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  2. Disney won't be satisfied until we rename the States to "Walt Disney Land."
  3. If you are a true SHTF believer, you've got to look to headlines and consider currency events and war events globally. We are always riding seesaws when we trade, and when you consider how rare stability is, and the heavy hands required, you can assume manipulation in these markets 90% of the time while volumes and overall market cap is this low. The parabolic shifts that we crave are caused by sharp external forces. Heavy doses of greed or fear or both. I don't know why people ignore the potential social causes behind the massive movement to crypto from South Korea during the last bull cycle - check the headlines, because folks were scared to death of war on the peninsula and I think a lot of folks were worried about a currency event being needed to pay for war and/or needing a way to quickly get funds out of local fiat if people needed to leave the country. Here we are again with testing in NK engaged. There is some indication of international unwinding of us debt, while also a bit of positive movement into t-bills on the us side. This could contribute to a dollar flush event and I have plenty of reason to speculate that there will eventually be a flippening between crypto and national bonds. This is what I think the global banking system is gearing up for, and I would be hesitant to cash out too early into fiat prior to knowing how much government debt is being unloaded. It would be a convenient transfer of wealth to power if, in a coordinated effort, a bull run was triggered with bond revenues sold at secret auction and fueled by government crypto purchases - leaving us as millionaires in fiat and triggering hyperinflation while governments hold all the digital assets. What a purge of hypocrisy in crypto that would be! Just a reminder that price in fiat is not what the cryptocurrency ethos is all about. Price and value are not the same. I don't think the social and political value of digital asset networks should be understated.
  4. It all depends on the price you think XRP is going to hit in 5-10 years and on how much $ you need to live your life comfortably. Devide those two, et voila, you've got your number.
  5. Which leads you to believe that nobody here is holding BTC? Really.
  6. Today
  7. hi guys; small question: say I have 100 XRP on exchange A and want to transfer 50 to exchange B. after I transfer the 50 to B, will I have: 1. 50 on A & 50 on B? 2. 49 point something on A and 50 on B? 3. 50 on A and 49 point something on B? 4. 49 point something on A & B? you guys get the drift... I assume there are some fees, not sure if on both sides. thanks for the comments
  8. "I'm still here since 4/5/2019" BHODL-ing for over a year now. Can't wait to finally see some green
  9. total scam. like other things they said that never happened. Hype is easy , people are naive what you guys see on this forum , about being rich one day with XRP be patient HODL , you can see the same things on all other crypto forums for ALL crypto created.
  10. Is this scam or partner of Ripple the company?
  11. No longer to the Moon, Walt Disney Knew all along To Pluto
  12. I once bought a single litecoin when it was around 20. Forgot about it on Coinbase and when I logged back in I sold it for 250. Im hoping one day the same thing happens with my xrp stack. Theres no Inbetween for me, Iโ€™m either making money if it hits 20+ or I lose everything as it goes to 0. The waiting game is hard though.
  13. today, the fastest way to buy crypto is through platforms that support deposit/withdrawal in fiat so that you don't have to change money multiple times
  14. As predictable as this dump was, the only thing more predictable was this type of post
  15. This is how the future Disney coin might look like, in case there will be one, of course
  16. Yeah, sorry man, they target big fish, not like you and me
  17. Itโ€™s a long squeez. They killed all longs with stops around 30c. ๐Ÿ˜ Now itโ€™s time to buy. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  18. Guys I have been invested in xrp since mid 2017, I will let you in on a secret. In a bear market, set an alert on you phone via blockfolio, for a price like $.60 or higher. And forget about the market. If you have done your research, and are comfortable with the money you have invested, just set and forget, and let it ride the crypto roller coaster. You will sleep better and have a nice surprise one day when your alarm goes off.
  19. Afraid I can't, other than that SC and Ripple have been working together very closely for at least two years and have lots in the pipeline.
  20. https://todaysgazette.com/tron-trx-sets-to-partner-with-liverpool-football-club-premiership-on-blockchain/
  21. Saw this coming from miles away honestly. I think it will be a complete ALT-Coin warzone when BTC dumps hard to 3000-4000 range. Nope, I am keeping distance for now.
  22. Hello Everyone, A little late in sharing by introduction, I am Inderpreet from Delhi, India. I am a Strategy Consultant working with the MNCs in consumer products space. In total, I have 14 years work experience. I am also active in water related environmental initiatives. I discovered Ripple & XRP in 2015 and more active in reading and updating myself about it since last 6 months. I now look forward to learning more about XRP, Distributed ledger, Ripple, payments and remittances and how XRP is uniquely positioned to create internet of value. I speak English, Hindi and Punjabi.
  23. Nope, its actually quite entertaining. Why sell ? It might actually get to $589 and then we that laugh at the current prices will look like the dummies. Until then...
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