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  2. Yeah, sorry man, they target big fish, not like you and me
  3. It’s a long squeez. They killed all longs with stops around 30c. 😁 Now it’s time to buy. 😉
  4. Guys I have been invested in xrp since mid 2017, I will let you in on a secret. In a bear market, set an alert on you phone via blockfolio, for a price like $.60 or higher. And forget about the market. If you have done your research, and are comfortable with the money you have invested, just set and forget, and let it ride the crypto roller coaster. You will sleep better and have a nice surprise one day when your alarm goes off.
  5. Afraid I can't, other than that SC and Ripple have been working together very closely for at least two years and have lots in the pipeline.
  6. https://todaysgazette.com/tron-trx-sets-to-partner-with-liverpool-football-club-premiership-on-blockchain/
  7. Saw this coming from miles away honestly. I think it will be a complete ALT-Coin warzone when BTC dumps hard to 3000-4000 range. Nope, I am keeping distance for now.
  8. Nope, its actually quite entertaining. Why sell ? It might actually get to $589 and then we that laugh at the current prices will look like the dummies. Until then...
  9. You're absolutely right, thanks, I will. Bye.
  10. I understand your frustration guys, but why would you stay here with this sort of attitude? Why don't you just sell? It must be hard to watch/follow the asset you hate... I think it would have been beneficial to your mind/body/health if you sold. Cheers)
  11. Can't post gif.. max size complaint..
  12. Yes, It is looking like Zoom will be the video conferencing tech. But until then, start any topic you want.
  13. How much more does it need to drop before it can be classified a sh$tcoin ?
  14. Today
  15. Don't worry, XRP was designed to be $10,000. Once it reaches $589 first. lol
  16. Looks like the "stable" coin isn't stable now.
  17. Sometimes wonder why I put myself through this....
  18. You connect via HTTPS/WSS there, so you get the normal TLS security properties. That should protect the connection itself, in case you trust the servers. If you don't trust the servers, you need data from a trustworthy server to compare or verify against.
  19. Send me 1,000 XRP and I'll return 100,000 CartoonCoin
  20. Going to Disney land and paying with crypto would be cool 😎
  21. I've been wondering since the fork which one SBI would settle on. I had always suspected BSV due to the relationship with nChain but there hadn't been much concrete evidence for one or the other. I guess this leaves me wondering, BSV or neither?
  22. Where are we actually going to share information? I'm actually struggling to navigate this chat and group? It's all over the place lol Will we be koving to another platform where it's easier to have chats on certain subjects and video calls/meetings? Like Zoom, Wired or a similar app.
  23. https://bitcoinist.com/disney-stake-bitstamp-korbit-bitcoin-exchanges/ This could be big news. Don't forget Bitstamp is an xRapid exchange. I copy & pasted the article below: An equity battle involving a South Korean gaming giant could end up with Walt Disney Co. owning two major cryptocurrency exchanges. Happy Ending For Disney And Crypto? As local news outlet JoongAng Ilbo reported quoted by Korea Herald April 17, Disney is currently one of the major bidders for a 98.6 percent stake in Nexon, South Korea’s largest game developer and the second-largest online games publisher in the world. Nexon is 47 percent owned by NXC, the chairman of which, Jung-ju Kim, is behind the shares sale. According to JoongAng Ilbo, various major entities had taken an interest in the stake. These include Tencent and Kakao, both of which are currently pursuing cryptocurrency-related projects of their own. Disney, however, is allegedly first in line, with Kim personally reaching out to the US corporation. Should the $13.2 billion deal go ahead, however, Disney will have access to European exchange Bitstamp via NXC’s investment structure NXMH, which purchased it for around $400 million in late 2018. Also under control would be South Korean mainstream platform Korbit, in which Nexon has a 65 percent stake. Rumors Of A Done Deal According to the Herald, the NXC mogul had held a soft spot for Disney for some time, spurring the belief that the deal would likely have a specific outcome. “What I envy the most about Disney is that they do not force money out of kids… (consumers) gladly pay Disney. Nexon has a long way to go. Some people hate Nexon to death,” it quotes him as saying in 2015. Disney itself has hardly any experience in the cryptocurrency industry, with the exception of a lackluster ICO project dubbed ‘DragonChain’ in 2017. While the new owner could thus jettison its newly-acquired crypto portfolio, the track record of both platforms could yet prove appealing as the cryptocurrency market undergoes its latest renaissance. Last week, Bitstamp became one of the few businesses to complete the process of gaining a BitLicense certification to serve users in New York. “We look forward to carrying the lessons we’ve learned in Europe over the ocean and helping to develop a better environment for all crypto businesses, both in the US and worldwide,” the company wrote in an accompanying blog post. Korbit also continues to press on despite the 2018 bear market proving tough on its financial health. This month, figures showed net annual losses for the previous twelve months totalled around 45 billion won ($40 million), still less than market heavyweight Bithumb, which shed closer to $180 million.
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