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  2. Can you buy stock in ripple? no. Is ripple a public company? no
  3. they don't need to. they can just type another percentage in the sell bot's algorithm.
  4. Now it just feels like you’re dodging questions and trying to plug in other maxi scripts to fill gaps in your pointless point.
  5. Was looking for this as well. "Prove they're not giving it away" is probably one of the most absurd things I have heard on this forum. The ignorance on here can be astounding at times.
  6. Page 8 of this doc: https://ripple.com/files/xrp_cost_model_paper.pdf "$10 million one-time cost of deploying Ripple and a payback period of less than 15 months." And I just want to add that arguing in bad faith like you've been doing does not serve to impress the other folks on this forum, so button it up and spend 5 seconds doing a Google search like an adult because it makes us all smarter and it makes you look less like a child.
  7. I'm not the one making a claim, you are. No one knows for sure because as a private company they aren't required to report their revenues. There are good reasons for not disclosing what they charge for software (if anything). Maybe they're giving away xRapid right now, but I really doubt that xCurrent is free. The fact that they have different access levels suggests that they are charging for the services: https://ripple.com/ripplenet/join-the-network/
  8. Exactly. Do they live off of Federal Research Grants? No. How can they offer top talent million $$ sign-on bonuses? How can they donate $$ millions to various charities? How can they pay for their global presence and existing talent? Money has to come from somewhere.
  9. Pick one : - Ripple got a tons of XRP and nobody to use them - Ripple got less XRP and an entire ecosystem to use it build around XRP and their products. More they sell XRP now to atttact new customers the higher the price will be in the long term because the use will increase. Not short term good news. Long term good news ( 3 to 5 years is now 2 to 4 years also )
  10. Unless you already have bitcoin, and the going price is higher than you bought. Ehh. I'm more interested in sending fiat from my Korean bank account and have the merchant receive whatever fiat they require without having to do a foreign exchange and remittance.
  11. Prove they are not giving it away. Speculation is like that— double-edged. I’ve read more about Ripple that suggests to me they are giving away their software to create a “network effect” —which can be Googled.
  12. I dont see any point being made besides semantics which any level headed individual can understand the original meaning of 'fundamental'. @XRPto50dollars didnt use the words good or great. He said SOUND, not perfect. Sound, and I have never once heard him ever say, “big institutions bringing the price down on purpose to get the little guys to sell” nor have I ever heard him say BUY BUY BUY.
  13. @lacekim11 why can’t you provide us with specific information about your intent of using the information you’re requesting? It should not be difficult at all but you refuse to list the purpose of your inquiry. Again, how do you intend to use this information? Why do you need to know this information? Who will benefit from this information? Who will lose? Answering these questions with very detailed responses could get you farther in your effort with this community.
  14. I believe they cut the cost of joining Xrapid which in my books was a good decision. They do not need to live off revenue from selling software (peanuts by comparison) because they own 40 Billion XRP which need to be distributed. It makes a lot of sense at this stage in the business cycle to spend money from sales of distributing XRP to build the ecosystem and customer base.
  15. Im down with #2 as well... Sounds to me like a discord group would work. (where there is a live chat channel and a typing chat channel.) Thoughts?
  16. look, open source XRP. Proprietary ripple net.
  17. But he has a point. Does ripple fundamentals really look good? We are basing all this on their future potential utilities which is not even 100% all I head when the price goes down future is to buy or it’s the “big institutions bringing the price down on purpose to get the little guys to sell” you know how many time I have heard this the last 15 months
  18. Again you are assuming they are giving it away. As I said, that is pure speculation.
  19. XCurrent is not free as far as Im aware
  20. How can Ripple generate revenue from software sales if they’re giving it away?
  21. Where would it go? I don't understand how you came to that conclusion.
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