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    You're like a cockroach that won't go away!!!! Seems like the only time you rear your little head is to reply to one of your lackey's poorly veiled and unsubstantiated posts. I'm going follow in the steps of CZ, let's delist @MemberBerry and @pvap from XRPChat!!!!
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    Hate to be an Ursula Upper, but David has spoken at length about how he earns XRP through MAKING MARKETS. Coinbase Pro is a brand new XRP market. He is making it. That wallet (if it's even his wallet) is sending XRP to major exchanges to help MAKE MARKETS. Look at the deposits from 2016, 2017, and 2018. Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance. He's not selling, he's making markets. If anything, I'd say this is incredible news because it means Ripple (or a Ripple employee) are contributing to liquidity at a major new exchange.
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    Teamwork Will Raise XRP Up

    I agree...I'm still accumulating too. When this does hit I feel that some will kick themselves for being on the sidelines. In other words, I think there will eventually be a large jump and XRP will never look back.
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    Great News to start the day with. Opening these new corridors for XRapid has a cumulative affect and gets the adoption phase under-way.
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    I don't remember saying Luxembourg, only. Or that regulation was only getting pushed solely in Luxembourg. Here is another very recent example, yet again from my beloved country. Bruno Le Maire is our Minister of the Economy and Finance. https://www.gouvernement.fr/ministre/bruno-le-maire You know Reuters. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-cryptocurrencies/france-to-ask-eu-partners-to-adopt-its-cryptocurrency-regulation-idUSKCN1RR1Y0 Capital is a monthly French economics and business magazine published in Paris. https://www.capital.fr/economie-politique/bruno-le-maire-le-developpement-de-lecosysteme-blockchain-est-une-priorite-pour-le-gouvernement-1335182 https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_(magazine) Paris Blockchain Week April 13th-19th, 2019 https://www.blockchainweekparis.com/ I did a transcript of the video
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    LOL don't know what's going on here.. don't care but the ignore button is just awesome
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    you assuming peoples gender on a forum tells me what you think of my post. OK, I'll assume you are a special kind of stupid and will use the ignore button so I don't have to read anymore of your dross.
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    Looks like I have some more work to do hahaha... I'm on it! Will edit and post the transcript asap
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    1. He does not provide any information that proves that this is a wallet owned by David Schwartz 2. If it were to be a wallet owned by DS, than the only thing we can see is that a lot of xrp has been moved to coinbase recently. This does NOT mean that they are sold there. A few possibilities: - the owner is a market maker and wants to make market on coinbase - the owner wants to have his xrp in place, ready for the next bullrun. He is setting his selling orders, but way above the current price - the owner wants to move his funds to another wallet so nobody sees how much xrp the owner has (this is a great way of doing this, I did the same: XRPL -> coinbase -> XRPL (new wallet)) - the owner is selling it all because he has some bills to pay - .....
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    Why would he use XRP to pay taxes if he he had any reason to believe they would be more valuable in the near future...
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    If you like XRP's prospects and have confidence in its future and the company associated with it, buy some. If you think it's a scam, sell whatever you've got before it goes completely to hell. If you're indifferent, ignore it and see what eventually happens, good or bad. All of this hand-wringing makes some of you look like you simply don't have the mindset and emotional fortitude to invest . . . in anything.
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    I've always been eery about the social media presence of Nik B and JoelKatz. They give off an incredibly distinctive shilling vibe that comes off unprofessional and disingenuous. And what about Nik B's girlfriend, the greatest shill of all; Tiffany Hayden. I have absolutely no doubt that these guys are using their own announcements to get premiums on the offloading. "Soon" "Next year" "Ok maybe next year......". The deeper you go with this ****, the worse it gets. I was all in XRP at one point. No more. And have no doubts that some of these very people are posting ITT doing damage control. Also, this whole Bob Way thing was too ******* hilarious. A former Ripple employee holding some heavy bags he wants to offload, trying his best to create empty hype.
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    You are not seeing this from his point of view. Do you want to be publicly known how much XRP you have in your wallet when XRP goes up? That is a bit of a safety concern. Don't know that this is the case but looking at that data does not mean dumped. We have no idea where it went from coinbase. He may have transferred it from coinbase to a private wallet. This way there isn't a public link from his first wallet to his new wallet. There is no way to know either way, or some other reason...
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    The only problem with permanantly ignoring a user is that you will miss the part when they admit they were being less than honest.
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    Not Constantinople? Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    At what point

    If it doesn't happen in 2 years then people will say give it 5 years. If it doesn't happen in 5 years then people will say to give it 10 years. If it doesn't happen in 10 years then people will say to give it 20 years.
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    Not sure what you're referring to - you mean 'unlisted'? Or has it been taken down? Probably just an early version of the video. Or maybe because he said something about other corridors going live very soon if that's the one where he says it, and they didn't want that info out yet? Other than that there's only one delisting everyones talking about today.
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    @pvap you been along for a long time. You should know better than posting Crap like this.
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    Must have missed the memo where we all buy Bitcoin cash.. This is why there is no institutional adoption - would you touch this if you were a big bank? No chance.
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    How much XRP to hold longterm?

    To retire? Just take your number and divide by your conservative price target. Thats the amount you should have.
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    Lovely topic. Last time I enjoyed threads so much was.. hm, November 2017 I think..
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    I am in bed, so I can't reply with much detail 😩 Here: https://www.imf.org/en/About/Factsheets/Where-the-IMF-Gets-Its-Money
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    Chat: General

    Nope. I'm not him/her. Don't know who it is, and don't actually follow what is going on. Should I? Actually, if anyone thinks I should look at his postings, would you please paste me links to the original posts. I can never seem to find them. All google tends to bring up is comments about his posts. I'm clueless about how to even follow along.
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    Hi @10millionplus and a very warm welcome to XRPChat. I hope you will enjoy it here and meet a lot of fellow Zerpeneers
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    You know if youre new and you post that you will get roasted 🤣. But seriously why are you here and the fact that you even had the energy to say anything at all means you care in some way....bobs way!!!
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    I’m going to sit in my safe space and assume he does not want to be accused of insider trading, so selling a bit now just before it goes parabolical!
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    This is slowing down XRP's adoption.

    Is nobody upset with how much fbook stock Zuckerberg owns? That's essentially unprecedented for a public company. Zuck has 18% of fbook, vs Gates has 1.3% of Microsoft. He has almost 1 in 5 votes, not as an investment firm but as a single man who could end up accidentally dead anyday. It's best to focus on XRP's utility value, not jealousy or envy towards folks with large numbers in some bank account or XRP wallet.
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    At 21:40 Dan Morgan says as an example of xRapid transfer: "if you gonna go from Brazilian Real to Philippines Peso". AFAIK this is the second hint from Ripple employee that xRapid will expand to XRP/BRL pairing next because David Schwartz said something like Brazil will be the next target corridor for xRapid several months ago in Discord side (sorry I didn't find the link).
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    Great Post. Whilst an incompetent British PM fiddles with Brexit France steams ahead trying to grab the European financial crown. France is getting its act together. So much interesting good news. This video is perhaps not altogether relevant to this thread, other than illustrating again the huge scale of the markets that Ripple are laying foundations with and targeting.
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    Thanks for taking the time to translate. Looks like the swedes are waking up too, Safellos aim is to be the Coinbase of Europe: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rnGakV39V4M2Zbo6Na4TupwB9JXR4SRdKW
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    @quetzalcoatl Thank you! This is exactly my own feeling when listening to the whole conference! He truly understands the underlying questions of blockchain and its potential! It made me believe we are underestimating governments in actually understanding the technology (at relatively deep levels).
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    Getting paranoid? Checking when members joined?
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    Sir..... - joined may 2018 Enough said stop resisting and join the underwater bagholders eliteclub
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    I’m far far from misinformed. I’m not talking about the past, I’m talking about the present. This is a pointless conversation anyway. It will never happen. Move on.
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    The Sway of Excitement

    Feeling Of Money Onboarding
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    Well, I recently sold gold (and silver) to go long cryptos, but I intend to buy some back when I rotate back out of cryptos. I only hold physical metals. ETF's are fine for traders but not for someone looking for a long term hold. I don't consider them safe. Maybe certain alternatives like GoldMoney would be a reasonable risk for what you get (storage and liquidity). I've always just bought bullion, though. I have a great, trusted bullion dealer. Right now I don't expect gold to go up much in USD terms until things get a bit worse. I have some land and some other real property (houses) , so I have a lot of my net worth in tangible assets other than gold. I do have some debt, but it's what I consider the better quality debt.....very low interest locked in for 30 years. I'm starting to whittle it down. My leverage (debt/equity) is pretty low. I also live in an area with above average demographics. Everybody's individual situation is a little different. For me, here in Texas, real estate has beat most other assets over the last decade. I did well with gold in the period before that, from about 2004-2011. Now it looks like it's time to own cryptos. jmho.
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    Teamwork Will Raise XRP Up

    Well I am not into XRP as a religious fanatic. I am an investor like everyone else and at the end of the day the only thing that matters is to have a successfull investment.
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    So with this logic, for BTC to gain adoption, Satoshi has to unload his bags as well?
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    Ripple's employees dumping their stash?

    Judging by your title it seems you've already drawn your conclusion.
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    But will they use xRapid?
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    Spotted in my neighborhood...

    Spotted in my neighbourhood.
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    XRP Health Check

    My teeth are gnashing. My bags make me wear a scuba suit and its dripping water at the SwellConference keynote event. Member berries entrance to participate as keynote speaker for the event. "Thank you all kind sirs but muh bags need to pay dividends now! As the sec didnt make it clear AGAIN if we are a security lets do it like one. " Protesers outside the conference demanding Ripples xWelfare and are holding signs with 'Ripple, WHERE IS OUR MONEY'
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    Make predicting a little more FUN!

    It goes without saying that any new service that pops up like this should be analysed carefully to work out how likely it is to be a scam. As feedback to you @eXRPe, and a WARNING to everyone else, the following gives me concern about the site. If it's not a scam, then hopefully you can address these without any problem: 1. As I posted on your other thread, there is no XRP/USD pair on Binance. There's USDT, TUSD and USDC. Your site makes regular reference to Binance, but only ever links to the home page, not to any particular chart. As it happens, there is a chart here: https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/ripple that gives a "Global" value for XRPUSD, but that's using a Tradingview chart, and is not a reference to a Binance pair. When the entire premise of your operation seems to be based on something that doesn't exist, this is extremely concerning! 2. A lot of the wording of the attention-grabbing headlines, and the graphics on the site come across quite scammily, in my opinion. They're sensationalist, designed to get people to FOMO. Comes across as trying to entice gullible people in as quickly as possible. 3. The "reviews": same sort of thing, all trying to convince the reader that XRP is about to take off, without any actual substance to them. And including the supposed employer along with the reviewer's name - does not seem like a thing that a legitimate business would do, as it suggests an endorsement by these companies(which you clearly don't have). 4. The social media links at the bottom of the page just link back to the your own website, i.e. you don't seem to have a social media presence. But then why include the social media images at all? Answer: because it makes the page look more legit to people who aren't being so careful. 5. The company name and registration number... This is the company that you claim to be: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10259277, which appears to be a dormant civil engineering company? Seems suspicious, but maybe there's an explanation? So, @eXRPe, there's my honest feedback: the content of the site makes it look like it's a scam.
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    Chat: General

    I don't really know enough to comment. So many researchers are doing very interesting work in the space. This includes "blockchain technology" without cryptocurrencies at all. Non-blockchain projects using a token and chain added in for operator payment. Others with smart contracts or chain code and a "build it in our chain based cloud" attitude. Often these projects have potentially interesting use cases and ideas behind them. Cardano seems to be one of them judging by its site. But an interesting thing happened while I was at Ripple working on "blockchain technology". We kept finding really great ways to solve problems using the 'technology" bits without needing the "blockchain" bits at all. We kept finding really efficient ways to simplify and scale systems, by questioning the key presumptions of "blockchain". So when I see giant master plans like this, https://cardanoroadmap.com it makes me think of a giant FaceBook walled garden. One where everyone is expected to do everything within one comprehensively managed system. ILP, Codius and rippling XRP payments are exactly the opposite. They scale because they DON'T require people to operate within a single environment. They work like the internet itself. Many different systems running in parallel, while cooperating using only the most minimal of coordination protocols. I'm not saying that the Cardano folks aren't doing awesome research and development. I'm just saying that I don't see much of a need for it in my next project. :-)
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    That's one way to play it. I will ride the rollercoaster back down this time, because I agree with Bob that the next downleg will only be a shakeout. I think TA works fine (especially cycle counting) even in times of rapidly evolving tech and shifting sands. But it's a map, it isn't the territory. Reality always wins, I don't stay married to my analysis, and neither does Bob. Hell, he might be short today. He's a trader. But I think, until proven otherwise, that we're in the early accumulation phase of a new bull. I will be trying to buy dips, especially big ones, unless the chart breaks down. On the changing technology issue...this is a valid point, of course. In a market that heats up, lots of alt coins will move on FOMO. The market has had low volatility for a while. That will change. Where I differ from Bob.....he's a technician, and like all technicians, he just trades the numbers, He thinks BTC is a vehicle, like the SPY index. He would never buy alt coins. That's where our research and deeper knowledge of these projects can help us leverage the bull to our advantage. I think a number of good projects will leave BTC in the dust in terms of price appreciation. The question is which ones? I try to buy good projects, because I'm a rational guy. I know that 's over-rated when it comes to picking which cryptos will moon. But maybe I'll catch one or two. I am looking at the timeline in the video, the whole Cinderella story Bob laid out as a high probability scenario. Which means there will be a definite time to take profits off the table. Probably by late 2021 at the latest. I think 2021 is shaping up to be an ugly year for markets, for several reasons. I might want to be completely out by then. If things go well, maybe taking half off the table and riding out the next bear might be sensible. But until I can buy dinner with XRP (hope I live to see that) tangible assets and low/no leverage is the way to ride out economic storms. jmho
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    After the mass blackout, nothing will save the government
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