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  3. If you understand the snark, do you then also understand the foolishness of your initial proposition? This isn't meant as a personal attack. I just see this statement a lot around the crypto world, and it is nonsensical on its face. How would such an action benefit Ripple? Or anyone other than current holders who are not destroying their own wealth? Burning tokens would simply transfer wealth from those doing the burning to those not doing the burning. It would not do anything to facilitate the protocol's growth. If burning tokens worked to grow the wealth of the protocol, then why not just burn all but a couple thousand? We would all be rich! Unless you are contending that it would somehow spark a speculative influx of new capital. This, I highly doubt. People know astroturf when they see it, especially astroturf this obvious. It would be seen as nothing but a desperate ploy, the death knell of a failed business. I get aggravated by suggestions such as this because they have absolutely no purpose other than personal gain at the expense of others. It is extremely short sighted; the crypto economy, like all economies, is not zero sum. It is possible for everyone to gain. That is what efficiency gains do. They increase the pie so no one needs to sacrifice. Asking one group to sacrifice so another might profit demonstrates a misunderstanding of basic economic principals.
  4. “The ubiquity of QR codes which has led to lower value payments becoming a reality”. Just imagine the standholder in a lokal market to be able to receive small payments from his customers via QR codes using the XRPL ledger en Wietse Winds XUMM. At present a payment with a local ING/ABN AMRO/RABO card costs about € 0,10 per transaction. With approximately 1000 transactions in one month for one standholder he will have to pay the bank at least € 100,- for this service. If customers are using XUMM the transaction costs can be reduced more than tenfold. As a result reducing the standholder monthly costs by at least 90%. That is the power of XRPL with XRP.
  5. Yes, but the behavioral undercurrent will vary based on how individual cryptos were set up. The fact that drew me to BTC back in the day was its fixed supply. Fixed supply + increasing demand = exponential price increase in the long term. Add hodlers to the mix = reduced circulating supply = compounded exponential price increase in the long term. Now take something like BNB, for which both of the above hold true, but then insert quarterly token burn: further compounded exponential price increase in the long term. These cryptos are inherently deflationary and thus excellent for hodling. Now take xrp - it has a fixed supply, it has hodlers, it will presumably have significant real-world utility, it has inherent token burn.... and it also has 1/2 of its supply locked up by Ripple who will gradually release it to the market over the next 15 years. This is the exact factor that is going to be exerting constant downward pressure on the xrp price for some time to come. Yes, there will be periods where hodling+fomo+utility demand greatly exceed the selling pressure and cause the price to moon, but as soon as the dust settles the price will drift back down due to constant and ongoing selling pressure. IMO - this alone is the reason that xrp behaves like it does (dead in the water... until it isn't), and that exact inflationary behavior will continue until all xrp have been released to the market. In other words: 15 more years of bipolar brain damage. On a brighter note, this also means that xrp will continue to be very well suited for swing trading for the next 15 years. Sell the runs into one of the cryptos that are already deflationary, and then buy back in once xrp tanks because it *will* pull back. Rinse and repeat, and enjoy ungodly gains.
  6. 100% agreed. Its the lack off or very poor communication that makes more dammage than they even can imagine. A strong comm, besides chasing the hacker, could have been: Admit your mistakes Admit your full responsability Admit as a result that you must refund ALL claiming victims Explain the plan how you will try to do this, albeit when this has to go overtime The latter could be (helped by present low XRP prices): arrange an option to buy or borrow@ripple the needed XRP otc once you can....
  7. Many cryptos continue to increase or shrink the overall supply, and still have fundamentally justified charts (when you zoom out far). At least with Bitcoin, it is mathematically ingrained into it’s design so you know exactly what is happening at how much and at what time. XRP escrows have a cap of a billion monthly, but at 2% of circulation that can be a significant impact. Don’t forget about those pesky little programmatic sales as well.
  8. Pretty much share the same sentiment. This past correction was warranted, not too many people were expecting a parabolic move by bitcoin soon. I don’t think alts had a chance to tie their shoes and then got caught off guard again with the steep drop following. Gut feeling makes it feel like that bottom for alts is somewhere nearby, but there sure are a lot of external wildcards out there good/bad that can affect attitude abruptly. While all my crypto investments take long positions (what is considered long in the world of crypto anyways?) I appreciate the TA input in this thread by everyone as it has become routine in the efforts to stay up to date and informed within this realm.
  9. The blue (C) is a possible bottom around 3 cent that would lead to an alternative path/wave. A possible legit bottom for the trend I drawed above lies around 16 cent. All TA can provide are possibilities.
  10. Most major platforms allow unicode, such as as Twitter and Reddit. So I'm inclined to say that Coil is doing it correctly when it comes to allowing unicode. And I've used unicode many, many times in my old blogs and on Twitter and Reddit. So honestly, while I sympathize, I don't think there's anything to be done on my end or on Coil's, since what we / I am doing is consistent with best practices already. The client - ie, the program reading the unicode - whatever you're using - should be able to read it? I'd be interested in what a unicode expert has to say on the matter as well, but that's my own take based on my limited knowledge of the topic.
  11. I saw that! Very exciting news. Puma also tweeted this out & lists their new version in the Apple Store.
  12. But if he gets 100 subscribers that is 7K in profits and buy 20k zerps. Not a bad cash out. He can close down his anonymous account and start up a new scam under a new name. I certainly would not pay 5 dollars to get into his private club. He was mostly right about Moneygram, so I will follow his predictions while it is free but I would never pay him money for them.
  13. why would it be stuppid when a multi millionaire would invest in crypto's? It's just a few key strokes on a keyboard, so easy money. And most millionaires and billionaires always want more money, so they should have bin all over the crypto world and boight at least the remaining 3 million bitcoins, but they didn't, so there must be a reason for that.
  14. While I don't disagree with anything you are saying, but he did call the MG and Ripple news. I always take things with a grain of salt, so I don't count what this guy says as the gospel either. However, calling something like he did yesterday with words like "100x bigger than MG" ect ect ect is a bit different. Now you are putting your credibility on the line which is different. He isn't saying things like well XRP is going to be doing big things like you have put it, he is naming specifics. You lose credibility, you lose followers and people remember when you make direct accusations like this. This isn't one of those "Ripple is talking with some big names right now." People get away with that stuff. You don't get away from things like this.
  15. You answered your own question... buying crypto for rich people is stupid
  16. but the millionaires and billionaires are not stuppid, so why don't they all jumped into crypto's and bought the remaining 3 million bitcoins? It's only 30 billion dollar @ 10k a piece , so peanuts for the 2200 billionaires and thousants of millionaires.
  17. What a great analogy @panmores. That’s a great way to describe where we are with crypto in general. Everyone believes that their vision of what will happen in the future should be the only correct vision of what will happen. We base our beliefs off who we listen to, what we read and how we interpret and assimilate everything. I know BG and others have mentioned something to the sorts like this (religion) before but you’ve nailed it here. From my perspective I believe in the future of XRP. It feels like we’re finally getting closer to finding out. XRP Chat is going to be a very interesting place to visit once the determination is finally made. What ever that determination ends up being.
  18. Yes. It was SWIFT FAST and GPI. Whats not said but highly likely is it was and can only be done in Singapore dollars.
  19. https://ambcrypto.com/its-an-exciting-time-to-be-involved-in-cross-border-payments-claims-ripples-sagar-sarbhai/
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