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    Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't this exactly how we all knew xRapid was going to work?
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    Dear XRPChat users, Greetings! This is Bitrue Exchange (www.bitrue.com). we have shared our news about on-boarding all XRP trading pairs in 2019 before. Now we have supported 9 New Trading pairs from Jan. 1st. including: TRX, XLM, NEO, GAS, OMG(have been added 1 week ago), HOT, NPXS, DNT and PRO. Bitrue will keep listing new coins & tokens in the next few months. Please do not hesitate to tell us your expected trading pair. The more popular the trading pair is, the sooner it comes live. Keep running XRP!
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    India is coming

    Old statement from Birla. These news from tuesday: https://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2019/india-cryptocurrency-corporate-treasury/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Top corporates and banks in India are reportedly testing out the use of cryptocurrency to pay vendors and move money between subsidiaries, said the The Economic Times. And today these news: Oh man... this is exciting
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    Kichiro Fukui

    If I told you I'm not an insider, would you believe me? If I told you I'm an insider, would you believe me? If I told you not to belive me, would you believe me? I'm not an insider.
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    Hi Daniel - some of the mods have discussed this and we'd like to better understand what this is trying to achieve. On first glance, it makes very little sense to create a fork of XRP so we have to ask the following questions in the interests of other members who may not be as knowledgeable: Who are the developers and business owners of Vokez? Please provide us the details of the other projects they have worked on. You claim that The State is a security token platform that will empower companies, projects, and organizations with the ability to legally raise funds. In order to do so, you will have to be legally established yourself so can you please tell us (A) where your company is established, (B) which jurisdiction/s you are operating in, and (C) company numbers and registration details. As you are very well aware, this market is filled to the back teeth with charlatans and neer-do-wells. I don't want to appear rude but the above quote sends red flags not helped by the fact that you've only opened your Github Repo a few days ago so we are hoping you can demonstrate your bona fides regarding what appears to be a very unusual venture.
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    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    If you are referring to the thread title "XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency" then perhaps there are a couple of points that are relevant. a. it should be xRapid and not XRapid (I mean, if you really want to be pedantic about nomenclature as well) b. the position of "ONLY" in the statement does not convey any significant meaning and could be better worded; note the following variations: i. "ONLY xRapid uses XRP as counter currency" - this means no other systems use XRP as counter currency ii. "xRapid uses only XRP as counter currency" - this means that xRapid does not have any other counter currency except XRP" iii. "xRapid uses XRP only as counter currency" - this means that xRapid does not use XRP as anything else besides the role of counter currency" iv. "xRapid uses XRP as counter currency only" - same meaning as point iii Or are you referring to his references to XRP as the base for xRapid transactions while simultaneously citing it as the counter currency? Specifically he used the term "the base" and not "the base currency". I believe the point that he was trying to convey is that XRP serves as the basis for all transactions in xRapid. That might be the bone of contention that you have with his statements. Regardless of whichever you are perturbed by, the issue seems more related to grammar than it is to semantics. I think we are all here to focus on XRP and not on English grammar. While the latter is important since improper use of grammar can create misunderstandings, we are neither linguistic experts nor English Language professors so our discussions serve to convey and subsequently refine the semantics of our individual stance on various XRP-related topics and we need not be too worked up over syntax. As many of the (somewhat heated) conversations you have had with other members have clearly demonstrated, the focus on syntax can be backfire by distracting from the essence of the original threads. Let's learn to forgive and be more tolerant of one another's shortcomings while celebrating our collective strengths!
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    India is coming

    Debunked unfortunately:
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    This is what I have written about this on our Discord today... ”Banks use software only for trading and ledger only when money moves in or out of their bank or consortium. Orderbooks are used in-house and XRP is owned by that unity. Giving value to all currencies they operate in one central exchange. And only when operating with other bank, XRP needs to move. Other than that, it just stays there and gives value to transactions One step in, one step out. If someone uses fiat in that system as base, it can’t be executed since it would give arbitrage to it, because it is on wrong side of the ticker. Using XRP only blocks that, when there is only one market globally in many exchanges and xRapid sources liquidity everywhere and routes payments using cheapest option. That closed ledger is just an orderbook where all related banks use XRP to convert fiat to fiat inside their banking network. Like Santander that operates in many currencies uses it as one pool of liquidity to transfer the whole value to another account in another currency. All those banks own some portion of that XRP but they pool it to be used where it is needed. Balance sheets show the total possessions for each bank whenever they want to settle that situation.” this is extremely good news for us and for banks, since the more they make cross-border payments inside their own banking network in many currencies, the bigger the savings when they hodl enough XRP, because they save the cost and time of entering ledger. Transactions and transition of value are in milliseconds, XRP is not burnt at all, and TPS can be as much as their trading software can handle, but easily hundreds of thousands per second. This makes banks want to buy and hold XRP because everything is valued in XRP and not in any fiat. XRP as counter currency, as The Base, means that it is needed always when making a conversion because counter currency is the ONLY used asset whenever something needs to be bought. XRP the Standard
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    Click bait title as I think the debate is still ongoing but from the latest guidance issued by ESMA then XRP is heading towards the 'not a security' bracket. Here is why: https://www.esma.europa.eu/press-news/esma-news/crypto-assets-need-common-eu-wide-approach-ensure-investor-protection Download the advice on crypto assets: https://www.esma.europa.eu/file/49978/download?token=56LqdNMN On page 5 at paragraph 6: 6. The outcome of the survey highlighted a NCA majority view that some crypto-assets, e.g. those with profit rights attached, may qualify as transferable securities or other types of MiFID financial instruments. The actual classification of a crypto-asset as a financial instrument is the responsibility of an individual NCA and will depend on the specific national implementation of EU law and the information and evidence provided to that NCA. The results of the Survey made clear that the Member State NCAs in the course of transposing MiFID into their national laws, have in turn defined the term financial instrument differently. While some employ a restrictive list of examples to define transferable securities, others use broader interpretations. This creates challenges to both the regulation and to the supervision of crypto-assets. XRP has no profit rights attached to it. Therefore it is not a financial instrument under MiFID or a transferable security. Well done Europe for the common sense approach. Over to you America....
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    I have been blown away by the community for Ripple and XRP and most of the people involved with it as fans/supporters. In all my years of Investing, outside of a couple active FIRE message boards. I have never come across a group of people that can discuss plans and details and pros and cons of each other's ideas with the level of clarity and attention to detail presented in many posts. Most of us all seem to be relatively long term investors, and are rowing in the same direction. I don't have much time to post, and so I have to lurk, and many discussions get resolved with me not having the time to reply. I am only a little more active on Twitter because it is easy to like and retweet something, or make a short comment. We all want to see Ripple succeed and for xrp to be utilized in hundreds of different ways for the benefit of millions of people and helping move billions to trillions of dollars. The oft mentioned Internet of Value is going to be the catalyst for opening up whole new avenues of growth and profits for companies all over the world. We are the ones helping to build this. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of this endeavor at such an early stage. Helping people understand how these crypto currency coins are the future of a new digital asset class. That will have distinction and pride of ownership like people esteem stocks etc. I still cherish the memories of looking at the old stock certificates from my grandfathers accounts from both sides of my family. XRP is a diamond in the rough.
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    No they're not a partner they are a member of SWIFT and the GPI update was compulsory for all members. They can't just switch off their operations and move to Ripple in the blink of an eye.
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    Triggered by this statement. So when spending Euro’s in real life ( buying groceries, a car, paying my mortgage etc) , I’m putting downwards pressure on € relative to $ ? I don’t think so. Whole discussion is troubled by comparing apples and oranges. Fiat has all the functions we dedicate to- and call “ money” and XRP has not. When buying a bicycle on Ebay, we say I bought a bicycle , and we don’t say I just sold some € .
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    Yes you are. You are disposing of an asset to purchase another asset. In this case you are SELLING 11,000 XRP FOR 1 BTC. There must be someone willing to BUY 11,000 XRP for 1 BTC in order for the transaction to complete. The inverse is also true., You can BUY 1 BTC for 11,000 XRP but there needs to be someone wanting to buy 11,000 XRP. for 1 BTC. For every sell order you need a corresponding buy order. And for every buy order you need a corresponding sell order. While you think you are not selling your XRP. I bet you 1,000 XRP the tax office says you have disposed of the asset and made a capital gain aka sold an asset.
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    importance of crypto industries is relative if we are dealing with xrp: this is a taste of the numbers we are dealing, there is a real economy behind the use of xrp, we have to compare with something like this:
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    Down down down

    “This is just a final shaking out of weak hands from the whales and banks.”
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    Haha! I'm trying to figure out if you did this on purpose.... or if it was Freud... or if I'm even making any cent$
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    You can give me a high 5 you can give me a low 5 either way you gave me a 5 unless you're missing a finger then you gave me a 4
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    Huh? You are the one making the extraordinary claim... the burden of proof is on you my friend. Also are you saying that there is no way you could be wrong? May I remind us all of the famous quote by Laurence J. Peter: An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today.
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    I admit to my ignorance of finance and economics. But to me the following is missing at least one option. 4. Actually, XRP is NOT unstable and all this apocalyptic talk is just plain wrong. Failure to admit even the possibility of error doesn’t lend credence to a view in my opinion.
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    I'd give this more points if I could.
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    when I buy XRP with USD, I am not selling anything. I only buy, someone else might be selling, but I am buying. When I buy BTC with XRP (BTCXRP) I pay 11000 XRP to get 1 BTC, and I am not selling anything. Get your act together and do not confuse people here more that you have already done, thank you.
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    @BrownBear to stop this ******** once and for all, I ask you to provide me real proof that xRapid uses public orderbooks that has fiat as counter currency to XRP. Named XRP/fiat in charts. You do that in a week and get confirmation from Ripple, you get that 1000 XRP. I am instantly willing to give you that and if you say you dont need my money, I will donate it to any charity you pick. This is important for me, so please do it and stop that ********. I am happy no matter how it turns out to be, I just want to know this 100% sure.
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    I feel like the data visualization intern short-changed Brazil, for some reason. (Its name would fit.) Anyway, if you like that pie chart, you might also enjoy this: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/animation-the-worlds-10-largest-economies-by-gdp-1960-today/
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    The difference is the initial source of the XRPs. For the pioneering institutions, XRP may have been provided to them by Ripple (with stringent conditions on sale, transfer,etc) as a form of incentive to participate in the initiative. This means that effectively the only cost the first wave of institutional customers bear would be the implementation cost. Subsequent waves would have to obtain XRPs from the open market and ideally by then there would have been critical mass achieved in RippleNet i.e. the network effect would have kicked in and network participation value would have exceeded the costs (both tangible and intangible) of joining the global network. Doing away with the Nostro/Vostro accounts then frees up the huge amount of capital that is presently locked up in the traditional system. And this translates to an immense amount of liquidity (trillions of dollars) that can be injected into the global markets. The downside of this is the potential inflationary pressures that can arise and manifested as price rises in a broad spectrum of asset classes, both traditional and otherwise.
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    Down down down

    Stop losses are being triggered, that is why it dumps that hard. Panic comes next and makes sure we drop again triggering even more stop losses. Bots make sure all the coins are coupled. Then the whales will make it look like a recovery, a few weeks of some green and then it starts all over again. We need utility volume and decoupling asap.