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  2. Thank you @Hodor for the great blog! MoneyGram is a great partner to have. I mentioned to a friend of mine that there was a rumor going around that Ripple had a partnership with them and he likes futures and options trading. He ended up buying MGI call option- small position of $150 and made $2,000 off of it. Wish I had bought some options on that one but coulda shoulda woulda. Long term holding XRP will prove to be an even better investment.
  3. the thing is almost every alt coin went up 15-40x in December to January. they all have the same course ; even ****** coins .
  4. The way old school swift based money services like moneygram work is that they use market makers who are willing to take liquidity risks when exchanging money on the swift system which takes time to settle. Here is a video that may help give a better idea on how xrp usage amongst market makers helps the world transfer money cheaper and faster watch the whole thing. The major benefit is that Ripple now has access to market makers who are probably on contract with Moneygram. Being that Ripple has 10% interest in moneygram, by SEC law, they have a good size interest and voting rights which guide where the comapny MoneyGram goes. These things together add up to Ripple now having market makers to sell its XRP asset professionally on the exchanges not only for Moneygram but possibly for some of the other money service businesses ripple has partnered with who do not have access to the type of market makers long standing moneygram does. Once the regulation kick in, ripple will have its pieces in place to do it the right way and thoroughly succeed.
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  6. Honestly you shouldn't be calling people out and shaming them the way you are. Optimism is great, but you are preaching to the wrong crowd. Most people here probably have XRP and are bullish on XRP, but they invest because of the upside despite the risks, not because they think there are no risks. It's like someone else said, if I had your mindset I would've sold my house, sold my cat. The number of risks are infinite and not even worth listing them all. Even if you do have a better technical knowledge of XRP than Schwartz or Garlinghouse, that's irrelevant because there are still risks that are outside of XRP, and outside of Ripple. For example, not even talking about something bigger picture like regulation, just in this specific scenario with MoneyGram - even assuming that Ripple succeeds as a company, MoneyGram is the one that is actually implementing RippleNet and choosing how to roll it out. This is a company that has been mismanaged and that went from ~$300 per share to $1.50 per share, they have cash flow issues with no means of raising capital and continually losing marketshare. They just got their credit rating downgraded, have tons of debt, have multiple liens - so bad that they just gave away 10% of their company to a new vendor, and now they are forced to use that vendor for 2 years. They have a LONG road to success. With that said, I'm still super excited about the MoneyGram news. lol.
  7. Could have sworn the phrases "highly unlikely" and "certain" meant two different things. The fact is FB debuets to the public first. To those in the crypto world, they know the different types of crypto tech and its clear by the whitepaper of Libra that it is a stable coin tied to fiat. Currently, fiat is backed by nothing other than credit of a country to pay its debt. XRP is an asset, it takes hardware to run the server, power to run the hardware, and a way for that power to be available and at a cost. Not to mention the security the server will need to have, the maintenance cost of keeping everything current and up to date. Just like mining gold, the amount of manpower and energy put into it determines its value along with usability and/or market demand. Libra will be used but it is the distraction. XRP is the winner by pure math, the numbers dont lie. Their partners have been testing and haven't rebuked xrapid tech. The IMF is running around with ripple, ripples company value is over 1bil, SBI an umbrella corp for many Japanese banks is definitely using ripple, SBI stated this. They are testing gold bullion on the ledger. Countries treasuries are testing the ledger and much more. Post count doesnt equal knowledge on forum topic(xrp) tech and its dealings. There is nothing shortsighted in what was stated. By this time, just by ongoing world events, you should know that what's shown to you is the diversion and to know the truth you have to seek and reaffirm via even more seeking. Maybe you are the shortsighted one.
  8. You know, I think I will just leave this here and go away.... https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect
  9. Ripple is already well established. Remember that they have hundreds of companies already signed up. Havent you all seen these tests on the ledger? I mean geeze, they are testing gold bars on the XRP ledger. FB is not even in Ripples league. FB is a stable coin and XRP is an asset just like Gold.
  10. Yea I just stumbled into xrp actually I just picked one of the 2200 crypto’s and went with it. ^sarcasm if you didn’t notice. in reality it’s that I have more of a technical knowledge of xrp and the fundamentals as well as the progress made thus far than you. i said what I said , it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY xrp will fail. Based off the capabilities of the network, partnerships attained thus far, current slow and archaic system that currently moves value. And many more reasons. but you’re not interested in debating what I base my highly unlikely on. You just keep going on about the risk, with no supporting arguments.
  11. No you won’t be able to shout that there is virtually no risk without challenge because it just isn’t true. “Virtually imposssible” “highly unlikely” to fail... that is bs I’m afraid. I find it a bit weird to be saying this because normally the ones I disagree with are the ones that think failure is “highly likely”. But the fact is that nothing is certain and only a fool thinks otherwise. If you can’t see that... then I think it is very lucky that you are in XRP because there is a good chance you won’t have to pay for your shortsightedness... but you might.
  12. Who do you think uses Moneygram? A guy sending money home to Mexico.... what happens when that guy can send via Facebook? Isn’t this end user the reason that Ripple ultimately exist? Yes I get commercial. And bigger accounts. But FB will take some smaller cross boarder transfers.
  13. Are you expecting we go up less than the previous 15x this go around or more than 15x?
  14. @Baka @Milly238 I know it's frustrating to watch the price of other coins appreciate while XRP remains stagnant, I remember feeling the same Summer and Fall of 2017, but if there is anything I learned from that time, it's that XRP usually more than makes up for it with a shockingly violent move. From May 2017 to December 2017 the price of XRP basically remained stagnant at around .23 - then in a 2 week period it went up 15X. I'm loading up and waiting for the ride. @Kiwi don't really know when the run will start but I am confident that it will happen some time this year and if you are not already in when it starts you will be chasing price. @Viggo the guys over at Ripple own more XRP than anyone. No one has more incentive to raise the price of XRP then those guys a Ripple.
  15. This is a good point. Imagine it from the perspective of a bank. It could very well push banks to Ripple and XRP if the choice is FB, JPM, Google coin, Apple Coin . . . FB is trying to be a central bank. That will be harder for them to accomplish than keeping the European Union together. It's not just that individuals do not trust them, entire countries do not trust them; in fact are hauling them in to testify for their piracy.
  16. My apologies. All the jargon is new to me, still working out all the crypto, asset, coin, block chain, token, currency details. Trying to cram the new tech ideas into old definitions is difficult.
  17. Buy/sell walls are real, and you need a lot of coin/Fiat to build them. The market is definitely manipulated, but I'm not certain to what extent.
  18. There has to be a line drawn at some point. First mover advantage must be a thing. This is going to get more and more complicated if more and more country-size corporations as far as wealth just keep rolling out credit systems posed as underbanking mechanisms.
  19. I think this is a good thing that Facebook is causing the stir in the mud. Ripple is trying to change the existing banking system for a long time, that's why you see Ripple's executive has been the board members in almost any global monetary organisation. Ripple is doing it in a very soft way, they try to be a "friend" of banks. Facebook is doing it the hard way, they are trying to replace banks/central banks. For those of us who want progress, I want to give a kiss to Facebook to kick all the old butt in the banking industry that has been stagnant for so long. It's time to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the new technology!!!
  20. For me, as Brad said in his interview. Ripple are going after enterprise players, this looks like it would be targeted (only a brief skim of the whitepaper so a total assumption I could be wrong about) for retail items. I only see it as a positive thing that a company that size is coming in and can give regulators a kick to help speed things along. Also help educate the masses more and just generally increase visibility of the ecosystem. Though for me, I agree with others. Trust facebook with my banking data? lol. No thanks.
  21. Aren't these Libra vs. XRP comparisons like comparing apples to oranges? Facebook is a consumer company, Ripple offers enterprise-solutions. Of course Ripple and we all here hope for that trickle-down effect. Other biggies, such as Google, Alibaba, Apple and so forth will never like to use a Facebook financial instrument. They can live teaming up with a bipartisan, non-political Ripple solution. Seriously, I don't see how Libra could pose any danger to XRP. On the contrary, crypto goes more mainstream. And the MoneyGram deal clearly shows that it's a done deal with regulators that XRP can do what it wants to do. Still, some interesting Libra Association founding members. It's gonna be interesting! - and accelerate crypto adoption.
  22. Are there people out there with Millions of different kinds of cryptocurrency units...? No
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