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    Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/real-businesses-want-stability-reliability/ Real businesses need stability & reliability! Find out more, along with the latest news impacting XRP in today's blog. 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐩𝐭𝐨 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Bahrain's central bank issues guidance for crypto-assets; and I recommend that readers follow Kava Labs, a new startup that looks to support the ILP network. 𝐑𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Gareth Wilson, Accenture's Managing Director of Global Payments, predicts growth for RippleNet; SBI Remit doubles its payment volume since switching to xCurrent; Ripple publishes the tenth installment of the Ripple Drop; Ripple invests in Kava Labs through its Xpring initiative. 𝐂𝐨𝐢𝐥 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Ben Sharafian publishes a "Coil Counter" for website operators to install. 𝐗𝐑𝐏 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: XRPL Labs organizes an XRP meetup in the Netherlands; XRP is added to Coinbase; Hodl Finance now supports XRP deposits; Trade Satoshi, a UK-based exchange, adds support for XRP; Stronghold adds XRP to its list of supported currencies; and Bittrex, a Ripple xRapid partner, announces upgrades to its exchange; I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Ripple at NBK ECOH 2019

    Starts @ 3:20
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    It’s not really a rumor it actually is in the works. From what I’ve read they want the volume to increase on xrp before making that happen
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    One of interesting feature of the XRP EscrowFinish operation, is that these time-release transactions don’t complete automatically. The funds can be released at any point after the time specified in the EscrowCreate section of the coding, but there has to be another transaction in order for the held funds to actually move. If nobody completes the transaction, the funds stay where they are. What’s more, this EscrowFinish code can be implemented by anyone with the technical knowhow, and who is willing to pay the drops (XRP’s sub-divided units, a la Bitcoin’s Satoshis) to complete the transfer. These escrow agreements are also publicly visible to anyone who wants to monitor accounts to look for them, and do the deed. A community of keen XRP followers appear to have happened across this fact earlier in the year, and have since been entertaining themselves by finishing Escrow transactions for the company – and leaving their own memo messages behind for all to see, forever recorded on the XRP ledger. After all, it’s not every day that you get to authorise the transfer of a billion XRP (currently worth around $450,000,000) – and in January of 2018, when this all started, a lot more – in exchange for a few drops and some time. So, while these messages they are often misinterpreted as the musings of Ripple employees, they are nothing of the sort. Ripple’s Chief Technical Officer, David Schwartz, even took to the XRP chat forum to illuminate the company’s thinking regarding the feature. “Once the release or cancel condition of an escrow has been met,” he explained, “anyone can release or cancel it.” “While it’s not strictly required that anyone be able to do, it is important that not just the owner can do it,” he added. He concluded by adding that: “The point of an escrow is to take some control over the funds away from the owner. We designed it so that anyone could do so that a third party could do it if there was, for example, an escrow agent or a monitoring system. We don’t always finish our own escrows right when they release. Of course, who cancels or finishes the escrow has no control over where the funds go, the set up of the escrow controls that.” https://cryptonewsreview.com/have-you-seen-the-messages-being-left-in-ripples-massive-escrow-releases/
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Low volume on bitcoin but it looks like we have established the 50 Day EMA as support, like I wrote before I expect a big candle soon which I think will be green especially seeing how well litecoin is doing, decent volume on litecoin and the 50 Day EMA is moving away from the 100 Day EMA. Just a note the EMA's may break temporarily on heavy sells (or buy) when there is lite volume, also the fact that there are multiple exchanges create arbitrage opportunities however those are eventually smoothed out. We're looking good.
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    Another big difference from last time is verifications. Many, if not all, exchanges now have much faster automated verification for on boarding. Automated so presumably scalable. The lag between fomo and first purchase is now a lot less. I think that too, will be a scaling factor in the next run. That’s why I expect to exceed previous ATH with some ease.
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    Volume come and go, but one thing's for sure: January 2018 there were 46 exchanges where you could buy XRP with Fiat money, right now they are 200+ The next bull trend should bring XRP to new ATH more easily.
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    The indices are part of the regulatory infrastructure of information which institutions and investors require in order to enter the markets. It's a piece of many pieces of information so unto it's own is not a game changer, but it is showing everyone out there who is interested in the market that "this market is legitimate, regulated, trustworthy etc). XRP is worth investing in because it's on the "ok" list.That's why the Liquid Index is so important. For you and me - it means nothing.
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    Amazing animated Graphic of Fiat - XRP https://fiatleak.com/xrp
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    I think there are a few important things you're hitting on here, @Dutchpinoy: First, easy market points-of-entry and user experiences are very, very important. Despite the hate it gets around XRP country, Coinbase is very trusted and has a great interface. I'd argue that Coinbase Pro is the most important exchange in the Americas and Europe, even though it does not generate the highest volume, because the Coinbase app is so easy and highly trusted. Second, as @Dario_o points out, pairings have grown massively in a pretty short time. Now, a lot of those exchanges do pretty low volume, have low trust and/or have poor user experiences. They're still important -- More is definitely better here. But it's not just about (and I'd argue, mostly not about) the technical attributes that make XRP a good candidate. For pairings with other cryptocurrencies to be important and grow, people need to have XRP as a primary holding to begin with. A place like Coinbase, essentially taking on the legal burden of accepting fiat currencies in exchange for XRP, makes it easy. Again, the easy on-ramp is extremely important. But as that gets easier and easier, XRP pairings make much more sense for more exchanges. Market entry and base pairings make for a virtuous cycle, as you point out above. (This virtuous cycle is one of the major reasons that Bitcoin has kept its prominence and high valuation for so long.) Third, volume is king. Volume is what will aid xRapid/XRP payment flows and will push long-term higher valuations, not vice-versa. Coinbase XRP pairs can only help grow volume.
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    Sure, maybe Coinbase doesn't matter that much anymore... But in a few short days, the new XRP/USD pair is doing really well and has already overtaken most other XRP/USD pairs -- including Kraken, Bitfinex and Bitstamp (though behind RightBTC). It's also the top fiat (non-stablecoin) pairing from any exchange in the Americas or Europe. In five short days, the XRP pairs with USD, EUR and BTC are making up over 10% of Coinbase's volume! Adding XRP pairs (finally!) proved to be a very smart move for Coinbase. With taker fees between 10 and 30 basis points on Coinbase Pro and several times that on Coinbase, a daily volume of $10M means XRP trading has already easily made Coinbase six figures of revenue. Source: coinmarketcap.com
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    The Ripple Drop episode where they profiled the London office was quite impressive! Other blockchain projects may be contracting, but Ripple is expanding and solidifying its brick-and-mortar presence worldwide. Very nice to see.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    I think this guy is a little less sophisticated in his analysis than you are Eric (but it made me laugh, God Bless the Moonboys)
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    As xrp enables fast multi-exchange trading and settlement, it's been adopted as a base quote ever so steady. The addition of Coinbase as a fiat on-ramp provides the market with a massive entrypoint for xrp, making it just as easy to buy as bitcoin is, worldwide. Is it reasonable to expect a surge in xrp pair listings? I believe the biggest, if only, hurdle in this regard has always been how easy bitcoin is to buy for so many people compared to xrp; effectively bottlenecking it. According to @MeGodzillo in https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/30535-coinbase-xrpusd-pair-is-doing-great/, xrp is doing great and rapidly gaining in Coinbase volume. I for one am looking forward to pleasant developments. Thoughts on this?
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    There are trillions of dollars in retirement accounts on indices like the Nasdaq. Eventually hedge funds, etc. will be able to invest some of those retirement funds in XRP en-masse.
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    Making money and being profitable has a funny way of changing the most biased minds. Also, I'm quite sure that the many private investors of Coinbase had some say in it as well. Didn't Coinbase just recently close on a 300 million round of funding? Brian Armstrong is no fool. Forget the Howey test and the centralization vs. decentralization rigmarole. I personally believe that XRP is never going to be considered a security for the simple fact that Ripple is one of the USA's unicorn fintech companies with over +200 partnerships with various banks, fIs, and central banks around the world. Ripple has the ear of nearly every global financial regulatory body and monetary policy entity clamoring at their behest. Ripple is by far the single most sought out Fintech company that most global financial and State-level entities call upon to help them navigate this ever-changing blockchain evolution. Ripple understands that in order to make fundamental change in the lives of millions of people with cheaper remittances, banking the unbanked, accelerating global trade, fostering the creation of new industries in commerce, finance, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT); they would need to partner with those entities who controlled the levers of monetary policy and the repositories of wealth and money. Every nation-state is trying their damnedest to become the leader of the blockchain/crypto revolution that is unfolding before our very eyes. The US lopsidedly dominated the ‘Age of Information’ and wants a repeat with crypto/blockchain. It makes no ******* sense for the various powers that be, here in the US (i.e. SEC, CFTC, etc.), to undermine the growth potential of one of the Red, White, & Blue’s prized unicorns. XRP being classified as a security is extremely highly unlikely. Better yet, if there was such a profound issue and or concern about XRP being a security, regulators globally would’ve addressed it already, Period!! However, what really cemented my theory were the highly orchestrated and subtle subliminal messages being pushed out by representatives from the SEC. Most recently a statement by SEC Commissioner, Hester Peirce: "Yet many of these projects begin in a centralized manner that looks about the same as any other start-up. A group of people get together to build something, and they need to find investors to fund their efforts, so they sell securities, sometimes called tokens. The SEC applies existing securities laws to these securities offerings, which means that they must be conducted in accordance with the securities laws or under an exemption. When the tokens are not being sold as investment contracts, however, they are not securities at all. Tokens sold for use in a functioning network, rather than as investment contracts, fall outside the definition of securities" (Paragraph 14) After reading that one paragraph I immediately thought of Ripple/XRP, particularly the last couple of sentences. Ripple’s has never promoted or sold XRP as “investment contracts.” A simple definition of a security is any proof of ownership or debt that has been assigned a value and may be sold. For the holder, a security represents an investment as an owner, creditor or rights to ownership on which the person hopes to gain profit. Examples are stocks, bonds, and options- as these prove OWNERSHIP in such-said company/entity. Because XRP is an agnostic utility token used as a bridge-asset for cross-border/domestic payments, owning XRP gives you no rights or ownership in the private company Ripple. Yes, you and I may have purchased XRP via exchanges in hopes that the value will appreciate as more and more banks and FIs begin to utilize xRapid or xRapid-like platforms for liquidity, however, this is pure speculation and betting on our part as holders of XRP.
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    I had written off Coinbase as being irrelevant, but as soon as the announcement was made the significance welled up inside me. It was a capitulation and confirmation that no one can ignore a statement like this. It is now becoming blindingly obvious that XRP is the only company on a trajectory of mass adoption in the financial sector, and it is this that gives XRP/R3/Ripple the traction that no other competitor can ignore or match. I wonder if BTC can maintain its relevance for long after this capitulation and with XRP inside its citadels? I never envisaged Coinbase listing as being a big moment, but it was. The other capitulation on a smaller scale was Strongholds dropping of XLM and adoption of XRP. Walls are a-crumbling
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    will it have a big hole in the middle of the business model?
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    I have been monitoring LTC after your prediction and looks like as you say it is playing out in line. One thing to add to that I have been looking at is movement of BTC OTC on the "Whale" wallets and there has been some $150mil+ in 24hrs..... last time this happened it was right around strong move+/-. Not confident in its relation to future price movement but just something I am watching to see if there a correlation going forward.
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    They are setting up a great example of how this should play out in the United States as well. Seems like Central Banks are getting the big picture now. Years long education program is paying dividends...
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    Oops, you said you were excited under the image soooo... my bad
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    Nothing happens until something happens.
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    And it keeps going up... XRP pairs are right now making up over 17% of Coinbase's volume.
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    Ripple really is the leader in the DA/crypto world on establishing a traditional business infrastructure. There's no other company I'd trust in the leadership of than Ripple at this point. Thanks again for the great blog @Hodor !!
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    You guys nailed this whole thread right here. The only thing to add is "in an ILP world, XRP will have to compete for the role of best bridge asset". All fb-coin would be is another walled garden of liquidity, that would need to be networked and connected to the broader world, and IoV
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    How are all these digital value systems going to interact with one another? The masterstroke in my opinion was ripples forethought to develop the Interledger Protocol.
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    FB, telegram coming up with own coins

    “ The five people who have been briefed on the Facebook team’s work said the company’s most immediate product was likely to be a coin that would be pegged to the value of traditional currencies, as Bloomberg first reported. A digital token with a stable value would not be attractive to speculators — the main audience for cryptocurrencies so far — but it would allow consumers to hold it and pay for things without worrying about the value of the coin rising and falling. ” not every coin coin that comes out will compete with xrp just because the article says cross boarder transaction. They are using this coin similar to a stable coin, just like jpm coin. Which means there is no real settlement. A user will have to buy the coin from an exchange then transfer to a friend (who is member on social media), then receiver will have to transfer to exchange (IF fb doesn’t require them to hold on exchange) then sell at exchange (to another social media user since that’s who coins made for, no other use case for anyone else to buy it), then you need to wait for exchange to take their percentage fee and for REAL SETTLEMENT of fiat into your account. This is sounds like a useless coin and yet another company just riding the “we need a crypto coin” hype. so let’s just recap what happens with XRP. user walks into a bank and hands teller $100 from USA to Japan family member. Teller takes the money and clicks afew buttons on Xrapid software , it buys xrp- transfers xrp- sells xrp on recieving end AND deposits fiat into receivers bank. REAL SETTLEMENT , instant, without user knowing anything about what’s going on... also for all this to take place the coin must be used by the public with other use cases, let’s be honest, why would public buy XRP after its price point is high enough so no one think can make money. This is why Xspring is there. Xrp needs to have another use cases that will guarantee regular people are buying and selling it because Xrapid is for the banks and doesn’t actually involve people. It’s made for corporate use... however in order for ANY coin to have settlement the coin needs to have a use case that has everyday normal people buying and selling it daily. if the banks would not buy and sell to regular people than they would be using the vostro/ nostro accounts to complete the transaction for the user and we would be right where we started. You must have everyday normal people using the coin for whatever purpose to supply the ability for banks to buy and sell to instantly. If a coin is not used for a real purpose for random people in every country to want to buy or sell it, than who would Xrapid or Facebook or JPM or any other coin actually sell it to for the FIAT settlement.
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    More on-ramps, more liquidity, more exposure and easier access for the retail investor. Very positive momentum here in my opinion!
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    It's a bit hard to confess after all our CB bashing due to their decision not to list XRP last year, but I must admit: They still have the best interface in the market. Nothing beats CB in that way. The only thing holding me down to make more use of CB is the annoying 5 day delay everytime you want to deposit Fiat money to buy Crypto with. If they could bring this down to hours or seconds (They should use xRapid for that) CB will be the biggest exchange for years to come. Remember the 2017 Bullrun: people like me had to wait for days to get their Fiat transfered to CB (and other exchanges), missing huge upswings during that period. If they fix this: great! Despite all the channels to buy crypto at today, the mass will again use CB because it's so freaking conveniant and simple to use..
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    @Pablo @ecent @TheHoff cc: @Tinyaccount This was posted in the official BABB Announcements Telegram:
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    "R3 Founder/CEO says XRP not used in r3 and stuff about 50 banks" your title is a bit misleading, don't you think? it's just about the laughable rumors about the swift gpi integration in corda settler means swift would use xrp -- what has been debunked many times already IMO also that was known from the beginning, since they announced xrp on corda settler - they always said to add more besides speed and efficiency, XRP has the beautiful advantage of no counterparty risk compared to the above ones https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/xrp-onboards-50-banks-via-r3-corda-settler-insitmatch-global-as-ripple-adoption-flourishes/ this last tweet seems to fit perfectly to kitao's efforts in bringing R3 and ripple together -- both technologies seems to complement each other
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    I think it would have a similar affect to the cb listing as there is some excitement. I’d expect very little price change maybe a percent or two. But the most important thing to understand is liquidity. The more liquid it is the higher the ceiling for it to grow is.
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    And just a few hours later, XRP pairs are making up over 13% of Coinbase's volume. Based on the amount of revenue they're taking in from XRP trading, they really shouldn't have waited so long!
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    Done: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT60Kfdscx9tKhH99SNsG8ERUxtva3V4-WTSfec0Ct7_uioQRRunnzFZ6jnVOXX381BwRIorIGmi8HC/pubhtml For multiple or non-clear statements I took the average values.
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    Yeah I think it is being assembled, and soon to be completed one business article stated earlier in the week.
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    The leadership at Ripple understood that ILP was the “rising tide to lift all boats” not just XRP. Ripple's ex-CTO, Stefan Thomas, talked about how XRP was "designed to be used as the settlement asset on ILP" with "payment channels built in a certain way that is incredibly efficient" despite the presence of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Lumens (Clip @ 46:58:). Also, the other stroke of genius by the Ripple team is how they gifted ILP to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as an open-sourced piece of technology to the blockchain community at-large to be utilized to standardize web payment. Basically, make ILP the worldwide standard allowing all currencies/blockchain tech to compete openly and freely, but all the while knowing that XRP would have the upper hand. Ripple's Art-of-War strategy of empowering its rivals/competition while simultaneously using them to further its Internet-of-Value (IoV) agenda is brilliant!!!
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    Coinbase XRP/USD pair is doing great!

    I've just verified my cb account. Thats uphold, gatehub, cb, revolut and wirex. If there's ever another fomo bull run it's going to be much much easier for new money to pour in. I first bought (fomo) at the top in January 2018 and it took me weeks to get verified and I ended up buying above market price via cryptomate.co.uk
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    So watching the mesmerizing flow of XRP trades, an observation to me is that it tends to visually agree with the recent Uphold article on who’s buying what. I see the steadiest flow of XRP to the US followed by possibly South Korea, Japan and the EU. But oddly Uphold never appears as an XRP source. Looking at the sources it appears that it’s a very small pool that fiatleak displays XRP from so in reality the trading flow would be really pumping if it displayed all sources. Perhaps it simply uses the top X% of exchanges and Uphold doesn’t make that cut. I wonder if we will see SBI activity via fiatleak? My apologizes if my analysis is faulty; still learning.
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    News already posted here, with reaction from a lawyer:
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    Guessing a future value is all about getting as close a possible to the actual value of the asset at the predicted time. No one will be hailed or praised, it's just for fun and games. If you don't like prediction games, why are you wasting your time in this thead?
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    I don't think SWIFT uses any "coin". SWIFT seems to be settling only along fiat rails. I think his quote about JPM, etc was at a different time. When directly asked if SWIFT would use XRP via Corda, he basically said "that is not my understanding". XRP is the only coin integrated right now so this just confirms for me that SWIFT isn't using any cryptocurrency to settle within Corda, which is consistent with what they've been saying all along.
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    I think it’s very simply a playful nod to JungleInc’s YouTube channel. I wouldn’t read too much into it.
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    By sheer luck, someone is going to get this correct. And then everyone’s going to think they’re a genius and hang onto every word they say.
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    xrp is now the fastest and cheapest high-liquidity-coin on coinbase to transfer funds between exchanges and wallets - wait till everyone gets that this alone will have massive impact, especially in a bullrun -- traders will choose the quickest and cheapest option with alot of FIAT- and crypto-pairs on other exchanges available
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    JPM Coin is a security
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