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    From the fed's paper: https://www.scribd.com/document/333308566/Distributed-ledger-technology-in-payments-clearing-and-settlement#from_embed?content=10079&ad_group=Online+Tracking+Link&campaign=Skimbit%2C+Ltd.&keyword=ft500noi&source=impactradius&medium=affiliate&irgwc=1 Here is the coindesk coverage: http://www.coindesk.com/federal-reserve-central-bank-distributed-ledger-research-paper/ Looks like interledger is taking the place it deserves as an equalizer in the financial industry.
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    Meet the people adding $3.7 trillion

    There are potential solutions here inspired by blockchain design and innovations like Ripple's Interledger Protocol to connect various financial ledgers, noted Peric. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/meet-people-adding-3-7-trillion-developing-world-financial-inclusion-1594638
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    I think that Bitcoin is already showing some signs of weakness. On 4h, 1d, 3d, 1w charts there is both RSI and volume falling. Since all crypto including XRP is strongly inverse correlated to Bitcoin, all altcoins and especially the best ones (XRP) should see some gains. Christmas rally is coming! Of course, nobody can predict outside factors (Italy?), so be careful.
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    New Ripple Charts

    @shekenahglory is that your work? New charts and markets look good, I was wondering if we can get some derivatives data in there from crypto facilities somehow?
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    Euro slides to 20-month low and markets braced for turmoil as 'No' wins Italy referendum http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/12/04/italian-referendum-markets-renzi-braced-no-vote/
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    Chart overlaying various data

    https://bithomp.com/chart so far: - accounts created - payments - exchanges - closed ledgers - transaction per ledger click on squares (bottom) to turn some off/on
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    @Max Entropy https://ripple.com/network/system-integrators/
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    a bit more data https://bithomp.com/chart You can switch some on/off by clicking on labels on the bottom.
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    If you're genuinely concerned the economy is falling apart, gold isn't going to help you unless you assume some miracle recovery. If you're that worried about a negative turn of events, buy a month or two's supply of baked beans and loo roll and dig a hole in your garden to throw it in! Then find somewhere to hide.
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    What I see on a daily chart (Polo, Kraken, Bistamp) Reason for a continuation (in this case breakout cause we're at tipping point) - slow and steady rise since August - MACD not crossing and a bit in the positive - RSI just above average - other indicators like Accumulation/Distribution showing strength Reasons for a reversal - entering 5th day trying to break resistance - psych factor, because in June at this level on the 5th day it dropped very fast, a lot of people are getting nervous and ready to push the sell button - volume below average - highs a bit lower every day - candle pattern look like a reversal is coming (confirmation would be a price around 750-753$ in the next 12h) Flip a coin...this one is very hard to tell. But if it falls, history has shown bears are very agressive on the way down.
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    Possible compromised GateHub account

    I had the same issue, turned out the time + date on my phone wasn't in sync with my computer, hence the reason why my 2FA didn't work, I put it on automatic timezone and it worked again, might be worth checking out!
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    infrachain initiative @Luxembourg

    http://www.itone.lu/actualites/xavier-bettel-announces-launch-infrachain Luxembourg already showed interest in Ripple (Bettel some time ago visited their office in SF). Looking forward to the details of this infrachain and wouldn't be surprised to see Ripple and/or Interledger being involved.
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    I've disable automatic collapsing by screen size, hope it's better now... please let me know
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    Maybe someone will find this useful: My Contabo VPS was configured to run the following command every hour (in /etc/crond.d/sync): sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches This command first flushes the disk buffers and then frees the memory used by the disk cache (presumably to allow the host machine to reclaim the RAM on inactive VPSes or something). Rippled works better after disk cache memory isn't freed hourly.
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    Importance of Educating Users / Adopters

    Great point @Hodor.......we can't expect "leaps and bounds" growth until the general population has an easily understood and easy to use infrastructure that allows for immediate assimilation into this industry. Right now, there are too many steps and learning curves to be able to simply purchase crypto. When that changes......THE GAME CHANGES!
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    You're awesome GiantGox, thank you so much for this information!
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    New to XRP Chat

    Hello everyone -- stumbled onto this site via a search - very glad I did!
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    Building an ‘Internet of Value’

    Shipping containers are a much more captive market than banks and financial institutions but it's an interesting analogy. 20 years to be fully up and running sounds about right though unfortunately.
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    Hi all! New here, and still doing more research. Very glad I stumbled upon this. Any tips and pointers on how to get started are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting to know you all and exchanging knowledge
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    Hey everyone! Been lurking here for a while, but only decided to create an account only just. I got my start in XRP only about 3 months back to hedge against my other investments in bitcoin. So far, very excited about the possibilities and future of ripple, and really looking forward to investing more in it.
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