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  2. Yeah.... don't know... can't really say he's been right on the money though... back in October seemed he was trying to set some flames to an Amazon rumor: https://twitter.com/TheCryptHawk/status/1046875203761070082
  3. Unlike the other rumor mongers, he has a track record of being right. That matters to me. His prediction also lines top with my prediction of a late August/September rally, which is based on everything I know, from TA to sentiment, to the way Wall Street generally behaves (they take the summer off).... to utilization.. EVERYTHING points to this time frame as a critical pivot. And I'm not in it for utube clicks. I make my money the hard way, by taking risks.
  4. Well there's two schools of thought. One Joel Katz's view which XRP has no value or BearableGuy123 where the value = 589+. If we use a shitcoin like BTC as an example for some insane reason it manages to have an imaginary value associated with it which climbs even though BTC has no real purpose or value except for the fact it's supply is scarce. Eventually XRP through adoption will be the same hence it too will have speculative value which people will say the value is driven by utility because the big exchanges will need to hoard large amounts for transferring value. Definitely this won't happen over night and this will be an investment of wits. Should XRP ever get superceided by a newer tech that could be devastating for the long term holders expecting great imaginary value from a digital asset which seems to have an infinite supply.
  5. At least all our kids will be 'save at school'...... XRP is such a killer token
  6. I like these things, it makes you think about potentials. But I can also shout "Something big is going to happen. Soon". And then a random thing happens months from now, and I'll be right! Anyway, Apple has this 'back to school' thing annualy where they promote their products. https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/back-to-school-promotion/
  7. I wouldn't presume to tell anyone where to exit. However, you should decide ahead of time. It's never wrong to take profits. But this would be a good one to just take enough profits to cover your cost basis and let the rest ride. I expect we will get substantially higher than the previous ATH over the medium (2-3 year) time frame. Jmho, not advice.
  8. Well we have to take his predictions seriously now, although I think he said Moneygram had been bought when in fact it was only a 10% shareholding/investment Bigger than R3? - that has to be super big! Temenos, Amazon or Apple are not really bigger than R3's service to banks? The only bigger thing is SWIFT working with XRP? Maybe others have their suggestions. I wonder where his info is coming from?
  9. Hi, I need full history rippled server but it looks like it will download all ledgers for ~250 days on my server. Is there any service for downloading dump of full history database like https://eosnode.tools/snapshots for EOS or something like that?
  10. 24,000,000 XRP Moves to Crypto Exchanges in ‘Biggest Theft in XRP’s History’, Reports Data Analyst https://dailyhodl.com/2019/06/24/24000000-xrp-moves-to-crypto-exchanges-in-biggest-theft-in-xrps-history-reports-data-analyst/
  11. Since it will be a price run that is based on speculation/bitcoin (opposed to actual utility), it is safe to think it is a good idea to sell off a portion when we top our previous ATH, right? I'd hate myself if I held through the next run without selling any (like in Dec 2017), only to see the price crash back down again for 2-3 years.
  12. FYI, fwiw....a Bart Simpson can be a sign of a MM manip. Here's good explanation of how that shows up, for anyone who wants to read about it. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/vycVsAvN-The-Bart-pattern-in-crypto-Why-they-form-and-how-to-spot-them/
  13. Bit of a Bart Simpson at the moment, but it's just traders I reckon.
  14. 25 June 2019 3 pm SGT (Singapore) LBA will be available on Binances DEX with a LBA/BNB pair. https://twitter.com/ihaveCred/status/1143383377355034624 (might just be POC)exchange: https://www.binance.org/en/trade/LBA-340_BNB current price :$0.0568
  15. He’s no bearableguy when it comes to riddles, but he says there is a clue in the post as to what the announcement will be. CryptHawk (@TheCryptHawk) Tweeted: AWS / R3 is nothing compared to the big one coming for the "Back to School" period! You have the whole summer to prepare yourself! Not sure your body is ready yet! #XRP #Ripple #XRPCommunity #XRPArmy What’s more fun than crypto riddles? Shine on you crazy diamonds.
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  17. @Arnold OOL but thanks to you, too Very appropos.
  18. This thread really took a drastic swing. IMO Gold is worthless. It only has value because the governments recognized early on that it was a limited resource, and they could falsely peg their printed paper currencies against it. (Disclosure: I really like conspiracy theories and playing devil's advocate, but this one is pretty well supported). Gold really doesn't serve any useful purpose. In fact, most countries fiat currencies haven't been gold-backed since the early 1970s. It's only retained by countries out of fear that one country would possess all of the gold, and obtain some sort of power status because of it. Someone on here recommended the book Currency Wars about a week ago, and it will blow your damn mind... Highly recommended. Also IMO: Large investors realize that Bitcoin's only value is being first to market, and are now trying to justify it by calling it digital gold. I wouldn't be surprised if they literally try to peg it against gold in an attempt to justify it's future value. Lastly, the best thing that could possibly happen is for Bitcoin to run all the way up to $100k or even higher. Every single time it starts to take off it exposes itself as inefficient and out-dated. At that level it would consume significantly more energy and only draw more negative attention to itself. Bitcoin will likely not go away quietly, but it will likely reach a top-out value that it will not go beyond based on its own inefficiencies.
  19. Hi Guys! I'm Shariar Porosh from Bangladesh. I am Student working in a Freelancing And I'm just here to increase my knowledge about Cryptocurrency Thank's
  20. Well as you’ve outlined, they both have some potential merit. CSC is one of those coins that you can stack up cheaply now and truly forget for a few years. I am guessing that BTR’s appreciation will be at a faster pace, given the incentives offered by the Bitrue exchange and potentially wide trading. As a US citizen, I haven’t been able to get any BTR yet, with the exception of the “rebates” for trading on the exchange. And I agree the initial trading will probably spike the price massively, but I wish I could accurately guess about if or when it drops. I think your analogy to BNB is interesting, so maybe it would be reasonable to make an initial smaller trade just to accumulate some coins and then wait to grab more if/when it drops. Good luck!
  21. If utility occurs in large volumes then the very essence of xrapid is PUBLIC exchanges. The volume won’t be OTC, it will be on the public order book. I’m like you in that I don’t know much about economic theory, but everyone I’ve ever read seems to think that large volume will cause upward price pressure. That certainly seems to be the case in the market so far. The only time it’s not is when a dump is on and they seem to be deliberately triggered. That can’t happen as easily once volume dwarfs the whale capacities. If utility at scale happens everyone seems in agreement that price will be commensurately higher. Lastly OTC... right now the demand per month is less than the escrow release. That shows a trend that indicates it might change in the next year or so... that too will trigger higher prices because of unmet demand.
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