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  2. Bitcoin moving sideways and down last few days. Times like this when I'm looking for direction I look to Litecoin to see what it's doing. Litcoin is still above it's short term upward trend line and recovering. On Thursday when I posted this Litecoin was $70 it's $75 now - if you followed the advice in this post - take profits now or wait till $80 but you're in the money 7%. Been a little spooked by the Coronavirus for the last two weeks or so. Will a world wide pandemic be positive or negative for Bitcoin/crypto? It's the kind of situation that makes money irrelevant. Don't know if I'm being paranoid bu t I'd guess we're about 2-3 weeks from being on lock down in the US. I home I'm wrong. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/cases-covid-19-south-korea-double-overnight-alarming-prison-outbreak-reported-china Trading advice for this tragedy. - Supply chain disruptions/total breakdown. Shipping delays/stoppages. Travel restrictions. Tourism/Luxury items will go down - essentials and drug companies should rise in price. Airlines? who is gonna want to fly or be in an airport? Obviously if you have a company that makes rubber gloves, masks or disinfectant it is almost impossible to meet demand. Again I hope I am being alarmist. Stay safe guys.
  3. It's like AC vs DC current. They both have there uses, but which is better for what situation has yet to be determined.
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  5. LOL, that's funny... I'm somewhere between the frat boy and the boomer dad, but I agree entirely with your thesis. I do still have high hopes for the effect of ODL, particularly so if the adoption continues at the rate that it has been. I think we are seeing just the very beginning of exponential adoption.
  6. Hi all I went with two friends on an epic trip from Germany to Mongolia with a crappy car (Renault Kangoo) two summers ago. It took us 52 days and >20,000 kilometers. We went through Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgysztan, Kazakhstan and Russia to get there. We made some nice very footage (incl. drone) and I'm currently writing up the story on Coil. Have a look at it! Currently available episodes: The Beginning Eastern Europe Turkey Have fun & I'm looking forward to comments (or questions?)!
  7. Ok... So that's tefBAD_AUTH: "The key used to sign this account is not authorized to modify this account. (It could be authorized if the account had the same key set as the Regular Key.)" The wording of that is not fully clear to me, but it looks like the account that you think is the regular key is not actually set to be the regular key. If you enter the public address of your main account into Bithomp, it will display the public address of the regular key assigned to it (The "Regular key:" field in the Information panel). Does that match with the public address of the secret that you're using to sign the transaction? (To check this, go Bithomp Tools, Offline, and paste the secret key in, and it will show you the public address underneath.)
  8. Triangles have been pretty brutal recently in their predictive success and, has been pointed out relentlessly by some of more my more adoring fans on this forum, I have made a number of incorrect calls on them. Nonetheless, I am seeing another forming over the last few days and I am going to keep calling them when I see them. Price oscillations are tightening, volume is dropping, all the typical hallmarks of a symmetrical triangle. The apex of this triangle is around 6 AM tomorrow morning (EST). This triangle has a 2 cent width and so the target for a breakout would be either $0.29ish or $0.25ish depending on the direction of the break.
  9. That's a great news. Ethereum is leading smart contracts platform and that may bring wider adoption of blockchain technology and add new features to xrp ecosystem. I don't really get it why people treat other blockchain - crypto solutions like they are enemies.
  10. This is a good point that doesn’t get talked a lot, especially the respect part. BTC has to be earned which is still open for anyone to do that. It also has a mathematical programmed circulation supply (stock to flows) that can be predicted with relative accuracy. 100 billion xrp being created out of thin air and in which Ripple, its founders, and angel investors having first dibs does not sit well with a lot of people when discussions arise about it being a store of value. XRP in the long run will really have to depend on it’s ability as a bridge asset and other use cases such as streaming payments. If it becomes a median of exchange when changing currencies frequently and long enough, maybe it will be slowly accepted as a median of exchange to purchase anything one day. But that is xrp utopia, and not what my investment is based on. ODL increasing, corridors opening up, and a psychological BTC driven bull run is why I am hodling.
  11. First thanks for sharing, I found this to be a brilliant talk, unfortunately with too little time. Regarding @Tinyaccount's concerns I agree with @jn_r - nicely summarized! Fees and decentralisation don't necessarily prevent the liveliness of the XRPL decreasing. We had the case with the BTC IOUs for a few weeks, then the number of tx per ledger increased to ~400. That increased the operating cost for validators, and if a validator is not operated from a well funded institution but e.g. a private person that might lead to less validators ensuring robustness of the network. Same for DDoS. That's why you need the natural stakehodlers of the XRPL (e.g. FlashFX, moneygram) contributing to it's robustness and not free-riding. I would expect though that the more well-funded institutions, i.e. large businesses, rely more and more on the XRPL, the higher the risk will be for the XRPL halting, the more incentivized they will to stop free-riding and actually contributing.
  12. Ok, I'm not a professional consensus designer, just having a interest in the topic, so I hope my wording is ok. But what I mean is: What I understood is that not that long ago almost 6 validators were brought to their knees because of some spam attack and some other coincidental happenings (which I don't know what they were). So sabotaging could possibly be done by either spamming the network with messages, or otherwise you could try to a classic ddos on the IP-ports of the validators in question or target their locations (granted you must know where they are located or on which IP, but that seems not entirely impossible, knowing who the owners of the validators are). I don't think badly formed transactions will bring the network down, but if not enough validators are available to reach a quorum of 80% then the network will halt, because no new ledgers will be created. If the network doesn't continue or is halted, then it is no longer 'alive'.It could be revived though after some time, e.g. by changing the UNL If you compare with the current POW from Bitcoin or Ethereum, you could argue that for POW it doesn't matter if you bring a lot of mining-pools down, the liveness of the network is guaranteed because every node can become a miner, it doesn't need intervention from a central party. Network might slow down, though, because the needed hash-power is less available. In that regard it is comparable with the liveness of XRPL, both XRPL-consensus and POW are in danger of temporary halting the network by bringing elements in the network down, which might take some time to fix. But the difference is that in POW there is no need for additional agreement, new miners just start mining. in XRPL-consensus we need agreement on a new or adjusted UNL
  13. First of all, $10,00. Second of all, he did not say it. He retweeted someone elses post. Third of all, the 'in the blink of an eye' response was to SBI VC becoming #1 in Japan. So far your research...
  14. Can I just say btw that I really appreciate that there are some people... aye-epp is clearly one, that can disagree and debate without getting petty and personal. It’s a real pleasure for me to find people like that. It makes up for those others...
  15. Let me start by saying that I think you know far more about this than I do. That said... I’m unsure what you mean. I don’t understand how the attackers sabotage the network? Spam it? That’s handled by fee escalation. DDOS? That’s handled by decentralisation. Badly formed trans or continuous disagreement? Consensus ignores the bad actor and the good nodes stop listening. So you mention this liveliness and I’m assuming you mean dragging the network consensus down in some way... what way is that?
  16. Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-accused-of-facilitating-illegal-gambling-what-are-the-odds
  17. It would be helpful if you could provide some screenshots of what you are doing. Check against this
  18. I kinda agree that the correctness / validity of the network is sound and that there is no incentive from within the network to be gained by attacking the network. But considering the liveness of the network: An attacker can sabotage the network if he wants to. Reasons why to attack can be as simple as 'hate' (still some of that available in toxic blockchain universe), political (not in my country) or incentives from outside the network. DDOS-ing or sabotaging the network (disable >20% of the validators from the dUNL) could devalue the price of XRP, an event that can be made profitable in other ways outside the XRPLedger network. That said, an argument could be made that this 'liveness' issue can also be solved in others ways than an incentive model like POW or POS. If you are ok with - Ripple singlehandedly changing the d(ynamic)UNL such that >80% of the validators are available again or - Allowing the network to be down for a longer period until all important nodes adjust themselves manually to another agreed upon UNL, then we're fine and we do not need incentives. But I think there is still room and need for improvement, so imo, argument made, but not conclusive.
  19. 100% @Gamblord ....your co-workers and taxi drivers could be leveraged into talking about XRP through stories about BTC rises,...and through stories about the birth of the Internet of Value and ODL. So far it has all been the former, but the latter is a very sexy story that ultimately is a more powerful pull than the BTC story (which is tarnished by the environmental issue and money laundering memes) XRP has two bites of the cherry, BTC only one.
  20. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/xpring-building-bridges-trying-to-build-a-thriving-blockchain-ecosystem/
  21. Ripple IPO will have to wait until there's clarification on the securities case. I assume we can get a dismissal ruling in the next few weeks, CA has a 90 day limit if I am not mistaken, so a decision can possibly come before April. In any case, if the case is not dismissed I suppose Ripple will probably settle and get this liability out of the way. Once the settlement is done, SEC can make a statement about the current situation of XRP and highlight that it is not a security. Ripple has already stopped XRP sales since September 2019 (only OTC deals to partners in developing markets, no market sales). Then Ripple can file for an IPO in say June/July.
  22. The result now is transaction public key is not authorized
  23. Every paid CONSENSYS shill is giving two f's about ripple or bridges. They are only interested in their own financial gain. I wish ripple would stop giving them attention and money. https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/2020/02/08/udi-wertheimer-shames-consensys-and-ethereum-for-paying-trolls-online-to-maximalize-ethereum/ Google consensys shills and you will get job openings for the consensys bot army as first result lol
  24. 'Guys...' you're really giving it your best trying to convince 'the guys' on this forum his 'TA is trash'. We like the TA for entertainment during a somewhat dull market and to view scenarios. It's not about being correct all the time in hindsight. You don't like it? Don't come to this thread. Or start contributing something yourself to this forum because until now you're only leeching and seeking conflict.
  25. And as for my TA, I follow the molten school of thought; It will go up but could do down. 😂
  26. I only comment when he makes false/exaggerated/out of context claims about his previous calls. If that means you are reading a lot of me, make your own conclusions.
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