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  2. Maybe ls -lR /tmp/full_history_dmp/ and post here - maybe something will stick out as off, or if not, at least that aspect could be ruled out.
  3. Nice comeback , anything to avoid facing the truth and live in a bubble.
  4. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-crypto-congress/u-s-lawmaker-calls-for-facebook-to-pause-cryptocurrency-project-idUSKCN1TJ2SJ
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  6. Size doesn't matter, I think you already heard that many times..
  7. Its june 2019 now. I dont know if banks used xrp or not. Last time read alot of news about banks are create own coins as jpm coin . What do thinkin all xrp holder. If banks used xrp for the future or not .i hope it will be in the future for mass adoption from xrp . Its good for all of xrp holder. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. Free xrp wallet for investor , who have 30000 xrp. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. Once again, Ripple sitting at the top table. Good things will eventually come from all of this.
  10. http://newsmedax.com/2019/06/19/moneygram-soars-168-from-ripple-investment/?fbclid=IwAR0UcCjmW-QCIu3nIoFNUTOh0YUV1Gx4vG2kYsaQt4emcRXPYbY-DYD-AlA
  11. Well, why do negatives rates exist? It is a choice. If you let private money creators pump a bubble of zombie debt that will never be repaid, then intervene to protect the price level, and your only policy instrument is reducing rates, then yes, you have to deal with negative rates. But again, this is a choice. You can circumvent the entire issue by letting the zombie debt default, performing QE for people to ensure a deflation does not occur, and business with cashflows will survive through consumers spending. Alternatively, you can expand gov spending--but, this is restricted by neoclassical economic theory, which acts to inhibit the gov's ability to offset popping that asset bubble of zombie debt. The assumption that negative rates are inevitable or unavoidable is self-created, circular, and therefore not valid. EDIT: the EU bond issue is more complex, because it is unlikely the EU will survive beyond 2021. So, EU bonds are not risk-free, and so long as the EU does not have a sovereign currency I'd be surprised Libra used EU debt at all.
  12. Watched a PIMCO economist on Bloomberg yesterday call 1% US growth upcoming.
  13. Dilip is so calm when he addresses forums, yet his words are so well chosen that they cannot fail to resonate with those that hear him. He puts complicated concepts into an understanding for the masses, plus he sometimes gives important snippets as to the direction of Ripple (and XRP)
  14. This is a big thing to ignore. Where will they have to go to chase profits after 30+ year bond bull? Maybe in 25 years we will LOAO at the company that decided buying government debt was a swell idea "in 2020, of all years". Or could go the other way like you predict and succeed beyond reason. But don't overvalue the correlation with their current size and power. Black swans like that are a net danger to incumbents, not something they can dictate.
  15. Central Bank Payments Conference Berlin, Germany, 24 - 27 June Organized by (clickable image) http://www.cbpayments.com/
  16. A speculation video from a known xrp maximalist is not proof. Fact is Exim Bank is a small bank with net worth of less than a million that does not even have a banking license in the UK
  17. Let’s join hands and sing together! Arise ye workers from your slumbers Arise ye prisoners of want For reason in revolt now thunders And at last ends the age of cant. Away with all your superstitions Servile masses arise, arise We’ll change henceforth the old tradition And spurn the dust to win the prize. Refrain: So comrades, come rally And the last fight let us face The Internationale unites the human race.
  18. Any proof of this less than a million dollar bank doing anything xrp related?
  19. Ripple is a company, it will never be decentralized. But how would you know, mister AlvaroXRP, you're too busy being a cool contrarian in every single topic.
  20. DS says: That must be why the USD value dropped to 0 in 1971?
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