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  2. Another update resp. new chart in which I have adjusted my Elliott counting a bit and included the descending triangle. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/xDaO9HNX-XRP-bear-trap-of-descending-triangle/
  3. That's just life. Any one of us could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Even if you never go outside, your ceiling might collapse. We are already above the OP's selling price. No risk = no reward. Such is life.
  4. Possibly....who knows what the price will do. He or she may be right, cashing out at .32 is great if it drops to .22 for the next year. Then drops to pennies after. It’s a speculative market. And yours or my hopes of a price is irrelevant. Those that said you’re crazy for selling at 2.50 as the “knife was falling” we’re idiots a year and a half ago. But as time went on, who here wished they sold at 2.50? Even if it was just to hold and buyback at .28 cents (which we were just a few weeks ago)? There is only one true predictor of xrp’s price. Not some dude with a well explained TA, or a ripple employee, or anyone on this blog. TIME is the only true predictor..... hopefully you’re right. And if so, he or she may kick themselves for holding so long then selling. But then again, the hodlr’s might be in the exact same situation we were in just a year ago.......wishing we would have sold when we could....
  5. It's a psychological phenomenon known as 'affirmation'. He wants us to tell him that he/she made the right decision. Of course, now that he has sold the price will rocket up, and for that I thank him or her.
  6. I'm sure it is a big relief to have come out. Your life will forever be changed.
  7. No their not. Their “insiders” that create Twitter accounts, tweet some cryptic stuff, and follow him. From there they pose as insiders as he gives them recognition and they feed him more trolling messages. He doesn’t vet out any sources, as that’d ruin his theories and views. He should change his screen name it Ohhforrr.
  8. Yes, I would definitely try and get the advice of lawyers in the UK/EU. I think they are termed Barristers, Solicitors. Different laws may apply to UK residents. You could do a search for those that are fluent and experienced in cryptocurrency law, class action. At least they could start you in the right direction and you can usually do a online/phone call and evaluate your case.
  9. ok. found out for the first time how to use ignore users and their posts.. I'm reserving that for those annoying people that keep belly aching on the same theme over and over and over again ..
  10. Today
  11. If you are correct, I will have a newfound respect for TA
  12. I feel for you and all others that didn't cash out during the ATH or hesitated to do so.
  13. May I do an announcement of the announcement in pure Justin Sun style!?
  14. I don't know sometimes people like @Graine make that announcement and it speaks.
  15. In my opinion they have pivoted away from that world reserve 'currency' goal. This is a 2017 Insights quote, and remember xRapid didn't exist until Spring 2017. I don't think they would use that terminology in July 2019.
  16. Exactly!!! It's just more for show and response if you ask me. It's almost like he/she wants us to convince them otherwise and give them a pep talk to reconsider their decision. Like I've said b4 it's your money. You are allowed to do with it as you please. No need to announce your decisions to the world, just sell and be done.
  17. How could we guess that somewhat accurately? Maybe by looking at what looks like a similar bounce in Dec 2018. See that similar pattern? No guarantees, but we are on the 3rd green bar on the AO, and I would guess we have a week to get as high as we get on this wave, before it turns back down. I have more certainty that the wave will let about a week than I do that we reach .41 this time.That's a best case. I think that's the way to understand it......the waves will very likely be similar in length time-wise. The top we make is less certain. Update. I have decided to buy a little XRP today. But it's because I want to buy some other alts but can't......because I don't have moveable funds today . So I will buy XRP here while it appears to be bouncing and hopefully be able to get some upside while I wait for my other funds to clear.
  18. What has that done? I didn't realize banks started using it
  19. Got a time-frame for the wave? .41c would be very welcome!
  20. Fledgling at interpreting TA but I have been paying more attention to it then I used to, mainly as a means to pick better entry and (hopefully at some point) exit points. Anyway, I am seeing the same thing on the 4H and daily, so here's to hoping we're both right!
  21. Never understood the point of these threads.
  22. I know I said the XRP chart doesn't tell us much...but today it does look like it got oversold and that a bounce is in progress. I don't look for this wave to reach much past .41....but that's 25% above where we are now, so it's significant.....and if we could get back there and hold above it, I'd have to call that bullish. These days I'm having to restructure some of my on-ramps and off-ramps because both Coinbase and Celsius are putting delays on withdrawals. Not a big deal for hodling, but a pain in the *ss for trading, or even making portfolio adjustments.
  23. Can’t blame you. At the end of the day, this is an investment. I feel that so many people here are emotional and forget that money is money. If you purchased 50k in xrp, that’s $15,000. To most, that’s big money. Some folks could have 20,000 in at .32 cents and ride all the way down to .05 cents and still be happy. Good for them. I personally cashed out my initial investment a long time ago (in the $1.50 range), and decided to just leave the rest in. Point is, you did the right thing. And the guy that bought 50k xrp the same day as you and won’t even think of selling did the right thing. At the end of the day it’s about returns. Not about showing your loyalty to a company. Investment 101. good luck in your future investments.
  24. @Ripple doesn’t have the balls to give speculators info because it’s a charade like Stellar & Tron. Nothing to show anyone except $$millions worth of expenses that have nothing to do with cross border payments.
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