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    SETL “Ripple competitor/killer?!

    I wanted to start a topic abut SETL. It seems like the first true competition to Ripple to me, and, if what they claim is true, more than just competition, but in fact a Ripple killer. Here's a curious quote from https://uk.news.yahoo.com/setls-pete...050036291.html ...
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    Is Stellar buried?

    I think they'd do well to focus on the UI side of things. To create UIs or apps and widgets for the emerging Value Web protocols. They're outclassed in other areas.
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    Right, we know they're experimenting with private ledgers, but you still need something to connect all the disparate private ledgers... Good to know they'll be familiar with ledgers when the time comes to connect with ripple / IoV. Price is going down because there are more sellers of XRP than buyers of XRP, my point is more capital is leaving the network than is coming in because there is an abundance of XRP (XRP distribution by RL, partners, market makers / bots, whales etc..)
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    Chatroom browser refresh bug fixed

    You should no longer need to refresh your browser after logging in to see the chatroom. But if you are still getting the issue, please try clearing your browser cache. Ive been told this should fix the problem! :thumbsup:
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    Community Standards

    It should go without saying that we all want a forum that encourages free debate and healthy discussion. However there are lines that must be drawn. XRPchat will not accept: zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads disrespect, flaming or insulting other members, Ripple employees or others in general excessive swearing doxxing of ANY kind (i.e posting personally identifiable information) attempting to get other users to reveal their secret key pasting entire articles into the forum. Post the link and your summary (or the talking point) instead. using vulgar or inappropriate usernames. pornographic, NSFW, violent or drug related threads/profiles inciting violence or attempting to attract 'mob mentality' against others referral/affiliate links (including in signatures) link shorteners. Use the full and transparent link needlessly bumping topics begging for XRP/cash/bitcoin/whatever deliberate trolling. Mods will determine what constitutes trolling on a per case basis sending unsolicited PMs, such as mass requests for help or advertising impersonating someone else or claiming false endorsements Lets keep things positive and on topic, even if its criticism.
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    Hey! Thanks for sharing my interview
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    Price down without any particular reason

    Nothing happens without any particular reason. Even rabbits fuck each other for particular reason.
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    Price down without any particular reason

    Same day ACH being approved today could be a reason??? At a much lower fee than originally stated. Only 5.2 cents vs original 8.2.. Dwolla probably forced ACH to do something specially since dwolla changed their fees to ZERO! a few months ago. But we still need someone to connect them to the world.. We still need a ripple.. https://www.nacha.org/rules/same-day...ayments-faster http://blog.dwolla.com/free-bank-transfers/
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    Volumes still look healthy to me. Are these sellers sitting on Ripple IOUs, as it doesn't seem like they're cashing out of the network? (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
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    Price down without any particular reason

    It's cheap now and won't stay down forever. Centralized service providers are somewhat irrelevant, so nothing really has changed in my opinion.
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    I have been looking for for a clue for about 16 hours now but didn't come up with anything. Anybody got an idea why the price has dropped 20% (!) in a very short time? With no news out, is this insider knowledge? Seeing the total trading volume this isn't just a small fish selling. sorry if this is not the right place for it.
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