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  2. https://bitcoinist.com/disney-stake-bitstamp-korbit-bitcoin-exchanges/ This could be big news. Don't forget Bitstamp is an xRapid exchange. I copy & pasted the article below: An equity battle involving a South Korean gaming giant could end up with Walt Disney Co. owning two major cryptocurrency exchanges. Happy Ending For Disney And Crypto? As local news outlet JoongAng Ilbo reported quoted by Korea Herald April 17, Disney is currently one of the major bidders for a 98.6 percent stake in Nexon, South Korea’s largest game developer and the second-largest online games publisher in the world. Nexon is 47 percent owned by NXC, the chairman of which, Jung-ju Kim, is behind the shares sale. According to JoongAng Ilbo, various major entities had taken an interest in the stake. These include Tencent and Kakao, both of which are currently pursuing cryptocurrency-related projects of their own. Disney, however, is allegedly first in line, with Kim personally reaching out to the US corporation. Should the $13.2 billion deal go ahead, however, Disney will have access to European exchange Bitstamp via NXC’s investment structure NXMH, which purchased it for around $400 million in late 2018. Also under control would be South Korean mainstream platform Korbit, in which Nexon has a 65 percent stake. Rumors Of A Done Deal According to the Herald, the NXC mogul had held a soft spot for Disney for some time, spurring the belief that the deal would likely have a specific outcome. “What I envy the most about Disney is that they do not force money out of kids… (consumers) gladly pay Disney. Nexon has a long way to go. Some people hate Nexon to death,” it quotes him as saying in 2015. Disney itself has hardly any experience in the cryptocurrency industry, with the exception of a lackluster ICO project dubbed ‘DragonChain’ in 2017. While the new owner could thus jettison its newly-acquired crypto portfolio, the track record of both platforms could yet prove appealing as the cryptocurrency market undergoes its latest renaissance. Last week, Bitstamp became one of the few businesses to complete the process of gaining a BitLicense certification to serve users in New York. “We look forward to carrying the lessons we’ve learned in Europe over the ocean and helping to develop a better environment for all crypto businesses, both in the US and worldwide,” the company wrote in an accompanying blog post. Korbit also continues to press on despite the 2018 bear market proving tough on its financial health. This month, figures showed net annual losses for the previous twelve months totalled around 45 billion won ($40 million), still less than market heavyweight Bithumb, which shed closer to $180 million.
  3. Also, plaintiff (if you are reading this and not yet a chat member) please register with user name XRPlaintiff and open a subject with title "SEC? yeah you know me!" I will be looking forward to chatting with you. Sincerely, I. M. Nuts
  4. I keep seeing this topic on the main page and really want to comment in here but I do not know what to say and am afraid of incriminating myself.
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  6. Such a good point! Ironically, it might be popular belief that I am quick to the trigger to call out "fud" when I see an exhausted headline and a brand new member posting.... I am going to turn a new leaf... and even if this plaintiff joins XRPchat and opens a topic about the SEC or the Escrow, or the amount of coins....... I am going to look at it objectively and hear what he has to say.... thank you everybody for helping me see that I might just be uptight and nervous about my investment. From here on out, a new me will be present.... You guys are the best!
  7. Thanks for your intellectual and well thought-out input. Can you tell us more?
  8. I have a cactus named Ripple. I decided to go with a plant that is much easier to maintain. Like XRP, give it a little attention every few weeks, and check back every so often.
  9. We will see. BTC needs to convincingly breach above 6k, otherwise we don’t have a downtrend reversal. I have been assessing my own hold of XRP and fortunately moved out some of my hold into ADA in Jan. Now I can buy back more XRP which is great (same idea). But keep in mind BTC is facing a large wall of resistance in the short term.....at least on the BTC/USD comparative. On BTC/XRP you are selling XRP which may be a good call since the XRP/BTC ratio is dropping like a rock but that comparative could rebound quickly to the upside and your XRP would buy more BTC in the future.
  10. Even these giant partner with ripple, they will use xCurrent not XRP……
  11. I know it may seem like a long time to you and me, but the speed this process is moving at is fairly typical of the US court system. In terms of this speed being beneficial, it is hard to say. On one hand, the longer the case takes, the more time the general public (and any presiding judges) has to become aware and learn about this technology and its uses outside of the Silk Road-esque use cases that have been typically associated with Crypto, which IMO is a net positive. On the other hand, I’m sure Ripple would like to resolve this case quickly so that the company can have one less thing to worry about/explain. An additional factor that I think gets overlooked are the optics of the case (I know some people may argue optics shouldn’t matter in court but I live in the real world). One of the main plaintiffs is spending tens of thousands of dollars chasing a ~$500 loss on XRP by suing numerous respected individuals from both the business world and academia (including Susan Athey, who is a John Bates Clark medal recipient). Time will tell what the outcome will be, but I will tell you this - I don’t lose one wink of sleep over this lawsuit.
  12. Do you know if the extended amount of time the lawyers are taking is seen as a benefit in some way? With my non legal background it it would seem to open the door to spurious charges being filed to deliberately affect the market.
  13. That is where this discussion starts to get fun! Personally, I do not want to organize a permanent course. Meaning one that I repeat several times as new people join the XRP community. However, I am 100% supportive of anyone who does want to create a persistent and/or repeatable course like that using the material we all share. Everything I provide or share is absolutely intended for others to take an adapt in order to better educate others. If you'd like to get that adaption process started now, that would be awesome. Just to be clear, should you (or anyone else) decide to put in the work to turn the study group material into a formal course, feel free to charge for or otherwise monetize your work. That was absolutely my intention in starting this project. I'm not looking for credit or compensation.
  14. Actually it was Asheesh Birla (Ripple) that claimed Amazon was a customer and David Schwartz (Ripple) that came up with "two household names".
  15. Hello everyone. My name is James and I believe my background can be of some benefit to this endeavor. I'm a technology educator in both elementary and adult education in Ohio for the last 7 years. My teaching experience includes programming languages, web design and 3D architecture. Within the last 12 months I've been contributing to developing blockchain curriculums at both the University of Cincinnati and 3 local trade schools in the SW Ohio area. In my former life I was an attorney for 8 years practicing primarily in intellectual property and education law. I'm looking to transition my legal experience with my technology teaching to assist in blockchain solutions for elementary and secondary education. Personally knowing how outdated many technological resources are in the field of education; blockchain is a great opportunity and I'd like to find ways to assist in this effort. I've been studying smart contracts extensively and attempting to learn some of the new languages and would like to become a blockchain lawyer within the education field. My XRP contributions include: Twitter: @XRPodcast Podcast: anchor.fm/podcastxrp Many thanks to @BobWay for putting this group together and I look forward to working and interacting with our talented and diverse community here.
  16. I deferred this question deliberately because I wanted everyone to introduce themselves first. Now it looks more than half of the people that emailed me have. I hope you've enjoyed beginning to meet the others. I deliberately made it non-trivial for all of you to find your way here. That is because I wanted people to "self-select" in order to assure everyone else in the study group that they were here to take it seriously and actively participate. Thank you all for "jumping through a few hoops." Each of you: Watched the study group announcement video all the way to the end. You emailed me personally at the address in that video. Came here to XRP Chat and introduced yourselves. Now some of you are helping my organize the study group processes. That gives me 100% confidence that we will all have a great experience. Given the above hoops, I'm pretty sure I know most of your answers. But I'll ask the question anyway: How would you like to participate? At the table - interactive discussion recorded on video for everyone to see Live audience - with periodic voice recorded question opportunities Live Stream - with text based questions relayed through a voice recorded moderator Recorded session - with questions asked and answered later in the forums Given the number of people that have introduced themselves, and presuming we have 2 or 3 sessions, it seems plausible for all of us to participate interactively around a virtual big table. Woot! However, it is perfectly acceptable if you'd prefer to participate in another way. I know some people prefer a little more pseudonymity. (Nobody who introduced themselves is truly "anonymous".)
  17. Can someone please put together a simple presentation about how to use the XRP Ledger from beginning to end and how to covert XRP into other assets or any fiat. We are trying to translate and present it to Spanish speaking people.
  18. I wasn't bashing SBI. I was just laughing (possibly for the relief of stress) at the fact that it doesn't matter which digital asset you look at everyone in the community is waiting on legislation. Which if you think about it has there been a time in history that there is a technology that is waiting not for a government, but for multiple governments to work together in order to solve or enact legislation that allows the use of a technology that would increase the velocity of both payments and settlements, across borders that should in response increase the value of the worldwide economy? Seriously there could have been another time, internet and/or other I don't know. Heck maybe the U.S. along with others are fearful of not being able to control the economy and the movement of money.
  19. I wonder about keeping it as simple as possible, then - use Zoom for live video calls, then post the recordings to YouTube. Links to videos and Q&A can then happen in XRPChat. The main benefit of Moodle would be having a permanent course shell where you can organize information easily in sequence in one place (e.g., if you are planning to upload information in multiple formats- zoom videos, word documents/pdfs, readings, glossary of key terms, quizzes, surveys, live chat, etc.) However, this may not be needed.
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