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    GateHub wallet contains the following function which can enumerate user's private IP addresses according to RFC 1918 (for example, 192.168.x.x). It uses STUN protocol that is supported by WebRTC Web API. However, this API is intended for voice and video calls. GateHub doesn't use voice and video calls for anything (support, etc.) and so it is not clear why would they need private IP addresses at all. https://signin.gatehub.net/resources/js/ips.js Questions for @gatehub : Why do you need private IP addresses? Why are private addresses not mentioned on your Privacy Policy page? Which section of TOS or privacy policy covers private IP addresses? Which data controllers/processors store these private IP addresses and for how long? If this code is intended for testing, then it should not be in production code. //get the IP addresses associated with an account function getIPs(callback){ var ip_dups = {}; //compatibility for firefox and chrome var RTCPeerConnection = window.RTCPeerConnection || window.mozRTCPeerConnection || window.webkitRTCPeerConnection; var useWebKit = !!window.webkitRTCPeerConnection; //bypass naive webrtc blocking using an iframe if(!RTCPeerConnection){ //NOTE: you need to have an iframe in the page right above the script tag // //<iframe id="iframe" sandbox="allow-same-origin" style="display: none"></iframe> //<script>...getIPs called in here... // var win = iframe.contentWindow; RTCPeerConnection = win.RTCPeerConnection || win.mozRTCPeerConnection || win.webkitRTCPeerConnection; useWebKit = !!win.webkitRTCPeerConnection; } //minimal requirements for data connection var mediaConstraints = { optional: [{RtpDataChannels: true}] }; var servers = {iceServers: [{urls: "stun:stun.services.mozilla.com"}]}; //construct a new RTCPeerConnection var pc = new RTCPeerConnection(servers, mediaConstraints); function handleCandidate(candidate){ //match just the IP address var ip_regex = /([0-9]{1,3}(\.[0-9]{1,3}){3}|[a-f0-9]{1,4}(:[a-f0-9]{1,4}){7})/ var ip_addr = ip_regex.exec(candidate)[1]; //remove duplicates if(ip_dups[ip_addr] === undefined) callback(ip_addr); ip_dups[ip_addr] = true; } //listen for candidate events pc.onicecandidate = function(ice){ //skip non-candidate events if(ice.candidate) handleCandidate(ice.candidate.candidate); }; //create a bogus data channel pc.createDataChannel(""); //create an offer sdp pc.createOffer(function(result){ //trigger the stun server request pc.setLocalDescription(result, function(){}, function(){}); }, function(){}); //wait for a while to let everything done setTimeout(function(){ //read candidate info from local description var lines = pc.localDescription.sdp.split('\n'); lines.forEach(function(line){ if(line.indexOf('a=candidate:') === 0) handleCandidate(line); }); }, 100); } //insert IP addresses into the page getIPs(function(ip){ //local IPs if (ip.match(/^(192\.168\.|169\.254\.|10\.|172\.(1[6-9]|2\d|3[01]))/)){ ga('send', 'event', 'ip', 'local', ip); } //IPv6 addresses else if (ip.match(/^[a-f0-9]{1,4}(:[a-f0-9]{1,4}){7}$/)){ ga('send', 'event', 'ip', 'ipv6', ip); } //assume the rest are public IPs else { ga('send', 'event', 'ip', 'ipv4', ip); } });
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    update: @Enej replied me on July 8. My case was resolved with his help on July 28.
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    You cant have Finance without Laws & Regulation. I think one of the things which Ripple has spearheaded is communication with regulators on the subject of Distributed Ledgers. Regulation could be a new category like: General, Technical, & Regulation. or maybe Regulation should fall under Technical, just legal technical instead of technology technical. Someplace to compile links and track the advancements in the regulatory world. I ran into this article. http://www.coindesk.com/22-us-senators-policy-blockchain-tech/ It is good to see that the subject is getting attention across multiple branches of the govt, although they really need to move faster. Here is the actual senate letter which the article is about. https://www.scribd.com/document/319633723/Fintech-Letter-2016-07-21#from_embed?keyword=4417&content=10079&ad_group=Online+Tracking+Link&campaign=Skimbit%2C+Ltd.&source=impactradius&medium=affiliate&irgwc=1
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    @datzI don't get it. Explain in more details with all background knowledge needed to understand your story. Please in easy words for ordinary mortals
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    Why Gatehub failed and Stanford lied

    I don't know how you expect anyone to take you serious when you post shit like this. You're obviously intelligent but your PR skills are non-existent.
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    Hi. I transferred $5k Aud via international transfer in gatehub on 1st of july. My bank says it was paid on 4th and since i have sent 2-3 emails to support to get the status update because i am worried about transfer going lost/missing. So far i have not recieved anything from them stating they have got it or not, so i sent PM to Enej but have not got any response yet. To be honest that shakes confidence in Gatehub. If they want to become big in banking they can not do it without building trust, which comes with being responsible towards investors. If Gatehub wants to become a major Gateway how hard it is for them to get a phone number to help with urgent enquiries and what kind of impression it leaves on investors about Ripple when investors feel they r on their own if things go south and they need help on urgent basis....? I am sorry to say but so far from customer service point of view Gatehub services have been below average and getting worse since begining...
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    Futures contracts are one of the most common types of derivatives. Derivative is a security with a price that depends on the price of some other asset (XRP in this case). Made up example of futures contract: - You will have to pay me X USD at some future date Y, - I will give you 1 XRP at some future date Y (this is example of "physical delivery" future). How much are you prepared to pay me (X)? You must say this price now. "Leverage" means you will be able to borrow money for this investment. Intuitively, you'll be able to automatically borrow money to buy XRPs. However, derivatives also allow short positions.
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    Overly dramatic and wrong on several points: 1) Fiat governments will never give up their right to regulate monetary commerce - at least not in our lifetime - and how it's conducted in their countries. Hardcore Bitcoiners and Eth devs think BTC is immune to government intervention, but they're wrong if push comes to shove. 2) Ripple is not primarily "disruptive", in that it doesn't completely replace any one existing tech or business on its own. It does a lot of incredible things better than components of current vast systems of money transfer, and can be used and modded into existing systems of money transfer.
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    I dont think it matters that much where it is placed, but I will try to dump some links & stuff in the section to get it started.
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    In my experience, someone else winning a contract, grant, or funding opportunity you had your eyes set on does not qualify as them "blocking" your funding, it's called losing. Probably on account of bad salesmanship. Go read this book (Pitch Anything, Oren Klaff) and then realize that Vitalik is smart as fuck but he rarely uses this to frame from authority, he generally stays humble and simply explains everything as thoroughly and succinctly as possible in terms that he anticipates his audience will know. Broadly talented, including recently as a journalist in order to improve his communication skills, he has strategically studied fields that can help him to get any idea he explains clearly enough supported and developed by himself but also with the support of others. He is the one that drew devs to his platform through open and successful publicity strategies, notably with a formal publication but also with successful direct interaction on industry and cliquish public forums. Whatever his private pitch to the VCs was like, I expect that it was the pitch that won him the deal, or your pitch that lost it. Sorry. Distributed computing is not unique. Peer to peer insurance is not unique. "Contracts" is not unique. Put them all together in a single integrated platform and that might be considered unique, patentable process, or it might just be considered a software development business plan and you can't really patent that. Trade secrets can be protected by IP laws but not if you present them at a conference or publish them on the web. That's part of open source development which is the trend in cryptotech right now, where IP is shared openly in order to offer transparent code to be peer reviewed and peer improved. Waving around pending patents is ridiculous if you havn't actually brought anything to market. Unfortunately for many, but not some, it seems being open source and collaborating with platform developers does not guarantee proper QA methodology (Cough DAO cough) so then it's a race to bring a MVP to market, something which none of the projects you've shared on this platform have achieved. Peercover wasn't viable because you didn't back up the promising tech, clean UI, slick videos, with actual UX or CS. There was no partner on the team with the organizational, leadership and fundraising skills necessary to cross the gap from idea to working implementation. There is a reason good CEOs get paid so well, they are the ones that have figured out how to cross that gap. So to support a speculative investment which amounts to, at best, a tenuous legal challenge seems more like patent trolling or even extortion attempt of a moonshot rich software developer. Timing the media release of your claims against VB with Ethereum currently stumbling through the fork power plays seems like an opportunistic attempt to capitalize in a dip in VB's reputation. You'd be better off paying a pitch man for your next opportunity than court fees. Talking down to people rarely pays off. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Security breach on Bitfinex

    Apparently there is no insurance. BitGo stopped offering insurance in January of 2016.
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    I agree with the idea presented by the thread title - a specific thread for regulation would help build the community. While people shouldn't look to the internet for legal advice and guidance, we are all from different countries, and can share what we know. If some of the information is incorrect, then so be it, but it's often better than an XRP trader doing things "in the dark" from knowledge of tax or other regulatory information. This placement seems to make sense to me as well:
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    Market Making Bot?

    No AFAIK. MetaTrader uses proprietary protocol and the license is very expensive.
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    One can try to diversify in kraken or other exchange but how much that increases or decreases the risk is a good question... because on one hand u r reducing the risk by diversification on the other hand now there is risk of any of two parties going under so risk has increased so it comes down to what ur personal situation..
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    Their lack of response is already making me nervous..
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    Good question. My main concern is that their security is in the same state of their support, or even worse (probably worse). Servers could already be hacked without them knowing it. To collect keys in the lhe logon process. Gatehub seems to me a very weak spot in the Ripple network, if it is true that they are seriously underfunded. And by the lack of response to this issue, it appears that way. I have my funds there, but I am not logging in until there is a better solution from more reliable party, also offering multisign. Oh and lack of phone or other (redundant) form if realtime support for this kind of service is INEXCUSABLE and a security risk itself.
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    U r right mate. On one side they show themselves as gateway of gateways and want to become big organisation and on the other side they play poor card by not hiring people which even small to medium business can afford these days... and i am just thinking if they are that poor... is my money really safe with them...? What if they go under...?
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    Really? Their 24hr volume is currently around 400k XRP (XRP/USD.GateHub pair). Now please calculate how much money they make in one month.
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    agreed with you @RDS An SMS service (to know when someone need help) linked to the support, they can afford it. It has been another 7 hours, we look forward GateHub responses.
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    Phone support is very expensive. And GateHub is actually a very small company and I doubt they make enough money to support it.
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    No excuse for poor customer service, but this is probably why they have been so unresponsive, busy with integrating ILP??? Definitely need to hire more customer support personnel... https://www.eventbrite.com/e/interledger-workshop-tickets-25473847965 Demonstrating Real-Money Payments using ILP (Gregor Gololicic, Enej Pungerčar, Jaka Hudoklin)
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    Agreed. I dont think they should wash there hands by simply saying we dont have this and that due to encryption or some other reason.. i just find it lame excuse .. If u lose anything with ur bank, does ur bank say that sorry ur money is gone just bcz u forgot ur password or lost ur security key..? If they want to go mainstream they should start acting like it... I am not trolling here, just giving genuine feedback bcz i am invested in Ripple and i want it to reach to its desired goals.
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    Is there any other gateways that are more reliable then gatehub? There should be more ways to access your account if you lose your authication key also.
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    I was robbed 2 days ago, lost all information including strong passwords like GateHub access. Yesterday I received a response from GateHub from "Klas", he asked me for some documents but today I´m still waiting for a response. Also I sent pm to Enej, but he last logged was on June 27. I'm desperate. I think their must have more people at support.
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    I believe there should be customer support phone number but that's additional cost that a lot of companies try to avoid specially when they are young as Gatehub. I understand your frustration and i made the same point two years ago about Ripple Customer Service support line. Gatehub is pretty reputable gateway so you should hear back from them for sure.
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