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  2. nah dude, im fuckin in......this **** is legit and i think its going to be used as the digital currency of money transfers in the near future. I think the SEC will declare this a currency. You guys cant be just so damm defensive to normal discussion.
  3. It would have to be a combination of both, A. Liquidity on exchange orderbooks that have issued on XRPL IOUs, plus B. An aggregation of off ledger exchange Orderbooks, via APIs / data feeds. I'm sure a fully clear picture can't be had, but the effort is well worth it, and should be publicly undertaken.
  4. Pretty sure I asked Galgitron this and fiat isn't exchanged on ledger, IOUs are? Can't remember the exact answer, but there wasn't a good way to track actual fiat.
  5. Hello XRP Community! It's very rejoicing to see many familiar faces around! My name is: XRP Research Center. Please call me "RC" for easy reference. I'm also known as: @XRPCenter on twitter I am bilingual (Spanish/English) and I hope this is helpful to increase the reach of my learnings to the Spanish-speaking community. I'm currently in central daylight time (GMT -5). Sorry, but for personal reasons that I hate (lol) I'll have to remain anonymous. Nice to meet you all!
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  7. Glad to hear, you have been spending time with family. I just returned from family dinner. This kinda feels like, when I was back in university and first day of classes. Im looking forward to graduating from "Way University" lol. Cheers.
  8. Hey all. My name is Ben. I go by Maddog28 on twitter. You can call me either Ben or Maddog. I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I really want to be able to share and answer the questions that i get on a daily basis. Mostly, i want to learn about how everything works, so i can address all of the misconceptions that come up on a daily basis. Really interested in learning as much as i can about ripple and the XRP Ledger and all the problems it can solve. I am a recording Engineer as as well as a bunch or other things. Ive helped a few youtube content creators improve on their setups, with reguards to audio quality. I think people in the crypto space are so afraid of what others think, that they are terrified to talk about what the potential of XRP really is, for fear of mob mentality, ripping them a new a** Im hoping to learn the full potential of the Ripple products and how they integrate into the XRP ledger. Does any of this make sense? Cheers all.
  9. https://xrpcommunity.blog/how-to-use-regular-key-and-disable-master-key-with-ripple-desktop-client/
  10. Happy for you! and share your philosophy. We are in a new space that we have no idea who will come out ahead. When Forbes lists 11 companies that may run on a blockchain and half use Ethereum, it tells you something. BNB wants to replace Ethereum and use it's own Blockchain on the exchange. This may look interesting too.
  11. https://todaysgazette.com/xrp-tipbot-working-on-a-banking-license/
  12. Yeah, I know they don't make rulings in a judicial sense - I meant ruling as in a "decision". They are a 'police force' for the corporate world.
  13. Greetings humans. I'm from Cancun, Mexico (EST). You can contact me at criptomonster23@gmail.com I'll be uploading videos in spanish, with the latest news and info. BTW, this is the link to my just opened youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6CN_g4a4zYtlg92igUBb8Q?
  14. I think the corollary here would be Treasury Stock. I'm not aware of a regulatory limitation on what percentage of their own stock a Corporation can own, but certainly there must be s minimum percentage of equity floating on the public markets for a company to "be public".
  15. yeah, that book club has a funny stench to it. I like the study group. Very easy way for Ripple to conduct market research with excited shills.
  16. いらっしゃいませ irassyaimase Those that follow your videos already know your mission. WOW, this is such good news. What a great line up XRPChat are gathering. Together we conquer the world! (Let me guess: E ri zu be hu?)
  17. Hello Everyone. I'm Eri I'd like to study, learn and discuss the material shared by Bob on XRP, the XRP Ledger, etc. Please call me "Eri" which is the name I use in Japan because my given name has a "z", "b" and "th" which are sounds proven to be difficult for Japanese to pronounce. Eri is a shortened version, easy and common in this part of the world. I'm also known as: @sentosumosaba on twitter (sento = hot spring bath, sumo = I'm a serious fan, saba = a favorite sushi). My Youtube channel is: CryptoEri / I upload on average, 6X per week and have had an online presence in this XRP space for 14 mos primarily with an English speaking audience, however my reach is truly world-wide as shown in my google analytics. Women viewership is growing at a fast clip recently. I grew up in the SF Bay Area (California) and currently reside in Tokyo which has been my home for 16 years. I am able to translate the material / or PPT decks into Japanese and distribute to the Japanese XRP community by way of influencers whom I know online - both on the twitter and the Youtube platform. Tokyo: GMT+9 I'm hoping to be a team member in any capacity with a personal goal to grow the XRP holder base, increase investor awareness, and attract new users to the technology. In addition, I think it is important to dispel any mistruths people might have about Ripple & XRP that hinder its status in this ecosystem. Lastly, I love this space. .
  18. @JannaOneTrick @galgitron These are great metrics, one aspect of Liquidity. I'm not sure if it is possible, but if fiat:XRP conversions could be tracked.. we could see 'liquidity depth per fiat", and that is the key metric. It should be growing in both number of fiat pairings, and depth per fiat, if the network's utility is growing. (Also #of orderbooks making a market for each fiat pair, this adds robustness) Can you track exchange-to-exchange transactions? Or Payment Channel claim TXs settling between exchanges?
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  20. The SEC doesn’t make rulings, their job is to “enforce” the existing securities law. In my personal opinion, if the SEC wanted to bring an enforcement action against Ripple regarding XRP (which would then leave it up to a court to provide the actual ruling), they would have done so already. Furthermore, public opinions or “guidance” provided by SEC does not constitute actual law. It is merely a statement of the agency’s position. Like any government agency, the SEC has limited resources at its disposal. Going after Ripple/XRP would not only be a very expensive endeavor, it is also not a clear cut and dry case from a securities law perspective. The SEC is much more likely to spend their resources going after ACTUAL scams and blatantly fraudulent ICOs etc.
  21. What do I do? If you stop talking about personalities, there is nothing for you to say on subject right?
  22. Are you racist? You only accept white race? You only accept white color?
  23. Hello Bob and fellow study groupers! I prefer to be called “DJ” and reside in the Eastern United States, which puts me in the EDT time zone (GMT -4). I’m an English speaker only but am very excited to be amongst such a diverse group of individuals within this study group. Aside from my full time job and small business, I am a Moderator for the XRP-Community Telegram chat which has approximately 650 members and growing. The link for this group is- https://t.me/joinchat/HmqGD0ei49RlrF0LGerb_A. My Telegram handle is @Foxborough6 I can also be found on Twitter as @Tom T_XRP I am very excited to be a part of this adventure and look forward to getting to know everyone, maybe one day meeting many of you! I’d love to assist any way I can as we work toward the common goals of not only educating current and future XRP Community members but growing the Ripple / XRP ecosystem as a whole. Some of my specific strengths consist of writing, proofreading, and editing but am certainly flexible with any assigned tasks. Overall I am just here to learn and absorb as much information I possibly can from Bob and all of you. Hope you all had a fantastic Sunday!
  24. Sorry I have been so quiet, but I've been having a great time with family today. But that hasn't stopped me from reading all of your introductions as you have been typing them. I just wanted to drop in to tell you how excited I am to have you all gathering here. Each introduction makes me prouder to be launching this project! I'll respond to each of you individually when I get home. But until then, I hope you'll use this thread to get to know each other.
  25. There might not be a ruling on XRP for many years because as soon as the SEC makes a ruling, and this space is still in its infancy, such an early ruling if negative could have very negative effects on the growth of this space in the US, and if they make a positive ruling prematurely, there could subsequently be loopholes found that don't exist currently that allow legacy securities to be introduced legally in a sneaky way that's compliant with their ruling - my guess.
  26. "Vive la France!" He even went to Washington to try and talk sense into them. I'm glad he's as motivated as he is and I'm glad France has leadership willing to make a move. Having a country take the lead and start to enjoy the rewards is exactly what it will take to get other nations to make a move. And that will benefit all of us. Outstanding work @JannaOneTrick - you've been really crushing it lately.
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