this: 1) Ripple gets banks to use its payment technology. 2) Banks integrate Ripple's payment system into their system. 3) This helps to eliminate all the technical obstacles to banks routing payments through a crypto-currency. (Regulatory, compliance, business rules, integration effort, etcetera.) 4) Banks use the system to clear payments with each other, probably using mostly ILP. (ILP is a protocol that permits atomic, cross-ledger payments. Most importantly, it allows a "connector" to facilitate the payment even if that connector is not trusted by
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  19. I was asked to review this video to see if there were any subtle undertones that would indicate Goldman Sachs interest in XRP. These are my findings... (Law and Order Chime - "Dong - Dong") Jitin Jain (Wharton MBA '18), seated on the far left, moderates a discussion between, from left to right, Andrew Keys (Co-Founder Consensys Capital), Brian Steele (MD Goldman), Griffin Anderson (Founder Balanc3@ConsenSys), and Danny Aranda (MD Ripple). 7:06 Andrew Keys (Co-Founder Consensys Capital) says – “what this will do from a macro perspective, in my opinion, is
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  20. Discussions about the market capitalization of Ripple are all the rage. In my latest blog, I discuss this controversial topic and point out some historical facts and future trends for readers to consider when putting this topic into perspective. I have a feeling many readers will be surprised to find that Ripple will not be the first company to be measured in the trillions. Hope you enjoy the read! Please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend, or on any other media, and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/Cry
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  21. BobWay

    Answer: Wen Moon?

    I don't know. As I've mentioned in my introductory thread, I am bullish on XRP in the long term. I own XRP and I also own Ripple stock. Ripple stock is not publicly traded and is generally much more illiquid that XRP. However, based on other people's reports of selling Ripple stock on the secondary markets, it appears that the price of Ripple stock is closely correlated to the price of XRP. Based on my back of the envelope calculations, the market value of my investments is split about evenly between stock and XRP. If I could, I'd gladly trade my stock for XRP to gain the added liqui
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  22. BobWay

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Ripple as a company can be pretty opaque. Especially if you are not a banker getting regular updates on our progress. I'm happy to answer questions about the people involved historically and currently. The company grows and changes quickly so I'm probably out of date already on exactly who is on which team at the moment though. I guess I should introduce myself for those who don't know me. Don't feel bad if you don't. I purposely kept a low profile. I discovered bitcoin reasonably early in 2010. I was pondering creating a digital currency for the web (for my own reasons) when I happe
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  23. I felt a little bummed with the price drop during Swell, to be honest. But I know rationally that the price goes up and the price goes down and the short term prices don't really matter all that much. As far as Ripple's execution goes, I feel better now than I ever have. Even the FUD now pretty much assumes that we'll take over payments. Now they just claim that still somehow that won't ever be reflected in the price of XRP. When you have moved the goalposts so far that your naysayers assume your startup will dominate a multibillion dollar industry, I'd say you've pretty much won.
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  24. Here's my new 4500-word article on everything from the USD, SDR, sovereign debt restructuring, economic collapses, China, Russia, SWIFT, SAP, and XRP. Attempting to bring some clarity and a deeper understanding of some of the topics which have been getting misconstrued and some of the false narratives which have been running wild. Hope its worth the read. XRP - The Standard
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  25. ***IF YOU HAVE NOT YET, PLEASE READ MY PREVIOUS THREADS ON THE GATES FOUNDATION AND INDIA*** Unlike in India, there is no singular centralized effort driving Ripple adoption but more of a collected effort done by multiple parties. However, most of these parties are being guided and aided by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in each of their respective ventures. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) The MAS is Singapore's central bank and financial regulatory authority. Compared to other central banks, MAS has been proactive when involving trialing and adopting new financ
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  26. mars75

    Ripple - India

    ***THIS IS ALL SPECULATION*** First of all, if you haven't read my India & Gates Foundation post please do as it will be taking some elements to describe the environment in India. (SUMMARY: A FUTURE PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT COULD INVOLVE THE GATES FOUNDATION DISTRIBUTING CELLULAR DEVICES PRE-INSTALLED WITH AN APP CONNECTED TO THE ILP) India As a quick recap, there are two nation wide movements occurring in India. First, the development and deployment of a centralized biometric database called Aadhaar. Aadhar's purpose is to register and create a digital identity of eve
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  27. As much as Ripple employees and executives try to steer clear of the prediction business, there's much that we can infer from company statements, interviews, blogs, and other reference material as 2018 begins. How does Ripple see the crypto market? What are their plans? I cover their perspective and possible future scenarios in my blog, so you'll have to read it to find out. Thanks & hope you enjoy! Feel free to share my blog with others and on any other media or platform - and thank you for doing so! Hodor Blog Announcements on Other Media: Twitter Reddit r/Rippl
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  28. XRP is on the move. What is the result of our latest liquidity increases, and what's in store with Ripple's latest hire in the communications position? I cover it all, and indicate the trajectory of our rocket ship as we clear the atmosphere. And of course, I haven't forgotten about the "two household names" hinted at last week. Please feel free to leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share or link to my blog on any other media (e.g., FB ) My blog announcements on other media: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMark
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  29. BobWay

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I am bullish on XRP and I am hodling XRP as well. I also own some Ripple stock. It is only fair for everyone to know both of those things, so y'all can weight my opinions accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: I have enough XRP for it to be a significant bet for me personally, but not enough to make me worth kidnapping. You would be disappointed.
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  30. BobWay

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I'm offended. What do you want me to do, put a shoe on my head? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Come on! Let's have some fun here!
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  31. BobWay

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I'm not sure I'm qualified to use fancy words like "geopolitical" correctly. :-) But there are huge improvements coming to the structure of banking. Please keep in mind that while I think of myself as a reasonably smart guy, I'm by no means smart about everything. However, in my various positions at Ripple, a lot of much smarter people than me showed up in our office to tell me the details of their particular problems. They then left it to me to figure out if Ripple or its technologies could help. That was one of my key contributions to the company. I could almost always figure out a way
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  32. mars75

    Ripple - South Korea

    Previous Work: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/7598-ripplegates-foundationindia/?tab=comments#comment-99889 https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/9189-ripple-india/ https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/9760-ripple-singapore-bahrain-the-uae/?tab=comments#comment-97143 ***THIS IS ALL SPECULATION*** The Korean Government Similar to other Asian Pacific countries, South Korea is being proactive on adopting financial technology. As a society, Korea is trending towards being cashless with credit and bank cards becoming the primary means of conducting trade. http://www.koreatimes.
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  33. Great article for Crypto investors. Tuesdays with Teeka: The Great Crypto Conspiracy of 2018 Deadwood was an acclaimed Western series that ran on HBO from 2004–2006. The series was set in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota during the Black Hills Gold Rush of the late 1870s. As you can imagine, the show was full of shootouts, filthy language, and quite a few sex scenes… Certainly not a show you’d want to watch with your kids. But there is an episode of Deadwood that holds a valuable lesson for crypto investors…During the Dakota gold rush, regular folks who got in ea
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  34. Apologies it was a little late. Just a lot going on! Hope everyone is well out there and thanks for the support as always. It's been humbling to see you guys come to bat for us when some have questioned the company. It doesn't go unnoticed and is incredibly appreciated. Thank you!
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  35. No small people, no big people. Just a bunch of people crazy enough to throw caution to the wind and try to do something that's never been done before. Fwiw, this community is incredibly important to Ripple's success and is a real motivator to many of the folks at Ripple. Thank you for all the support!
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  36. Dear XRPChat, I had planned on making another prediction of Q1 sales before the quarterly report came out, but unfortunately, my day job has been keeping me very busy so I didn't have the time needed to attend to it - and I had problems with my analysis that I didn't understand and that I hope I have rectified now. In my previous posts Analysis of Ripple's XRP sales and 2018 Q4 analysis, I summed payments from wallets to XRP-II to see what the quarterly payments were, and to total them up to see if they matched the sales figures announced by ripple. I had expected to do the same for Q1 2019,
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  37. The Gates Foundation and Ripple's formation of Mojaloop was to address the current financial system's inadequacies on providing services to individuals living below the poverty line and in remote areas of their respective countries. Mojaloop makes use of Ripple's Interledger Protocol to bridge mobile wallets to current digital financial services. Currently, the complexity and costs associated with developing digital financial services for new markets is daunting for banks to overtake. Further complicating the issue, making these new services interoperable with one another requires mass coordin
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  38. Currencies Direct completes successful pilot of XRP for FX payments https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/74072/currencies-direct-completes-successful-pilot-of-xrp-for-fx-payments “Currencies Direct has become the first FX provider in Europe to successfully complete an international payment over Ripple’s xRapid platform using XRP.”
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  39. How big will the crypto market - and XRP - become? I throw out some interesting recent statistics that are getting some press, and then cover current events: Included is the latest information about Codius, a ringing endorsement of xRapid by ZipRemit, and the UK Parliamentary Hearing where Ryan Zagone held his ground against a DLT skeptic. Rounding it out, I give you the latest information about some high-profile community events that are happening. Hope you enjoy the read. Please leave any feedback below - and feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other
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  40. Apple announced they support of the W3C payment request API in Safari. It uses Ripple’s Interledger:
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  41. tomb

    Ripple Cheat Sheet

    Resellers/Service Providers/Partners/Relationships Accenture “We have extensive relationships with the world's leading companies and governments and work with organizations of all sizes—including 89 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500.” Press: http://www.consultancy.uk/news/2799/payments-platform-ripple-inks-partnership-with-accenture CGI Global “CGI has a long history of shaping and driving innovation in banking and payments, helping to build SWIFT, CHAPS and other payment systems.” P
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  42. I am sorry that wound up misleading people. Let me explain what happened: Originally, we were going to have three demos at consensus. XRP to ETH using ILP, Banking payments using XRP/paychan under ILP, and a demo of a future vision of a micropayment system over ILP. We were also going to do several corporation partnership/strategy announcements, including the lockup and the new exchanges and so on at consensus. It reached the point where there just weren't slots for all the demos or time to do the releases. And it wouldn't have given people time to track us down to discuss new p
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  43. BobWay

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Sorry to answer out of order, but I think this is closely related to what I just got done writing about. I addressed this in my previous post. I would absolutely expect that to happen. Ripple has a team called "Product" and a separate team called "Development". The Ripple development team has created a set of core technologies. Rippled, RippleConnect, the Interledger Protocol, the ILP components (ledger, connector, notary). The Ripple product team has take these technologies and "productized" them for certain markets. (xCurrent, xVia, xRapid) The Ripple marketing and
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  44. You guys are going to like this one... At least I do. I'm only going to post one of the hundred or so recent findings. Things are blowing up behind the scenes and just finding them has honestly become an obsession. I need to stop for a bit because it's taking over my life.... Here's one I'm not going into if someone else wants to (bankit.in). At this point, I think I have the full global picture. Global leaders (BIS, IMF, G20, FSA, Global banks and Financial system leaders) please proceed to make XRP the standard for cross-border payments even though I'm posting less: The validator w
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  45. XRP is the best buy in crypto right now: What does the shape of the future hold for XRP and Ripple? I discuss the price appreciation of XRP, along with each of the six major drivers of XRP value that I expect will take center stage in 2018. What are these six major drivers? You'll have to read to find out - let me know if you agree, or if you felt I forgot something that might be a dark horse for moving XRP price towards our $10 mark. Hope you enjoy & please leave any comments below. Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for
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  46. OneZero may be the largest bridge between crypto and financial institutions. Aside from the symbol for it's liquidity hub looking oddly like Ripple's logo (and one of XRP's 3 current logos?) and a transaction map that looks oddly like Ripple's node topology map... There are some interesting things to note. Yesterday, Broctagon Prime announced their a Crypto Liquidity Partnership Between Broctagon Prime and OneZero Financial. This included XRP: Before we dive into some more connections, what is OneZero? It's a liquidity hub that connects the liquidit
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  47. Hey all - thanks for the feedback, especially for breaking down the doc and highlighting the problematic sections. I just read through the thread and will be looking into this. The ToS were prepared by our external counsel and I wasn't part of that process, so I'll find out why those terms were included and if we can take them out. There may be some justification that I'm just not aware of. We have zero interest in selling user data or running ads - those are crappy, backwards ways of making money and the whole point of Coil is that those monetization workarounds are no longer necessary.
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  48. I haven't posted an update on ODL traffic for some time, here's an update. Please note that I am only able to infer ODL traffic based on 'on-ledger' transactions - if there is ODL traffic that occurs soley on a single exchange, such as USD-EUR or USD-XRP-EUR or the reverse, then I do not capture it. The last time I posted anything about ODL traffic was when ripple made the switch from large treasury transactions to smaller payments. The switchover is clear from the quarterly totals of ODL traffic as you can see in this plot - there is a huge drop between Q2 and Q3 2020. December is just gettin
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  49. Yesterday a job posting was discovered at AMEX in their FXIP division and in the job description there was some interesting language that indicated "Santander, Ripple and American Express are launching a block chain service in 2018" it went on in typical job posting fashion talking about how its an exciting time to work in this business unit etc. Shortly after it was discovered American Express updated the listing and removed the language. I consider this to be a legitimate leak, posted accidentally by a hiring manager, if you work at a large corporation you know that one of the main and
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  50. miguel

    Is Miguel Vias in XRPChat?

    I'm always watching =)
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