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    ODL Viewer

    Been working on a ODL viewer. Has daily info, full history, recent transactions. Let me know if you have any suggestions! I can make the changes asap. Data is provided by Mourads API https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard Here it is, https://www.xledg.com/
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    Liquidity Aggregation

    Liquidity Aggregation Job position and Breanne Madigan's article [Job Position] Staff Software Engineer, Liquidity "Liquidity sourcing and aggregation, [...]" https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs?gh_jid=2006530 "I guess that what Ripple is going to develop by this new job is a solution to get more liquidity by using multiple exchanges for one payment: "Liquidity Aggregation."" [Ripple Insight] Liquidity and Global Markets | 101 Breanne Madigan, 20th April "But even non-ODL partner exchanges like Kraken or Coinbase will contrinute to increased liquidity." https://ripple.com/insights/liquidity-and-global-markets-101/
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    News recap for the last 15 days

    Ripple Joins MOBI, Mobility Blockchain Initiative https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/ripple-joins-mobi-mobility-blockchain-initiative/ Ripple’s David Schwartz, Arthur Britto, and crew have updated their custodial service website, Polysign inc. https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/g78bia/ripples_david_schwartz_arthur_britto_and_crew/ RippleNet member NIUM expands into China with latest partnership https://twitter.com/CryptoAmb/status/1252498884946989057 Japanese cryptocurrency exchange FXcoin to test remittances with XRP https://www.xrparcade.com/news/japanese-cryptocurrency-exchange-fxcoin-to-test-remittances-with-xrp/ Xpring introduces Developer Reflections https://www.xrparcade.com/news/xpring-introduces-developer-reflections-one-more-countermeasure-to-covid-19/ Ripple to be Added to Voyager Crypto Asset Broker https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/ripple-to-be-added-to-voyager-crypto-asset-broker/ Ripple Partner Volante Joins U.S. Faster Payments Council https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/ripple-partner-volante-joins-u-s-faster-payments-council/ Ripple Partner SBI to Partner with SMFG for Digital Banking https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/ripple-partner-sbi-to-partner-with-smfg-for-digital-banking/ Ripple’s Xpring Recognized by Fast Company https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/ripples-xpring-recognized-by-fast-company/ An App for Millions That Runs on Ripple https://ripple.com/insights/an-app-for-millions-that-runs-on-ripple/ Bank of America Talks About Blockchain in Banking https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/bank-of-america-talks-about-blockchain-in-banking/ TPBank Uses RippleNet to Drive Transparent Global Payments Between Vietnam and The World https://ripple.com/insights/tpbank-uses-ripplenet-to-drive-transparent-global-payments-between-vietnam-and-the-world/ Arab Bank Switzerland to add custody and brokerage services for XRP https://www.xrparcade.com/news/arab-bank-switzerland-to-add-custody-and-brokerage-services-for-xrp/ Sygnum bank fully integrates Ripplenet and XRP for banking customers https://www.insights.sygnum.com/post/le-jeton-numérique-xrp-de-ripple-est-maintenant-disponible-à-la-banque-sygnum RippleNet Usage Surges 300% In 2020 Q1 https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/ripplenet-usage-surges-300-in-2020-q1/
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    Big wheels keep on turnin' ... https://ourbitcoinnews.com/president-of-the-central-bank-of-brazil-had-a-closed-meeting-with-the-ceo-of-ripple/
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    MoneyGram and Uber Launch Partnership

    Not directly related to XRP but still it could be the implosion point. Moneygram uses XRP ,then Uber drivers can use XRP. Its a big news but the price doesnt matter. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/moneygram-uber-launch-partnership-support-190000642.html
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    Incentivising UNL Validators

    I've been reading a number of concerns raised over the last few months about the state of the UNL and increasing the number of validators by changing the incentive structure on the XRPL. There have been a number of people pushing this case pretty hard including @TiffanyHayden and @ToastWallet dev Richard Holland. This week I came across an interesting series of proposals on twitter: I felt this was worth some consideration and response and had an exchange with @LilBender which he kindly agreed to be reproduced below. His proposals meant going back to look at some assumptions about the current state of play as well so I tried to break this down for my own thinking here: 1. Community validators will "bleed away": If this is true, I don't see much evidence of it. Community validators were aware of the lack of fungible incentives from the beginning (thanks @Trickery for reminding me of the importance of "fungibility" in this setting). What has changed? Not much. Compare with Codius where hosts went in with high expectations of profits that failed to materialise. Here's the latest data (https://minivalist.cinn.app/) - this year, we've had 3 more validators join the UNL. Ripple is currently running only 17% of the UNL (and incredibly, only 2% of the mainnet). So validator numbers appear to be going up and Ripple dominance continues to drop. If anyone is going to claim a "bleed out", they're going to have to present some evidence to support their case. 2. Low/No incentivisation to running a validator: In fact, there are benefits to the current model that haven't been discussed, particularly when considering the legal risk allocation associated with running a validator/node/mining rig. Legal risk isn't a problem at the moment as the market is immature. Those who've lost money on hacks, scams, security breaches and smart-contract melt-downs have largely been (A) early adopters (B) speculators looking for high risk investments and (C) crypto folk. They almost expect to lose money. The DAO still hasn't resulted in any lawsuits. That's incredible. But it won't last. We still don't have widespread enterprise engagement or institutional investors. They and their shareholders don't like losing money. When the big dogs join us, I would not want to be a node/validator/miner responsible for the efficacy and security of a crypto platform. As the financial incentives of the node/validator/mining role increase, so do the legal risks. By not being paid a dime, UNL participants are quarantined to a large extent. Not completely, but significantly. 3. Staking as an option to increasing validator participation: Staking dynamics are still poorly understood and add systemic risk to the network. Smart contract payouts and staking invites many more bad actors and malevolence into the network and introduces numerous attack vectors that we simply don't understand fully or need. I'm all for 2nd and 3rd layer tools and apps but changes to the core and consensus model should be carefully considered and done slowly. In any event, I don't believe the Ripple escrow can be used to pay validators. That's payment for service which makes each validator contractually liable to Ripple (and investors) and creates an unmanageable cost item on Ripple's balance sheet. How do they cap that cost and who decides the fees? And doesn't paying validators increase the sell pressure as they recoup their costs each month? I'll need to think more about the staking idea from a securities standpoint. As I see it today, the XRP escrow cannot be used to pay investors who have staked XRP. If the escrow is programatically distributed to stakeholders (even if indirectly), that puts Ripple in an untenable position. It's a regulatory nightmare and opens up new problems in their securities cases. I think it's a no-go. I'm no purist but if investors want staking, there are plenty of other projects to invest in (and lose money on ). 4. That the XRPL is better served by paying stakeholders/validators rather than start-ups: Even if the XRPL was suffering an existential threat (which I see no evidence of), this model only seems to benefit short-term investors, not Ripple. Also on Amazon - I'm glad this has been raised because talk about the mother of all pivoters. An online book store pivots into an online marketplace, pivots into ebook devices, pivots into bricks and mortar, pivots into streaming devices and content, pivots into the completely unrelated industry of cloud computing. Will there be more pivots? Will there be mis-steps? Of course there will! Unpack AWS further - they got in very early (2002-4), they grew the business slowly (2011 is a key milestone for the market) and the competition is only now catching up. This has direct parallels to Ripple who are in a key market before anyone else and I don't see any real competition yet. They are operating in a legacy market and need users to convert infrastructure and processes and laws to take advantage of this new tech. Ripple must pivot, again and again and again, to remain competitive and profitable in coming years. I'll only get nervous when they stop.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    1458 Days and 7 Hours till the next Halving.
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    XRP Weekly Market Report

    Hope you find some interesting tidbits in here. Much you have already seen, some might be new. It's a wrap-up of XRP and Ripple news over the past week: https://cryptoking.org/xrp-weekly-report-may-29-2020-steady-odl-growth/ The Weekly Report takes the "glass is half full"-approach. Of course more controversial topics are not ignored as you'll see, but overall the Weekly Report should give a general overview of how much progress Ripple and XRP are making. With focus on XRP. I plan to publish this aggregated report every Friday. Fingers crossed the news flow will be interesting, if not exciting.
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    https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/sbi-ceo-speaks-about-ripple-during-earnings-presentation-call/ "This is what I wanted to tell them is that, up until now, we have been focusing only on remittance and tying up with banks or money transfer brokers or agents because they wanted to — their mission was to create revolution in international remittance. But large trading firms have bases around the world, and that’s probably true with all the multinationals. Why don’t you move the money around there? You don’t have to work with just the finance sector. You can invite the multinational network into Ripple, and you can accelerate commercialization." Yoshitaka Kitao (CEO of SBI Holdings) Damn!!! Yoshitaka Kitao just told Ripple. I'm not upset about it, I like it. I would hope and believe that the folks at ripple would be thinking "I wish I had thought of that." Head down, smile, and a new mission.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Bitcoin's price broke through our recent downtrend and touched on the "Big Daddy Down Trend Line" (which is what I'll be call it from now on) before coming back down. Price will need to gain some strength to break the downtrend which I think will happen a day or two after the 50/100 Day EMA Golden Cross, so this Friday or Saturday. Thereafter I hope that line becomes support before the price moves higher. Halving is 5 Days and 10 hours away. For I while now I've noticed the absence of @dr_ed. The Doc was a big contributor to this board and provided much useful information. I visited his page and saw he has not been here since Jan 22. Doc if you're out there I hope you are well.
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    Ripple lawsuits get consolidated

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    It’s about to get really real! https://www.alrajhibank.com.sa/ar/alrajhi-group/media-center/press-releases/al-rajhi-bank-completes-transaction-using-blockchain-technology
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Bitcoin Finally Broke through the Big Daddy Downtrend on the Monthly chart. On the weekly chart it previously breached it in February but retreated. Bitcoin's price is now above the downtend on the Monthly, Weekly and Daily Charts. Looking at the previous chart from the Last Peak in 2013 to the one in 2017 it took 30 months to get an uptick in the Bollinger Bands. We just got an uptick in the Bollinger Bands as well on the 30 month for this cycle. (the only uptick if you take out the anomalies which I circle in the chart). Things are looking very familiar. @Milly238 Looks like it goes up and sideways from here. I don't consider a bull run to start until the previous ATH is breached which I think happens no later than the end of fall this year. If history repeats we can look forward to about 15-18 months of upward movement culminating in a parabolic run to ------ I've said around $400,000, stock to flow has $288,000, most pundits say $100,000, Tim Draper says $250,000 or higher, Dan Morehead has said as high as over $500,000. It looks like Bitcoin has turned the corner.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Three closes above the Down Trend Line. Looks like today will be # Four. Golden Cross of the 100/200 Day EMA happening Monday. Hash rate is hanging in there. All in all stuff is pretty positive.
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    Miguel Vias has left Ripple?

    I normally avoid threads like this, but I feel compelled to chime in here, because the above is simply not true; it’s a gross generalization and, frankly, nonsensical. People leave for many reasons. Perhaps they want to leave to focus on their own startup; to attend school; because they have health issues; or maybe the amount of work they have is so much that they find themselves unable to devote time to things that matter—like family. The point is that people‘s reasons are their own; they don’t owe anyone an explanation and if they do, their reasons don’t need to make sense to anyone other than themselves.
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    Thank you, for your post. Please don't be discouraged by remarks of folks that have been here for a while that say we already knew that. A lot of us have been here a while and have lost our sensibility to new comers that have excitement. I hope for all of us that the news you presented is implemented as quickly and as safely possible and that you may for go a brutal bear market that has drained myself and others of all civility. Again thanks and this is great. We need Katio to blink.
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    Its not information overload - its a menu you can dip into and investigate at your leisure. Excellent idea, so much is happening even when the world is in lockdown big progressive steps are being made by team Ripple/XRP.
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    I trust this about as much as an email that I got stating that I have an inheritance from a lost relative in Uganda.
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    The first XRP Toolkit beta was released more than a year ago and a lot has happened since then. The original XRP Toolkit creator founded Towo Labs, recruited a small team and began implementing new hardware wallet firmware and a new version of the XRP Toolkit. The reimplementation features complete support for signing transactions using Xumm, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. The first round of testing with ~50 users has just been completed and the second round of testing is about to begin. If you'd like to participate, signup as a tester through this form: https://forms.gle/m42d4UmrHc3CVWNt6 Signing an order for the decentralized exchange using the Xumm app by XRPL Labs. The new Ledger firmware by Towo Labs supports signing trade orders for the decentralized exchange, XRP escrows, account settings, trust lines, cross-currency payments and even common transaction fields like memos. Everything that's possible to do on the XRP Ledger is supported by the new Ledger firmware. If you want to be the first to know when Towo Labs new firmware becomes publicly available, keep an eye on this pull request: https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-app-xrp/pull/8 Signing an order for the decentralized exchange using a Ledger Nano S, running XRP firmware v2.0 by Towo Labs.
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    Ripple Weekly report FXcoin is site that provides the information and analysis that is really necessary for trading crypto assets. They are writing Ripple's weekly report Wednesday at 15:00 JST. Their report can be very helpful in getting to know Ripple. By checking the weekly reports, you can see that Ripple is making steady progress. https://translate.google.co.jp/translate?hl=ja&sl=ja&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fnews.fxcoin.jp%2Ftag.php%3Ftag%3D%E3%83%AA%E3%83%83%E3%83%97%E3%83%AB%2B%E3%82%A6%E3%82%A3%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%2B%E3%83%AC%E3%83%9D%E3%83%BC%E3%83%88
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    Go2 exchange runs on Ripple

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    Ripple partner SBI Holdings says it plans to use Ripple’s payments technology to make it easier for people in Japan to access ATMs. In its latest yearly financial results report, the financial services company says it’s working to integrate its Ripple-powered settlements app MoneyTap with ATMs run by various banks across the country. https://dailyhodl.com/2020/05/13/sbi-plans-to-utilize-ripple-payments-network-to-consolidate-atm-access-in-japan/ https://livemarketindex.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-news
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    We still do not know what the settlement between Ripple and R3 was. We only know that R3 made an attempt at "buying" the Utility Settlement Coin project. This failed and SBI suddenly came on to the scene, made a joint venture with R3 called SBI R3 Japan through a pretty large investment in R3. R3 made XRP the first settlement Oracle with its settler application, and then Kitao became a board member of Ripple. BTW: In David Schwartz Block Stars podcast, Chris Larsen talked about meeting Yoshitaka Kitao back in 2005/2006 and they discussed digital tokens. Remember, this is 4 years before Bitcoin. (Starts talking about this around 3 minutes) https://ripple.com/podcast/ Sources: Sept 2018: https://www.coindesk.com/r3-rejected-utility-settlement-coin-blockchain https://www.coindesk.com/r3-ripple-settle-legal-dispute-over-xrp-purchase-option December 2018 https://www.r3.com/press-media/r3-launches-universal-corda-settler-application/ January 2019 https://www.r3.com/press-media/r3-and-sbi-holdings-partner-for-new-venture-to-accelerate-corda-adoption-in-japan/ April 2019 https://ripple.com/ripple_press/yoshitaka-kitao-joins-ripple-board-of-directors/ The dates seem pretty important in this series of news.
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    Ripple Lawsuit Tracker (May 2020)

    Guys, Below is your May 2020 update on the lawsuits filed against Ripple Labs, Inc. As of today, May 4, 2020, there are four (4) open or active cases Ripple Labs, Inc is involved with and litigating. TL;DR - A new securities related lawsuit was filed against Ripple Labs, Inc. last week. That is three, securities related lawsuits Ripple is now defending. The open or active cases are in bold: 1.) 2014 - Ripple v. LaCore Enterprises (closed) 2.) 2015 - Ripple v. Kefi Labs (closed) 3.) 2015 - Arthur Britto v. Jed McCaleb (closed)** 4.) 2016 - Bitstamp v. Ripple, Jed McCaleb, Stellar (closed) 5.) 2016 - Ripple v. Pixel Labs (closed) 6.) 2017 - R3 v. Ripple (Delaware) (closed) 7.) 2017 - Ripple and XRP II v. R3 (California) (closed) 8.) 2017 - R3 v. Ripple (New York) (closed) 9.) 2017 - Tony Petrucci v. Ripple (closed) 10.) 2018 - Ryan Coffey v. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California) (closed) 11.) 2018 - Ryan Coffey v. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (U.S. Federal Court) (closed) 12.) 2018 - Zakinov v. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California) (closed; consolidated w/ #17) 13.) 2018 - David Oconer v. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California) (closed; consolidated w/ #17) 14.) 2018 - Avner Greenwald v. Ripple, XRP II, Bradley Garlinghouse, Christian Larsen, Ben Lawsky (California) (closed) 15.) 2018 - Avner Greenwald v. Ripple, XRP II, Bradley Garlinghouse, Christian Larsen, Ben Lawsky (U.S. Federal Court) (closed) 16.) 2018 - Avner Greenwald v. Ripple, XRP II, Bradley Garlinghouse, Christian Larsen, Ben Lawsky (U.S. Appeals Federal Court) (closed) 17.) 2018 - Zakinov et al v. Ripple et al (U.S. Federal Court) (open/active) 18.) 2019 - Cooperative Entertainment, Inc. vs. Ripple (closed) 19.) 2020 - Simmons vs. Ripple Labs, XRP II, LLC, and Bradley Garlinghouse (U.S. Federal Court) (open/active) 20.) 2020 - Ripple Labs, Inc. et al vs. YouTube, LLC (U.S. Federal Court) (open/active) 21.) 2020 - Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement, LLC, vs. Ripple Labs, XRP II, LLC, and Bradley Garlinghouse (U.S. Federal Court) (open/active) Notes on active cases: #17, #19, #21 (above) - There are now three different securities related lawsuits filed against Ripple Labs, Inc., two in U.S. Federal Court in California (#17, #21) and one in U.S. Federal Court in New York (#19). The second federal case in California (#21) was filed on May 1, 2020. #20 (above) - Over the years, Ripple Labs, Inc. has typically been the defendant in all of these lawsuits. However, as many of you are aware, Ripple just filed a lawsuit against YouTube (Google) for alleged trademark infringement, alleged right to publicity, and alleged violations under California's Unfair Competition Laws, all related to the XRP Scam Giveaways. My guess is that Ripple Labs, Inc. will move to have all three securities related lawsuits joined (combined), but we shall see. And as soon as I have upcoming dates on all of these cases, I will update this post. @Snoopy @Pablo @WillGetThere @vlad_got_it @jcdenton @Mrsrippley @xrpisking
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    It is clear why Western Union wants Moneygram. Let's start with what they don't want. They don't want the Moneygram +/- $ 878 million debt. They don't want some of the old school managers and outdated payment rails and they don't want Moneygrams stiff competition on the world pay/settlement landscape. BUT what they absolutely DO WANT is On Demand Liquidity (Ripple/Moneygram fast pay & settlement rail). The same reason Visa bought Earthport (connectivity to Ripplenet & ODL settlement corridors) Why is ODL so important? ODL is one step further than Ripplenet. ODL is the liquidity (pool) necessary for the seamless transactions with narrow spreads. ODL has been growing near exponentially since the start of this year and IS THE GAME CHANGER. ODL is a difficult trick which Ripple and Moneygram have mastered (where others have failed) and it is probably also playing al role in the Ripple Home system for banks and financial institutions. Friends of my family who have come to the Netherlands from the Phillipines were allways sending money home via Western Union. However, since january 2020 they have switched to Ria Money Transfers (www.riamoneytransfer.com) because sending euros (€) via Ria using the Moneygram XRP/PHP ODL payment corridor takes less time and is 3 to 4 times cheaper. People are noticing the cheaper ODL pay/settlement corridors and are moving their business away from Western Union. Additionally Western Union has seen 'sliding revenu' due to this stiff competition in the past years and the ODL solution with it's growing customer base is what they need to stay on top. Western Union is very interested in the big customer names (Amazon, Google, Uber worldwide and others DYOR) who have recently partnered with Moneygram. The hard fact is that Western Union is being outclassed by Ripple/Moneygram On Demand Liquidity system and that they have tried to stall Ripple (with negative fake news) and defend their outdated pay and settlement system. Luckly for WU is that they do have some smart managers who have the flexibility to react and sense that a friendly Moneygram merger/takeover is the right answer to keep WU and the USA in the race for Swift 2.0. The world is changing and don't forget that there is a 99% chance that the Chinese will have a digital Yuan by 1-1-2021 and that the days of the good old 'green back / petro dollar' are numbered. A merger or friendly takeover is a smart move by Moneygram and Western Union.
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    Whats everyones take?

    Been following the discussions here since 2017... just registered today. Its funny how everybody is having second thoughts right now (including me), yet it feels like we are closer than ever. If you got in this xrp mystery, you should have been prepared for all the shi.t that is happening... At the end of the day, i think we are here for being heroes or zeroes, so I'd suggest all of you to hold on Dont stress too much and stay safe, good luck to all of you
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    Yes, you posted the correct link. Thanks, fixed my post. Yes, this became possible with ILP + PayChan. I made this chart as part of "Ripple Inc as a Lender of XRP. Risk exposure goals" which was discussed on this XRPchat thread. Basically Ripple Inc, does a USD loan to an Exchange/Market Maker which is settled in XRP. If the value of XRP goes down, Ripple can top off the PayChan, or they can just over fund the PayChan from the beginning of the loan. If the XRP goes up, the Exchange/Market Maker can pay off the loan to Ripple with fewer XRP, therefore Ripple's seignorage gain is reduced, and the Exchange has a gain equal to that reduction. The reason I believe Ripple Inc will be more valuable than Google and the other large tech companies is conditional upon them developing a Revenue Model which enables Ripple Inc to earn revenue on value flows through RippleNet and the XRPL. Almost all great tech companies like Google/Fbook/Uber/AirBnB/etc monetize the Pathfinding algorithm through the network that they built. Goog built the Link Graph - monetizes the search function through that graph Fbook build the Social Graph - monetizes the use of that social graph for ad placement Uber & AirBnB - both built a network of riders/renters & drivers/homeowners and monitize the connection of those parties through their respective networks. You can go on and look at basically all network businesses like this. Rail roads monetize their network per load traveling across their rail network. Airlines... same thing, moving goods/people through their airplane/air port network. Postal network, stamp fees...These are all like transaction fees. The thing is with Ripple, they can't really monetize by a TX fee, because the XRP is burned and the goal is to make the TX fee as low as possible. Leaving the only option available to monetize the value flows through the network "Lending XRP". Using the Postal Network analogy, XRP is both the Envelope mailed, and the Message inside the envelope. Lending XRP is much like "renting out envelopes". It is not Ripple's value at the start of the transaction, nor their value at the end of the transaction. However, as the value flows through XRPL, it just take the form of XRP the envelop. Additionally, loans being calculated using Interest over Time, enables Ripple to retain the ability to earn money from value flows through their network. The more flows, the more XRP they can lend, the more interest they can earn. In terms of Enterprise Value, this cant be underestimated. Been a while since I though about all this, the PayChan write up is 3 years old now. But i'm happy to try an answer any questions.
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    Liquidity Aggregation

    This is great info! I feel like the puzzle pieces are starting to come together. Liquidity aggregation would further improve ODL efficiency and make the whole system easier to use — excited for RippleNet Home too. Speculating a bit, but I wonder if this project is the new version of xPool, or what we thought xPool might be. This is a wild idea, but as an example... if Bitstamp liquidity were too low to complete an ODL request cheaply, then the system could ping Coinbase APIs, buy the XRP with an existing Ripple-owned account, transfer it to Bitstamp (in 3-5 seconds) and then complete the ODL cross-border transfer from there. In that case the transaction would take a bit longer and might not be atomic (therefore cost may not be locked in), but if the risk is low enough and new liquidity can contribute then it could enable much larger cross border payments. Kind of brilliant. The customer could also benefit from similar scenarios on the receiving end of the ODL transfer. And an even weirder idea... if I’m a customer in a country where there isn’t enough liquidity for XRP, even if liquidity is aggregated across all my country’s exchanges, then Ripple could operate an account at an exchange in my country that simply receives the source fiat and initiates an ODL transfer originating from an exchange in another country. Ripple would sit on the pile of source fiat until it was either needed for an ODL exchange going in the other direction, or slowly trade it back into XRP as liquidity becomes available in that source country. The customer is happy, and Ripple eats some opportunity cost from holding those funds (which are basically acting as a short-term RippleNet-enabled nostro/vostro account anyone can use). Okay, done speculating. But in general I think there’s a gigantic opportunity from thinking outside the box of atomic transfers. Excited to see how ODL might evolve.
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    To help enable this next step in global interoperability and meet the evolving needs of our customers, Ripple is now part of the ISO 20022 Standards Body—the first member focused on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). https://ripple.com/lp/iso-overview/
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Alright. We got the move I was looking for a day early. Big move on Big volume that busted through the Big Daddy Down Trend Line in dramatic fashion. The only other time we broke this line was February 14, 2020 and that only lasted a day. This line should now serve as support and with the 50/100 Golden Cross that happened yesterday and the 100/200 Day EMA Golden cross which is gonna happen in about 3 days there is more reasons to think Bitcoin's price can continue higher. The halving is on Tuesday. Hash rate is high. Things look good. As far as a post halving pull back, I am not very confident that one will occur: First of all I don't see the recent price return to $10k to be anything other than rectifying the damage from the Lockdowns (Unconstitutional in my opinion, (in the US anyway,) to the other lawyers here -I'm curious about your opinions on this) which in my opinion should have never negatively effected Bitcoin's price in the first place. So basically I don't see the move from $4k to $10k as a pre halving run up. Second - the moving averages are and are turning bullish. Third - The economic crisis the world is currently undergoing is exactly what bitcoin was made for. If you wanted the perfect global conditions for bitcoin to flourish, (other than aliens landing and saying they have everything we ever dreamed of but will only accept bitcoin as payment),you really couldn't have scripted it better. Fourth - The cycle should be entering the phase where price begins to go up Fifth - Most people are expecting a pullback to happen.
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    Bitso - Daniel V about ODL

    Bitso talking about ODL. Starts at 11 mins - 17 mins. Very bullish on ODL and possible foray into forex market.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Look at those Bands Tighten. JP Morgan has come around. Goldman Sachs hasn't yet but they will https://dailyhodl.com/2020/05/27/in-sudden-crypto-turnaround-jpmorgan-now-says-bitcoin-btc-is-significantly-undervalued/
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    Looks like a large amount of potential new EUR/USD ($1.5m) and also more USD/EUR transactions spotted on utility scan! Has this corridor been announced? Could we speculate if this is testing or a real customer use case?
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    A fairly common rhetorical technique is to take a point and stretch it to the absurd, and by doing so make the original point absurd by association. I did not say that, and I’m guessing you know it. My point was that either it is a scam, or these people, who do it for a living and have everything to gain if they can succeed, have a better understanding of the problems than you and I, and yet they still see a way forward. Knowing that should give any armchair Admiral at least a little pause before concluding that this or that corridor cannot work. And no, they won’t run out of money eventually ( if you define eventually as being within our working lifetime,) and that’s a good thing because they are making a sea change in world finance which is no small undertaking. Perhaps they are one of the only players with the wherewithal to achieve this revolution of finance. I’m a little puzzled why you think it cannot have multiple paths and players beyond just market makers, and therefore a balance overall, not just across one corridor. But anyway, I’ve made my point and I guess it’s up to you and the reader to decide if this current situation is the limit of possibilities. Thank you for the discussion.
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    Bitrue runs on Ripple

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    Whats everyones take?

    This data is for Bitstamp only: You currently need 8.5 million USD to move XRP from 0.20 USD to 1.00 USD, but you need 46 million USD to move BTC from 10k USD to 50k USD. This is just Bitstamp, you have to take into account other exchanges, so it would of course be much more than that, but I believe the comparison still stands. Interestingly enough it takes roughly the same amount of USD to move ETH by 5x as it does for XRP (at Bitstamp). It is hard to extrapolate this data for ranges that you mentioned (0.2 USD to 10 USD and 10 USD to 100 USD), because my data is just the amounts of different digital assets at market sell orders at this time. As soon as prices start moving, market orders get added and removed, so market psychology takes it from there. Generally, when prices move up quickly, there are a lot of new buyers, and at the same time, a lot of sellers remove their sell orders, because they are afraid they might miss higher prices. This means much less hard cash is needed to move the price up. The only thing that market capitalization of a digital asset really tells you, is how much money it would take for every seller out there to be able to cash out at the current price. For example, the current market cap of BTC is about 175 billion USD, so it would take 175 billion USD of hard cash to allow every BTC owner in the world to sell their Bitcoin at 9600 USD.
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    I think the blink of an eye was a retweet, rather than a statement from Kitao. Kitao has a history of delivering on the projects he is putting together which are collectively on a huge scale. Moneytap, the new Japanese exchanges for institutional investors which are giving away free XRP, the aggregation of Ripplenet hubs in SE Asia, Bitcoin mining in America and conglomeration of smaller Japanese regional banks into a super bank are all rolling forward. Regulatory clarity in Japan is the best in the world. XRP is the most widely held crypto in Japan. How much more do you want for one man?
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    Now has GBP added
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    Bollinger Bands continue to tighten on Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP. This is the tightest the bollinger bands have been on XRP since the run up from .006 in early 2017!! Less than .01 difference on the bands. Which direction do we break? Well it looks like Ethereum is leading the way and that way is up.
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