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    I think it is absolutely impossible Amazon and Ripple are not yet working together. Not just for their own retail payments, but also for payment API integration in their AWS cloud platform. Cloud hosted apps that can accept and make payments, to and from users, or to and from other apps, is the next Big Thing. Neither Amazon, Azure or Google wants to miss out on that, there's implementation time, and you want to be ready when your competitors are ready.
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    China and the gang of four

    Thanks buddy, 2018 hasn’t been the year I wanted price wise, but I have hopes we see a bull run soon. That said, 2018 has exceeded my expectations big time as far as product development and partnerships. Im not selling anytime soon.
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    In a matter of years the phrase "XRP me" will be as common as "Google it".
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    Is everybody aware of:

    I average it out, (589+current price) / 2 = $294,75.
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    Posted a year ago. https://m.nasdaq.com/article/this-020-cryptocurrency-is-set-to-soar-by-december-2018-cm853317
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    Technically you are describing a "Liquidity Crisis", not "insolvency". There is a subtle yet significant difference. - Being in "Insolvency" = a Balance Sheet with a negative equity value. - Being in a "liquidity crisis" = the Cashflow statement is running negative for the period of time. --- I too am concerned about the US govt falling victim to the negative side of the double edge sword that is the "Triffin Dilemma". We have a large and rapidly growing national debt, and floating that debt in a rising interest rate environment will be increasingly ruff. I do believe that XRP will become a significant piece of the international settlements puzzle, and that (one way or another) the USD will be retired as the dominant global reserve currency. This means the US will be left without the positive side of the double edge sword that is the Triffin Dilemma That said, governments have many options that regular humans/corps dont have.... and I have almost no idea how this will unfold over the '20s & '30s? I was just looking at how the US govt funded the Civil war via expansive monetary efforts, and how holding the base money supply at a fixed amount, lead to repeated financial crises between the 1870s and when the Fed was established. You have to realize that goverment income is derived from the amount of economic activity that unfolds with in the domestic economy. Unless the economic activity stops... there are all kinds of things a govt can do.
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    There were moments of doubt any of the SBI quarterly PDFs turn into reality. Good to see the strategy is kicking in. RippleNet is spreading, we might approach the tipping point of the network effect.
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    XRP will be $10 in the short term future, in the meantime I am increasing my holdings big time! Probably not December but sometime I can deal with. Its better than keeping money in the bank or in a safe.
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    So Ripple-tech results in a bilateral messaging system. Sender and receiver are informed about the current status of the remittance and the sender knows before he sends the money how high the fees are going to be. As far as I know SwiftGpi uses it’s old technology where you have no information about the current status and about the fee. If SwiftGPI is changing that, then banks using SwiftGpi will be able to comply but it also will make me question why Karen Gifford makes this statement.
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    Question on Coil Integration

    You can integrate coil on to your site without paying for a subscription. Essentially, you can monetize your site but you won’t be able to donate to others until you are off the wait list. Email support and they can maybe bump you up the list. They did for me.
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    Ummm not getting your point here as this is what SWIFT GPI does and XCurrent already... Maybe I am missing something here but always open to be enlightened. This speaks more to accountability than faster payments and lower fee's
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    The greatest post in the history of XRP chat..? Quite possibly ???
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    "We talked to a lot of our customers around the world and I was surprised that even large customers it takes them three to five days to get the payment where it needs to be and you know this was the case of Amazon."
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    Let me answer that for him/her: Quote: "Still amazed how such a relatively small startup in an emerging market needs to sell $1M per day of their own assets to stay afloat given their software & consulting premiums already."
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    This is an exciting one: https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32934/american-express-wins-approval-to-enter-chinese-payment-card-market
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    Anyone who can listen to that babbling for over an hour is a better man than I am.
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    Swift & Ripple New Angle

    One thing I will say, the idea that forcing Iran to use RipplNET because they have been sancationed off Swift being a good thing for Ripple/XRP is complete non-sense. The very very last thing all of us should be hoping for is a sanctioned nation to choose Ripple as an alternative. IMO we want no reason for the US Government to see Ripple as a threat to its political goals and raging against the machine or "down with banks, down with Governments" is best left the the BTC crowd.
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    •••NOW I must clarify. I don’t know what will happen by eoy. It could be sideways for another 6 months for all we know. That being said...this post is just poking fun. While I wait for ‘To the lifeboats’ to make another video. I wanted to cover this myself. I’ve been a Ripple Riddler follower for some time now. The one clue that stands out the most to me is this one. He appears to be behind the screen whispering at the viewer. It looks as if he knows what going on behind the curtain. It also stands out odd to me that the price spiked about 20%, hours after he made his last video on the 5th. That being said, if he is an insider than we may be in for something soon. But then again ..who knows
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    My favorite thought about the 100 billion issue is - XRP has barely begun being used for its' intended purpose, and almost half the entire supply is gone already
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    Thanks @Kass kudos to you for reading all that fine print
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    The point is that if you are only in it to sell at $3 I don't believe you are the "smart" money, irrespective of the fact that it later dropped in price. Anybody can be smart in retrospect. It would be much wiser to move your money to the much more time-tested stock market if you think only $3+ is the near future potential. And, yes, anything is still possible in crypto this year, even $589.
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    I'm getting trolled hard EDIT: @BrownBear you are totally correct. The US might default at any time, because the gov debt is so high. The only way to save yourself from the impending bankruptcy is to BUY MOAR XRP!
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    Is everybody aware of:

    Seems accurate volume is low interest seems low in crypto from a buy and hold perspective. I hope XRP is just higher than it is now if that is .55 then that is fine. I want to see increasing volume slowly but surely validating usage.
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    Is everybody aware of:

    Or it could be you're just a negative person, the glass half empty type, which would explain why you see many posts as combative.
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    1499.94 XRP
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    Swift & Ripple New Angle

    we'll open this up to Dilip…. Dilip?
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    @MRM I think you may be misunderstanding the purpose of the Nano S. It is a hardware device to help you manage your address on the XRP Ledger. Your assets only ever exist on the ledger. The wallet you choose to use (the Nano S in this case) merely permits you access to your address and assets on that ledger, and the software interface to the Nano S shows an indicative value of your assets in USD or EUR or whatever by multiplying the number of XRP you hold in that ledger address by a reference price obtained from some source (probably an average of several exchange prices, or the price at CMC, or similar). You have not lost any value - it is just estimating the value of those assets it manages at that moment in time. The price at your exchange (Exodus?) may well be slightly different to the one used for the reference calculation by the Nano S software, hence the difference in the shown value of the assets you are describing. But the actual (real) value of your assets is always going to be = number of XRP x price you can sell them at on an exchange somewhere. That's the accurate value of your assets at any one moment in time. In order to achieve that value, you can use your Nano S to "send" the XRP to the exchange's address for the XRP ledger fee (currently 0.0012 XRP, ie. tiny!). That is the only fee that any transfer of assets between accounts will have to pay (it's the XRP ledger fee), plus the cost of any exchange deposit or trading fees of course, which is a different matter entirely. I hope this helps.
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    CasinoCoin Talk

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    An excellent initiative. I wonder if the Ripple execs know about this. To me it would seem like a no brainer for them to contribute to the cause and truly have a ledger with 0 carbon footprint. Even if they do it just for the publicity, the end result is still fantastic. Any ideas how we could get big Brad onboard?
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    Pomp® is the new Pamp

    I'll just create a topic here knowing it wont receive much attention. Dont mind me. ..but once Pomp® catches on i'll cash in on all the residuals and royalties
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    He must be the sane one then
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    Joel Katz once said that Brazil may be another corridor that will come after php
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    “I MA: Lack of user trust in new technology: “The vast majority of Blockchain platforms will not survive interoperability and cross-platform response. The next bit is in red (this text points to the red outlined box showing Ethereum, Hyperledger, Chain, Quorum, Circle, Monax and Multichain, all of which are supposedly connecting up with either Swift GPI or Ripplenet in some way): “Of the approximately 75 blockchain platform providers, not all will survive. By 2025, there will be 5 mainstream blockchain / DLT platforms (Gartner 2017) —- Technological Immaturity: “With Blockchain, architecture must keep in mind three key aspects: The platform, the solutions and the ecosystem. This is in addition to the different implementation styles: Intra-Enterprise; private; hybrid; and public. “Many blockchain technologies are not fully developed, have not been tested and will require early adopters to accept significantly higher levels of operational risk in the next 5-7 years.”
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    Transfergo and ripple in action

    Love the audience question at 1:13:00 and his answer.
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    XRP - $5000 The Economic Machine (IOV)

    the important thing is the scope and breadth of IOV. this clip gives a glimpse of its potential, while showing that there are docos out there that vouches for it. imagine this is 1908. you ride into town on your horse buggy and see a crowd gathered. A horseless buggy (ford model t) is the commotion source, and the wild eyed sales person is yelling about new roads, racing models, trucks, buses, tanks. Some murmur, some laugh, some see the vision. It was hard to imagine it then but here we are today. IOV in 5-10 years, mates. Its not far too off.
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    I believe in XRP and Ripple as a technology, but there is really very big quantity of XRP held by very few people. One example is Jed, who will sure sell as many XRP as he is allowed. And we need a lot fiat to cover just his sells.... and I believe this will prevent XRP price to go to sky.
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    adoption curve will take the shape of a hockey stick. the tech is almost ready. build it, and they will come. all that is then needed is signatures..
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    November 18 Convergence

    it has nothing to do with tech in this case. If it did XLM CSC Alvor would all be in the same place, its about liquidty and removing counterparty risk, and no you cant just create a DA and expect it to be useful overnight. Even 5 years would be pushing it. Who the hell is going to trade a swift coin other than banks.
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    One of the first FinCEN guidence publications carved out a place for "platforms" like a distributed ledger, and some esoteric way of describing a Exchange as an MSBs, and I think 2 other categories and which license is necessary. There is a difference between putting some code up on github, and hosting the code freely avaliable for any internet user... Providing/hosting a financial service while not being licensed as an MSB / Banking, or not doing kyc/aml/sar/etc compliance... is not something I would do personally, nope! I think any other govt jurisdiction will be just as likely to assert their rights to enforcement over financial services as the US. Think of the XRPLedger (and other blockchains) as "the highway". Cops no longer do high speed chases on the highways, too dangerous. So, they simply track the target on the highway. Then they nab the target at the on/off ramps. Which is the point where value flowing in/out of a fiat jurisdiction happens. These on/off ramps match the same boundary that enforcement has to preform its job within. No country can, not even the US, can go and tell two eurozone citizens that they cant pay each other, nor collect a tax on the payment; not in China, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, India, nowhere... and not the other way around either. no enforcement = a non existing rule I dont see where current regulations or compliance, or enforcement efforts are being changed much.
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    I guess this is another example of why we need academic journals. So long as a CB has monopoly power to purchase gov bonds a state will never be insolvent. This is simple addition and subtraction on a set of balance sheets--there is no constraint that would cause A < L, regardless of your emotional reaction to fear of inflation and government spending. Again, your statement regarding insolvency is incorrect. I think you may fundamentally misunderstand what money is when you say "In debt, print more money". Money IS debt, if you paid off all debts there would be 0 money in the economy and that economy will collapse from deflation long before you achieve a 0 debt state. This is basic accounting.
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    Charts - How To's

    Choose LIFE.... and remember those of us in your will who wanted you around for a long, long time... unlike @Pablo
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    Inflation =/= insolvency When L > A, you are insolvent. When P(t) - P(t-1) > 0, you witness inflation. Your statement regarding the gold standard is incorrect. Pegging fiat to the USD to gold did not cause money created by commercial banks to somehow not have both liability and asset components, nor were reserves created by central banks asset only. Currency, ie cash, issued by a CB is both an asset and a liability, as are commercial bank deposits. Terminology is extremely important to define or you will talk in circles. Because money is debt, it is by definition also an asset. If money is 'credited' to an account it is still both an asset and a liability, by accounting definition. Gold is a commodity. Money is not a commodity. Using a commodity to settle a monetary transaction does not mean that other monies, A and L components, do not exist. Feel free to drop a source if you've got one.
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    XRP - $5000 The Economic Machine (IOV)

    XRP volume does not support your.post.
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    Is everybody aware of:

    "He is simply a hole in the air" - George Orwell
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