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  2. Great suggestion my friend regarding the time zone idea. Could I possibly suggest that we should consider splitting the skill sets within each group. Example being: 1. Blogger 1. Social media personality 1. Technical person 1. YouTuber 1. Group leader 1. Teacher 1. Translators in multiple regions The reason I suggest this is because we can cover so many more topics if we distribute the resource efficiently. Then maybe each group ‘team’ can brainstorm on what topic to cover and can then tap into @BobWay‘s knowledge on the chosen topic, to then create some fantastic content across all platforms. Just throwing an idea out there friends. Let me know what your thoughts are.
  3. Then it was not that early 2017... but have no worries mate, XRP is a very specific beast that is not going to let down those who can see through. Patience.
  4. https://dailyhodl.com/2019/04/22/ripple-backed-startup-reveals-plans-to-bring-xrp-to-the-mainstream-obtain-banking-and-crypto-licenses/
  5. They have a decent story too. And pounded down as bad as XRP, if not worse. I will buy it to hodl. I expect @tony71 is correct in his belief that BTC will continue to be an early leader, but my money is very much on the better alt coin projects outperforming in the later part of the cycle. I'm willing to buy in cheap and be patient.
  6. You forgot 3 of top 5 transfer companies and one major bank.
  7. fwiw - I have flipped ICX on multiple occasions with good results; it trends relatively cleanly and is currently scraping the floor (vs BTC) which makes it a good buy atm.
  8. Hey everyone! My name is Bruno and I live in Maryland, US. I am from Brazil and I also lived in Spain before. I speak/Write the 3 languages fluently. i started investing in crypto because I truly believe some of these assets and technology are just out of this world. I am a law enforcement officer and used to do many graphic designs and Adobe After Effects when I was younger. I would like to contribute to this group by making a channel or translating this to others that do not understand English. My personal goal for XRP is to spread this great technology and also benefit from it. When XRP rises, I plan on building a business in Florida with crypto involved in it. It is still a fresh idea and a lot of things to think about. I hope you all have a wonderful time in this group!
  9. It seems to me that XRP price isn't being driven by speculation so much as being maintained at a level price by increasing supply balanced equally by increasing demand.. i.e. threading water at the moment. Once increased supply is exhausted (i.e. all XRP is distributed) and demand maintains the same increasing rate due to usage, price will need to rise. Unfortunately for those of us who want to get rich real quick, that isn't going to happen overnight.. At current rate of distribution, all XRP will be distributed in about 15 years..
  10. Today
  11. Being in the stock market for last 24 years. I know it doesn’t apply to crypto but I believe BTC bottomed. To be honest I bought at 3400. Will buy more now and ride it till it halves.
  12. I bought at $2 during FOMO and I’m waiting to break even.
  13. I've been in XRP since 2013, it has blown my mind and exceeded my imagination that it is stable at $0.30. I never thought it would breach $0.10.
  14. Can you elaborate on that please? Im Interested in other peoples perspectives to make sure i dont get tunnel vision.
  15. my first 235 xrp were when it is was 0.21 in 2017, then bought throughout 2017 and now have a DCA of 0.97 mate.
  16. https://todaysgazette.com/ripple-xrp-news-sbi-to-use-xrp-with-crypto-fund-business-in-the-us/
  17. Maybe, unless he sold and realized his losses. I haven't read enough to know whether or not he did. My larger point is to highlight how deadly fear and greed are to investing. And even without the benefit of hindsight, he made a poorly-timed purchase. Right now, XRP is causing tears to run down the legs of many forum members. That may be a further, subjective indicator that it's time to buy, not sell.
  18. What’s holding everything back is patience. If you don’t have it you’re screwed
  19. FUD!!!! Oh wait, that's pretty good actually!
  20. Warren Buffet is one of the greatest value investors of our time. Thank you for the compliment. I believe that Warren Buffet is going to be wrong on XRP as that token does have international transaction quality (speed, innovation, trust etc...) to sustain real value. So XRP does represent value. Also the specific and clear usecase will prove defining. Ripple is years ahead of the competition and will dominate the international pay and settlements landscape for years as a result. I do hope that also BTC will be succesful. I however see no longterm value in the coin other than that BTC is the ‘first mover’, the tech is reasonable but at this point outdated.
  21. By running the server yourself. Yes to the first part, no to the second one. You don't need to be connected to validators, but your server should be connected to other nodes on the network.
  22. Ripple cannot prevent people from listing XRP
  23. Everyone was saying 200-500 now with amazon as partners, huge household names. nothing
  24. And I am always shocked to see some of the others options I had at the time with no "REAL STORY" or a use case that had the wow factor. Take NEO for example. On March 1, 2017 Neo was .11 and I bought $1000 dollars worth or 9090 NEO, also on the same day XRP was .005 and I bought $1000 dollars worth or 200,000. Today I would have: $97,172 in NEO $64000 in XRP The only point is that I see XRP as HEADS above coins like NEO....
  25. I have a feeling you'll be waiting quite a while to "see what the SEC thinks about it". Not that it really matters anyway, since the SEC does not create law or make "rulings". Any legal designations will be decided by a court, not by the SEC.
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