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    I Made A Map of Ripple's Customers

    In a recent webinar (https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/16103/288881/the-future-is-here-blockchain-and-digital-assets-drive-change), Marcus Treacher, Global Head of Strategic Accounts for Ripple (and former Global Head of Payments Innovation for HSBC and former Global Board SWIFT member) stated: I wanted to know what 90 percent might look like. Using Tableau, I created the following dashboard which can be accessed here: https://public.tableau.com/views/RipplesInternetofValue/RipplesInternetofValue?:embed=y&:display_count=yes&publish=yes The dashboard is interactive meaning you can drill down into the data by clicking on the various components. This is based only on the 33 customers Ripple has publicly disclosed. Ripple has another 70 or so customers they have not disclosed. Some key takeaways: Ripple has been successful with companies all of sizes (@Max Entropy, you should appreciate this). The top ten countries in which Ripple customers have physical offices are: US, UK, China, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, France, and Germany. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Needless to say, after designing and obtaining data for the dashboard (which took several hours), I was a bit blown away by Ripple's global footprint. If you find the dashboard helpful, please share the link; especially those of you on other platforms (@Hodor, @TiffanyHayden, @TplusZero, @Xrphunter, etc.) if you feel inclined.
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    Cryptocurrency is part of a "Megatrend!" In this blog entry, I discuss the trends impacting payments - and hence, impacting XRP. Hope you enjoy the latest - please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog on any other media & thanks for doing so! Twitter
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    Let me know what you think, this video explains why I believe some big credit card companies will use ripple in the future
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    Tomorrow SEPA Instant Credit Transfer will go live in the EU for participating organisations. About: I believe tomorrow is a big day. The largest economic area in the world will be implementing something wonderful, something Ripple is working on for many years as well. Nearly instant payments. Ripple is probably not working on this SEPA technology but surely will work with it sooner or later. And if not XRP will benefit eventually in a big way. Money stuck for hours/days (or more) will become available much sooner now. First of all this will change/fast forward the economy within the EU by itself. When money is freed it can be (re)used much quicker. The same amount of money can change more hands in a significant shorter period of time (besides the money transferred outside the EU/cross border payments ). The 'value' of money will 'rise' because of this. New situation: Current/old situation: Money in the EU vs the rest of the world (d.d. October 26 2017) : This is what Ripple posted about the SEPA project. So basically the EU SEPA zone will gain an advantage over other worldly economical zones not offering instant payments and must keep up if they want to stay competitive with their EU counterparts. The zones with lower payment frequencies will probably suffer the consequences. I do believe because of this (and some other points I didn't mentioned like the fact some Ripple customers will also use SEPA 2), Ripple will thrive and new customers will find their way to Ripple like AMEX and all the progressive others so far. And this will probably be sooner than later. Any thoughts?
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    I don't know exactly how this fits in. Hired by Ripple? Building a Java extension for their own use? But nice to see the development anyway.
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    The experts we have used to design our programmatic sales system tell us that a 20 basis point net sales preference should have only a negligible effect on the price. Our programmatic sales is not part of any intentional attempt to stabilize or depress the price. I'm hardly an expert on this subject, but I admit that I do find it somewhat difficult to believe that the effect on price is negligible. That just doesn't seem intuitively right to me. However, my own back of the envelope math suggests that the price is probably about one cent lower now than it would have been had Ripple stopped its programmatic sales one year ago. Again, I'm not an expert, but it seems reasonable to re-compute the market cap with and without the XRP that Ripple has released. And this gives you less than 2 cents a year. And it ignores two ways Ripple's sales can put upward pressure on the price: 1) When Ripple releases XRP, the overhang of XRP Ripple can release in the future is reduced. This overhang is, presumably, priced in now, so reducing it puts at least some upward pressure on the price. 2) When Ripple gets cash for XRP, that increases Ripple's ability to execute on its plans for XRP. If the probability of Ripple's successful execution of its XRP strategy is part of the price of XRP, then growth in Ripple's war chest should put upward pressure on the price. But, as I've said at least twice already, I'm not an economist or an expert on economics. We do have such people involved in our XRP strategy.
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    Interesting flow chart and vision of the XRP Ledger in motion. Do we have any Japanese translators who can decipher the heading and comments below in this diagram? We know that only some are confirmed as partners so it would be interesting to find out ... http://gtgox.com
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    Yes your drawing looks like a triangle to me. Or a cross. And it's purple.
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    Found this. But cannot read Chinese, just Ripple https://www.zb.com/i/blog?item=24
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    Mind you in the article the section on xrp that you've quoted is under the "about ripple" paragraph Still huge. With a small 'h' (For now)
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    Finally took the plunge :)

    Welcome to the Forum @brettmgs I hope you can swim in Stormy Waters. But I guess you are prepared for that. So you are investing some of your hard earned Brittish Pounds here. Bloody Right you are. Have fun and enjoy! Cheers!
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    ZB.COM Corporate website Notice on the Ripple trade Published: 2017-11-20 11: 12: 00.0 Keywords: Ripple respected user: ZB is now open Regent Currency (XRP) recharging business, XRP / USDT, XRP / BTC transactions will be officially opened at 12:00 on November 21. Rui Bo currency (XRP) Description: Ripple Ripple , the world's first open payment network, can be completed in a matter of seconds via a network of payment transfers with almost zero transaction costs. XRP has the main bridge currency and security features in the Ripple system, of which security is indispensable. This requires that all gateways participating in this protocol have a small number of XRPs. With a total of 100 billion XRPs and a gradual reduction as the number of transactions increases, Ripple operates Ripple Labs (formerly known as OpenCoin) and now has operations with dozens of banks around the world. Official Website: https://ripple.com ZB TEAM 2017.11.20
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    Bitten by the XRP Bug!

    Hi All, I started getting into Cryptos back in August. Once I started researching, it quickly became apparent to me - the one Crypto that jumped out was XRP, for all of the reason you guys are bought in. Thanks to everyone for making this site such a huge wealth of information. I have been referring back here for some time, which has given me great confidence in where my money has gone. There's quite a lot of hate and waffle out there, so this site really counteracts such rubbish, enabling new people like me to gain access news and opinions of investors/HODL'ers. Looks like we are entering a really exciting phase in the development on Ripple and XRP. Here's to the next 5 years!
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    Hi guys, I live in spain since 7 years ago, im Venezuelan, and i still got a lot family there unfortunately. This article is totally crap and i will explain why, Since 2000 Venezuela enter in something call exchange control, that means that Venezuelan citizens that live inside the country can not obtain any international currency with out a government permission. Since 5 or 3 years ago there no way to obtain any international currency, because of hyper-inflation, corruption, and new government regulation. This is not causality, the new cuban-narco-gorvernment is pushing the system to this direction. So...there is no way ...NO WAY....that the government give free access to Venezuelans to obtain an international economical escape because this will brake the dictatorial system. The bitcoin is already a escape for a smaller group, but this is in the black market, the mining is being persecuted for no reason at all. In short words the government is not going facilitate a tool for Venezuelans to put their Bolivares in Dollars. Period. Sorry guys but each time i saw this kind of news it really **** me off.
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    A different type of calculation

    One issue, not everyone in the world will be able to have XRP since 20 of them are required to open your wallet, correct?
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    Distribution rate of XRP vs. plan

    I charted the distribution rate of XRP based on data from https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/xrp_distribution In my chart, each sample is the average monthly XRP distributed based on the last 9 samples before and on that date, those samples usually span 56 days so it is a lagging indicator. If you look at right side of the chart, it is clear that ever since the great pump to 40c ended and XRP stabilized, the rate of distribution (as denominated in XRP) has slowed down significantly. It needs to accelerate about 4X to get back to the intended distribution rate of 3 billion XRP / year. I hope to see this issue addressed in the next XRP report. Are they OK with the reduced rate? Is there any change in plans?
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    LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work

    Class act, LOL
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    "then what makes people think that Ripple can somehow make XRP/CHF liquid" Ripple isn't somehow going to do it. They have a very detailed plan of exactly how.
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    Think you know XRP? Win 1000 XRP!

    I reviewed the site, if I understand it you allow people to purchase tickets for 10 XRP to enter into a draw for 1000 XRP (with some skill testing questions involved to avoid calling it gambling). Not my particular cup of tea, but OK. My biggest concern is the harvesting of names and emails and ripple public address- and the ability to link them both. Now I understand that we can create fake names and throw away emails, but maybe do away with the option all together? I applaud the initiative, but it could use some simplification perhaps and provable randomness in the draw.
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    We've all seen that nothing is impossible. We saw Bitcoin go from $0.20 to $8000+ in less than a decade. We don't know to what extent XRP will be used for, we don't know what technology will come out in the future that will require it's use. We don't know which companies will start using it, which banks will opt to hold a fat stack for themselves, and so on. The future looks bright. It's just as possible for XRP to be worth $500 a coin as it is $5 a coin. Time and adoption will prove it. We entered 2017 with a $229 million market cap for XRP, now at $9 Billion. Who's to say it won't 10x 6-12 months from now? The total market cap for the crypto industry at the beginning of 2017 was $18-19 Billion. It's now over $240+ billion. Anything is possible. We may see $500B-$1T market cap before the end of 2018.
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    I'm gonna take a shot and say that the program they're developing is a building block to the foundation of the internet of money. Since Java is compatible on all PC's regardless of browser or OS feasibly this extension could allow for ANY PC or server to become a validator on the ILP. Essentially making the Internet of money an actual thing. This is really big news.
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    XRP symmetrical triangle?

    I know what's going on here..... Moonshot. gotta bust through those asteroids first.
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    No. I have direct knowledge of Venezuela. Up to the late 1990s, it was a different place. And up to the late 1980s, it was a mecca for natives of other South American countries who came from far and wide in search of work and stability. Before that, many Europeans made it their second home after WWII. A welcoming place, tropical in attitude and location, with natural beauty to spare, fantastic and varied climate, a middle class educated abroad, and mineral resources that still exceed those of most other countries. Twice the size of California, with the population of Texas. Sadly, in the wake of Chavez's 'socialist revolution' (since 2000), it all ground to a screeching halt. The rule of law has ended, and the country is now run by a regime that is pig-ignorant about basic economics. With public officials and their families taking advantage of the country's geographical position to turn the place into a pit stop lane for international drug shipments (and who have also been personally caught in narcotics deals and had their assets frozen in the US), with porous borders overrun by guerrillas who have also had the support of the government (as have terrorists from the other side of the planet), and with an ideologically failed platform that is dedicated to enslaving what is now a starving citizenry, the collapse is complete. Erode people's rights, deny them options and opportunities, put in place currency exchange controls including limited access to funds for travel, nationalize everything in sight and control the media, undermine the legitimacy of private property, persecute and label anyone with half a brain who dares to disagree an 'oligarch', make keeping jobs contingent on voting for the regime, create scarcity and institutionalize food rationing, turn normal people into beggars over time, and the latter will convince themselves that a few crumbs a day are better than none, enabling the hoodlums in charge to maintain complete control of the now corralled and dependent masses. The place is effectively run by Cuba, whose failed and near-death economy was kept alive for years with continuous shipments of oil by Chavez and by his sacking of the national treasury as if it were a personal possession. Spineless Venezuelan officials with IQs in single digits are but Cuba's mouthpieces. The country cannot meet international obligations and it has recently missed payments owed, with many more misses to come. The currency, devalued at will many times, is worthless, with inflation the highest around and escalating. Elections are rigged and a joke. The constitution has been torn up and rewritten to suit. The judiciary does not exist. Much like the roads, the oil installations have deteriorated beyond all expectations, and their environmental impact is increasing and uncontrolled. In the workplace, professionals have been replaced by fanatics of the 'revolution,' with knowledge-based decisions upended by dogma and crass ignorance. Dumpster diving for food is now widespread, and giving away pets or turning them loose due to lack of basic necessities is growing. Many protesters have been shot in the streets by the authorities. Those that could flee have done so, including leading opposition figures who had until recently been under house arrest. Caracas is rated as one of the most dangerous cities on the planet, and the rest of the country is no better. Attempts at mining/usage of Bitcoin are being punished. Boding much worse for the future, no one currently under 18 years of age has known anything else during their lifetime, and cannot possibly compare what they have with what their parents worked for, built, and lost, making them ripe for further indoctrination. This deliberate erasing of the collective memory is unforgivable. As I have said before, I don't think Ripple is going to look to this or other fora for strategic guidance. If they did, my advice would be to stay away, and to not even remotely consider engaging with governmental institutions unworthy of the name or with unintelligent individuals completely lacking in integrity, who, in any event, foam at the mouth at anything that isn't rooted in Castro's disastrous playbook and legacy. In my mind, I look forward to an eventual live-streamed version of Venezuela's war crimes trials, with those responsible for all this misery and destruction ending their days in a US supermax. Do NOT get involved with the Latin American equivalent of Zimbabwe.
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    @Hodor another amazing post. In fact this specific post will be my new goto for a quick refresher on Ripple's technology stack, as well as a post I'll now be using to introduce people to Ripple in general. One thing in particular you mention is xVia, and I 100% agree with the premise that this will be a big player in the coming years. API driven tools have now become the backbone of the internet, and as a web developer, xVia is music to my ears.
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    One flaw less, AMEX is already visible at ripple.com
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    XRPCHAT Membership

    Here you go: If you overlay the graph with price it matches up pretty well. Same for news events like SWELL, AMEX, lockup etc.
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    Song of the Day

    There's a lot of talk these days about the possible emptiness of USDT...the token pegged on USD should be similar to the green money... Thanks to @zerpdigger's chart...we can see they are just "printing" more and more if needed ...so...what's the difference with the "real" thing...not much... According to the Fed website...they also print the green money more and more if needed...just last month they added 1.5 B USD$...the month before...almost the same... In 2016...more than 250 B$...that's more than twice XRPs total distribution.... The reasons...well...if the economy is bad they need to invest in it...if the economy is hot...they need to dilute the pressure...so...print print print... If you look at the USD chart " Currency in Circulation"...not much difference from the USDT... The only thing we could ask is..."back it up, back it up"...'cause it's gonna "Crash" real hard
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    Wouldn't anexchange using xrp instead of BTC illuminate the tech?
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    1 week roi

    Just don't lose your mind if it doesn't increase in value overnight
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    Seems like a mission impossible on this forum RippleGambler. Better try it with BTC/BCH hodlers, they like to gamble a lot back and forth so it seems.
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    Finally took the plunge :)

    What are those strange symbols? Welcome to the party, @brettmgs
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    PSD2 is much more relevant for Ripple, IMHO. Here's more info: https://www.evry.com/en/news/articles/psd2-the-directive-that-will-change-banking-as-we-know-it/
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    Finally, thats actually a huge deal for the european economy beside the personal advantages. First advantage is for sure that as business I don't need to wait anymore for 1-2 days to know if a payment actually went through or not. This was already in last 4-5 weeks actually quite much faster (maybe they tested it with my bank) but now I have direct balance change and can verify also if customers paid actually now when they claimed it. Second and even bigger advantage in my eyes is the 24/7 deal. For (especially smaller) businesses it was and still is a pain in the *** when important payments are sent end of the week or salaries need to be paid and you actually need to wait then 2-3 days due to the weekend which can impact especially smaller businesses quite much. So thats a huge deal breaker for smaller companies and start-ups and as we discussed in general often before it will grow the amount of money which flows through the system because it can move faster. For Ripple the big advantage is that if we in future deal with EUR currency pairs, they have already an instant payment system on one side which they not really need to take care of. So I really wait to test this out next days if the claims are actually true with 24/7 and instant and if its really live on 21st onwards already. Exciting times
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    I think the reason we don't see many more millionaires is because people tend to take their profits on the way up rather than HODL'ing. Why sell your XRP at $.50, or $2, or $10 when you could wait until its $335?
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    XRP symmetrical triangle?

    Precisely. I don't want to make anyone look dumb but XRP price will go up or down today or tomorrow.
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    i've done some homework on this one and it mainly involves SBI and the other 27 member banks of the consortium "Bankchain" with the devs being Primechain... Bankchain architecture obviously plugs straight into xrapid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bankchain
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    Will XRP be the ONE

    Ripple/XRP is the horse I am betting on, but it is far from a sure bet. Their track record speaks for itself though. Competition will determine success. AMEX was good news but Visa is utilizing blockchain through another means: https://www.econotimes.com/Visa-announces-pilot-phase-of-blockchain-powered-B2B-payments-platform-1016974 Mastercard as well: https://www.coindesk.com/mastercard-patent-filings-detail-blockchains-use-speeding-payments/ The future is unfolding before our eyes. You can make a bet or sit and watch. The choice is yours. Good luck.
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    Although there are some semi-valid points along with rest of your FUD, the quote above is just misleading and implies that you have no realworld experience in software develeopment (or if you really do, it's really strange or have another agenda here, Jed :P). The user may not be wrong when describing their issue, but that does not mean than they did not do something wrong (eg. did not read the manual, or misinterpreted the same). Classic B2C analogy ("the customer is always right") can not really be applied here, IMHO. It's not a cup of coffee, it's a product with a manual. Furthermore, you act as you have successfully hacked someone's waller, or have been hacked yourself - but you did not. You have provided zero arguments for your statements like: "Ripple implementation does not conform to the security model". It seems like you do not like Ledgers' product or have some specific issues with your setup. Btw, if you don't like "device with 9x5 pixel" - you get what you payed for - you could bought Ledger Blue.
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    http://gtgox.com/partners-of-ripple/ scroll to the bottom ... information under review
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    When does a payment go through xRapid? When whichever pathfinding logic the FI uses deems the fiat1/XRP/fiat2 path as optimal. Let's presume, that for whichever reason an FI choses to route payments through xRapid exclusively, regardless of the rate. What would happen in that case? Say, Cuallix wants to send a payment from USD to MXN. It deposits USD to Bitstamp. It looks at the orderbook depth, and executes a market (not a limit) buy order at best ask, if and only if the payment amount is equal to the size of an order at best ask price. It sends the XRP bought to Bitso At Bitso, Cuallix assesses the order book again and executes a market sell order at best bid price, if and only if the payment amount is equal to the size of an order at best bid price. Cuallix withdraws MXN to whichever FI it needs. So how does the above influences the market? Before the payment, the order books on Bitstamp and Bitso were at price equilibrium (either because of arbitrageurs, or market makers, etc) at a rate that may or may not diverge from midday FX USD/MXN rates (depends on many things like ease of crypto access, capital controls, etc). Buy order on Bitstamp consumes an offer already present in the orderbook and creates a slight buying pressure (if anyone wanted to buy xrp at the price Cuallix's order took, they need either to post a limit order and wait till it's filled, or buy the next order, which has a higher price, than Cuallix's). At Bitso, Cuallix creates an inverse situation - instead of buying pressure, we have slight selling pressure that leads to XRP being slightly cheaper in comparison to midmarket FX rates. If the size of payment that goes through xRapid matches the existing orderbook depth of best bid / best ask orders, the price effect is almost unnoticeable for the market. But that is a very specific case that will not always be true. What you are really wondering is what would happen if the amount of money Cuallix sends through xRapid exceeds the still shallow order books. This is where the fun starts. Cuallix deposits a yuuge amount of usd to Bitstamp. Bitstamp staff are happy, their bank partners are happy. The exchange users are very happy. Cuallix looks at the orderbook depth, calculating how much XRP it needs to buy and Cuallix is very sad. Because, to buy the needed XRP, they will have to buy a whole bunch of orders from the ask side, that will move the XRP/USD market price upwards ~5%. But Cuallix has committed (by whatever reason) to using xRapid, so they execute the market buy order. XRP holders are happily observing the price spike that might fuel a rally upwards, Bitstamp enjoys the fees incurred on trade and the fees their banking partners will generate from the money bag Cuallix deposited. Pennydesk wakes up their outsourced writer to quickly make some article to generate traffic and spin the story their way. What will happen now, is very dependant on the time it takes for XRP to move from Bitstamp to Bitso. I. ~ 4 seconds: Price spikes ripples to the markets that have bots on (IOUs on RCl, some major exchanges). USD/MXN is not affected (say, no bots, too little time). Hence, Cuallix has already suffered 5% slippage, and will suffer 5% more due to shallowness of the orderbook. Cuallix sells their XRP stash, and takes 10% slippage. Ripple will reimburse all or some part of it as per agreements made. Lucky fellows who have bank accounts in Mexico and Slovenia will enjoy a nice 10% arbitrage opportunity. If RialtoAI doesn't consume it before them :). II. 30 - 90 seconds (as per Vias's talk). Price on other markets matches Bitstamp. MXN/XRP moves upwards proportionally. Cuallix sells their XRP for MXN and suffers ~5% slippage. Ripple covers their loss. IMPORTANT: You don't really need to send XRP on ledger after each payment -> the buy/sell is instant. The slippage incurred is similar to case I. TL;DR Without an adequate MM program, when an FI routes significant volume through xRapid, we will see: 1. XRP traded at premium (see XRP/KRW during pump) in the market that sends more than it receives (i.e. net senders) 2. XRP traded at discount in the market that receives more than it sends. Dixi
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    this is getting really serious if tether ARE legit... they really need to respond in a meaningful way and so do bitfinex, it all looks incredibly shady
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    1 week roi

    Just for fun
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    Which is fine for you two, but anyone reading your plausible statements that Ripple keep the price low without realising that it is only your circumstantial belief would act on incomplete information. That's why I think it's necessary to supply the evidence to the contrary and make the argument that Ripple: actually want the price significantly higher intervene only to support if XRP is attacked (as it was by Jed) have no incentive to keep a low price Also for a Financial Institution: the actual price of XRP is irrelevant transactionally except as it affects liquidity (where higher is actually better) may or may not be hoarding some in hopes of capital gain but as a seperate exercise to daily payments processing if hoarding they definitely want a higher price (which won't upset the payments team one IOTA.). So although the peculiar dynamics of the XRP market make it appear plausible.... there is no basis for the belief and there are many many Ripple statements to the direct contrary.
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    It's not that at all. I just see it as self-evident, and you don't. All cards are played so really, we just have to agree to disagree at this point. It won't keep me up at night, promise
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    actually would love to get @miguel and @warpaul's take on USDT vs true fiat pairs...
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    xPOOL by Ripple is coming!

    XRP Pool...soon to be xPool?
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