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    It’s not really a rumor it actually is in the works. From what I’ve read they want the volume to increase on xrp before making that happen
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    One of interesting feature of the XRP EscrowFinish operation, is that these time-release transactions don’t complete automatically. The funds can be released at any point after the time specified in the EscrowCreate section of the coding, but there has to be another transaction in order for the held funds to actually move. If nobody completes the transaction, the funds stay where they are. What’s more, this EscrowFinish code can be implemented by anyone with the technical knowhow, and who is willing to pay the drops (XRP’s sub-divided units, a la Bitcoin’s Satoshis) to complete the transfer. These escrow agreements are also publicly visible to anyone who wants to monitor accounts to look for them, and do the deed. A community of keen XRP followers appear to have happened across this fact earlier in the year, and have since been entertaining themselves by finishing Escrow transactions for the company – and leaving their own memo messages behind for all to see, forever recorded on the XRP ledger. After all, it’s not every day that you get to authorise the transfer of a billion XRP (currently worth around $450,000,000) – and in January of 2018, when this all started, a lot more – in exchange for a few drops and some time. So, while these messages they are often misinterpreted as the musings of Ripple employees, they are nothing of the sort. Ripple’s Chief Technical Officer, David Schwartz, even took to the XRP chat forum to illuminate the company’s thinking regarding the feature. “Once the release or cancel condition of an escrow has been met,” he explained, “anyone can release or cancel it.” “While it’s not strictly required that anyone be able to do, it is important that not just the owner can do it,” he added. He concluded by adding that: “The point of an escrow is to take some control over the funds away from the owner. We designed it so that anyone could do so that a third party could do it if there was, for example, an escrow agent or a monitoring system. We don’t always finish our own escrows right when they release. Of course, who cancels or finishes the escrow has no control over where the funds go, the set up of the escrow controls that.” https://cryptonewsreview.com/have-you-seen-the-messages-being-left-in-ripples-massive-escrow-releases/
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Low volume on bitcoin but it looks like we have established the 50 Day EMA as support, like I wrote before I expect a big candle soon which I think will be green especially seeing how well litecoin is doing, decent volume on litecoin and the 50 Day EMA is moving away from the 100 Day EMA. Just a note the EMA's may break temporarily on heavy sells (or buy) when there is lite volume, also the fact that there are multiple exchanges create arbitrage opportunities however those are eventually smoothed out. We're looking good.
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    Another big difference from last time is verifications. Many, if not all, exchanges now have much faster automated verification for on boarding. Automated so presumably scalable. The lag between fomo and first purchase is now a lot less. I think that too, will be a scaling factor in the next run. That’s why I expect to exceed previous ATH with some ease.
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    I think there are a few important things you're hitting on here, @Dutchpinoy: First, easy market points-of-entry and user experiences are very, very important. Despite the hate it gets around XRP country, Coinbase is very trusted and has a great interface. I'd argue that Coinbase Pro is the most important exchange in the Americas and Europe, even though it does not generate the highest volume, because the Coinbase app is so easy and highly trusted. Second, as @Dario_o points out, pairings have grown massively in a pretty short time. Now, a lot of those exchanges do pretty low volume, have low trust and/or have poor user experiences. They're still important -- More is definitely better here. But it's not just about (and I'd argue, mostly not about) the technical attributes that make XRP a good candidate. For pairings with other cryptocurrencies to be important and grow, people need to have XRP as a primary holding to begin with. A place like Coinbase, essentially taking on the legal burden of accepting fiat currencies in exchange for XRP, makes it easy. Again, the easy on-ramp is extremely important. But as that gets easier and easier, XRP pairings make much more sense for more exchanges. Market entry and base pairings make for a virtuous cycle, as you point out above. (This virtuous cycle is one of the major reasons that Bitcoin has kept its prominence and high valuation for so long.) Third, volume is king. Volume is what will aid xRapid/XRP payment flows and will push long-term higher valuations, not vice-versa. Coinbase XRP pairs can only help grow volume.
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    Sure, maybe Coinbase doesn't matter that much anymore... But in a few short days, the new XRP/USD pair is doing really well and has already overtaken most other XRP/USD pairs -- including Kraken, Bitfinex and Bitstamp (though behind RightBTC). It's also the top fiat (non-stablecoin) pairing from any exchange in the Americas or Europe. In five short days, the XRP pairs with USD, EUR and BTC are making up over 10% of Coinbase's volume! Adding XRP pairs (finally!) proved to be a very smart move for Coinbase. With taker fees between 10 and 30 basis points on Coinbase Pro and several times that on Coinbase, a daily volume of $10M means XRP trading has already easily made Coinbase six figures of revenue. Source: coinmarketcap.com
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    I had written off Coinbase as being irrelevant, but as soon as the announcement was made the significance welled up inside me. It was a capitulation and confirmation that no one can ignore a statement like this. It is now becoming blindingly obvious that XRP is the only company on a trajectory of mass adoption in the financial sector, and it is this that gives XRP/R3/Ripple the traction that no other competitor can ignore or match. I wonder if BTC can maintain its relevance for long after this capitulation and with XRP inside its citadels? I never envisaged Coinbase listing as being a big moment, but it was. The other capitulation on a smaller scale was Strongholds dropping of XLM and adoption of XRP. Walls are a-crumbling
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    I have been monitoring LTC after your prediction and looks like as you say it is playing out in line. One thing to add to that I have been looking at is movement of BTC OTC on the "Whale" wallets and there has been some $150mil+ in 24hrs..... last time this happened it was right around strong move+/-. Not confident in its relation to future price movement but just something I am watching to see if there a correlation going forward.
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    Oops, you said you were excited under the image soooo... my bad
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    Nothing happens until something happens.
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    You guys nailed this whole thread right here. The only thing to add is "in an ILP world, XRP will have to compete for the role of best bridge asset". All fb-coin would be is another walled garden of liquidity, that would need to be networked and connected to the broader world, and IoV
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    It's a bit hard to confess after all our CB bashing due to their decision not to list XRP last year, but I must admit: They still have the best interface in the market. Nothing beats CB in that way. The only thing holding me down to make more use of CB is the annoying 5 day delay everytime you want to deposit Fiat money to buy Crypto with. If they could bring this down to hours or seconds (They should use xRapid for that) CB will be the biggest exchange for years to come. Remember the 2017 Bullrun: people like me had to wait for days to get their Fiat transfered to CB (and other exchanges), missing huge upswings during that period. If they fix this: great! Despite all the channels to buy crypto at today, the mass will again use CB because it's so freaking conveniant and simple to use..
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    "R3 Founder/CEO says XRP not used in r3 and stuff about 50 banks" your title is a bit misleading, don't you think? it's just about the laughable rumors about the swift gpi integration in corda settler means swift would use xrp -- what has been debunked many times already IMO also that was known from the beginning, since they announced xrp on corda settler - they always said to add more besides speed and efficiency, XRP has the beautiful advantage of no counterparty risk compared to the above ones https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/xrp-onboards-50-banks-via-r3-corda-settler-insitmatch-global-as-ripple-adoption-flourishes/ this last tweet seems to fit perfectly to kitao's efforts in bringing R3 and ripple together -- both technologies seems to complement each other
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    I think it would have a similar affect to the cb listing as there is some excitement. I’d expect very little price change maybe a percent or two. But the most important thing to understand is liquidity. The more liquid it is the higher the ceiling for it to grow is.
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    Federal district court ruling is not binding across the country, and federal appeals court ruling is really only binding within federal districts in that circuit. However a federal appeals ruling is persuasive in all courts nationally and sets up a USSC appeal which would be binding nationally.
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    The impact has been on the exchange volume. XRP exchange volume went from $500M to $750M...
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    News already posted here, with reaction from a lawyer:
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    Guessing a future value is all about getting as close a possible to the actual value of the asset at the predicted time. No one will be hailed or praised, it's just for fun and games. If you don't like prediction games, why are you wasting your time in this thead?
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    xrp is now the fastest and cheapest high-liquidity-coin on coinbase to transfer funds between exchanges and wallets - wait till everyone gets that this alone will have massive impact, especially in a bullrun -- traders will choose the quickest and cheapest option with alot of FIAT- and crypto-pairs on other exchanges available
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    Coinbase Vault as Cold Storage?

    As long as you trust Coinbase to handle your money, I think it's a good option. "98% of digital currency is stored totally offline, in geographically distributed safe deposit boxes and physical vaults." It is similar to having a safety deposit box at a bank. As long as it's a good bank, that's generally safer than trying to store things at your house. Although for some people they would rather keep it in their own house in a floor safe or something. Keeping it on a Nano or other device is still probably safer than Coinbase cold storage. But there is the risk that you lose/forget your private keys or you die and no one knows how to access your coins. It might be easier to access them through Coinbase. Either way people should essentially write a will with instructions on how to access the crypto and it should be kept somewhere secure. But overall I think both are good options.
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    JPM Coin is a security
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    Guys, Back in June, several people within the community asked whether there were any updates on the lawsuits filed against Ripple Labs, Inc. Below is your update for December, 2018. Please keep in mind that the U.S. justice system moves pretty slow. Essentially, there is one (1) open or active case Ripple Labs, Inc. is involved in (as of December 23, 2018). TL;DR - Nothing really to report. Stay tuned for January, 2019. Something to keep in mind: IF the United States Congress decides to draft and pass a new law (see "Token Taxonomy Act" article below), and that new law redefines what is a security is and/or excludes cryptocurrencies and digital assets from U.S. securities laws, more likely than not, the legal issue as to whether XRP is a security would become "moot" in these active cases listed below. IF that were to happen, one could argue that all of these remaining cases filed against Ripple Labs, Inc. would be dismissed. Lastly, if a U.S. state securities law (California) and U.S. federal securities law are in conflict, again, assuming that a new U.S. federal law passes and redefines what a security is AND the current California securities law does not change anytime soon, generally speaking, the new federal law would take legal precedence over the state law (see "Supremacy Clause" link below). Hence, remanding or moving the case and security legal issue back down to the California state court would do the plaintiffs no good either. They would lose. The open or active cases are in bold: 1.) 2014 - Ripple vs. LaCore Enterprises (closed) 2.) 2015 - Ripple vs. Kefi Labs (closed) 3.) 2015 - Arthur Britto vs. Jed McCaleb (closed)** 4.) 2016 - Bitstamp vs. Ripple, Jed McCaleb, Stellar (closed) 5.) 2016 - Ripple vs. Pixel Labs (closed) 6.) 2017 - R3 vs. Ripple (Delaware) (closed) 7.) 2017 - Ripple and XRP II vs. R3 (California) (closed) 8.) 2017 - R3 vs. Ripple (New York) (closed) 9.) 2017 - Tony Petrucci vs. Ripple (closed) 10.) 2018 - Ryan Coffey vs. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California) (closed) 11.) 2018 - Ryan Coffey vs. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (U.S. Federal Court) (closed) 12.) 2018 - Vladi Zakinov vs. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California) (open/active) 13.) 2018 - David Oconer vs. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California) (open/active) 14.) 2018 - Avner Greenwald vs. Ripple, XRP II, Bradley Garlinghouse, Christian Larsen, Ben Lawsky (California) (open/active) 15.) 2018 - Avner Greenwald vs. Ripple, XRP II, Bradley Garlinghouse, Christian Larsen, Ben Lawsky (U.S. Federal Court) (closed) 16.) 2018 - Avner Greenwald vs. Ripple, XRP II, Bradley Garlinghouse, Christian Larsen, Ben Lawsky (U.S. Appeals Federal Court) (open/active) Notes on active cases: #12 and #13 (above) were combined into one (1) court case. This was a procedural move (and small win) by Ripple Labs, Inc. This combined court case is currently in federal court. The plaintiff(s), those individuals suing Ripple Labs, Inc. for U.S. security related issues, are trying to remand the case or move the case back to California state court where it would be more favorable for their legal arguments. *Dates to keep in mind are December 28, 2018 and January 14, 2019. Eventually the court or the judge will be deciding whether the case should stay in the U.S. Federal Court or if it should go back to the California state court. Again, nothing really to report. Enjoy the holidays and your time with your friends and families. June 2018 Update: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/24386-ripple-lawsuit-tracker/ August 2018 Update: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/26151-ripple-lawsuit-tracker-august-2018-update/ October 2018 Update: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/27832-ripple-lawsuit-tracker-october-2018-update/ https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/20/lawmakers-look-to-change-secs-72-year-old-securities-definition-to-exclude-cryptocurrencies.html https://definitions.uslegal.com/s/supremacy-clause/ https://definitions.uslegal.com/m/mootness-doctrine/ @Pablo @Snoopy @zerpdigger @vlad_got_it @jcdenton @Mrsrippley @Sebastian @xrpisking
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    Not really a rumor, its basically been confirmed.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    No. That would be akin to saying the soil my great grandmother tilled in her garden, which is in the same spot as today, has an effect on the tomatoes my mother grew last spring. Erosion, addition of new soil, pollutants in the rain, animals peeing in it, kids playing in it, the breakdown of microorganisms.. today's soil is completely different than what my great grandmother knew even though its in the same location You're trying to talk about causality and it doesnt work that way. Go back far enough and you lose the connections between the past and today. Closer to home, it would be like saying a candle on Microsoft's chart from 2009 impacts last Friday's close. It's insulting to even assume so.
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    Some questions posed to Rushd (the CEO) and his answers in a telegram group: 1) does the this VC control babb direction:a) (Not at all, one of the advise Christen gave me is never give control of your vision or your Company to anyone) Christen for me is a mentor 2) will babb still remain blockchain: a) Definitely 3) is bax still the bloodline of babb: a) Oh Yes 100% 4) when is alpha: a) Alpha will be delayed unfortunately, we will update our road map soon 5) are you in control of babb direction and bax: a) I am ---------------- Ps. I topped up a little today!
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    @moncho If I can somehow assist you with your efforts, let me know. I have an email contact with Wietse Wind and have some creative thoughts on making a ver simple multi langual XRP payment app based on sms/txt XRP.
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    Of course it’s not true. Normal Coinbase is an exchange which executes all orders with “market order”. The reason that you don’t see it in the coinmarketcap is, they don’t share “normal” coinbase’s volume and order book information.
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    What is XPR future

    There's good information that circulates on a lot of threads. Everyone of us has reasons why we think XRP is succeed in the future, but it's really up to you to spend some time investigating, researching, and formulating your own opinion on why XRP is the right investment for you. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Many of us are in this for the long term (3-5+) and don't view XRP has a "get rich quick scheme." One reason why I invested in XRP is that it solves a real payments problem. Have you ever submitted a wire transfer, and then 3 hours later have the bank call you to tell you there was a problem? I have and it's very frustrating. XRP solves that problem and settles payments in real-time. Now there are many other reasons why XRP may be a good investment choice, but it's up to you to Do Your Own Research! Happy Zerping!
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    No ! Ready for launch, how else do rockets stand ?
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    https://cloudup.com/cy5DL3u73bS https://xrparcade.com/news/zakinov-et-al-vs-ripple-labs-motion-to-remand-denied/?fbclid=IwAR2F-3tNv4LmTlHKqrgGjCuPtk3TjCJIjKK5aaZXj1coizUFIisZJQOHV1E
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    Basically Ripple's lawyers and the court told the plaintiffs:
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    Coinbase Vault as Cold Storage?

    I've used it in 2017 to store BTC. The problem is that you're unable to acces your coins quickly (it takes 48 hrs if I recall correctly). If you need to sell at a certain moment, you need to take that into account.
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    I think your view is very narrow, and that you don't even understand mine.
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    Thank you very much for your kind comments! For now it's not the plan to move back, but you have motivated me to take action and get in touch with good people that can help drive this change. Thank you for this!
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    They are in the correspondent business, I'd assume (maybe incorrectly) that they are just trying to speed up the same old correspondent business methods, with them as a Hub, in a hub and spoke network of inter-bank connections.
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    Then you factor in that most the of the volume is FAKE and how are we supposed to believe anything? Big Query is already poking holes in the exchange space or making people ask questions. ETH had a great run recently (how) when no one is interested in it? XRP barely moves yet many are interested in it? The way everything moves with BTC proves it is still a rigged setup these aren't people actually buying and selling DA's it's all manipulation and wash trades to increase interest and create a market. Because real trades create profit for exchanges........... We sit analyze, pick apart, track, and then to come to grips that (80% is fake) convolutes everything.
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    You guys are making me want to buy some... buying distressed assets that will ultimately come good is a time honoured way to get rich. Of course throwing money into a sinkhole and ending stuck with a bag of shlt is also a time honoured tradition....
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    This post below sparked a perspective of mine. I am genuinely interested to see how Xrapid volume will affect the price of XRP. I was hesitant on creating this post, but the intention is to provide an insight of how xRapid can affect XRP's price. And this comment, along with the twitter thread in the post. Let's speculate, and say that MV37 ran tests and coincided with two major price spikes in sept. last year. This would provide us a glimpse on how XRP will react under some type of xRapid/XRP volume. However Ripple may not want wild fluctuations, so I would anticipate volume slowly building up volume over a course of time. Also let me add the fact that this volume that occurred in sept last year, decoupled XRP's price action from BTC's price action over a short period of time. This builds a theory that the one way for XRP to decouple from BTC is through usage of xRapid. Obviously it would seem that this is common sense, but we have not had (at least to my knowledge) legitimate data to support this theory. As we can see, XRP had a rise of ~200% in Sept. This decoupling of XRP from BTC actually offset XRP's price action and then in November cryptos across the board dropped ~50%. If it is true that sept really did offset XRP's price action, in theory we should actually be trading at approximately .15 USD. To support this even more, an argument that I can make is that XLM traded approximately half of XRP's price through most of 2018 until sept. Currently, XLM is trading at ~.08 while XRP is at ~.30. What do I conclude from this? 1. Arbitrage bots are more than likely making up most of the trade volume in crypto right now. They are also using BTC as an index for the the markets meaning that BTC being the leader and all other cryptos are playing follow the leader (again seems like common sense but we have new data). 2. Sept volume was more than likely Xrapid volume since there was no other news within days of the time frame. However Xrapid going live was announced on Oct 1 (this is still supporting fact that xrapid was being used). 3. We have not decoupled from BTC yet, but Xrapid volume is powerful enough to decouple us from BTC. 4. XRP's price should, at least in theory, be trading at ~.15 USD if sept's price spike would have never happened. 5. Assuming that testing from DDTC can jump the price of XRP ~200% within a couple of days, then the ATH of $3 based on pure speculation and no real utility, can be EASILY surpassed. To remind you, the smart money still has yet to enter the arena.
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    Isn't price driven by demand. There are billions of XRP in the wild. We are not talking about a scarce rare and exotic gemstone here. Ripple need to sell more software licenses to banks, and remove the option to flick between xcurrent and xrapid. Force everyone on the damn thing. Until then, speculative penny stock.
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    Probably a good thing. And the plaintiffs will have to disclose who is funding them:
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    Anyone see this JPM laid out plan ?

    JPMCoin too fast
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    I'll play US dollars Quarter 1: $2.70 Quarter 2: $8.70 ( With a pull back from a $12.00 high in May ) Quarter 3: $15.89 Quarter 4: $24.46 Ok I am an optimistic type of person, but ideally I would love to see it hit even higher, who knows, if regulation and traction come together anything is possible.
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    Q1 - 0.57 Q2 - 0.75 Q3 - 0.71 Q4 - 1.17 I'd love to see XRP outperform these numbers of course but I feel that 2020 will be the real year of growth.
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    My prediction is $20 EOY, depending on regulation and Xrapid use. You never know whats around the corner but we will see. For now, i'm just going to keep accumulating Xrp until the price is over $1 per Xrp
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    Time to Stat Buying Alt Coins with XRP

    If you are buying any other coins time to start buying them with XRP!
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