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  2. Thank you for sharing! Jim Rickards is a very intelligent renowned economist. I recently bought two of his books The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of The International Financial System and The Big Drop: How To Grow Your Wealth During The Coming Collapse both in mint condition at a thrift store. Paid $1.50 for one of them and $0.50 for the other! Definitely worth $2. I am halfway through The Death of Money now. Will be very interesting to see all of this play out. I have absolutely no doubt that XRP is positioned to play a very significant and important role in the new financial system.
  3. ... still decoding TickTock ...
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  5. Now if we take all of these partners and add in their ecosystems.... global!! Sorry if this isnt on topic, but... wow!!😲
  6. I had the same thought: Eurovision, the X, ripple, Madonna. A long bow, coincidence, etc. That still may be so. But the Instagram promotion is pretty clear and for what it’s worth, the Malawi video works for me. The message has some real substance to it in and positions ripple the company really well.
  7. Quite the prerequisite. Not something I'm expecting to see in my lifetime.
  8. Hey anyone. I'm not going to try to sell you the idea of Elixxir. You either know what it is or don't. You either support it or don't. You may be familiar with me or not. And I'm certain very few of you actually know if I'm a good candidate. But with that said... I've submitted an application to be a node operator and I'm asking for people to comment or recommend my application. You'll obviously have to sign-up to the Elixxir forum to recommend me. My application is here https://discourse.elixxir.io/t/node-application-10661338102-submitted-2019-04-12-1903/409 If you've got questions about anything regarding my qualifications for running a node, feel free to ask here before recommending or not recommending my application. There's a relatively small number of applicants in my geographic area (South Kores) so a few recommendations might help me get a better chance of being selected. Any effort would be appreciated.
  9. Where are we exactly comparing to 2017/2015?
  10. I put most of my fund into xrp but I also have a little chainlink. I don't have any other crypto. I am very curious about why link has a run recently(it is close to ATH in Jan 2018). My long term plan is to sell link to get more xrp but I don't mind take a ride from link run. Thank you.
  11. Hmm, doesn't the X on her dress look like a certain X on the knight's shield (bg reference)?
  12. holy ****, i thought the whole madonna Madame X **** was just a coincidence of some sorts, but apparently not. The commercial is indeed odd and real. look here: https://news.madonnatribe.com/en/2018/thank-you-ripple-for-doubling-our-impact/ and here's the instagram link to Madonna's official page
  13. Thanks. However, that doesn't help a layman like myself. I'm very distant from the circuits these organizations travel. I'm not part of corporate culture, nor banking. I understand, "gain buy-in", to mean "agreement or support". So to me that means she may have had to put things on hold while calling this head or that head to get authorization. I'm interested to know more about what specific "resources". Are these people and which people, IT, legal, etc? Are these documents and data? Are the funds or assets? Or is she saying, "we didn't and we were running around trying to get things as Ripple asked for them." It is my ignorance and curiosity. I'm certain for some this is frequent terminology and others word salad. Again, thanks.
  14. Cool, But 0.46 is the resistance, we need to cross 0.46 to see the breakout. Note: I am newbie in prediction, let us see :-)
  15. Wait for it. It could come from Asia waking up or perhaps Friday. Either way, s***’s about to get real (my opinion of course.) I think we are going to have a very nice week 😏
  16. Oh no our bet is still on, we just got enough complaints to warrant booting you is all.
  17. Looks like a penant is forming on the 5 day chart with higher highs and higher lows on XRP/USD. I’m thinking a break out will happen soon.
  18. Bitcoin is like the dipshit silver spoon rich kid who does nothing by his own merit, but drives the nice car and gets into the nice schools all because daddy made it so. Complete garbage but gets all of the fame and fortune.....for what?
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