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  2. We will see. BTC needs to convincingly breach above 6k, otherwise we don’t have a downtrend reversal. I have been assessing my own hold of XRP and fortunately moved out some of my hold into ADA in Jan. Now I can buy back more XRP which is great (same idea). But keep in mind BTC is facing a large wall of resistance in the short term.....at least on the BTC/USD comparative. On BTC/XRP you are selling XRP which may be a good call since the XRP/BTC ratio is dropping like a rock but that comparative could rebound quickly to the upside and your XRP would buy more BTC in the future.
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  4. Even these giant partner with ripple, they will use xCurrent not XRP……
  5. I know it may seem like a long time to you and me, but the speed this process is moving at is fairly typical of the US court system. In terms of this speed being beneficial, it is hard to say. On one hand, the longer the case takes, the more time the general public (and any presiding judges) has to become aware and learn about this technology and its uses outside of the Silk Road-esque use cases that have been typically associated with Crypto, which IMO is a net positive. On the other hand, I’m sure Ripple would like to resolve this case quickly so that the company can have one less thing to worry about/explain. An additional factor that I think gets overlooked are the optics of the case (I know some people may argue optics shouldn’t matter in court but I live in the real world). One of the main plaintiffs is spending tens of thousands of dollars chasing a ~$500 loss on XRP by suing numerous respected individuals from both the business world and academia (including Susan Athey, who is a John Bates Clark medal recipient). Time will tell what the outcome will be, but I will tell you this - I don’t lose one wink of sleep over this lawsuit.
  6. Do you know if the extended amount of time the lawyers are taking is seen as a benefit in some way? With my non legal background it it would seem to open the door to spurious charges being filed to deliberately affect the market.
  7. That is where this discussion starts to get fun! Personally, I do not want to organize a permanent course. Meaning one that I repeat several times as new people join the XRP community. However, I am 100% supportive of anyone who does want to create a persistent and/or repeatable course like that using the material we all share. Everything I provide or share is absolutely intended for others to take an adapt in order to better educate others. If you'd like to get that adaption process started now, that would be awesome. Just to be clear, should you (or anyone else) decide to put in the work to turn the study group material into a formal course, feel free to charge for or otherwise monetize your work. That was absolutely my intention in starting this project. I'm not looking for credit or compensation.
  8. Actually it was Asheesh Birla (Ripple) that claimed Amazon was a customer and David Schwartz (Ripple) that came up with "two household names".
  9. Hello everyone. My name is James and I believe my background can be of some benefit to this endeavor. I'm a technology educator in both elementary and adult education in Ohio for the last 7 years. My teaching experience includes programming languages, web design and 3D architecture. Within the last 12 months I've been contributing to developing blockchain curriculums at both the University of Cincinnati and 3 local trade schools in the SW Ohio area. In my former life I was an attorney for 8 years practicing primarily in intellectual property and education law. I'm looking to transition my legal experience with my technology teaching to assist in blockchain solutions for elementary and secondary education. Personally knowing how outdated many technological resources are in the field of education; blockchain is a great opportunity and I'd like to find ways to assist in this effort. I've been studying smart contracts extensively and attempting to learn some of the new languages and would like to become a blockchain lawyer within the education field. My XRP contributions include: Twitter: @XRPodcast Podcast: anchor.fm/podcastxrp Many thanks to @BobWay for putting this group together and I look forward to working and interacting with our talented and diverse community here.
  10. I deferred this question deliberately because I wanted everyone to introduce themselves first. Now it looks more than half of the people that emailed me have. I hope you've enjoyed beginning to meet the others. I deliberately made it non-trivial for all of you to find your way here. That is because I wanted people to "self-select" in order to assure everyone else in the study group that they were here to take it seriously and actively participate. Thank you all for "jumping through a few hoops." Each of you: Watched the study group announcement video all the way to the end. You emailed me personally at the address in that video. Came here to XRP Chat and introduced yourselves. Now some of you are helping my organize the study group processes. That gives me 100% confidence that we will all have a great experience. Given the above hoops, I'm pretty sure I know most of your answers. But I'll ask the question anyway: How would you like to participate? At the table - interactive discussion recorded on video for everyone to see Live audience - with periodic voice recorded question opportunities Live Stream - with text based questions relayed through a voice recorded moderator Recorded session - with questions asked and answered later in the forums Given the number of people that have introduced themselves, and presuming we have 2 or 3 sessions, it seems plausible for all of us to participate interactively around a virtual big table. Woot! However, it is perfectly acceptable if you'd prefer to participate in another way. I know some people prefer a little more pseudonymity. (Nobody who introduced themselves is truly "anonymous".)
  11. Can someone please put together a simple presentation about how to use the XRP Ledger from beginning to end and how to covert XRP into other assets or any fiat. We are trying to translate and present it to Spanish speaking people.
  12. I wasn't bashing SBI. I was just laughing (possibly for the relief of stress) at the fact that it doesn't matter which digital asset you look at everyone in the community is waiting on legislation. Which if you think about it has there been a time in history that there is a technology that is waiting not for a government, but for multiple governments to work together in order to solve or enact legislation that allows the use of a technology that would increase the velocity of both payments and settlements, across borders that should in response increase the value of the worldwide economy? Seriously there could have been another time, internet and/or other I don't know. Heck maybe the U.S. along with others are fearful of not being able to control the economy and the movement of money.
  13. I wonder about keeping it as simple as possible, then - use Zoom for live video calls, then post the recordings to YouTube. Links to videos and Q&A can then happen in XRPChat. The main benefit of Moodle would be having a permanent course shell where you can organize information easily in sequence in one place (e.g., if you are planning to upload information in multiple formats- zoom videos, word documents/pdfs, readings, glossary of key terms, quizzes, surveys, live chat, etc.) However, this may not be needed.
  14. It would be great if you two could do that. I'm not the most organized person on the planet. The only constraints I'll add two conflicting and impossible constraints. I'm trying to keep things as open as possible to the rest of the XRP Community. I'd like to avoid syphoning off people from this site. That is why I moved the discussion back here to XRP Chat. I'd like people to be able to watch our progress even if they don't have time to actively participate at this time. The operators and mods have been extremely kind to me here. I feel it would be rude to shift a lot of people's attention elsewhere. Operating the group sessions elsewhere is fine. But I think we should encourage the broader XRP Community to come back here for additional information and question answers. But I'll defer to your operational expertise for making the Study Group a productive learning experience for us all.
  15. I'm happy to pay for the Zoom "Pro" version. I had a discussion with them in online chat. They claim it will work with up to 100 video participants. It creates 4 pages of video thumbnails. I would probably have to set up two computers. One to present and stream from, and another to see everyone's faces. But that won't be a bother and I have great bandwidth. I'd just like a distributed group to test it out, to make sure the video works well in Brazil, Japan, Africa, India, etc. I'm sure it works pretty good inside the US and likely Europe as well. But I really get flummoxed when there are technical difficulties as I'm trying to get started with a presentation.
  16. I added this to the top post for those new to the forum. If you'd like a notification when I post something new. You can "follow me" on the forum.
  17. We can set Moodle up for you and admin it, if we decide to go that direction. I looked at the requirements for Moodle and it looks like a pretty straight forward PHP app that runs on a LAMP stack. I would volunteer server space (assuming we don't need like a massive server) and could sys admin the LMS. Ms. Rabbit is willing to help with the actual course design and organization, as her university uses Moodle. It looks like we would still need some sort of a Zoom or other video conferencing account. It looks like Zoom allows up to 50 users, and videos can be streamed to Moodle, YouTube, and other platforms. I'm not 100%, but it looks like room.sh limits video calls to 6 participants max.
  18. Tell your wife thank you very much for the suggestions. I have zero experience with these products so I was just personally hesitant to look into them. I briefly looked into Google Classroom but was disappointed that it wasn't integrated with any video collaboration tools. Personally, I'm 100% willing to have the study group better organized using a LMS. But I'm don't want to learn or manage the LMS myself. I'd like to spend as much time as I can preparing material and evaluating XRPL client software to use for hands-on examples. If some one wants to set one up a LMS, then tell me how it can just, "show up" and video present to the study group, that would make me very happy. You are right, it might also be a good tool for others to summarize the material after the fact.
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  20. So apparently Jed hasn't sold since the beginning of the year. I actually used the account explorer to look at the four accounts he is known to have (and that have been under the control of Ripple, from what I gather.) That's around 4.7 billion XRP that isn't getting into the market right now, that could be. Now I wonder if it's because he has the expectation that price is headed up. Because otherwise I can't see his motivation not to sell out. Why wouldn't he?
  21. I stared some new threads so that everyone can express their personal preferences. Also so that someone could coordinate the process and work out a good compromise for everyone. Please use the calendar in this forum if it is helpful. If you can't post to it, let me know. I'll try to open it up to everyone. How many sessions? What days do we meet?
  22. Hi Bob, Based on what you are describing, my wife suggested using a learning management solution like Moodle. She uses Moodle for teaching her online and hybrid courses. There are plugins for Zoom, WebEx Meetings, H5P interactive video content, text based chat etc. and the platform allows you to break down content by topic/week. It could be one way to help keep everything organized. Thoughts?
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