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  2. XRP isnt required for Ripples network to function but Ripple is needed for XRP to function, so unless you create a website called Ripplechat.com, no.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Executive powers to give mandates and a helping hand in the matter, and just to bring it into the spotlight alone would be monumental. It would take a herculean effort to get 100,000 signatures from the limited number of early adopters. A generically, vague response from the White House (while super cool) would feel underwhelming, but who knows.
  4. Hi Bob, Following your exchange on Twitter, here are the questions :). Thanks! When Brad is saying banks won't adopt a coin from Bank A because it's competitor, I believe the same issue exists for Ripple. If Banks adopt XRP and make it a global bridge currency, given how much XRP Ripple owns, it could make of Ripple a threat to them. What do you think of this issue ? - I know people working in big banks that told me the nostro/vostros business was a revenue source for some of them. What do you think ? - This has been said before , Ripple's XRP stash is key to help build XRP as a a bridging asset, nevertheless, at one point, distribution would have to be more diverse, how could this be achieved , and in what timeframe (i.e how would XRP be distributed worldwide) ? - I'm really confident in Ripple vision but I've noticed Brad overhyping stuff this year ( " the 3 biggest payment providers company using XRP in 2018"), and announcing big future ( a bank using XRP in 2018, and dozens in 2019). What do you think of this ? - Lastly, there is a bit of a chicken and egg question with xRapid : liquidity is required to operate xRapid, but xRapid is supposed to generate some ( and maybe push the price by doing that). How would that happen, what's the " tipping point", according to you ? I hope my questions aren't too skeptical and well formulated, english is not my native language so I did my best. Thanks again,
  5. I never understood why so many people thought that an incumbent financial would just scoop up XRP and just start using it. They’ve done things exactly the same way for a very long time intentionally. Only forced change will stop that. Kodak would still be selling film for cameras if they weren’t forced to change. This change is well underway in finance, it’s just going to take time.
  6. Every time someone signs the change.org petition, a message is automatically sent to the 50+ members of Congress that the petition is targeting. Congress has to pass the legislation before it gets to the president, but a White House petition wouldn't hurt either.
  7. I have nothing against you personally. However, if you make blatantly ridiculous statements I'm going to call you out on it. We have enough misinformation and disinformation on here as it is.
  8. Does change.org actually do anything? It seems like petitioning the white house directly https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ would be more effective. Upon 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the white house must respond within 60 days of the petition. All people who sign an provide their email will get an automatic update once the White House responds.
  9. I’ve never declared any such judgement on anyone here but myself. Inflammatory remarks targeting members of this community are inappropriate and inexcusable. @ADingoAteMyXRP @Paradox
  10. ........let me guess you think XRP and ripple are the same thing too. you guys are ******* stupid
  11. Actually at current rate ... approximately 15 years. 2.5 years for 51% distribution.. Assuming distribution rate is constant.. if it increases, it will be shorter. If it decreases, it will take longer.
  12. With this speed it'll probably take another 15-20 years to do that though, I know some people here are 'long term' investors, but I doubt even they can wait more than a decade.
  13. Nope. I agree. the more sold, the faster to deplete escrow and give demand a chance to increase price...
  14. Can’t believe you as an actual adult, just ended your comment with haha.
  15. You must be either a masochist or hate money
  16. https://todaysgazette.com/xrp-price-prediction-what-the-golden-cross-means-sell-or-hodl/
  17. yes it does - new exchanges need to set up their liquidity. The money is needed by Ripple to fund development of their marketplace that the new exchanges will serve - it is the perfect solution
  18. the irony ......umm you aren't even asking the correct questions. I had a question and I made a thread for it. You wanted to debate me on something that isn't even related to this thread. So make of that what you will I guess haha.
  19. You sound very frustrated for no obvious reason. Adoption is happening as we speak. Take some days off without a screen.
  20. Does the market really need more xrp at this point? Why not leave institutions to buy in open market and sell their xrp later on?
  21. When did i say i sold everything? I just think it is funny we keep finding excuses for lack of adoption
  22. I've spent six months trying to value XRP using fundamental analysis by way of any and every resource I can find. I have made posts on this forum trying to discuss that subject and got zero responses. I believe I've read most everything there is on the subject except for a couple of recent grad school papers I couldn't easily lay my hands on. My conclusion, we're in uncharted waters. XRP is great tech. Understood. The Ripple use case is great. The idea that maybe many other payment and settlement situations can be handled by XRP is very sound. But currencies don't generate revenue. They appreciate or decline in value based on the willingness of someone to hold them preferentially over some competitor....dollars, BTC, gold. There are several obvious challenges in addition to that big one. Pre-mined coins come with a set total supply. XRP has a big one. How do non-XRP experts look at that? Here's the kneejerk response....compare it to BTC. Or try to compare it to stocks. Stupid, I know, but with no good yardstick, you use what you got. Because people with a finance education don't begin to appreciate the problem set with BTC or understand why it was necessary to pre-mine coins. All they see is supply, and they come from a background in stocks, where huge supply is considered a big negative. And then you have Ripple, which is where most of the good news comes from on XRP......great company, but XRP is a currency, not stock in a company. Ripple is set to generate plenty of revenue, I'm sure. But Ripple is not XRP, and the two are only tangentially connected. These factors combine to produce.....uncertainty. For XRP price to appreciate, there needs to be a perception that large institutions like the banks themselves or big investors want to own it. And, as far as I can see, those entities NEED to find a way to value XRP that helps them decide how much to buy and what they're willing to pay. That's why Black Rock scooped up Robbie Mitchnick. Important players are very eager to develop the tools for this....but it's a brand new area in finance.
  23. I thought you sold everything? Why would you care about what excuses may or may not be given?
  24. Today
  25. hmm so now that you are wrong you are going to simply try to deflect the issue? GG man
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