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    XRPL Genesis

    For anyone who interested Bithomp just published the list of Genesis accounts with their current and genesis balances. https://bithomp.com/genesis Hope you will enjoy it.
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    Welcome To XRPL Labs

    Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrpl-labs/ XRPL Labs is awarded Ripple's Xpring funding! Learn more - with exclusive information from the team - in my latest blog: I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Sigh... so much FUDness these days. Here, let me see if I can clear it up once and for all. There are currently three primary ways to send money internationally: By leveraging bank-sourced liquidity provided by the correspondent bank network and accessed via Swift (or xCurrent). By using proprietary pools of liquidity and access mechanisms provided by money transfer companies. These only exist because such businesses spotted the opportunity created by the gaping hole in #1, and quickly moved to fill and monetize the gap. By using crowdfunded liquidity (xRapid exchanges) accessed via peer-to-peer network (xRapid). In case you don't like the term "crowdfunding", then another way to look at it as "by using money transfer matchmaking service whereby requests to send money from one country are matched with requests to receive money in another country, and fulfillment accomplished via an intermediary money transfer instrument (xrp) bought and sold in individual countries' open markets (xRapid exchanges)" Banks are for-profit businesses whose primary business model is to generate revenue by providing services centered on "money". Any "money" that banks holds will be expected to generate revenue, and anything that bank touches will likewise do the same. "Bank sourced liquidity (aka bank-supplied pool of money)" will thus come with inherent cost. "Correspondent bank network" will also come with inherent cost, similar to how a supply and distribution chain of multiple middle-men comes with inherent cost. xRapid cuts out both. Rather than relying on a pool of money in source and target geographies to execute a transfer, it relies on xrp trade inflows and outflows in respective geographies in order to source volume necessary to execute a transfer. Transfer liquidity is thus acquired dynamically, rather than pulled from a costly static (aka "backed with actual money") pool. This - in conjunction with elimination of high touch/high cost traffic through the correspondent middle man network - is what drives the cost down. Now, onto JPM Coin - JPM coin is backed. Backed means that for each token there is one dollar sitting somewhere representing that token. If there is one dollar sitting somewhere, that means there is static bank sourced liquidity sitting somewhere. If there is static bank sourced liquidity sitting somewhere, then nothing has really changed. Does that clear it up? Since I'm on a rant here, I might as well continue - Looking at the model described above, it should be immediately apparent that the model effectiveness is directly proportional to xrp exchange liquidity. Low liquidity equals lower cap on transfers that can be performed in this fashion. Lower cap means that the network in its present state cannot be used by major players as the liquidity needed to handle their volume is not there. HOWEVER - with each xRapid partner and client coming online, the pool of liquidity will become deeper. As the pool becomes deeper, this will likewise make it possible for the solution to move up market. The disruption in this case will not come from within the same level at which major banks operate today; instead the disruption will come from BELOW. It will come from smaller banks and smaller players taking the risk on xRapid as they are getting shafted by the current system and falling victim to the high base rates in their geographies or being too small to establish proper connections or negotiate discounts that would be necessary for them to not get shafted. Euro Exim Bank. Banks in SE Asia. No-name players used as ridicule fodder by certain Forbes authors. What all of these "experts" fail to realize in all of their glorious nearsightedness is that small players taking a risk on xRapid is a clear indication of a crack in the system - a crack caused by the inability of the current system to provide the level of service (and the cost) needed for the smaller players to remain competitive. As these small players take the risk of finding the service they need at prices they desire, their doing so will increase the pool of exchange liquidity and allow others to do the same, and pretty soon what is now merely a crack will become a full blown avalanche that is going to bury all these experts and incumbents under so much crap that not even their avalanche beacon signal will be getting through. So let them laugh now from their posh ski lodge at the bottom of the hill. If this plays out the way I think that it will, soon we will be skiing over 50ft base of the finest powder located where their ski lodge once used to be.
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    Did you read that 100+ post thread in the 2 minutes since I pointed you to it? That's my "newbie" objection. We've done this. I showed you where. You don't want to read it, you want to teach us all about it. I'm tired of that ****. Don't be offended I said you're a "newbie" because you don't want to do the work; just do the work. We're already way ahead - but you insist on dragging us back, with this tired "let's have a discussion about this; I really care!" bit... Well, you know, kid, if you really cared so much, you'd go do the reading.
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    I mean this with all due respect but to think that JPM Coin is a threat to the Ripple use case for XRP is to essentially misunderstand the structural model of XRP. Why would another bank trust JPM Coin? If another bank makes their own coin, how do they settle between their coin and JPM Coin? Why and how is a stablecoin a threat to a non-fiat backed digital asset? Counter party risk is a real thing and XRP solves that. Stablecoins issued by banks does not. These are two entirely separate use cases.
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    Of course we need regulation. Having entities like JP Morgan at the table ensure that we'll get the right kind of regulation. Who do you think JP Morgan and its army of lobbyists are going to coordinate and collaborate with? 1) A select number of nameless and faceless individuals who control the majority of BTC with an interest in working against "the system"? or 2) Ripple and the XRP ecosystem which is comprised of suit wearing professionals who are working towards the creation of a more efficient global financial ecosystem? Regulation is needed. Regulation is coming. The adults are going to win.
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    For the correct answer ask a polar bear. I agree, this is good news for the market. @ecent is spot on here. This is just another signal that blockchain is here to stay. This is not a piece of any pie being taken away from Ripple. This is somebody jumping in and joining the party pretty publicly. This however will be more of an internal tool to realize efficiencies in their own settlements as opposed to cross border
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    Will anyone actually sell at $50 or less? Or is everyone pretty much going to HODL on until $1,000+?
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    Every other coin is stealing a piece of the Ripple pie. PANIC! /s Oh, wait. It's just another silo. And I suppose we can pass a little gratitude on to JPM for legitimizing digital assets. PS. Feel free to panic sell. I'm looking to buy more xrp at 0.24-0.26 usd.
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    https://xrparcade.com/news/australian-consumers-to-spend-xrp-at-one-million-locations-and-withdraw-money-at-30000-atms/?fbclid=IwAR3JzEQ_5NNtSBAAbeK3ETC0ZC5u_Byg-lcQk5izftp-s2N_HOcCui-b9ds MyCryptoWallet (@mycryptowallet twitter handle) is an Australian zero-fee exchange where you can store, trade and track cryptocurrencies. According to ZyCrypto, it has launched myCryptoCard which enables consumers to spend cryptocurrency at one million locations and withdraw money at 30,000 ATMs. MyCryptoCard can be loaded with myCryptoWallet using a smartphone and pay for goods and services at any EFTPOS (Australia’s universal payment network) accepting merchant or withdraw money at ATMs. The five supported cryptocurrencies are BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP and POWR while the users can withdraw Australian dollars (AUD) at ATMs. MyCryptoWallet CEO Jaryd Koenigsmann sees the cards as another milestone for cryptocurrency adoption: “We’re taking a big step to make cryptocurrency a bigger part of offline daily life. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, groceries or new pair of jeans, Australians can now pay in crypto with the myCryptoCard.”
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    Interesting. I'm really impressed that nobody here questioned the starting cash-out price. you know the HODL'ers now are all that remain. It sort of gives me goosebumps to think about what a 2019 bull run could do.
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    ChainFront, an API-as-a-Service company that removes the complexity of using, building, and managing blockchain wallets while maintaining enterprise-grade security, today announced the launch of Ripple and Ethereum integration to the ChainFront API platform. Now, developers creating applications built on the Ethereum or XRP Ledger blockchains can eliminate the need for end-users to manage their own security and bank. https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/chainfront-announces-support-for-ripple-and-ethereum-2019-02-15?siteid=nbkh
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    Literally 180 degrees wrong. The article only makes the point that Ripples products are not using ILP. What some twitter user says afterwards is just that - personal opinion.
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    The end of Ripple?

    People really need to examine the history here, J.P Morgan who once had 10 or more(cant remember the exact number of ranking officials at a Ripple meeting), J.P Morgan Jamie Dimon consistently talking down about Crypto and Blockchain and Now J.P Morgan and Jamie developing and pushing their own Crypto??? I don't know about you folks but I am buying more XRP. What J.P Morgan just acknowledged here is Ripple and XRP are what they say they are!!! " Imagine walking into a ford dealership wanting to buy a ford and the salesman talks a boat load of negative stuff about GM cars, but you look over and notice when the General Manger leaves for lunch he is driving a brand spanking new Cadillac" If I am the potential buyer I'm walking out the door heading to any other dealer except a Ford dealer at that point Just a comparison of how J.P and Jamie look right now.
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    Ripple is as afraid of j.p coin as Microsoft is of this:
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    JP Morgan have created... Drum roll, please... Tether
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    Version 1.2.0 also lowers the threshold for network participants involved in signing transactions. The MultiSignReserve amendment allows owners of signer lists for authorization method Multisign to participate with a reserve of just 5 XRP, down from the previous 15–50 XRP. https://www.coindesk.com/latest-xrp-ledger-release-boosts-censorship-resistance-and-more
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    No Commercial bank or Stablecoin will ever be able to maintain a "first mover advantage" over Central Bank issued CBDC. There is a difference between... "money in the bank", aka bank liabilities... and "cash in hand", aka Central Bank liabilities. Going digital or crypto or blockchain, will not change the underlying facts about which balance sheet / ledger that things are accounted for on. Unless I'm on JPM's investment committee, I see nothing to worry about here. They may simply burn up some capital to learn something, so others wont have to pay to learn that lesson.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    This is the most erotic thing you will see this Valentine's Day. The weekly chart on Bitcoin. After the last bull run it took 24 weeks before the 50 week EMA crossed the 100 week EMA to the upside! We are one or two weeks away from that happening. All wee need is one big, green candle!!!
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    The Iranian rial becomes the 44th fiat currency to be tradable with XRP. You can view a detailed list of all exchanges and currencies trading XRP/fiat, here at XRParcade. You can find more information about Nobitex here. https://xrparcade.com/news/xrp-gets-its-first-pair-to-the-iranian-rial-irr/ Nobitex: http://iran.ahk.de/fileadmin/ahk_iran/Blockchain/Nobitex.pdf I think this might be controversial because this challenges America's stranglehold/embargo on trade with Iran through locking down SWIFT.
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    Bearableguy123 Thread

    You know for someone who detests bg123 and mocks all his followers. You sure spend way more time and energy in this thread then his actual believers. Hope you did not take his riddles to heart and that caused you financial loss hence why you seem very bitter about the bear. If that is the case then it is just sad bro.
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    1) Anytime some newbie says "let's examine our collective biases" (apropos of me not asking), that's flag #1. 2) Anytime some newbie says, implicitly, in their opening statement, "if you don't agree you have them, whatever they may be, you must be ignorant", that's flag #2. 3) Anytime some newbie says that and then adds "if you don't agree with what I'm, you know, 'as a fellow investor', about to posit, then that's confirmation bias", that's #3. So, that's some flags on your play. Run along - and have a nice day. ETA: Now, on the off chance that you're, you know, sincere - or have just graduated from (what passes for) college (these days) - here's a forum thread - from way before JPM announced they'd birthed their own piece of doodoo - where everyone here has already weighed in and analyzed "bank" /"stable" coins: