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    Some exciting developments between Japan and Thailand with RippleNet / Interledger. Japan and Thailand are pushing Ripple: https://cryptoking.org/ripplenet-interledger-getting-traction-in-asia/ Most consumers will not know that Ripple is making their life easier. Hopefully in a few years Ripple becomes that household name everyone knows...
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    XRP - $5000 The Economic Machine (IOV)

    Seeing as you don't have time to listen to the presenter, included in this post are the source documents referenced. Now that you don't have to "listen to that babbling for over an hour" please, continue undisturbed with your busy schedule of posting unbelievably intelligent, coherent, and always on point award winning content... Source Documents : G20 Washington Summit 2008 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_G20_Washington_summit G20 London Summit 2009 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_G20_London_summit Bank of England RTGS 2012 https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/-/media/boe/files/quarterly-bulletin/2012/the-boes-real-time-gross-settlement-infrastructure Bank of England Ripple POC 2017 https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/-/media/boe/files/fintech/ripple Bank of England CBDC 2018 https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/-/media/boe/files/working-paper/2018/central-bank-digital-currencies-design-principles-and-balance-sheet-implications Canada Central Bank DLT https://www.payments.ca/sites/default/files/jasper_phase_iii_whitepaper_final_0.pdf South African Central Bank DLT https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=jnLqSytkl4A&redir_token=2KzQLpopmt_fBsUX27DujbloOM18MTU0MTg4NTc3MUAxNTQxNzk5Mzcx&event=video_description&q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.resbank.co.za%2FLists%2FNews%20and%20Publications%2FAttachments%2F8491%2FSARB_ProjectKhokha%2020180605.pdf UN 2009 https://unctad.org/en/docs/tdr2009_en.pdf FED Faster Payments 2018 https://fedpaymentsimprovement.org/wp-content/uploads/041218-frb-progress-report.pdf IMF DLT 2016 https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/sdn/2016/sdn1603.pdf Central Banks Progress (1) http://oaji.net/articles/2017/1783-1513601983.pdf Central Banks Progress (2) https://www.iima.or.jp/Docs/newsletter/2017/NL2017No_3_e.pdf Obama Document 2014 https://epic.org/privacy/intl/EPIC-Obama-Privacy-Convention.pdf World Economic Forum http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Shaping_the_Future_of_Financial_and_Monetary_Systems_2P_120916.pdf http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_The_future_of_financial_infrastructure.pdf Presidents Executive Order 2017 https://home.treasury.gov/sites/default/files/2018-07/A-Financial-System-that-Creates-Economic-Opportunities---Nonbank-Financi....pdf W3C 2014 http://www.w3.org/2013/10/payments/papers/webpayments2014_submission_25.pdf Interledger Protocol 1/2/3 https://chicagopaymentssymposium.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/101216-visions-interoperability-thomas.pdf http://www.w3.org/2018/Talks/es-ilp-20180430.pdf http://www.w3.org/2017/Talks/ilp-commerce-20171110.pdf Hyperledger DLT https://www.hyperledger.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/intellecteu_sibos_demo.pdf Worldline DLT https://worldline.com/content/dam/worldline/documents/publications/expertise/expert-view-blockchain-en.pdf Temenos DLT https://docplayer.net/53487103-Instant-payments-mckinsey-faster-payments-building-a-business-not-just-an-infrastructure-2015.html SAP DLT https://content.dm.ux.sap.com/content/dam/digitalassets1dx/customimages/events/sap-fsi-innovation-summit-2017/presentations/FSI InnoSummit 2017 - BC Use Cases.pdf Moneytap DLT https://icosbull.com/eng/ico/moneytap-token/whitepaper Wells Fargo DLT https://bluenotes.anz.com/media/1002/ANZ_WellsFargo_DLT_Paper_HIRES.pdf BNY DLT http://www.marcusevansdocs.com/Doc/events/22944/Josie Forde.pdf RBS DLT https://investors.rbs.com/~/media/Files/R/RBS-IR/download/slides/technology-ir-webinar-18062015.pdf Devere DLT http://www.philfinancial.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Digital_Asset_Fund_Crypto_Quant_Ref_Code_22980.pdf Deutsche Bank DLT http://www.cib.db.com/docs_new/The_Banker_Cash_Management_Guide_July2018.pdf Everis DLT/Timeline http://cofinaeventos.pt/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Blockchain-Technology-Adoption-in-Finance-Isaac.pdf http://cofinaeventos.pt/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Business-Disruption-with-blockchain.pdf
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    CCFCU's 2018 Future Forums Recap

    While browsing CCFCU's website, I discovered they posted a recap of their 2018 Future Forums event, which was held October 1 - 4. One of their presentations was titled Realities of Virtual Economy. Once I clicked on the link, it took me to the actual PPT turned into PDF. Realities of Virtual Economy http://www.catalystcorp.org/docs/default-source/FF-18/realities-of-a-virtual-economy.pdf?sfvrsn=0
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    Swift & Ripple New Angle

    I’ve been following the “Swipple” discussions and waiting for someone to articulate this theory and haven’t seen it yet, so I’m going to attempt to explain why I believe Swift and Ripple won’t need to form a partnership in order for Swift Payments to be settled over RippleNET/xRapid. First to understand the theory it is important to explain the difference between a payment and a settlement, which seems to be widely misunderstood in this space. Imagine you are playing black jack at a casino and the waitress comes by and you buy a pack of cigarettes, if you pay with your credit card you’ve made a payment, but not a settlement, there is a transference of obligations, but two settlements are left to be made, one from the credit card company to the casino and one from you to the credit card company. However, if you gave the same waitress casino chips you have settled this all the way through. So let me make the point, Swift is not and does not want to be in the business of settlement. One good reason for this is that would be in direct competition with most of their 11,000 customers, who do provide settlement services, and Swift has publicly stated they don’t want to do that. Each Swift Message includes instructions for how to settle a payment, with details such as which bank and account (Nostro/Vostro). This begs the question of, why would Ripple even want to partner with Swift? And if they did why would it do anything to drive up XRP price, since XRP is for settlement and Swift clearly is not in the settlement business? Good questions. The answer of course is there is no “partnership”, at least not in the way most people are envisioning, the common fantasy seems to be Swift unilaterally pushing 5 trillion a day in settlements across RippleNET and XRP, but of course Swift doesn’t manage these settlements, see the issue yet? Now on to my theory, in the past few months we’ve seen a few diagrams sourced directly from Ripple Partner websites that show payment flows that include both Swift and Ripple in the same flow. This has always had my curiosity up, because I don’t think someone drew these up for fun and posted them on partner websites, if they had come from Twitter or other dubious sources I could write them off as a hoax. Swift releases code updates yearly and has gradually been phasing in more support for ISO20022, (Swift being the primary contributor to the standards creation, some 75%) and after reviewing their release notes and other roadmap information it is clear that they have set a date in November where all nodes on the network are required to update their software to come into compliance with 2018’s update. This year's update is mainly about adding end-to-end tracking with a UETR tracking field in every transaction that will be mandatory for each hop/processor on the network to maintain as each message flows through said hops in the Swift network, hence the term end-to-end. Once the deadline crosses then payments using the Swift Application Programming Interface (API) will be able to read/use the UETR field. An API is used for program-to-program communication, essentially when disparate programs need to communicate with each other. So after the deadline has been crossed and all nodes on the network and the messages that they initiate or route have the UETR field in them end-to-end AND this information can be accessed by programs using the API (Ripple In this case), then that said program can determine the status of a payment, and if the payment has reached its final destination and been confirmed. Why is this important? Its important because if you want a third-party program to provide settlement services for your payments, then you must provide a way for that program to determine when it is appropriate to initiate a settlement - meaning you don't settle until after you have paid, for good reason (the API and UETR tracking allow a program to query payment status). Payments fail for various reasons, and we can’t be in the business of settling a payment before it is confirmed to be valid and final. Can you imagine the heart ache with trying to roll back a “Settlement” it’s the equivalent of “Hey I put money in your wallet on accident, please send it back”. So to summarize, I believe that after the November Swift Update, the front end processors such as Temenous, ACI, SAP Etc that leverage the Swift network, will now be able to leverage the Swift API to provide “settlement” services possibly with a settlement solution like xRapid. I don’t believe there is any partnership required for this to happen, simply Swift must / is in the process of providing the needed “Third-party extensions” to allow this to happen. Thereby bringing more value overall to using the Swift solution without the need for Swift themselves to provide an actual settlement service. I will take a moment to address another question that was raised continuously in the previous thread. Yes it is true that Swift customers can perform the code upgrade now, ahead of the deadline, and surely many have already done so. When you roll out an IT project it is rarely a good idea to cut everything over at once and at the last moment. You want early adopters and to phase things in ahead of time, that gives the project time to react if there are unexpected issues of any type. So the question then becomes, why wouldn't a settlement service be launched already? Why is the Novemeber deadline important and potentially a catalyst for price movement? It is important to understand one thing about the "deadline" it is in fact a "deadline" where after this set date and time, only then can you assume that 100% of the nodes on the network are either in compliance with the new standard OR have been dropped from the network. IMO, you wouldn't want to launch a new settlement service that relied on the November update until after the deadline, otherwise you'll see many failures in settlements or you'll see many payments you can't provide the new service for, because XYZ bank on the Swift network hasn't yet updated. You as the project team would likely end up in troubleshooting hell chasing down tons of issues only to find out in most cases "Oh this is one more issue we wouldn't even be talking about if we had waited to launch until after the deadline". P.s. There is another Commentator that has been raising this theory, but the thread is full of arguing and people not understanding his theory, I give this guy partial credit for raising the theory, I wrote this mainly to try and help him clarify his points. Keep in mind we are all on the same team and I assume we all want XRP to appreciate.
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    Transfergo and ripple in action

    Starts @ 53.30
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    China and the gang of four

    Yesterday a job posting was discovered at AMEX in their FXIP division and in the job description there was some interesting language that indicated "Santander, Ripple and American Express are launching a block chain service in 2018" it went on in typical job posting fashion talking about how its an exciting time to work in this business unit etc. Shortly after it was discovered American Express updated the listing and removed the language. I consider this to be a legitimate leak, posted accidentally by a hiring manager, if you work at a large corporation you know that one of the main and only places employees can change public facing web info is through job postings, this is because hiring managers typically create and publish the postings and there are little internal controls to monitor what they put out there, I think someone just made a mistake and now we know a piece of the puzzle. I then took a look at what is the FXIP business unit, apparently this is American Express' cross-border payments group that primarily services business-to-business payments, the web page for this group states specifically you don't need an American Express card to use the service, makes sense. So the fact that Santander, Ripple and American Express are teaming up is really interesting to me, this is a scenario that not many have speculated or theorized about. Further digging turned up an article from April that I had read and totally forgotten about until I started looking into this and googled AMEX a bit deeper, the article I found from April talks about American Express being the first US based credit card company to be granted authorization to operate in China, even more interestingly it states that they will operate as part of a joint-venture with mobile payment provider LianLian. LianLian and Ripple announced a partnership in Q1 of 2018. So now, we have potentially, what I call the gang of four (Santander, Ripple, LianLian and American Express) teaming up to operate in China. China having banned the trade of crypto currencies, but I see this could potentially lead to not the trade of currencies, but a leveraging of them on the back end to operate this service. Finally, the last thought I had as part of this is, maybe Ripple's strategy here isn't to sell xRapid directly to the masses, but to team up with a known and trusted brand like AMEX, so the sales conversations aren't as strained as "hey use this space age technology, from a very new company" but instead "please use this cheaper, faster service, from a hundred year old brand whose commercials you've seen your entire life" (Note AMEX's current SLA for cross-border payments is 1 -4 days - I'm sure we can expect a substantial reduction once said new service is launched) https://www.americanexpress.com/us/content/foreign-exchange/international-payments/?src=Online&digi=onl_lin_ops https://www.wsj.com/articles/american-express-advances-in-effort-to-access-china-market-1524668149 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Express
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    Another great find @Tehol_Beddict and nicely done by AMEX and Lian Lian. Unlike those numerous JVs where Western companies use a Chinese partner to back-door into the Chinese market, this one has a nice symmetry to it. The Lian Lian/Ripple connection is the one I've been watching all along so the JV's approval by the Chinese authorities cannot be underestimated. I mentioned earlier this year that I thought Lian Lian would be a test case for the PBoC and this recent announcement suggests that Lian Lian are slowly being accepted into the fold. The PBoC will continue to monitor this, particularly around capital flows. This has been marketed as an announcement for AMEX. But in their typical understated style, this announcement is actually a really big deal for Lian Lian and we'd be wise to watch their moves closely. More broadly, it's this type of partnership that bodes very well for Ripple in the long term - their client base is looking for synergies in this emerging market while Ripple acts as "matchmaker" and provides the rails. We saw plenty of that at SWELL this year in the preparations for the xRapid roll-out. Loving it!
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    While I agree with you that $589 EOY probably isn't going to happen, and at this point I'd be surprised if we were over $1 EOY, don't you get tired of constantly bashing the 589ers? It isn't the fact that you don't think $589 EOY will happen that people label you as a fudster. It's how you present yourself and the fact that pretty much every single post of yours is talking about how certain prices are not possible. I regularly say that at this point I'd be surprised if we were over $1 EOY and nobody calls me a fudster. Because it isn't the only thing I do and I'm not in a constant state of negativity. It's like you're subtly fishing for a reaction from the forum, and then when you get it you play like that wasn't your intent.
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    Transfergo and ripple in action

    I’m not 100% sure about their licenses, but I believe TransferWise has Estonian license for e-money Institute and TransferGo has license in Lithuania. Difference then is in this, Lithuanian E-money Institute has direct access to SEPA payments using Centrolink system under Lithuanian Central Bank whereas Estonia do not grant that option. TransferWise under their laws is forced to use other banks, TransferGo is a ”bank”.
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    I’ve posted my time saving headlines in a couple of non public areas, so apologies if you’ve seen this before... Headlines... - Nothing new or leaked in the video - Loads of articles we already seen within various groups etc - Central Banks, Banks & W3C are all looking to adopt ILP which will be the agreed standard. - Don't worry about Ripple. It's all about the ILP. Will be other players, systems etc, but they will all LINKvia the ILP. The agreed standard. - XRP is the asset of choice for ILP.  And, that's it people Saved you 1hr20mins! ?
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    https://dailyhodl.com/2018/11/09/breakthrough-xrp-fiat-to-crypto-platform-launches-beta-works-without-a-crypto-exchange/ Well props to wieste again.
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    Posted a year ago. https://m.nasdaq.com/article/this-020-cryptocurrency-is-set-to-soar-by-december-2018-cm853317
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    Here is my latest article in@ModernConsensus. I discuss the environmental impact of PoW, specifically the bitcoin network, and the XRPL and what the XRP Community is trying to accomplish. Please share across your social media platforms! I look forward to your comments below. https://modernconsensus.com/cryptocurrencies/bitcoin/the-staggering-environmental-cost-of-blockchain/
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    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    I'll admit to being annoyed occasionally at your posts... I think your username and avatar contribute to that. But having a wider array of views than just 'straight on to glory' is a good thing, so I appreciate you sharing your views. I hope that we never get too overbearing with responses and veer into abuse. You seem like a smart cookie to me, so it would be stupid of me not to listen to what you have to say. I think Brad was confident that at least one Bank was going to openly use XRP this year, so if that happens then the $1 price will be well and truly in the rear view. Having said that, plans change and also maybe he meant Catalyst the corporate credit union. I don't think so, but who knows. I think it will be Santander. Catalyst itself could be a big user too, but that might take a while. Baakt is good for the whole market so it will affect XRP but I have seen the market head up and leave XRP trailing, so I'm not pinning big hopes on that. Long term excellent but not short term I think. I'm pretty sure you an I agree on most things.... It's just our degree of short term optimism differs I think.
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    (Ripple partner) American Express and (Ripple partner) LianLian form joint venture after AMEX approved to enter China/clearing and settlement licence
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    Regarding price, target is genuinely the moon. Why is that... Stage 1: All major players in the market connect their own systems (which currently stand alone) to the agreed protocol system so they FINALLY can all communicate between each other. This is not a dream, that’s already happened/happening. ILP is the free agreed format for communication. Just like HTTP, FTP, IP which set the way the Internet actually works. Stage 2: Once everybody uses ILP (remember, that’s a given), any asset can be recorded on it. Be that dollars, bitcoin or XRP. The obvious choice becomes XRP as it’s the fastest and settles in real time. Stage 3: A possible use of XRP for nearly all transfers of money. Suddenly 100B is not a lot of coins.
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    I just want $10. $10. That’s all. Is that too much to ask, gods of crypto?
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    SWIFT GPI has started partnership and testing with multinational corporations as well as banks. https://www.swift.com/news-events/press-releases/corporates-pilot-to-start-testing-new-multi-bank-payments-tracking-on-swift-gpi https://www.pymnts.com/news/payment-methods/2018/louis-vuitton-cross-border-swift-fis/ Ripple does not start partnership and testing with multinational companies?
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    Let me answer that for him/her: Quote: "Still amazed how such a relatively small startup in an emerging market needs to sell $1M per day of their own assets to stay afloat given their software & consulting premiums already."
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    This is an exciting one: https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32934/american-express-wins-approval-to-enter-chinese-payment-card-market
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    Pomp® is the new Pamp

    Here's what I'll do. I'm going to make you an offer...
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    Only $100 doesnt DS know this is XRP what about 589, 1000, or 5000? Fudder