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  2. Take this article with a grain of salt. Found this little gem in the details... "Using bitcoin for settlements is also speeding the time to market for fintechs and start-ups competing without large amounts of capital."
  3. I've never understood how anyone could think a "basket" of currencies can simplify anything... the constant re-balancing of values is going to give them nightmares I think.
  4. South Korea went big for crypto during the last bull run, I hope there is still an appetite for it especially XRP of course!
  5. Past performance is no guarantee of future results however https://cointelegraph.com/news/the-cream-of-the-crypto-crop-10-best-performing-assets-in-2017
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  7. More XRP goes to market every month and doesn't come back out, that's your fresh money IMO...
  8. Maybe you're joking, and I missed an earlier discussion or something. Back when BTC was $1, your statement would have been true. If you buy a million dollars of it at $9,000 apiece (approximately 111 BTC), you make or lose a million dollars with every $9,000 move up or down. For every $1 move, you would have about $111.00 in unrealized gains/losses until you sell some/all of it. Put another way, Bilbo Baggins would have eleventy-one dollars at stake with each $1 move up or down. Hahaha of course, I was thinking of # of Bitcoins, so the 111 BTC would net the whale $66,600 on that $600 move. That's not so much
  9. Yup, that's true as well. For a long term price increase you'd need market makers buying up and holding XRP (banks won't hold XRP anytime soon)
  10. Thanks very much for your answer, Finally i'm able to get it back, the problem is the --ledger {seq} doesn't work, it only works if you use the ledger hash. The ledger hash could be recovered from the sqlite database, then starting one node with --ledger {hash of latest ledger} --quorum 1 and finally start other servers and connect them to the first server.
  11. Fomo money wouldn't last long...what we actually need are tons of utility induced volume, otherwise imo no party.
  12. BTC maxis won't jump ship and buy XRP. Even if XRP becomes a worldwide standard (a very bold claim) they won't start fomoing. Just like XRP maxis won't start buying BTC like crazy just because the price is increasing. You'd need new, fresh money for a price jump.
  13. Asked anybody. Anybody said: 'I don't know.' .....pffffff....
  14. IDK, there's money to be made in XRP, but a stablecoin? Nah, I don't think so. My money remains in XRP. I'm pretty sure there are whale eyes on the screaming potential...
  15. everybody s saying XRP got a big increase after the BTC pump , but it's not only XRP it's almost all alt coins that increased x30-50 from end of November to mid January . XRP didn't do more than others
  16. 50/50 Half are shilling the idea that Facebook's coin will settle in XRP. The Libra project has some Ripple partners involved. The other half are shilling the idea that FB's coin will kill XRP (I have no idea why) The third half aren't even invested in crypto yet.
  17. XRP really could not move https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ripple is the facebook coin fud really spreading wildly?
  18. I mean, at this point 10x makes us all look semi intelligent again.
  19. Interesting XRP chart here. Something strange going on ...
  20. Sorry for double post https://ripple.com/insights/global-payments-shouldnt-be-stressful-joyces-story
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