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  2. We all (ok, most) knew this. (IIRC Open Labs started the XRPL and gifted Ripple Labs (as it was called) the majority of the XRP) XRPL is the ledger and is opensource and Ripple has no direct control over it, that is self managed via consensus of validators RippleNet is a suite of proprietary software that can interact with the XRP Ledger - this software is aimed at financial institutions, not consumers If Ripple went under, it would effect (probably very seriously) the price of XRP, but we would still be able to create any transactions on the ledger as long as there were validators out there. Thats about as simple as I can put it, any additions from anyone?
  3. Hey Dymac nice to see your valuable opinions -- we all know its super easy to make unfounded claims btw Miguel didn't disappear
  4. Do you think this is because they didn't fully grasp the concept that even with those price fluctuations, there is relatively 0 volatility risk through xRapid because they arent exposed for longer than 5 seconds? Now, obviously if they plan to hold xrp, "holy grail"- Dilip Rao, then that would be understandable. So let me ask you one more question if you don't mind. Now that banks saw xrp drop like a ton of bricks since jan, what would be the moment they ARE interested in holding xrp. I just find it hard to believe xrp will be 'stable' for at least 5-10 years, so even when crypto starts booming again, wouldn't there still be the same fear from the people at the banks that it could drop 70, 80, 90 percent at any given time?
  5. Different Polk. Leonidas Polk. Confederate Major General. He was the President's second cousin, and he was the guy Grant was shooting at at Belmont. He was an Episcopal bishop before the war, and he was killed in action in 1864.
  6. Even Joel Katz already lost his trust into XPR and selling off. So guys, be realistic.
  7. 1. Cory Johnson Is hired by Ripple 2. Cory Johnson is let go by Ripple 3. Claire Arthurs Kart made Head of Community and goes on XRPChat and Twitter.. 4. Claire Arthurs makes a bunch is really stupid tweets, embarrassing Ripple 5. Claire Arthurs Kart gets XRP symbol changed. 6. Claire Arthurs Kart disappears. 7. Miguel Dissapperance. 8. Bob Way comes out of nowhere and provides massive amounts of info on Ripple and XRP. 9. JK derisks. 10. XRPTrump Dissappears.
  8. 8. Claire Arthurs makes a bunch is really stupid tweets, embarrassing Ripple
  9. If one wants to look for manips and what is driving price day-to-day, its the exchanges that should be closely examined, in my view. I'm not an expert on manips, but when you look for criminals, you need to look for motive, and then follow the money. Ripple is my friend. The exchanges are not.
  10. You won't be able to buy 7k xrp for the first card purchase, there are card limits. I think its around 600 EUR for the first time buyer. We have an automatic system which refilling the hot wallet, with xrp its quick, so no worries about that. Actually, for bigger amounts it's probably nicer to use cheaper methods like SEPA. xrparrot for example.
  11. Let see it that way: enter 100 EUR. it shows 350.5267 XRP (fee: 5 EUR) now Bitstamp is 1 xrp = 0.27170 EUR Calculated that way: 100 eur - 5 eur fee = 95 eur. * 0.27170 EUR = 349.65 xrp So 350.5276 XRP (showed in widget) is approximately the amount you going to receive (rate takes from bitstamp on the moment when funds received) Widget doesn't show rate, it shows how much you will receive. and how much the fee is.
  12. Hi……My time zone is GMT +1……At startup, I´m available from UT 8am (08:00) to 10pm (22:00) please see table below:
  13. I'm not in agreement. I'm not sure Ripple's sell is even moving the price at all. And Ripple is certainly being judicious in what they're selling, which I think is good. They are not dumping XRP, by any means. Ripple is not the problem at all, imho. I love Ripple and I'd love to figure out how Bob Way and David Schwartz could sell me some of their stock. It'd be a win/win. Why don't one of you developers figure out how to make a market for that, with your mad skills.
  14. In Q1 2019, Ripple sold $61.93 million of XRP in institutional direct sales and $107.49 million of XRP in programmatic sales. In total, the company sold $169.42 million of XRP in Q1.
  15. I´m good with the majority decision, but due to logistics down here. Really fundamental for me is to be able to watch recorded versions of previous sessions.
  16. while i overall agree with you, i don't think that people who are falling for the nonsense written here or on ripple-reddit recently are really moving the needle on XRP's price
  17. I don't think we can drive the price down, our sell volume are nothing compared to ripple‘s sell.
  18. 1. Claire Arthurs Kart made Head of Community and goes on XRPChat and Twitter.. 2. Claire Arthurs Kart gets XRP symbol changed. 3. Claire Arthurs Kart disappears. 4. Miguel Dissapperance. 5. Bob Way comes out of nowhere and provides massive amounts of info on Ripple and XRP. 6. JK dericks. 7. XRPTrump Dissappears. Feel free to add
  19. Today
  20. Totally agree -- and to be honest, XRPChat and reddit getting more and more the same characteristics recently
  21. Alt coins will continue to get hit until the uncertain weak hands all go to BTC or cash. XRP will get hit a few more times. But the .30 floor is pretty damn strong. We could dip below it, but I doubt it will be for long anytime it does happen. And get this. There does not need to be anything new....no new higher level of adoption, no IMF announcement, no surge in XRP micro-payments...no nuthin'...for XRP to pop. It will still pop on speculation. We just need more speculators to show up...and they are coming. The FUD that's suddenly right here in the XRP heartland is what is hurting XRP. It is you guys who are selling out and driving the price down. Uh, thanks a lot. LOL.
  22. You invested in a digital asset. If you have no idea how or why digital assets may increase in value, you have some catching up to do.
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