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  2. There's 170K tonnes of gold roughly. 32K oz. in a tonne, which is 5.4B oz. If you take 5.4% of the gold price given that supply we're at roughly $75. I'll take that and the absinthe you're consuming.
  3. Thief accessed our accounts using RippleTradeClient software. Ripple decommissioned that software later date. We lost close to 1.5 million XRP's. we contacted GateHub through email only. Since they registered in UK. We couldn't find any attorney in US to deal with them.
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  5. I did. I missed it....In fact I never heard of it, until now. Yeah, think I'll flip all my BTC and XRP into Startercoin......crazy. #sarcasm
  6. What kind of mental gymnastics is this? If another coin founder started dumping their coins at such "low prices" people here would call it an exit scam but since it's ripple they are being "charitable". Dafaq
  7. Technically BTC has definitely broken down now this evening. If the support at 9275-ish doesn't hold we have weak support at about 8750 and below that around 7500. A very ugly double top completing now. I've decided to hodl. I expected a real shakeout coming up off the December 2018 low at some point, we talked about it in the spring.....but we're getting it now. The drawdown seems to be across the board. I saw no exceptions in the top 100 just now. Nothing to rotate into except cash, and I'm willing to give the market some time to bounce. Even if I decided to sell, I'd at least wait for a bounce from these levels. XRP is holding up better than most, but after giving back 30% in a couple of weeks, that's little comfort.
  8. You obviously didn't actually watch/read any of it..
  9. Price dropping..can't handle reality..need to live in a hopium bubble....runnn
  10. Yep need other fools to buy our heavy bags like in January 2018 to gain money..oh wait!
  11. What a massive joke, source is some shill chain link Twitter crap and also a 4chan link lollll
  12. Why don't I see this all over the internet if it were ripple there would be over saturation of the news. https://nulltx.com/payfast-removes-bitcoin-payments-due-to-inherent-technical-flaws-and-shortcomings/
  13. Just after my first post Trump, Mnuchin and BG came out with some interesting words ....It got me thinking what if: All major global financial institutions (fed, cb's, imf, wb, bis, etc...), their national treasury counterparts and to big to fail corporations have decided to adopt XRP. Ripple gifts large blocks of XRP to the China, England, US and so on. They (tptb) then halt trading for XRP on all exchanges, declare a peg of XRP at lets say,,, hmmm10k (for grins and giggles), XRP becomes a global bridge asset for nations, financial institutions and corporates, XRP can no longer be purchased on exchanges by the average investor. Then nations reprimand (demand exchange of) XRP from current holders for digital fiat at a fraction of the 10k peg..... ahahahahahahhaha - oh wait crap. Gold backed XRP - The Standard. (hodl)
  14. I don’t even know what that is , or does 😂
  15. To beat paywalls I recommend people use outline.com. It's also beneficial to skipping links to websites that contain annoying ads. Simply copy the link of the original article and in your browser window type www.outline.com/<copy & paste the full link here> and you'll be redirected to a nicely formatted page that contains only the contents of the article irrespective of the paywall. https://outline.com/BrNZTj
  16. Delusional. Libra is going to be a pump and dump of all pump and dumps. Biiiiiiiiiiittttconnnnecccccttttttttttt. Yes this whitepaper that talks about "plans" is going to take over in about 6 years when it actually launches.
  17. BAT is looking cheap again around $.20. Bought in long ago at $.35 and road it all the way down to the low teens. Then bought some more and watched it rocket back up into the $.40's. Cashed out and made a little profit, but I really like the whole concept they are taking on. Of all the projects I've researched only XRP and BAT were the two that looked even remotely promising from a utility and disruption standpoint. Anything else I put my money into I didn't actually believe in and was just looking to get in and out and rake some profit. The only issue with BAT is I'd like to see the publisher get more than a share of the ad revenue from the user. I think the user should be able to tip the publisher similar to Coil and maybe allow the Publishers to provide their own mechanic to reward regular visitors. Similar to a rewards program that gets you your free coffee a few times a month. IMHO people would use it. Especially if they target the mobile market over everything else. Sorry random thoughts
  18. the previous round wasn't much publicized like this one. for the past 2 years we heard hacks happening at gatehub but not many people pay attention mainly people are very sure it was the user who did not turn on 2fa etc. now we know gatehub security has issue in a big way. it's interesting to see what they going to do this time about it.
  19. desperate for karma, fine i'll give you a like.
  20. And in five years time I’ll be interested in passing the Hopium pipe with @bryce because I’ll be retired and be able to. Today I just have to watch it pass...but I do love to hang out while it circulates. Hope you’re right @bryce...we shall see.
  21. On a board, I know nobody on.... not selling or pushing anything? There is nothing to gain from me coming here and saying this, just thought I’d let people know what happened.
  22. I’m not getting my panties all up in a wad and my jets are cool. Wait...I have panties and jets? That Forbes article was pure rubbish.
  23. We all feel doubts and sometimes wonder if we are lemons. This is not a personal failure, it is just part of being willing to be a trailblazer. The sort of personality that wins. You have chosen to go into uncharted territory and work inside unregulated markets controlled by whales. Your entry points are guesswork because XRP has no fundamental value but if we have judged it right the rewards will be huge. Prices are not a good guide to telling us if Ripple have got their strategy right!
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