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  2. Actual question when I paste an image prior to posting it always adds two identical images. Then I have to delete one of them. Is it something I'm doing wrong or is it a just a feature of xrpchat
  3. Looks to me to have got stuck near its 2 year low and struggling to reach .24 after having the worst start to 2020 in the top ten alts which had a good years in 2019. (but it terms of news it has the best start) I believe it will moon one day, and it might start suddenly.
  4. As per https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  5. I think it is more likely to be funded by opportunist anti XRP monoliths looking for a chink in Ripple/xrp armour.
  6. 1st Quarter 2020 $0.31 2nd Quarter 2020 $12.60 3rd Quarter 2020 $1.88 4th Quarter 2020 $0.75
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  8. Source: https://casinocoin.org/brm/
  9. Competition is very good. Ripple has around 300 partners and it's very unlikely that the majority of them will be standing on the sidelines and watch their competitors use blockchain and crypto and save money/time without switching to odl. Regulation and politics could kill ripple, not competition... actually let's hope they come in masses
  10. Seriously though, all this is, is buyers remorse! and should be treated as such
  11. A special kind of idiot if they were thinking they were buying stock in Ripple , especially in 2018 when there was so much information out there to state the opposite
  12. @Cesar1810 You wanted more discussion ? There is lots there.
  13. Actually I do.. people were buying all kind of ponzi schemes in early 2018.. However, suing a company because you were that stupid in believing you were buying their stocks, can only particular sort of idiots
  14. Being in from november 2017 is not that early. Early for general adoption, sure. But where on that curve is a big question. I don't see that much merit in this post. I'm following that same train of thought (but I don't believe this was specifically about XRP). Although I do wonder why they were allowed to run an unregistered security for so long. If it was clear that they sold an unregistered security why did the SEC not subpoena Ripple? It's only the biggest economy in the world, that's all I can't imagine this wouldn't have a major impact.
  15. The "gifting" of XRP can be legitimate; the founders gifted the XRP to the company they founded. This is a legal matter, not a benevolent gift between friends. It was a transmission of ownership not based on the profit of the transaction. Whether or not it holds water in court has nothing to do with the perceived sincerity of the gift or it's worth, only the proper transmission of assets/IP to a company.
  16. Yes, @LeonidasH, thank you and congrats!
  17. "When the regulators told us clearly that something that an ICO that begins as a security can later be declared not a security, they might well have been thinking of XRP." Why does it matter? For me it's obvious they are talking about xrp.
  18. So the Visa token is not a cryptocurrency, so to speak, it is a online TX token that they are putting on blockchain for security's sake. It represents a card, or perhaps the card transaction, but it is not the transfer of value itself, just a secure record. This "token" will never be on an exchange; it's an ID security protocol for the internet. The W3C has been working to standardize some of these things.
  19. Cycle analysis point of interest regarding my chart... You will notice that the pivots form triangles (dotted yellow lines). When there is no trend, ie price is flat, the high-point of the triangle is roughly mid-way between the lows. When the trend is down, the mid-point skews to the left and when it is up the high pivot skews to the right. This can be used as confirmation of the underlying trend and also indicative of it's strength. Another point of confirmation is the direction of the envelopes, ie. red, green and blue.
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