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    A few days ago, I opened a topic regarding the vast positive effects in regards to the FX market and International Logistics. One of the key elements I highlighted was the Letters of Credits issued by banks to help exporters / importers conduct their operations; because of how highly tied the Letter of Credits are with the Correspondent Banking system. As being one of the core of my studies, I always was passionate about International Trade and its organizations (IMF, WTO...). Hence I wanted to give the people another look of the DLT potentials. You can find more details on this here: Today, after researching within the World Trade Organization website, I stumbled on a hefty and interesting document: https://www.wto.org/english/res_e/booksp_e/blockchainrev18_e.pdf If you go to page 21 - 22, (pictures below), you will find the traditional trade finance process, which is extremely cumbersome. Also, you will have an overall distribution of the players within the International Trade as well as the contracts and documents these players use to perform exports / imports. Among those documents there is the Letter of Credit, to which I gave a particular attention a few days ago. The document is a gold mine of information that resonate with Ripple technology and how their employees are marketing their solutions. Here is a couple of quotes: Blockchain can revolutionize international trade towards paperless trade: Blockchain could facilitate national G2G (Government to Government) and certain B2G (Business to Government) border procedures: There are many mentions to Ripple throughout the document, but nothing unknown in that perspective. The bottom line is, the developments provided by DLT far surpass what we commonly think and, in that regard, Ripple' solutions, given its compliance with banks, are a perfect fit to upgrade the International Trade and Logistics as a whole. As I see it, I am definitely convinced DLT, and Ripple, will dramatically enhance International Trade as we know it and alleviate its highly fragmented system. And below you will find 2 other documents, published by the Boston Consulting Group that works closely with the WTO. These documents also emphasize on how International Trade and Logistics need blockchain. Resolving the Blockchain Paradox in Transportation and Logistics https://www.bcg.com/en-be/publications/2019/resolving-blockchain-paradox-transportation-logistics.aspx Pairing Blockchain with IoT to Cut Supply Chain Costs https://www.bcg.com/en-be/publications/2018/pairing-blockchain-with-iot-to-cut-supply-chain-costs.aspx
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    Just a heads up Our Minister of the Economy and Finance is working very closely with Christine Largarde (IMF) and is VERY BULLISH on digital assets He wants regulation ASAP France is on-board and full stream ahead AND IT IS COMING AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL The Paris Blockchain Week is underway. And I have a very interesting conference by our Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, just below. Also, I provided a thorough interview, all the way down, that you can google translate. https://www.blockchainweekparis.com/ "We have all the assets to make France a country at the forefront of the #Blockchain. Discover the Blockchain strategy of France in my interview @MagazineCapital." VIDEO LINK https://www.economie.gouv.fr/paris-blockchain-conference-2019 Start at 3:15:20 Dan Morgan is also in a panel discussion, starting at 00:19:20 Or on Youtube, but you will have to read the transcript below Transcript Word for word Bonus https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-cryptocurrencies/france-to-ask-eu-partners-to-adopt-its-cryptocurrency-regulation-idUSKCN1RR1Y0 https://www.capital.fr/economie-politique/bruno-le-maire-le-developpement-de-lecosysteme-blockchain-est-une-priorite-pour-le-gouvernement-1335182 Capital is a monthly French economics and business magazine published in Paris. It is a thorough interview, the one he mentioned in his tweet above. You can google translate it, it is very detailed and optimistic. I want to thank you for reading it through. It took me 3h overall to do this post and make it as easy to read as possible. IT IS SO EXCITING!!!
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    Spotted in my neighborhood...

    I suppose nothing really surprises me anymore, however, I was caught off guard (and surprised) a couple weeks ago by this restaurant a few blocks away from me: I've lived in what's now considered an "up and coming" part of Brooklyn, and had to ask someone at this restaurant about their crypto payments. One of their owners told me they've been accepting XRP for almost 2 years. Kind of shocking for the neighborhood, trust me. And then today, I saw this guy walking in front me wearing this hat: I thought to myself, "This has to be a fluke" (something else "XRP"), so I walked a bit faster in front of him to casually look at the front of his hat, and sure enough it had the new XRP logo. As an aside, I've noticed a huge influx of "low fee money transfer" bus ads within the last 6+ months too... The general public here seems to be aware and are embracing the future of payments, specifically XRP.
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    Great first post! Welcome to the forum! Stunning that you needed to edit and revise that complicated thought. Ironic actually.
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    Ripple XRP Expansion Will Be Hard To Stop Now That World Bank, IMF, EU Commission Are Involved We know Ripple/XRP are gaining traction when they get articles like this in news feeds called InvestinBlockchain.com https://www.investinblockchain.com/ripple-xrp-expansion-will-be-hard-stop-world-bank-imf-eu-commission/ I agree with the basic tenet of the article that Ripple XRP momentum is reaching critical mass and given the lack of rivals is unstoppable
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    Found by Crpto Eri - 136 page presentation about how Standard Charter ASEAN Economic Outlook Growth and how they expect to integrate Ripplenet and GPI into their payments/settlements systems of the future. ASEAN Economic Outlook Growth in the fast :https://www.sc.com/global/av/id-asean-bankers-conference.pdf
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    CAPITAL MARKET DEVELOPMENT AND THE FINTECH REVOLUTION: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES April 11, 2019 | 13:00 to 14:30 ET, 17:00 to 18:30 GMT Atrium, World Bank Group Headquarters, Washington DC A flagship event of the 2019 Spring Meetings on Thursday, April 11 brought together a panel of fintech experts for a lively conversation on the wide-ranging opportunities and challenges of technological innovation in the capital markets, along with important legal, regulatory and competitive considerations. Overall it was a very interesting video to watch. The moderator was very professional and provided to a very pleasant discussion with the panelists. There is no strict mention of Ripple or XRP, but some parts of the video pricked up my ears. I will give a timeline for each speakers and provide a very succinct summary of each speaker's intervention. At the end of the panel, there is a Q/A. 00:00:00 - Introduction from the World Bank Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer. 00:07:21 - Presentation of all the panelists by the moderator. 00:09:00 - Question to R3 00:14:08 - Question to the Bank of Canada 00:17:48 - Question to the OECD 00:26:45 - Question to the Milken Institute 00:39:32 - Question to R3 00:46:18 - Question to the Bank of Canada 00:51:52 - Question to the OECD 00:57:39 - Question to the Milken Institute 01:01:45 - Question to all and R3's answer 01:05:54 - Milken Institute's answer 01:07:10 - OECD's answer 01:08:30 - Bank of Canada's answer 01:10:30 - Questions 01:15:35 - Bank of Canada answer to privacy question 01:18:10 - OCDE answer to ICO's question 01:21:45 - Milken Institute's answer to M-Pesa vs Blockchain question 01:25:34 - R3's answer on energy issue and R3 Corda Settler advantages over PoW protocol
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    XRP: Endgame

    In the end, this is what unites us. The vision of moving value as easy and fast as snapping our fingers. This is my new blog post! https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrp-endgame/
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    XRP Tip Bot: Crypto Wrapped in Fun

    Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrp-tip-bot-crypto-wrapped-in-fun/ The XRP Tip Bot is making crypto accessible to a wide audience on social media! Learn more about the fascinating story behind the XRP Tip Bot in today's blog. I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    This was a pretty detailed post by Genesis about their lending practices and they provide a bit of detail about how the price of XRP affects demand for borrowing. Also, surprise! XRP is their second most in-demand asset for borrowing, outpacing ETH even. https://genesiscap.co/q4-insights/
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    nothing to see. Just FUD stirred up by BTC maximalists because they know XRP is a real threat to their #1 spot soon. Here is why FUD doesn't matter 1. 3 production contracts PER WEEK 2. new corridors for Xrapid/XRP that are being announced very soon. Not sure why people gobble up this FUD so much. Nothing in crypto is growing at this clip, you have to be crazy to continue to look at price/FUD and not see what is coming in the near future.
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    Wietsewind has just announced the approval of XRPayments by Google and Apple. I guess XRP really will be a currency in it's own right soon.
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    he probably meant Instant bull
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    I'm good friends with JoelKatz. He told me that he lost faith in XRP, so he moved some of his bag to Coinbase so that he can buy BTC. Then he plans to transfer that BTC to Binance and buy some BCHSV before they delist it. He is a huge supporter of Satoshi's vision.
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    https://www.forbes.com/sites/sarahhansen/2019/04/16/banking-on-blockchain-why-the-worlds-largest-financial-firms-are-leading-the-way-to-mainstream-adoption/#549c5c216114 The tide has already turned.
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    You're like a cockroach that won't go away!!!! Seems like the only time you rear your little head is to reply to one of your lackey's poorly veiled and unsubstantiated posts. I'm going follow in the steps of CZ, let's delist @MemberBerry and @pvap from XRPChat!!!!
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    Hate to be an Ursula Upper, but David has spoken at length about how he earns XRP through MAKING MARKETS. Coinbase Pro is a brand new XRP market. He is making it. That wallet (if it's even his wallet) is sending XRP to major exchanges to help MAKE MARKETS. Look at the deposits from 2016, 2017, and 2018. Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance. He's not selling, he's making markets. If anything, I'd say this is incredible news because it means Ripple (or a Ripple employee) are contributing to liquidity at a major new exchange.
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    XRP Health Check

    This is an interesting thread. I doubt there is anyone not feeling the same way. Whether we have hope for the future of XRP, or no hope at all, I am fairly certain everyone here is not enjoying the doldrums of a somehwat limp market, and in particular the feeling that XRP is not moving like it should, even if not mooning yet. It is befuddling at certain times. It has always felt suspicious to me, but I have accepted it only because I know it's a highly speculative play. Big risk, possible big reward, and not for the impatient apparently, and never what one thinks it's going to be. My thoughts right now hinge on the fact that the last bull run was one year and four months ago. It may require a while longer than that before a big whipped up frenzy can catch the attention of the retail public again. I'm less worried about XRP the digital asset, and how it is going to be used and by whom, than I am my own underestimation of when the next bull run or bull market will begin to appear again. From many in the Trading and Speculation Club, and also from various podcasts I've listened to , and pieces which I've read it seems a common thread is that it will take more time to set up this market "professionally "and market/advertise this space to a wider audience who doesn't know much about it. Why do other coins move and XRP doesn't? I asked that throughout all 2017 with no answer ever. Then we had that run. Made utterly no sense to me. It may be different next time, it may be the same way. Unfortunately no can really really say. That's why it's hard. There are few really good answers. Yes, befuddled, but not giving up. I do feel like I picked the right one -over time. Just don't know what that timeframe is...
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    Today Galgitron posted a very interested shot from his spreadsheet. I analyzed it quickly to give a better understanding of the numbers behind the chart. The main focus are: Remittances And Payments between: 20 - 1,500 XRP (6 - 500$) Medium Payments Between: 1,500 - 15,000 XRP (500 - 5,000$) Multiple things are interesting: The increase for both segments began at the same time, around mid February (Some event may have happened to trigger such strong surges) The increases are similar, slightly stronger for small payments, which seems logical in regards to remittances There are twice more small payments of 500$ max than payments of 15,000$ max, which again seems logical
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    Ripple's employees dumping their stash?

    A reminder that personal attacks and character assassination are not allowed on this forum. One member has already been banned because of posts in this thread. Let’s keep things positive and constructive. If you are unhappy with the price and looking to vent, go beat up a piñata.. or something. Better yet, think about ways YOU can add value to your own investment in the XRP ecosystem (instead of being a passenger).
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    How much XRP to hold longterm?

    I'm here if you ever need someone who has been through it. Feel free to message me anytime brother.
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    Luxembourg - XRP Classification

    After doing a bit of research I found some interesting things related to the meeting between Chris Larsen and, the Minister of Finance in Luxembourg, Pierre Gramegna. https://www.thecryptoupdates.com/luxembpurgs-finance-minister-signals-acceptance-of-xrp/ https://www.lpea.lu/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/lpea https://www.lpea.lu/2019/04/01/11440/ https://www.lpea.lu/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/lpea-tokens-consolidated-01-04-2019-online-version.pdf
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    Still XRP

    This is a very interesting explanation of why XRP is lagging just at the moment A good read : https://hacked.com/crypto-price-analysis-ripple-in-a-long-wyckoffian-accumulation/ Their conclusion is that when it goes it will shoot higher and faster than it did in 2017/18 - which is what many of us have been expecting.
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    Two announcements to the dev blog today: rippled 1.2.4 has been released. Yes, it's another hotfix. This one should hopefully fix the validator list expiry problem noted in this thread once and for all. The MultiSignReserve amendment is now enabled, so you can go and update your signer lists to save a few sweet, sweet XRP. Depending on how many signers you have on your multi-signing list, this cuts the reserve requirement down by 10 to 45 XRP! (Used to be 15-50 XRP; now it's always 5 XRP.)
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    Again : joined may 2018 Why is italways the late buyers defending their 'investment' ? And plese sir stop personal attacks
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    Chat: General

    Forgive me for ploughing in, but does anything on either of these pictures mean anything to you, Bob?
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    If you like XRP's prospects and have confidence in its future and the company associated with it, buy some. If you think it's a scam, sell whatever you've got before it goes completely to hell. If you're indifferent, ignore it and see what eventually happens, good or bad. All of this hand-wringing makes some of you look like you simply don't have the mindset and emotional fortitude to invest . . . in anything.
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    Starts @ 16:00 https://www.economie.gouv.fr/paris-blockchain-conference-2019
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    To all who believe XRP is a sinking ship: put your money where your mouth is and get short with XRPUSD futures on Kraken. https://www.kraken.com/features/futures Other than that: please don’t share all your little fears and doubts on this forum. Get over it, be a man ( or woman) and don’t bother us adults who deal with the uncertainties inherent to life as we know it with heads high and spirits unbroken. Lol.
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    I love reading both Fomo and FUD, then try to dig some deeper to see if it can be proven and then create my own conclusions on something. So I appreciate the OP that he shares this 'news'. Can't get any confirmation to if this is really DS his account, and if those are sold or indeed used to make market on CB. Let's hope DS can debunk it on Twitter. Even if he doesn't, this is still not the news on which I will sell my part. Do appreciate if some others sell though! However, I do think some people are way to emotional on their XRP. 'Feeling attacked' if someone comes with bad news, genuine or fake, is a choice. Let's try to find the truth behind it. And if it's really stupid and you can't handle it? Just ignore it then. Do like the .gif battle btw!
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    Still XRP

    Looking back at my crypto investments, I just realized XRP is still my best performer, despite its plummeting since ATH. XRP was my first crypto investment and I bought my stash in July 2017. I'm still in love with the project. I'm still expecting amazing news. I'm still believing that a lot of work is happening behind the scenes. I also realized that being a crypto investor is a tough thing. We go through a lot of emotions. Whatever the result of the crypto market capitalization in 2, 5 or 10 years, this whole adventure changed me. I learned to be self-critical and to reconsider my beliefs through other points of view. I don't post or react much but I'm keeping an eye on this chat. A lot of people don't post anymore, I believe they got tired of always repeating the same things. I'd like to give them a big shout out. At the dawn of a new crypto era, I keep confidence in my early positions and will hodl strong. Just like an amateur marathon, we won't see many of us crossing the finish line.
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    Good morning everyone! If you have been following me here, you'll soon realize that I invited some new people to the club from all around the world. I hope you will welcome all of them as graciously as you have me. One of those new members @Kerin_Way is my son Chris. He's joined to meet the community, learn, and to help me get organized and moving forward more productively. He'll be introducing himself shortly. Thank you again to the operators and mods of XRP Chat who have created this awesome space for me organize (in theory ) my discussions with the XRP Community. --- To those who are new to "Bob's Book Club". This is my presence thread. I post what I'm currently thinking about and working on here. Part of that is vanity. But mostly it is just to keep people informed while they are patiently waiting for me to respond about a topic they are passionate about. The rest of the "book club" is made up of topics and questions that members of the XRP Community have been passionately interested in. I've done my best to answer those questions and explain those topics a thoroughly as I can. Please continue asking new questions if you read something you don't understand. For those wondering how this all got started. Hi! I'm Bob is the original 50 page introductory post I made back in early March. I hope you will all find something interesting to read while we are all getting organized. --- This morning I'm working on a longer post explaining how my original goal of "writing a book" has morphed into a broader mission of increasing the worlds understanding of "rippling payments." This topic includes XRP, the XRP Ledger, ILP, Ripple, COIL, money itself and the current financial system (both how it works and what it lacks). I'm also going to explain how I've come to believe that simply my writing a book will not affect the change I would like to occur. I simply would not be a sufficient medium to meet everyone's learning needs. I'm also working on a post introducing the awesome study group members who responded to the video I posted above at the beginning of the week. Thanks to all of you! Especially the ones that now have to track yet another social media account! I know coming here will be worth your while. --- I'm going to be continuing discussions about the "study group" here in this club. I'd like existing club members and the broader community to be able to follow along. This is also where I'll be posting and/or linking to the material I present and the recordings of our sessions. I'd like this club to continue to be the initial place where new XRP Community members come to ask questions about "rippling payment" and the material we'll be jointly creating and discussing .
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    I don't have a big enough willy to get into "willy waving" I don't have enough xrp either.
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    Lovely topic. Last time I enjoyed threads so much was.. hm, November 2017 I think..
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    It would appear so. Where does that leave XRP I guess is the next question? I like this by our own Bob Way also
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    Honestly, with threads like this on XRPChat who needs professional FUDsters? The speculation on this thread is disgusting.
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    https://www.thecryptoupdates.com/luxembpurgs-finance-minister-signals-acceptance-of-xrp/ https://www.lpea.lu/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/lpea https://www.lpea.lu/2019/04/01/11440/ https://www.lpea.lu/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/lpea-tokens-consolidated-01-04-2019-online-version.pdf
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    Ripple's employees dumping their stash?

    Hello all, As everyone is already aware, SEC published a so called "Framework for Analysis of Digital Assets" document a few days ago. I've read it diagonally and there were red flags for XRP everywhere. You may have a different interpretation though. Because of this, some speculation came to light in the zerpbox, which I'm now bringing to the masses. This is JoelKatz wallet address: https://bithomp.com/explorer/r3gRpQRDdu7pzPhM9nDmXMgskbJ6vwTDbB Looks like he's been dumping his funds in coinbase recently. If we look closer into his past, you'll notice this tweet of his promoting Ripple: https://mobile.twitter.com/JoelKatz/status/944292967811919872 Remember the "two household names"? Right around this time he dumped millions of XRP into bitstamp. Take a look into the bithomp transaction history above to confirm this. We had a member of the community confronting him in twitter just today: https://mobile.twitter.com/DariStar2/status/1117634885332688897 I'm not keeping my hopes up that he'll reply though... It was mentioned by another user that Nick Bougalis (working for Ripple, and good friends with Joelkatz) was doing the exact same thing, but no wallet address was posted (maybe someone else in this forum knows it). And last, but not least, Joelkatz himself once stated that most Ripple employees had their bags either in cold storage or in Gatehub. Well then, check this recent transaction history from one of the whales: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rHBJhToGaESqiV9K1wydyoSPZNn7K2CcM3 What conclusions can we make from this information? Feel free to add anything I may have missed. Regards, pvap
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    • Consortium of seven founding banks*, along with Ripple (* Founding members are Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Santander, UniCredit, Standard Chartered, Westpac Banking Corporation, and Royal Bank of Canada) • RippleNet Advisory Board’s mandate is to oversee the creation and maintenance of payment transaction rules, efficient liquidity structures, common standards and other actions for achieving the below value proposition. Page 135
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    Crédit Agricole and Santander announced today that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to merge their custodial services and asset servicing, dedicated to institutions, which will be 69.5% owned by the French banking group and 30.5% by the Spanish one. The new group would benefit from an increased size and a stronger competitive positioning thanks to a broader geographical presence, full coverage of the value chain and an enrichment of the service offering for current and future institutional customers. The finalization of the agreements is subject to the prior consultation of the representative bodies. The usual suspensive conditions including regulatory approvals in this respect apply to this operation, which should be finalized by the end of 2019. It all rings bells to me, but there is so little information as of now regarding this major event, even in the news from my country (Crédit Agricole being one of the largest French banks), I can only speculate on this. But I would believe this is crypto-related (to some degree). Both these banks are in partnership with Ripple and I remember Brad saying that he believes, from 2019 onwards, banks would start holding digital assets.
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    https://www.pnc.com/content/dam/pnc-com/pdf/corporateandinstitutional/Treasury Management/PaymentSolutions/Spring-2019/payment-solutions-spring-2019.pdf
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    It is all happening and Ripple XRP software are in pole position!
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    If an employee of a company that worked there for years and saw his/her XRP go from 4 cents to $3.00 and crash back to 30 cents, he/she is just as concerned as anyone else. They are humans, and they have no superpowers predicting the markets. If they sold, moved on, or just want to take some off the table, good for them, and they owe NO ONE an explanation including Joel. F ridiculous people ask him over Twitter for an explanation! The biggest risk to XRP is not the employees of Ripple selling XRP, or Joel or Ripple advancement, but Bagholders who put in more than they can afford to lose/risk hanging their entire life on the delusion of prices that have no basis in real life. Slowly the market will bleed them out with lower prices, move them to a different currency, or they will just have to pay the bills. Then, XRP will go up. XRP is not there to make the masses rich, or this entire forum. There will be no Vegas parties, only a few select individuals that had the stomach for this gut-wrenching game.
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    U.S. Bank Hires From A Ripple (XRP) Partner, Will They Integrate? https://ethereumworldnews.com/u-s-bank-hires-from-a-ripple-xrp-partner-will-they-integrate/
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    Not only this, but you have to realize that their XRP holdings are effectively international liquidity ammo, or fuel for network liquidity. Not sure many folks realize, that when the networks begin to fight the inevitable "network vs network liquidity competition" just how dominant RippleNet & XRPL will be, and this dominance will be backed up by all that XRP liquidity ammo. Ripple usually refers to this as "market maker incentives". If your going to face a battle, it makes literally zero sense to drop all your ammo, or give it to people who are not aligned with your network's victory. --- For the have vs have not feelings... just remember that there is an infinite amount of money in the world (money is just information) ...yet you only have a limited amount of time in your life. Allocate your limited time well... shy away from trading limited resources (time) for unlimited resources (money). If you dont want to be a have not, learn "how to make money", and forget "how to earn money". Your work will always be worth more than someone else is willing to pay you, otherwise they would not profit from your labor.
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    I don't remember saying Luxembourg, only. Or that regulation was only getting pushed solely in Luxembourg. Here is another very recent example, yet again from my beloved country. Bruno Le Maire is our Minister of the Economy and Finance. https://www.gouvernement.fr/ministre/bruno-le-maire You know Reuters. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-cryptocurrencies/france-to-ask-eu-partners-to-adopt-its-cryptocurrency-regulation-idUSKCN1RR1Y0 Capital is a monthly French economics and business magazine published in Paris. https://www.capital.fr/economie-politique/bruno-le-maire-le-developpement-de-lecosysteme-blockchain-est-une-priorite-pour-le-gouvernement-1335182 https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_(magazine) Paris Blockchain Week April 13th-19th, 2019 https://www.blockchainweekparis.com/ I did a transcript of the video
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    The 2 trillion French life-insurance market can now invest in crypto https://www.trustnodes.com/2019/04/12/the-2-trillion-french-life-insurance-market-can-now-invest-in-crypto
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    XRP Health Check

    XRP pretty much dead, any tiny movement is when its being dragged along by BTC.
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