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  2. I’m not gonna worry about that. When things get too crazy I can just log out. But I don’t disagree with you.
  3. Yeah sorry I’m feeling lazy right now... I and many others have explained it many times to folks like you who just arrived and don’t understand it quite yet. I think there is a FAQ page here. Unfortunately the info is all scattered. But tldr: Ripple sell to distribute... its got to be done. They sell only tiny amounts (relative to volume) into daily volume. They sold all the way up through the bull run and down afterwards... so clearly the sales don’t stop price rises. But lately they have copped flak about it and currently have decided to cut OTC sales from escrow. Escrow that is not used just goes back into escrow for another 55 months, increasing adoption and usage will mean that at some point in the next few years it’s likely there will not be enough released each month. As soon as that happens irrespective of what the price has already achieved, it will climb dramatically. Try using the search here for thread titles with escrow... you’ll get more and better info than my tldr that way.
  4. I will look for furhter information in the forum. regards.
  5. Is SAGA trustless? Decentralised? Does it make pre-funding unneeded? Does it transfer value instead of liability? Is it backed by something different than fiat? Will it bear non-fiat interest? Is a 100% reserve ratio guaranteed? Will I be owning the key of it? I think many of these questions can be answered no, which is why I don't view SAGA as an XRP competitor. I also don't think SAGA will be the Synthetic Hegemonic Currency Mark Carney (BoE) talked about.
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  7. I will miss your posts, but agree with the substance of what you are saying. A few months ago it looked as if XRP was ready to start going up, but I think we were wrong and that XRP is still in an accumulation phase that shows little sign of ending soon. It will end suddenly - no idea when though! I have learnt a lot from you posts.
  8. But unfortunately not the whole or correct story. I can’t be bothered explaining it but if you read up around here you’ll find you have it totally wrong.
  9. The reason the price went down is not because of the escrow releases. The fact it went up unnaturaly to $ 3,50 is. Bubbles growing like that drop/correct. Ripple was selling XRP during the enormous growth in 2017. Bearmarkets come after bullmarkets and especially hard after parabolic growths. Look at the BTC charts for example. It always dropped around 85% after a boom since 2010. Escrow release does put downward pressure on price however. The pressure is only a couple of percentages on daily volume, but it does exist. To say that that solely made the price drop is incorrect imo. Bitcoin for example mines 1800 BTC per day and are released onto the markets to pay for electricity bills (equals 13,5mln dollars of pressure per day, =405mln per month). Ethereum (and other coins) all mine new coins into the market 24/7. Always done that. If you look at the entire crypto market, every altcoin boomed in 2017 and dropped 90%+ after that.
  10. Good morning. I just joined this forum to discuss the question posed in this thread. I have my own opinion and maybe a confrontation could be useful for me too. I have bought some XRP at 0,26€ price in October. I did it as medium to long term (5 to 10 years) investment just based on the fact that people follow the current and I thought this would lead the price up. I was too impulsive and did not collect enough information on the cryptocurrency world and XRP in particular.. Some days ago I have found the story of ESCROWs and just realised that ripple is releasing 1 bln xrp every month since Jan 2018. Last 1bln ESCROW will be released in Jan 2020 and then, starting form Feb 2020 it's the time for 500 mln ESCROWs until Feb 2024. So it's not a surprise that XRP dropped from 3,2$ to present 0,22$ exactly when ripple began to release ESCROWs. Now price seems to go down but much less sharply (this is a good indication IMO, because supply through ESCROWs is continuing). My point is that until ripple releases further XRPs through the ESCROWs, XRP will NOT go up, because any demand will be fed by new released money. What will then happen depends on the real usage and if further ESCROWs will be released (in fact ripple states that unused XRPs will be put in new ESCROWs and re-released after the last foreseen ESCROW has been released). This means that this supply may go on until we are all retired... This is my opinion and I will be very glad to read different ones just to increase my knowledge on the topic. Maybe I will realize that I am wrong and ESCROWs are not the main reason of this drop. Kind regards.
  11. It is a scam (probability 99,999999999999%). I hope you didn't make it yourself.
  12. The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) is getting specific about how it will update its controversial virtual currency license. https://www.coindesk.com/new-york-regulator-details-changes-to-contentious-bitlicense NYDFS explains how to promote listing of altcoins. Below are two suggestions. (1) Regarding BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, PAX, and GUSD already posted on the DFS website, each licensed company can be listed without need for NYDFS approval in advance. (White list system) Japanese Financial Services Agency has also created whitelist. It is similar. https://www.dfs.ny.gov/apps_and_licensing/virtual_currency_businesses/pr_guidance_regarding_listing_of_vc (2) Each licensed company proposes specific listing process policies for each brand in line with its operational model and risk. If the policy is approved by NYDFS, the operator can make listing as “self-approved” without prior permission from DFS. (Self-approval system)
  13. Excellent choice. I used to be very active in commenting on forums and decided to take a step back as well. Sometimes spending too much time in these forums, when market sentiment is bad, is worse than the price itself. It's almost as if you want to sell because the forums are wearing you out more than the lack of price appreciation. Well done.
  14. William Stanley Jevons paradox: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jevons_paradox
  15. Excited to see how far CasinoCoin will go in 2020.
  16. If you have any Decent holdings I wouldn’t recommend this. Too many exchanges being hacked
  17. Put a sell order in for $10 and switch off for a few months. Imagine your surprise when you log back in, or not.
  18. @Molten not a bad idea. I’ve had the same thoughts recently too. I think the journey to the price I’m hoping for will be a lot longer regularly checking. I just worry I might miss the rocket and have it crash before I check back in.
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