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    https://beachhead.com/component/content/article/9-uncategorised/80-white-paper?Itemid=437 Beachhead is going to use the XRP Ledger to help run their online economy in their upcoming VR game Beachhead 2020.
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    New SBI presentation 31/01/19

    The stuff SBI are putting out about how SBI, R3 and Ripple work together in practice is huge : - I learnt a lot from this article which was posted on another thread by Jabit (my transcription of the first half of the text) In Japan we started to use an application for transferring money, called Moneytap. This application uses only DLT but I would like to make it XRP caperble. Once we are able to use XRP on “Corda” a R3 blockchain technology which SBI has been investing in, the financial transaction of trading can be done in a very short time. Because Corda has a function called smart contract (including easy verification of contract, implementation, execution, computer protocol for negotiation. The characteristics of this function is a to process the guaranteed trusted transaction without being intermediated by a third party). We can use it not only for international money transfers but also for all kinds of trades such as transaction of bonds and/or derivatives in the financial field. From our end, we would like to finish this feature of XRP like Corda. In order to do this, we would like to create a joint venture with R3 and SBI in Japan like we did with Ripple. And start up the consortium as soon as possible and develop the system while holding the conferences in which many people can learn the system to use in parallel. In this way, by using XRP, visitors from all over the world coming to Japan can pay bills without exchanging the money from US dollars to Japanese Yen. It is a new challenge for us. Next I want to talk about “S coin platform” which we have started. We issued local currencies “NISEKOPay” at Niseko in Hokaido and “US-Dalba Coin” at Odalba in Tokyo. Our goal is to incorporate XRP into this S coin platform and expand to the world level. To pursue this, we are considering using Corda of R3 as a foundation of this system. As soon as we set up the joint venture business, we will focus on expanding this system all over the world. It is perhaps my dream as well. To achieve this , we would like to progress step-by-step. R3 is characterised as possessing blockchain technology which can apply to a wide range of the field not just the financial world. On the other hand, Ripple has a strong feature on transferring money. Therefore, we can take advantage by using each characteristic by tasks. Use Ripple for international money transfer, and the rest of the transactions will be performed using Corda R3. A huge advantage is the function of Smart Contract. Our current strategy to expand worldwide is to complete the system before Osaka EXPO 2025. If we succeed, it will be revolutionary development. Likewise I believe that blockchain will be incorporated into all kinds of industries. It will get real as I always say that “work finance as a core and reach beyond finance” Therefore, SBI will not be solely a financial company but will be beyond.
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    Unless I'm reading this wrong or misinterpreting...they are saying they saved over 13k on the transfer fee. So was this a multimillion dollar xRapid transfer? I thought they said they'd be gradually adding zeros to the transaction fee size as time went by? Am I reading this wrong?!
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    We all got fooled again.

    Good news came out yesterday with the R3 and Swift partnership, we all got excited so the day traders used that as a time to do a 14% pump and dump. 24 hours later right back at the 30 cent range and probably about to fall into the upper 20s. I will admit that article about all of ripples partners been scams, was a bit unnerving to me . I have been around this firm for a long time and was a serious believer in Ripple, but admit that I am starting to have doubts about their future.
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    We all got fooled again.

    I don't know what you want other people to say. If you feel like all the Ripple partnerships are somehow "scams", then surely you want nothing to do with XRP (if that's what you want someone to say)....just sell and rid this scamcoin from your portfolio.
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    New SBI presentation 31/01/19

    sbi ripple('xrp) corda r3 page 134 en ....(in Japanese) http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/investors/library/presentation/pdf/presen190131.pdf
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    Ooh, another PDF. How exciting!
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    I said it last year and I'll say it now - SBI is going to push XRP to the next level of actually being utilized on mass and I still think they are going to be one of the main forces to initiate XRP's next bull run (both utility driven and speculative) - whenever they are ready to do I feel most people are underestimating SBI's impact on XRP because some seem to be disappointed from SBIVC's delay to march 2019 - but I think the main reason for it being delayed was a major hack on another japanese crypto exchange in 2018, so they decided to take more time for securing SBIVC in the best possible way -- BUT it will come - heck, even if it gets delayed again - it will come! Kitao said last year they are trying to settle the dispute between R3 and Ripple -- check Kitao said last year they are working on building a joint venture with R3 like they did with Ripple and forming a consortium -- check Kitao said last year they are going to push R3 to use XRP on it's Corda-Platform -- check Kitao recently said they are working on R3 to use XRP extensively -- I'm confident about that Kitao recently said they are planning to use XRP on their domestic payment system with moneytap in the future -- I'm confident about that Kitao recently said he thinks that 20 of the World’s Major Banks will Incorporate XRP for International Money Transactions in 2019 -- I'm confident about that I really don't think R3's corda is direct competition to ripple because thanks to SBI it seems that they are becoming one big blockchain consortium - with XRP in it's heart!
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    We all got fooled again.

    You can always buy bitcoin. I've heard it's a 'store of value', whatever that may mean.
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    We all got fooled again.

    Well, have a look at Network->Metrics at xrpcharts: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics Clearly payments and transactions are rising dramatically now (and for a while). Just a temporary test or real utility, we’ll see?
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    Let's work this out based on their previous tweet where a food company saved £79.17 from sending £3521.67 $13,232 is £10,074.74 so we can work with a calcuation in the same currency. £79.17 is 2.248% of £3521.67 £10,074.74 is 2.248% of £448,164.59 .... so all things being equal (which they never are!) - they transacted £448,164.59 (which interestingly rounds up to $589,000).
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    "Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted trading volume, has just made it easier for users to buy cryptocurrencies. The exchange announced Thursday that it has partnered with Israel-based payments processing firm Simplex to enable purchases with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. At launch, the exchange is supporting credit card purchase for bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and XRP. These can then be traded against up to 151 other tokens offered by the exchange." https://www.coindesk.com/binance-users-can-now-pay-for-crypto-with-credit-cards
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    Ex Soviet bloc countries tend to get tarred with the same brush "backward, corrupt, incompetent" etc but this is far from the truth.
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    New SBI presentation 31/01/19

    Google translate . . .
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    It's Happening?

    Anytime someone asks if "it's happening" from here on out, I'm going to say, "No." I'll build an incredible reputation for accuracy; and when I'm finally wrong, I'll be very well compensated for the one-time blemish on my record.
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    Great video @Julian_Williams posted this in Hodor's blog, it blew me away , gaming is massive ,now combining gaming and XRP , wow friggin wow , got to be great .
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    One Person Can Make A Difference

    Blog URL: https://xrpcommunity.blog/one-person-can-make-a-difference/ One person can make a difference in the cryptomarket & that person could be you! Find out more in today's blog. I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    India is coming

    Breaking news
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    Kriptomat - new exchange in Estonia lists XRP https://xrparcade.com/news/xrp-listed-on-estonia-based-exchange/ One more, small beer on a day like today but still worth mentioning
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    This stuff is extraordinary Jabit: Kitao has such big ambitions and it seems he is getting it together very fast
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    20 of the World’s Major Banks will Incorporate XRP for International Money Transactions in 2019: SBI CEO https://t.co/gZGAH9LjaY This is an article of aJapanese magazine. There may be hints.
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    You are my hero @Hodor I made an account just to come here and say that. Well, that and also to start actively contributing to the community through this forum. This community is hands down the best in the entire crypto ecosystem in terms of leadership (ripple/coil/w3c/SBI), innovation (wietse wind, xpring), education (you!), and spirit (everybody else on discord, youtube) I've been consuming your blog for nearly two years now. That first post of yours that gave me that light-bulb moment was one that covered the announcement of the escrow in May '17. Ever since, I've been obsessed with learning everything there is to know about blockchain and digital assets and how this tech could apply to my career. I'm a graduate student in Pharmacology researching pain and addiction, specifically opioid receptor signaling at the molecular level, and I collaborate with chemists to develop safer and more effective opioid analgesics. Everyday more than 100 people in the US alone die from an opioid overdose...and everyday (in my free time) I think critically about how blockchain tech and this new and emerging infrastructure will employ true democratic principles, aligned incentives, transparency, etc... that could allow for unprecedented collaboration in biomedical research, expedite the tedious drug development process, and expand access to mental health care. Anyway, for my first post I just thought I'd add my two zerps and express my gratitude for all that you do to educate and your optimism. Cheers!
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    It was also about this. Start at 45 minutes and listen for a couple of minutes. What she says is brilliant:
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    You have to remember there are those of us who research and give an educated response and those that respond as a knee jerk reaction Geography and Sociology elude some of us. Heck Walmart started in Rogers Arkansas imagine that
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    Every step forward is a tipping point. Human (bipedal) movement is an inverted pendulum, which tips forward and catches itself before falling face first, by taking a step forward. Running and walking, are a series of tipping points. Pace matters, in a race.