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  2. What is going with that now? Are wallets "frozen"? Do they sell? Is there any wallet activity? Are those scammers in prison? Thanx
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  4. You’ve got to feel for people in that position after being swept up in all the hype. Poor guy
  5. I should add though that it’s good to find metrics being created that will evolve over time to become ever more useful. The team are aware that it’s not perfect yet...
  6. Bear in mind too that the most social of animals on the planet often misunderstands what others are meaning in their online interactions. Baby step AI and deep data mining are wonderful at some things but easily misled in social contexts. Witness the number of shadow-blocked Twitter users who interacted with a fudster and ended up blocked because the algorithm misunderstood context. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find these metrics severely compromised by clumsy pigeonholing done by a misled algorithm.
  7. they got about 200K BTC, 760K ETH, 26 million EOS, 500 million XRP and others. that's huge amount.
  8. This is a great example of the type of solutions, I am hoping Ripple is vetting out. These type of strategies could help trigger XRP holder interest and increase future investor buy-in. These type of strategies could even be targeted for a one time ad-hoc or pilot initiative. From my understanding you are referencing to the interest to be in the form of fiat. Examples like interest in form of direct XRP can also be considered (probably more feasible short term, but not having as significant impact on stakeholders). After Ripple vets out details like the following, there could be great opportunities to pursue: 1. Business model- Can Ripple improve their profits by doing this? This could help spark and keep XRP prices at desired target level, which will be beneficial for future sales (programmatic, institutional, charities, funding, etc.). This same type of stategy could be considered for future organizations making profit from XRP. For example will there be opportunities in the future for companies utilizing Xrapid, Xpring, etc., to offer incentives for consumers to use XRP (rather than alternatives). 2. Legal and compliance regulations- Ripple will need to confirm what they can and can't do for these strategies. There are governmental, financial, market manipulation and other regulations that will ultimately filter out a lot of specific strategies. 3. Technically can they accomplish this?
  9. No, the government will mysteriously acquire it after a few years.
  10. In regards to 1 and 2: 1. This is a great point. If initiatives like Xrapid and Xpring end up in best case scenarios being as successful as speculated. Then many of my points will end up being mute in the long term. I would still have concerns based on most likely case scenarios. If Xrapid ends up being successfully, I would expect it will take at least 1 more year for the market to see the results. I would expect Xpring initiatives to take at least 2 years to start to see results on the projects. This includes development time to create the software and customer onboarding to the new systems. linking this back to concerns on XRP dumping: Is it really in the best interest for Ripple to grant 1 billion XRP grant (worth roughly $265 million at today’s price), when considering the bear market and open investor concerns? If this ends up being successful as we hope, then yes. Funding ~$265 million upfront on start up companies with out having any established proof of concepts, is an abnormaly high amount and overly risky approach. XRP retail investors are taking the most risks, while Ripple is exposing itself to significant backlash if these initiatives do not achieve best case scenarios. I would debate a better approach would be to grant enough XRP for funding the first year or two. Then Ripple do another phase gate review after a period of time to confirm if additional funding is in the best interest for the XRP community. I do agree investing in the above for proof of concepts and experiment deploying the solutions to the market, when done in a more conservative approach. There are still other XRP dumping concerns beyond this example that I believe should be addressed. 2. I am not sure of the specific generalization on "XRP holders" that you are referring to, so I may have over generalized something. My intent is to speak for the majority of the stakeholders, which there will always be outliers. Investors in general (beyond just XRP holders), have a lot of skepticism towards Ripple and XRP. I would argue majority of non XRP holders share these beliefs. Majority of the candidates for potentially holding XRP in the future, will not not want to hold XRP if the price tanks. Investors that are current or past XRP holders- We would need Ripple or another group to coordinate a survey for us to have a more accurate representation. At this time we can only make educated assumptions based off the information we have at hand. There are a good amount of XRP holders like yourself on this board that have full buy-in and trust. But, this is a very small representation of all the XRP stakeholders, so we need to look at feedback being generated from other areas (forums, institutions, media, public events, XRP selling vs. buying market trends, etc.). The concerns from XRP stakeholders in these groups have been rising and will only continue to rise if the price of XRP tanks.
  11. I can hear Bill Paxton's improvised and famous line from Aliens... “Game over, man! Game over! Now what the f@ck are we supposed to do?"
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  13. Ok, my mistake, but we are still looking at the fact that anyone capable of scaming millions of XRP, would most likely be capable of laundering it through BTC, before hitting the Liquidity exchange. So I still see no way an exchange can become the “enforcer” and I do not know who is meant by “they”
  14. The .com blow up needed bad companies to @#$% people, the 2008 need banks to @#$% their customers. This era has Twitter and people seem to @#$% themslves on their own. Brilliant.
  15. I'm shocked people still fall for these twitter scams.. they've been around for ~2years.
  16. The whole market is slowly vanishing of its despair mood. Fundamentals were never that strong like they are right now. So I am quite optimistic about XRP's future. The only thing that really frustrates me is that the nosy people around me have now the same chances and prices like I had in 2017.
  17. What happens if he has no legs , his ballz would be touching the ground , would he even have less
  18. I would love to, if it's not too much to ask, see how we are now? we continue or well? the pattern broke? Thanks hugs
  19. I would love to see an update of these graphics. excellent thread, do not abandon it! Thank you very much in advance hug
  20. Time to be disruptive in an environment that fears disruption. I embrace Ripple’s approach. Yes there’s risk and it’s time to throw in some good risk. Playing nice for a long time expecting regulators to do something useful with their thumb came with risk. Banks are risk adverse and thinking they would embrace this to improve their business model was risky. Now they to can become a customer for MG. Screw the laggards. God speed the risk takers. Throw the throttles up and let’s see what happens.
  21. The sad thing about that is when you wait for that to occur by the time it does It's to late! I definitely get the same vibe though and feel that WU may be mentioned in the same context as BlockBuster, Sears, Kmart. I think they look at MoneyGram as jumping out on a leap of faith with ripple but when things start to roll for MG it will be to late for WU. Trust me WU is hoping this MG deal with ripple blows up in a not so good way this is the reason why this deal is by far the focal point for Ripple and MG because success and "It's game on!!" failure and it's "Game over!!"
  22. No that's not what Skippy said at all, This is after the fact not before the transaction has gone through.
  23. Remember the days when it was fairly easy to copy software products with no or way to complicated toold to protect the code. Only professionals were paying users by then [emoji57] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  24. So @xrpmommy asks if WU is beginning to see the light and I’ve watched the video twice now and reflected on what I’ve seen and heard and I’m going to go with no. I don’t think they are beginning to see the light. I’m going by the body language and say that it’ll possibly come with time but my take is they are still comfortable. It’ll take a significant increase in market share loss to be woken up. Still asleep in my opinion.
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